From Vienna: The New Year’s Celebration 2012
About the Program

Stage and screen legend Julie Andrews returns for the third time to host the merry annual New Year’s celebration with the Vienna Philharmonic, under the direction of Mariss Jansons from Vienna’s Musikverein. This is Jansons’ second time at the podium of this much cherished event. The famed Vienna Boys’ Choir will add their celestial voices to the gala.

From Vienna: The New Year’s Celebration 2012, featuring the infectious melodies of the Strauss Family and contemporaries, will air live Sunday, January 1 at 2:30 p.m. ET on PBS (check local listings) with an encore performance that evening at 7:30 p.m. (In New York, THIRTEEN will air the broadcast at 9 p.m.)

Watch a preview:

The venerable concert is the largest world-wide event in classical music reaching over a billion people annually through radio and television in 72 countries. The Vienna Philharmonic’s traditional New Year’s program has showcased Viennese musical culture at the highest level, and since the first television broadcast in 1959, sent the world a New Year’s greeting in the spirit of hope, friendship and peace. (The telecast has been a Great Performances tradition on PBS since 1985.)

Andrews is delighted to return to Vienna for what has become for her a most pleasurable tradition. “It is always a privilege and a wonderful spoiling to visit Vienna, especially at holiday time. The sights and sounds are glorious and I bask in the irresistible music all around me, particularly the beautiful Strauss waltzes.”

She has been a frequent and luminous presence on Great Performances, starting with “An Evening with Alan Jay Lerner” (1989); “Julie Andrews in Concert” (1990); “Some Enchanted Evening: Celebrating Oscar Hammerstein II” (1995); “Back on Broadway” which spotlighted her return to the Great White Way in “Victor/Victoria” (1995); “Hey, Mr. Producer! The Musical World of Cameron Mackintosh” (1998); “My Favorite Broadway: The Leading Ladies” (1999); its follow-up “My Favorite Broadway: The Love Songs” (2001); and the restoration of the classic 1957 “Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella” (2004). She also hosted the Emmy Award-winning series Broadway: The American Musical in 2004.

At press time, the musical program was scheduled to run as follows:

Joseph Hellmesberger Jun.
Danse Diabolique

Josef Strauss
Artists Greeting, French Polka, op. 274

Johann Strauss
Enjoy Life, Waltz, op. 340

Johann Strauss Sr.
Sperl Galopp, op. 42

Hans Christian Lumbye
Steam Railway, Galopp

Josef Strauss
Fireproof, French Polka, op. 269
(with The Vienna Boys’ Choir)

Eduard Strauss
Carmen Quadrille

Peter I. Tschaikowsky
Panorama from the Ballet “Sleeping Beauty”

Peter I. Tschaikowsky
Waltz from the Ballet “Sleeping Beauty”

Johann und Josef Strauss
Pizzicato Polka op. 25

Johann Strauss
Persian March, op. 289

Josef Strauss
Burning Love, Polka Mazurka, op. 129

Johann Strauss
Thunder and Lightning, Fast Polka, op. 324

Johann Strauss
Tick Tock, Fast Polka, op. 365

Johann Strauss
The Blue Danube Waltz, op. 314

Johann Strauss Sr.
Radetzky March, op. 228

As is customary with these broadcasts, Ms. Andrews will travel from her home base in the Musikverein hall itself to visit multiple picturesque Vienna landmarks: a steam railway for Lumbye’s “Steam Railway” gallop; the Belvedere Palace for the three ballet sequences, choreographed by Davide Bombana; and the Augarten Palais, home of The Vienna Boys’ Choir.

The Vienna Boys’ Choir is one of the oldest boys’ choirs existing in the world since 1498 when Maximilian I called the first dozen boys to the court as members of the newly formed court music band. Numerous vocalists, violinists, conductors, and pianists have sung in their ranks: Joseph Haydn, Franz Schubert, Karl Zeller, Hans Richter, Lovro von Matacic and Clemens Krauss. In the days of the First Republic they were regarded as Austria’s “singing ambassadors.” Since those days the Vienna Boys’ Choir has given concerts under nearly all the great conductors of this century: Claudio Abbado, Leonard Bernstein, Nikolaus Harnoncourt, Herbert von Karajan, Carlos Kleiber, Lorin Maazel, Riccardo Muti and Sir George Solti. And, every Sunday the Vienna Boys’ Choir sing solemn mass in Vienna’s Hofburg chapel, continuing a tradition unbroken since 1498.

Since the autumn of 2003, Mariss Jansons has been the principal conductor of the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra and Chorus and since September 2004 principal conductor of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra in Amsterdam, therefore presiding over two of Europe’s most prestigious orchestras, both steeped in tradition.

From 1979 up to the year 2000, Jansons was music director of the Oslo Philharmonic, which during his tenure became an international orchestra of note. He was also involved with the Saint Petersburg Philharmonic as permanent conductor from 1971 until 1999. In addition to that he also appeared as principal guest conductor for the London Philharmonic Orchestra between 1992 and 1997. From 1997 until 2004 he was Music Director of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra.

Mariss Jansons has worked together with the world’s most important orchestras, guesting with great success for leading American and European orchestras.

Jansons first conducted the New Year’s Concert of the Vienna Philharmonic in 2006.

On January 10, Sony Classical will release the live recording via CD-on-demand exclusively at and ArkivMusic and through all major digital service providers, followed by a nationwide CD release on January 24, and DVD and Blu-ray on February 7th.

Great Performances is funded by the Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Arts Fund, Vivian Milstein, Vera von Kuffner Eberstadt, The Starr Foundation and the Philip and Janice Levin Foundation, public television viewers, and PBS. Exclusive corporate support for the concert is provided by Rolex.

From Vienna: The New Year’s Celebration is directed by Karina Fibich, with John Walker as producer/writer. For Great Performances, John Walker and Cara Cosentino are producers; Bill O’Donnell is series producer; David Horn is executive producer.

  • alison aversa

    I’m sure this program will be wonderful. I looked through it to see if there would be any compositions by Josef Lanner. He was my great great uncle and he hired Josef Strauss to be a part of his (Lanner’s) orchestra playing Lanner’s waltzes. The Strauss family then fine tuned the “waltz”. They were friends and were even buried next to each other. Have a very happy new year!

  • Austin Pearce

    Will the full program be posted on the Great Performances website shortly after the broadcast?

  • Karen W

    Looking forward to this. My cousin is the only American that plays in the Vienna Philharmonic and we’re very proud of him! He’s from Middle TN, so we should all watch and be proud. He’ll be in the trombone section!

  • Epernay

    Why is the program published here so different from the one published on the Philharmonic site? Is PBS pasting in performances from the past?

  • Clint

    It is a shame that THIRTEEN no longer broadcast this on New Years Day afternoon. We looked forward to and enjoyed the afternoon performance for many years.

    Is there a reason you will broadcast a repeat of Masterpiece Classics instead?

  • John

    I echo Clint’s comment!

    So sad! My family has watched and listened every New Year’s Day afternoon for many, many years.

    9:00 p.m. is too late for children, the next generation of classical music fans!

    Again, so sad and disappointing!

  • Fiona

    What, only ONE Strauss waltz on the whole program (not counting encores)?

  • Rich Neher

    I had the pleasure of experiencing Mariss Jansons about 10 years ago when he performed Mahler with the Pittsburgh Symphony at the Berlin Philharmonic. And I saw him live from Vienna in 2006, of course. This is one fine conductor and i can’t wait for the 2012 performance!

  • Richard Kavesh

    I checked out the Vienna Philharmonic website as well. It runs much longer than the 90 minutes that PBS allocates. If you want to listen to the entire concert live, go to the website for the Austrian Radio and tune in at 5:15 tomorrow morningo. I’ll be doing both — the live radiocast and the PBS.

  • Richard Kavesh

    Is your cousin Jeremy Wilson? How did he make it all the way to the Vienna Philharmonic from Tennessee?

  • Richard Kavesh

    I was fortunate to attend several of Jansons’ rehearsals for the 2006 live and in person at the Musikvereinsaal, developed a great admiration for him at that time, and have been looking forward to his New Year’s Day return ever since.

  • Rodney

    The complete programme includes Rathausball-Tanze Op.438 by Johann II, Delirien Op.212 by Josef and Wiener Burger by Ziehrer.

  • Jeroen Tempelman

    Hi Alison,

    It doesn’t look like Joseph Lanner is on the program this time, but of all non-Strauss composers he has been featured more often than anyone else, with a total of ten compositions in 23 New Year’s concerts, beginning in 1961.

    Happy New Year!

    Jeroen Tempelman
    Johann Strauss Society of New York

  • Gloria

    When exactly is the concert in Central Time?! Is it 1:30PM? The actual one and the encore? I tried to check the listings but nothing shows up and I tried external sites but I don’t think they’re accurate. Thank you!

  • Lynda Lloyd

    I can not find the performance shown on Public Television for Jan. 1., 2012. Can you help?

  • Miguel

    What radio station would it be broadcast-ed on?

  • JuliaSF

    Hello. I am trying to find out the air time in San Francisco.

    We have no cable (& I barely ever turn on the tv set), so I am not sure what channel line up will apply to me.

    Anyone out there know where and when it will air in SF ?

  • MonikaP

    It would be so nice if the live/real version were broadcast in the States (the same version that the Austrians see). Why does it have to be butchered with Julie Andrews and scenes that were filmed some time in the summer? Anyone seriously care about that?? I love Julie Andrews but she has no business in moderating the New Year’s concert and turning it into a Sound-of-Music sequel. Just give it to us in its pure form PLEASE!!

  • Maureen Young

    The Ballet Dancers were wonderful. Could someone please let me know the name of the wonderful building that they performed in.

    Loved the whole performance.

  • Trudy

    I believe it was at Belvedere Castle.

  • Bierbacher

    My family lives in Austria and watched the fireworks all over Vienna from a friends terrace. My son and I toasted here with mango apple cider. We had the pleasure of watching live from the Brandenburg Gate the celebration on DW TV. Please PBS bring back the afternoon program!!! Happy New Year to all of you . 2012 will be great!

  • MonikaP

    Maureen – if you mean where the New Year’s concert takes place, it is the Vienna Musikverein. It’s the home of the Philharmonic orchestra. The ballet is usually filmed at various places. Happy New Year!

  • Eva

    It has been a wonderful tradition to watch the concert in the afternoon with the who,e family.
    PBS please bring back the afternoon program! Thank you in advance!

  • Patricia Jo

    I always enjoy this concert each New Year’s day. Looking forward to later.

  • Ida-Marie

    We have been trying to find out when the TV program is showing?
    We need to know today!

  • Heather Guthrie-Hoey

    Prosit Neu Jahr!

    I’m sitting outdoors on the East Coast with my soon to be 80 yr. old Viennese mother! Splendid to read what you all have shared from your hearts & minds.

    We’ll soon enjoy the Vienna New Year’s Concert with 3 generations of family – one being my 13 yr. old daughter who plays the violin & loves to figure skate!

    Heather, Melanie, Georgeanna & David

  • Thomas Lipscomb

    Without Lanner’s graceful conversion of the traditional landl, would the Strauss’s ever have made it themselves?

    I can’t get enough Lanner…. and I miss the wonderful Schrammel Quartet providing a chamber music rendition of these treasures that would fit in your favorite coffee haus or heurigen, much of what makes VIennese music infectious is lost.

    I hope some year FROM VIENNA will take us to the small, but vital heart of this exquisite musical convention.

    And when will there be a true INTERNET broadcast?” From Vienna” survived the Nazis and was broadcast even during WWII… can’t it reach an even wider audience today?


  • Peter Richards


    I saw the concert last night on SBS Australia from 9.30pm to 12.00pm and I was entranced.It was lovely. Forget the hype and the criticism, just enjoy the music and thank God it was done in a most beautiful and peaceful setting, much removed from thr crises in the middle east. Julie Andrews was an asset, she may be after the publicity and an actress, but she has a good heart, she’s not arrogant. We need some good old-fashioned schmaltz to brighten everyone up.

    A very good concert,well done to everyone,
    Peter Richards
    Sydney, Australia

  • Alan Lauer

    Why was the annual New Years address omitted this year? Usually the Blue Danube Waltz is interrupted at the beginning by the audience. Anyone know why?

  • Ruby

    Who is the beautiful blond ballerina in Blue Danube?

  • Henry

    I was extremely disappointed that the orchestra did not have any females in it when there are so many females in the world of music who are of the same or better caliber than many of the males. I guess the last bastion of male supremacy still exists.

  • Peter

    When’s the repeat?
    I missed the first half hour because some genius at my cable provider screwed up the listing in the electronic program guide.

  • Birdhouse

    We have no cable or t.v.; can I find the broadcast online/streamed somewhere? I am in AZ in the U.S.; this is my first time in years and years that I can not see the TV broadcast…one of my favorite traditions….

  • Jassie Singh

    I am so disappointed that in Trinidad, W.I. we do not have PBS on all our Cable Services. A friend just called to tell me to watch the programme, and I am unable to do so.
    I tried to view the Performance on PBS website, but found that it is unavailable there as well.
    The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra’s New Year Concert would have been my viewing choice, but, alas……………!!

  • Maggie

    I will echo Henry’s comment about the lack of females in the Vienna Philharmonic. I seem to recall that there were a couple of token women in the orchestra a few years ago. The men must have closed ranks and returned to their “tradition” of an all-male orchestra. The music is always a pleasure but I’m glad to express my displeasure at this organization’s chauvinistic policy of excluding women.

  • grace

    I look forward to this concert on PBS each New Year. The program today was excellent. I so enjoyed the featuered sites around Vienna (one of my favorite cities). Many thanks to the muscians and Viennese for sharing this treasure with the rest of the world.

    Cleveland, Ohio USA


    Friends of Great Performances,

    I saw her, a harpist, during the The Blue Danube Waltz, op. 314, a Women. 20 centuries of Austrian Civilization and please do not tell me that there is only one talented women musician deemed talented enough to be a Member of the Orchestra!

    In case you missed this comment: I will echo Henry’s comment about the lack of females in the Vienna Philharmonic. I seem to recall that there were a couple of token women in the orchestra a few years ago. The men must have closed ranks and returned to their “tradition” of an all-male orchestra. The music is always a pleasure but I’m glad to express my displeasure at this organization’s chauvinistic policy of excluding women.

    A mark of civilizations advancement is equality of opportunity for Musicians. Please do not invite a Civil Rights Action, or make it necessary to carry out actions to deny broadcasts that promote or enable chauvinism in choosing Members of the Vienna Philharmonic.

  • Guylene

    Nice concert but a too much talkative Julie Andrews…and a poor image quality here in Ottawa, Canada. Hope Ms. Andrews will skip the 2013 presentation or may be I could skip my fundingto PBS as well.
    Thank you.

  • Jack Dee

    Gee, I thought it was me in my old age where I knew something was wrong but was reminded by my Austrian wife that there was a definite break of “tradition.”
    I’m hoping it was in the PBS editing, where those few moments of the “t” word were left on the cutting room floor.
    Or perhaps it was just the choice of a Russian band leader.
    I’m relatively certain that Yohnny would have reveled in the applause and opportunity to wish everyone a Happy New Year.

  • Linda

    Either I was asleep (doubtful since in this house we drink champagne and dance during the concert), or the introduction to Blue Danube was cut from the broadcast version. For those of us who have waited from year to year for at least a quarter of a century to share the tradition – which has become our own — it was a sad, inexplicable disappointment which I hope will not occur again. The omission certainly took the bloom off the otherwise, and customarily, superb performance which has been anticipated since the last New Year’s concert.

  • Lynn

    I have always been bothered by the lack of women in this orchestra. I would enjoy the whole performance so much more if there was an equal representation of women.

  • Gail

    Wonderful production today as always. Julie Andrews is every bit as good as Walter Cronkite was with the ‘host’ duties. I do wish the dancers were in period ball costumes for the Danube though.Ballet is beautiful but its so nice to see dancers as they looked when the music was written.Happy 2012 to all.

  • Dolly

    The show was fantastic. My husband’s cousin, Enrico Azucena, who was interviewed by Julie Andrews, is with the Vienna Boys Choir, as was hi brother, Sean Azucena, in the previous years. We are so proud of their talents.

  • Edward Oldham

    I watched the PBS Presentation and really enjoyed it! It was 11 years ago that I managed to get tickets for the Performance. There were about two or three ladies in the Philharmonic at that time! I saw nothing wrong with the performance of any of the men in the Philharmonic Orchestra as I watched it tonight!
    I thought that the songs that were played were a little dated and that maybe there were a couple of Beatle Tunes that might be inserted. I would suggest trying “Yesterday” or “Ohblah di Ohblah da” or maybe Lennon and McCartney’s “Bridge over Troubled Water” might be inserted for a start. Anyway it was just a suggestion on my part and I hope that you will take it as just that.

  • Trevor Williams

    There were two real problems with this year’s broadcast. Both were in the encores, which are really the best bit:

    (1) The false start to the Blue Danube, where the conductor stops the orchestra and wishes everyone Happy New Year, was cut out. Why on Earth save 15 seconds in this way, ruining a tradition that many people look forward to, when there was so much extraneous filler during the rest of the program?

    (2) There was a voiceover during the end of the Radetzky March. PBS used to do this, but has done better for the past few years. The lesson has evidently been re-lost.

  • sonja ennis

    Sonja Ennis
    Have been watching this New Years celebration for years. This year’s performance is the best since Karajan. 1 million BRAVOS! What a gift Mariss Janson is. The choreography during the dance interludes was amazing (the best ever) and the ballet dancers were spectacular. Most of them must have had Cecchetti training…………….:)
    Thank you so much and all the best in 2012

  • Carol

    Color me terribly disappointed. PBS, please return to broadcasting the concert in the afternoon on New Year’s Day. And please broadcast the ENTIRE concert. We must put up with so many repeats of old PBS “chestnuts” throughout the year. The Vienna concert is new and original and wonderful every New Year’s Day. You make a HUGE mistake to not provide the full concert to we, the many, who long to see it.

  • Nancy Dennis

    Agree with both complaints. I couldn’t believe the omission of the traditional New Year’s greeting after the first strains of the Blue Danube Waltz. Why not cut some of the sappy ballets or Andrews’ saccharine over-produced segments that add very little to the proceedings?
    And the voice-over PBS promo during the Radetzky March is insulting.
    Whatever happened to integrity?

  • Philip

    Bravissimo Strauss Family!
    Bravissimo Maestro Jansons!
    Bravissimo the Vienna Philharmonic!
    One of the most enjoyable and very best New Year’s Day concerts!

  • duane nelligan

    I missed this years concert to my dismay and would like to order a CD of this performance – How do I do this??? Please contact me: either e-mail / phone 434-384-2700 / home address: 1600 clayton ave, lynchburg, VA 24503.

    This has been a tradition with me and my mother!!!

  • Vesa Djordjevic

    Please, inform me when it will be repeated on TV and which channel.
    Because of some problems, I had no opportunity to enjoy this evening (at 7:30 PM in Toronto).
    Thank you very much in advance!

  • Fabio Angeli

    Besides being disappointed by your decision to eliminate the early afternoon airing of the concert (a tradition since 1985), I cannot understand the reason behind the editing out of the part, at the beginning of the “Blue Danube”, in which the orchestra conductor wishes a Happy New Year to the spectators in the theater and around the World.

  • Jennifer

    I have to agree with most of the comments made as to the Beautiful Blue Danube cut. I wait, year after year, to hear the audience interrupt the first notes of the song and then the conductor ringing in the new year. New Years day is not the same for me without it. I must agree 5 seconds is not much to ask. To all of those who missed it “Die Wiener Philharmoniker un ich wünscht Ihnen PROSET NEU JAHR!”

  • Fabio Angeli

    Thank you Jennifer and…Prosit Neu Jahr to you

  • Marc

    I have watched the New Year’s concert annually on PBS for more than 20 years. The omission from the broadcast of the greeting at the beginning of the Blue Danube is inexplicable. We were also very disappointed that the afternoon broadcast was discontinued this year. Fortunately these poor decisions did not detract from an excellent performance. Let’s hope thing are back to normal next year. Cheers.

  • robot

    I wholeheartedly agree, but I fear that we qualify for such dumbing-down. Just look at us!

  • robot

    I agree about the Dancers! Who are they?

    Happy New Year!

  • robot

    I should have said, “who are those masked women?”

    Happy New Year anyway.

  • Helen

    I am thrilled to be able to enjoy this concert again, it was a New Years Day tradition of mine before I moved from the UK to Canada, and it’s taken me 4 years to find out that PBS broadcast it every year.

    2012 really feels like it’s properly started now! Thank you PBS

  • Horst V. Friedl

    I could kick myself for missing the first 20 minutes of the program. Of course it was great.
    selected pieces where a bit predictable, but we likeit that way. Julie looked great, if she could only loose that phony english accent so we could understang her better. I miss Walter Cronkite. What about the flowers? a bit skimpy! Are the Italiens so bad of that the could not send a few more decorations. Overall great! If youcould bring it back to prior grandeur. Thanks

  • Bren

    It was the Belvedere Museum in Vienna.

  • Patti Lynn

    I bow to no one in my admiration for Julie Andrews, and I thought she was an excellent choice to follow Walter Cronkite as host of the New Year’s Concerts. However, each year the number and length of Dame Julie’s overproduced segments have increased, to the detriment of the broadcast. The concert is more than enough of an event to stand on its own, and there is no reason to cut the music in favor of the pre-recorded bits. This year’s omission of the delicious moment when the audience interrupts “The Blue Danube” to prompt the New Year’s greeting from the musicians was inexplicable and particularly egregious. (By the way, it did take place at the concert — I heard it on the live radio broadcast earlier in the day.) That said, the music was wonderful — and so were the flowers, as always.

  • Bren

    Thank God women have not “stormed the Bastille” in every area of life! I am a woman and I can tell you that it is NOT what it is cracked up to be to have to deal with women CONSTANTLY in the workforce, in life, and everywhere else! I seek refuge in the male species, and you might count your blessings that some women prefer the company of men in some situations.

    Happy New Year.

    P.S. Julie didn’t seem to mind.

  • Bren

    Oh, Nancy you are too funny, sappy indeed! There were only a couple of dances that were worth viewing, then it was overdone, as was Ms. Andrew’s blathering one.

    Truly enjoyable, nonetheless.

  • Bren

    I like Dame Julie, but I so wish the incessant dialogue would have been cut shorter by a few hundred lines.

  • Bren

    Not certain if you received the previous reply; you can go to and order this concert, I believe. Hope that helps.

  • Ed

    Bren, you are so right.

    Why do some shallow people (those who have raised the point about not seeing women in the orchestra) have to look for their sex obsessions everywhere they look?

  • Ed

    You have no idea why they did or did not include women.

  • Carolyn Gibson

    The best ever! The ballets were heavenly and the orchestra and director glorious. Thank you!

  • Troy Reynolds

    I love this show every year. Once again it is part of my New Years Day tradition. I love the music, the sights the sounds of Vienna. I really enjoyed this years show.

  • Angry I missed it

    I’ve watched the VPO ring in the new year every year since the 1980s.
    Every year, here in the United States, EST, this concert began at 8pm.

    But THIS year, 2012, it just happened to start at 7:30pm.
    Lucky, I just happened to tune in at 7:40pm, otherwise I’d have missed the whole first half hour.
    So, I missed the first 10 minutes instead.

    There are only 2 rerun times: and those are BOTH on channels (NJN1 or whatever) that do not exist any more!

    This surprise change in starting time REALLY enraged me. :(

  • Theodore Stoddard

    INEXCUSABLE for the musicians’ New Year greeting to the audience to be eliminated from the broadcast. WHAT is Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra’s New Year’s Concert WITHOUT the ‘Prosit Neujahr!’? Also, much that I enjoy Dame Julie in her many performances, I found her here to be too verbose, saccharine and a little contrived. Would prefer the concert to be broadcast IN ITS ENTIRETY without the futile attempts at a collage.

  • magna czagany

    I couldn’t watch at 9.00 pm. Will the concert be repeated in NY city ? Sorry to hear about the changes ! No afternoon broadcast !!! No encore performance in New York !!! No New years greating from the orchestra !!! Ms Andrews talking toooo much !!! The concert could be televised directly from Vienna in its entirety since it takes place in the morning New years day and they are 6 hours ahead of us ! I have been watching it since I was a little girl, living in different countries and now In NY since 30 years. Could we improve on this when making changes, don’t diminish the experience, please !!!!

  • Ward

    I could not agree more! The deletion of the musicians’ greeting is one of THE essential elements of the program. And a strange programming choice to start the proceedings with “Danse Diabolique” – a piece which I enjoy – but what kind of ominous portent are projecting for the New Year? 2012 will be challenging enough as it is!

  • Marc

    I would much prefer to see scenes of Vienna and the the Austrian countryside during the musical pieces. Ballet is fine, but the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the Wachau Valley or the lovely vistas in and and around Austria are what I look forward to while listening to a Straus waltz.

  • Tom Kessler

    Yes, I missed my new year’s wished from teh orchestra too. And Why? Was it an editing decision over watching a visitor interrupt a rehearsal? Jule can interrupt my rehearsals anytime, by the way.

  • Tom Kessler

    Which one of the three was he. So cool.

  • Patricia Jo

    I loved the concert. The dancing was lovely and our glimpses of the scenery around Vienna were nice to see. Thanks, PBS, for doing this lovely beginning to a New Year each year.

  • Patricia Jo

    Funny how different folk have different perspectives on things. My parents used to waltz together quite frequently and so when I hear a waltz, I love to see dancing. Happy New Year.

  • ANNA

    This year you have seen ladies in the orchestra. Earlier there were no women, because it was a tradition. Everything happenning in New years concert is TRADITION. interrupting blue danube aswell, because people are waiting for it and since ever ther has been Blue Danube and Radetzky-Marsch.

  • Stormy

    This annual program is a beautiful tradition, and it is eagerly anticipated and thoroughly enjoyed in our home every year. The music is always gorgeous, the little visits to local bistros are great fun, the antiquities, the history, the dancing, the pageantry – all thrilling… and Julie Andrews makes a fine host and tour guide. This is one of the very few programs left on television that allows viewers to experience something ennobling and inspiring. We can overlook the lack of women in the orchestra and the unusually sloppy camera work this year, but – ahem – we have to give a GREAT BIG FAT JEER to the producers for editing out the false start, applause, and New Year’s greeting at the start of the Blue Danube, and making it appear that the entire audience in the Musikverein just didn’t notice the omission. This little gesture, which takes probably less than ten seconds of program running time, has been an essential part of the tradition for decades. Eliminating it shows ignorance of history and disrespect for viewers. And talking over the (truncated version of) the Radetzky March? Another Jeer.

  • Valerie Smith

    The program starts at 8:00pm CT on New Year’s Day (ok, night), 9:00pm ET.

  • jerry

    The television program seems also to have omitted the “Persian March”. I wonder why a WNET production might do that?

  • erik

    How come there are no women in Austria?

  • Peggy

    I loved this perfomance so much I bought my daughter a DVD for her birthday. Dance played such an important role in her development. Her love for dance will never cease. Still as a doctor and doing her residency in NY she trys to fit in a dance class when she can. For me watching her perform as she was growing up is one of my most treasured memories.

  • John Urquhart

    How could PBS interrupt the Radetzky March with a voice over promo? Have they lost all sense of decency?

  • Brendan&Joyce

    We agree and think it needs to be given more thought next year. Allow us to hear the New Year greeting at the start of the Blue Danube as well as the voice over at the premature ending.

    \Please us or lose us!

  • Cathy

    I loved the first ballet sequence. Does anyone know where the dancers trained or what company they are from?

  • Ron

    The women were and are excluded for prejudicial reasons. it was long time official policy until a few decades ago, but is still in In Austria, women were (and still are) not thought to be capable of providing high quality instrumental music, as per policy. You can look up the history easily on the web. This time, I noted a woman cellist and harpist, down from 4 women last year. The cameraman avoided any close up shots of them, except two 1-second shots. It is really a shame that the Austrians have this genteel form of sexual discrimination which, while not in a league with Devout Islam and Orthodox Judaism (as noted in the recent Middle East news stories), is disturbing nevertheless in the 21st century. I saw many women in the audience, including many Asian women. Women musicians in Austria are probably discouraged from applying and go to other countries for musical work. Well, despite that, it still was an entertaining show, with the dancers, scenery (including the train), art, food, boys choir (with plenty of racial diversity there), and Julie Andrews. She is so splendid, and her return (after being away last year to attend to her dying husband) was a welcome thing.

  • Gui

    We just listened to the two hour version of the new year’s concert on public radio. Uninterrupted by unnecessary chatter other than the limited explanation of each piece of music… Including the happy new years’s wish by the orchestra, as is tradition after the interruption of the Blue Danube. Why can’t PBS TV give us the same version.

  • Vienna Guy

    The dancers were from the Vienna Staatsoper and Volksoper Ballet Company….or as most people just say the Vienna Ballet..

  • chuck

    I’d like to know too why it was omitted. A very poor editing decision, in my estimation. How do you televise the concert and yet not include the opening of Blue Danube and the New Year’s greeting by the Maestro and Philharmonic? Who deemed this to be disposable and why? Hope this is not a trend.

  • jo immerso

    Will there be a repeat performance of the 1/1/12 Vienna Philharmonic show with Julie Andrews.

  • andrew martin

    Will there be a repeat performance of the 1/1/12 Vienna Philharmonic show with Julie Andrews.???

  • Elvira Losa

    I missed the telephone number where you can purchase the DVD of this extraordinary concern.
    Can someone give it to me?
    Thank you

  • Roy Vargas

    The number is 1-800-336-1917.

  • Lucas Limbach

    Sara, the settings are in the BlackBerry options. Look for Slider there.

  • Donna

    Thank you, PBS, for another lovely New Years concert. Not wild about the lack of women in the orchestra, I realize this has nothing to do with you. Rather, archaic, old values that continue to die hard.

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