Dance in America: San Francisco Ballet's Nutcracker
Video: The 1915 World's Fair in San Francisco
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The San Francisco Ballet is a cultural institution today, but the city has an illustrious artistic heritage. Among San Francisco’s great achievements is the 1915 World’s Fair, which brought 18 million visitors to the city by the bay. Watch a short documentary about the momentous event.



  • meister

    Excellent dancing I’d ever seen. Their technique looked amazingly solid and advanced to our current year 2008.

  • mrs.shelton

    Excellent performance. Must have DVD.

  • John Beal

    I would like to buy the dvd of the sf ballets
    new performance of the Nutcracker (On Great Performances 12/17/08). Thanks.

  • M Brown

    Great performance! How can I order a DVD?

  • Linda J. Edington

    12/17/2008: fabulous PBS/TV performance. I want to order DVD. Please supply phone #.

  • Jayne Robinson

    Great program! We’ve received several phone calls from viewers inquiring if this is available on DVD for purchase. Could you advise?

    Thank you!
    Jayne Robinson | TV Traffic Coordinator
    WMHT Educational Telecommunications
    4 Global View, Troy, NY 12180
    518-880-3439 | 518-880-3409 Fax

  • maria

    It was not planned, but absolutely one of the most adorable evenings for us. The performance was on highest world level and all arts were just perfect.
    Thank you Public Television – we love you
    Maria and Greg
    We would like to purchase the DVD, please provide the phone #.
    Thank you

  • Barbara M Spillane

    This production is breathtaking. Please let me know how I can obtain the DVD. Thank you!

  • matt
  • susan bullen

    I would like information on buying the CD or DVD for the Nutcracker…Loved it..

  • Mr. Woods

    I really want this DVD!

  • Roger Dreyfoos

    Best Nutcracker I’ve seen in my 66 years. Congratulations and my sincere thanks to all who contributed to bringing this most excellent production to our screens.

  • Robert Clyburn

    Is a DVD of the SF Ballet “Nutcracker” going to be available?
    Thanks for a response soon.
    RB Clyburn

  • Marybeth

    S.F. always had the best Nutcracker but this performance was absolutely perfection. The dancing is flawless and the costumes stunning. BTW… you can purchase the DVD by clicking the Shop link on this website toolbar, I did!

  • Mrs. Egbert

    My grandchildren watched it with me and they loved it as did I. Where can we get a DVD?

  • Fran

    Not to take away from PBS but I wanted to inform that the DVD of this performance is also available from the SF Ballet itself here:

  • Carol Nelson

    Here is the phone number to order the DVD: 1 800 336-1917.

  • Doug

    What is the year of the performance? The video was very choppy, seeming to indicate that the performance was some time ago.

  • Cecily Macgregor

    I would like to buy this video for Xmas unforunatley I missed the performance. Is it possible?My daughter and I have both dancned in this ballet and wouold love to have it for the holidays. is it possible to buy this Dvd?

  • frederica pippin

    What an awesome performance…we are so blessed to have the dancers to bring us the joy that they do. There were students from the North Carolina School of the Arts that performed in the production. Our children are so blessed to have a school with the accent on education and their art form so that they can bring us these great ballets. Don’t forget about the ones behing the scenes either.
    Ms. Fred says BRAVO, she is very proud…..with much love to my kids.

  • Richard Rue

    Another request for the DVD. Where’s the link you mentioned on the air?
    Richard Rue

  • Kerstin Williams

    Great performance, but why wouldn’t you show the names of those exceptional soloists in a timely manner?????????? I couldn’t catch a single name!

  • Colin Genders

    My wife and I found this performance of the Nutcracker absolutely enchanting. Bravo San Francisco Ballet Company. We watched it on KCTS Seattle but were not quick enough to get the information on where to buy the DVD; we must have it, please tell us how to get it.

    My wife and I have watched The Nutcracker danced in London UK and in Toronto Can., The San Francisco Ballet Company offering was the most beautiful we’ve seen yet.

  • Jeanne Templeton

    I would like to buy a DVD of the San Francisc Ballet’s Nutcracker Ballet. Thank you.

  • Pam L.

    My kids, ages 7 and 3, LOVE this version of the Nutcracker. Rarely a day goes by when my 3-year old son does not don his cape and patch to act along with Uncle Dresselmeyer. The performance is beautiful and timeless.

  • carolyn swan

    Brilliant Ballet, costume and choreography. Please advise how to purchase the DVD or CD of this extraordinary performane. I’ve seen the Bolshoi and the San Francisco Ballet is its equal in this performance. I want this very special momento in my library.

  • Alex N.

    Wow…that was so great. I hope to buy it, also. I caught the number to call at the end to order it. 1-800-336-1917. You can google that number to confirm it’s authenticity!

  • Joanne Almaney

    I’d like to purchase the DVD of this performance. Saw it Dec. 2009 on WTTW Channel 11, Chicago. It was wonderful!

  • Warren Steele

    Here it is a year later–could you tell me how or where you arranged to buy a DVD?


    Warren S

  • Char Fox

    First view this on PBS. It’s the best Nutcracker on DVD. Just beautiful to watch. The set is stunning. The dancers are flawless. I bought the HD DVD of this. You’ll want this one in your Christmas DVD collection. Thank you PBS!!!

  • Dawn Moody

    Please let me know how I may purchase the DVD of the San Francisco Nutcracker ballet recently aired on your program. Thank you!

  • Ora Danzer

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  • Gerald Puccetti

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  • Emile Schneeman

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