From Vienna: The New Year's Celebration 2009

Stage, screen and recording legend Julie Andrews rings in the new year as she hosts From Vienna: The New Year’s Celebration 2009, Thursday, January 1 at 2:30 and 8 p.m. (ET) on PBS (check local listings). Joining her for the annual Vienna Philharmonic holiday extravaganza will be celebrated conductor Daniel Barenboim, who will lead the orchestra in a sparkling program of Strauss waltzes, marches and polkas. The telecast marks the first appearance for each as host and conductor respectively of the program, beamed around the world to an estimated 1.2 billion viewers from the Musikverein, the gilded hall that houses the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.

Watch a preview:

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“What a joy to return to Vienna, which has always been a magical place for me,” Andrews says. “And to go at holiday time makes it very special indeed. You’ve never really heard The Blue Danube Waltz until you’ve heard it played by the very orchestra Strauss once led.”

Ms. Andrews carries on for longtime host Walter Cronkite, who relinquishes the post with this telecast. “Though ending this tradition comes with some sadness for me, I am very much looking forward to resuming the long-held custom of spending the holidays with my family and friends,” notes the venerable newsman, who hosted the first international telecast in 1985. “I am also deeply honored that Julie Andrews has been chosen to carry on what has become a holiday high point for millions across America.”

Mr. Barenboim and Ms. Andrews are both longtime Great Performances favorites. He last appeared on the series in 2007’s Barenboim on Beethoven, she in 2004 introducing her 1957 performance in a special digitally remastered encore of Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella. She also hosted the Emmy Award-winning series Broadway: The American Musical in 2004.

Musical highlights of From Vienna: The New Year’s Celebration 2009 include Strauss Jr.’s Gypsy Baron Overture, Thunder and Lightning Polka and The Blue Danube Waltz, danced in the hall by children selected from the Ballet School of the Vienna State Opera.

“Since we first presented this concert 25 years ago, we are proud and delighted it’s become a beloved broadcast tradition at holiday time,” says David Horn, Executive Producer of the telecast and Great Performances. “Needless to say, we look forward to the next 25 years of high spirits and irresistible melody.”

From Vienna: The New Year’s Celebration 2009 is directed by Brian Large, with John Walker as producer/writer.

Major corporate funding for this telecast was provided by Rolex. Great Performances is funded by the Irene Diamond Fund, Vivian Milstein, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, public television viewers, and PBS. Major funding for this telecast was also provided by The Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Arts Fund and Vera von Kuffner Eberstadt.

  • mark isenberg

    Thanks to Great Performances for continuing the peaceful New Year Tradition.Yes,it will be different without Walter Cronkite’s stories of the history of Vienna but Julie Andrews is a legend,too and will do a great effort as host.Thanks to WNET for this treat. later,mark

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  • Susana

    I am writing from Tampico Mexico and had been searching the way I can see this wonderful concert, I usually see till I buy the video -I will buy the concert DVD this year of course, but wish to see it live from Vienna. In Mexico I have not been able to see directly on TV, so now I would like to know if this is the correct address to watch it by Internet.
    Thanks a lot

  • Ted Bromage

    Maine Public Broadcasting continues its downward spin and the latest manifestation is not carrying The New Year’s Celebration 2009 from Vienna. I’m another who would like to know if it will be live steamed on January 1st. Thanks, Ted

  • Felix

    Definitely do not miss this. And even if you do, try to set up your Tivo, Digital Recorder, VHS…whatever means or device to record it.

  • Fiona Yin

    How sad. Replacing Walter Cronkite with someone who hasn’t even been back to Vienna since the early ’60s?! New year’s day will never be the same again.

  • Martin

    I have enjoyed the Vienna New Year concert for years. But when I was working in Vienna over New Years two years ago, I watched the concert live one Austrian TV. And was pleasantly surprised that the concert had almost 3 hours of music. Which makes me wonder why you choose to broadcast so little of it in the US.

  • beth

    GREAT! I can’t wait to watch. Thanks for always showing this great tradition.

  • anna

    can the performance be watched live, or is it just going to be telecast at 2:30pm and 8pm EST. Thank you. My boyfriend lives in Vienna and i would very much like to watch it with him simultaneously, live.

  • Lynne Dillon

    Happy New Year, Mom!! Wolfgang and Gisela got us started listeneing to this New Years concert by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra – now a tradition in our house and very uplifting!!! Hope you get it on your PBS station!!!

  • Dan Q. Ferreras

    I look forward to watch this traditional new year celebration from vienna, instead football games.

  • Sandra Coutsakis

    As in previous years I plan to again spend New Year’s Day viewing and listening to this classic New Year’s concert – yes, I do wish you would televise it in it’s entirety and not just a partial. Many of us will never get to Vienna to participate first hand and PBS is doing a wonderful job but just once I’d love to see/hear the whole performance.

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  • Katley

    The concert is definitely a tradition at my house. (no football here!) I went to Vienna many years ago and love the music. I do have one criticism of the TV broadcast: the lesser-known pieces are cut out due to time constraints. The radio plays the entire concert. Why can’t PBS broadcast the concert in its entirety?

  • Charles H.

    Looking forward to the concert as always. And I’m really glad they replaced Cronk with Julie Andrews. It’s about bloody time! Walt was getting a bit … well, we’ll just say it was time. And I hope Andrews will pronounce Johann as it should be pronounced, instead of Walter’s “Johaeeen.” Bugged me for years. Can’t wait to watch.

  • Voja

    THANK YOU PBS for continuing with this the best and the greatest tradition, New Years Concert from Vienna, because without IT there wouldn’t be a Happy New Year! I shall miss Mr.Walter Cronkite but I am sure that Julie Andrews will be great as addition to that special concert. Thanks again, I am writing from White Rock in Canada.

  • Fleurli

    Without the most famous Wiener Neujahrskonzert there would not be a perferct start into the new year. We very much value the priviledge to watch it every year on the publc broadcating channel. It tops all other broadcast we can think of. Thank you for making it possible.

  • Robert

    Watching the great performance of a first-class orchestra playing first-class music is an exciting way to celebrate the beginning of a new year. Thank you, PBS, for continuing this wonderful tradition! Please broadcast more programs like this in the future.

  • Richie the K

    if you want to listen to it live (as I did this morning), you just need to tune in to Austrian radio (ORF 2) on line. this is my favorite TV show of the entire year and the only one i watch without fail, year after year. having said that, i have been disappointed with the quality of conductors in recent years. Pretre, Barenboim, Osawa, Harnoncourt, Muti, and Mehta are no substitute for the giants of the past who used to conduct this concert — Maazel (11 times!), Abbado, and, of course the incomparable and echt Viennese Willi Boskovsky, who did it for 25 years.

  • Glenn Sauter

    Does anyone have an update on whether this show will be streamed on any website? Quad cities public television has decided to not air the performance this year, and watching it is a twenty year tradition for my wife and I.

  • Tom

    Everybody write to PBS to keep this program a tradition in the future. Let’s hold on to our Western Culture what little is left.

  • Richie the K

    you can listen to the entire thing next year on Austrian Radio (ORF) on the web. Too bad, though, that the turgid Georges Pretre will be back on the podium in 2010. Neither he or Barenboim have a natural, innate grasp of this light dance music — they both overconduct it. Where is Lorin Maazel when we need him (he did it for 11 great years)?

  • Marylyn

    Wonderful program. Such a relief from all the other stations with sports. Enjoyed the tours through the various buildings too.

  • robert erbacher

    why is the phone number to order the dvd not listed on this page

  • Inge

    This was the best concert yet, especially because it was hosted by Julie Andrews. Prosit to the New Year!

  • Harry Gerham

    As much as I like Julie Andrews, she doesn’t hold a candle to Cronkite. Cronkite is ageless, Andrews has had too much “work” done – and I found her talking about her accomplishments and past work extremely distasteful.

  • Inge W.

    This was the best concert yet, especially because it was hosted by Julie Andrews.

    Prosit to the New Year!

  • Monique Marion

    This wonderfull, cultural concert is telecast every year only on PBS, why not on other stations. I can do without football and other stupid programs. Television should be more cultural. Most of the time, I watch the BBC,TV5 or any other oversea stations.” American news broadcast is misleading and bias.” I am glad to have PBS. Thank you.

  • valley

    It is too bad that this New Year’s concert is not broadcasted in HD in Comcast Cable.

  • Anne Jehle

    KUAT TV in Tucson, AZ, only showed this concert at 12:30pm and not in the evening, when we have always watched it. I found out too late and am heartbroken. My New Year’s Day has fallen flat. At least they broadcast it—I will be better prepared next year.

  • Dave B

    Why did they not show the Vienna concert, All that was showing was the David Foster Special… so what gives?

  • Joseph Tammaro

    I want to buy the DVD of Great Performaces 2009.How do I go about it? I watched it today and I thought I must have the DVD.Thanks

  • Joe Hickman

    I always am thrilled to hear this program, despite its abbreviated nature, but, this year, UNC TV in North Carolina did not broadcast it live in the afternoon except on their cable-only digital stations. That is most disappointing, though I still look forward to hearing the program a half hour from now. Given the mission of Public Television, one would think it should be a priority to broadcast this live so everyone has the choice to see great music instead of an infomercial or football.

  • Jeannie

    Absolutely lovely and the waltz ballet is breathtaking. Hope to buy the DVD!

  • marie greiner

    so what happened to televising new years concert from vienna on Jan.1st. This is the first year that we missed seeing it.

  • Cecilia Op de Beke

    The concert is always precious and this year even more inspiring and enjoyable. How may I order a DVD? The number for ordering disappeared from the screen too quickly.

  • Mark Bentley

    Did anyone catch the composer of the Spanish Dance performed on this broadcast? TY

  • Jean Gress

    our station was scheduled to carry the concert and instead was showing Tavis Smiley and hour earlier. How disappointing!

  • snuffy

    I am crying. I turned down so much to come home and watch this. at least the music was the same. Roles should have been reversed. Julie should have conducted and Daniel should have blabbed. Both were horrid. What’s going on in Austria??????

  • John Hill

    A great way to begin a new year.

  • Ruth S

    Wonderful concert and presentation! How do we order the DVD of today’s performance?

  • Arnold Baptiste

    Please provide the phone number to order the Vienna 2009 CD

  • Drino Esad

    Thank you PBS….Thank you !

  • Cecilia O.

    I, too, have seen the concert in Europe and regret that the same program is not broadcast here as there. The idea that an American audience cannot handle something in other languages or longer length is unfortunate.

  • Ron

    Just Great, Julie, the music, the cinemagraphics, the conductor, the background info. What could be better.

  • T Marlowe

    How do I get the cd for this? Can’t find it on the site.

  • Jim Nicke4rson

    Great show, Julie Andrews was outstanding! I loved every minite of the show. Where do I order the DVD?

  • John & Linda Petersen

    Replacing Walter Cronkite with Julie Andrews was a good choice. Although he was missed after all these years,and retirement is deserved, Ms Andrews was an excellent choice. Have watched this performance for many years and before that, via the radio. This performance is a must to see. My wife and I enjoyed this program immensely. We will miss Mr Cronkite.

  • Heidi Knechtle

    I loved watching the show. I wish that you had telvised more of the performance! This has become a tradition of mine to watch and I would love to see the whole show! Thank you for an outstanding performance!

  • chin perng

    I like the program, From Vienna: The New Year’s Celebration 2009 with Julie Andrews, broadcast at 8:00PM today (1/1/2009). When will the DVD be available?

  • Yvonne Norfleet

    I’d like to buy the DVD of the Vienna New Year’s Celebration. Can you direct me to the source?

  • marianne

    I have enjoyed watching this New Years concert with Walter Cronkite for many years but this year’s broadcast was a disappointment. First, only a cursory mention was made of Mr. Cronkite’s prior tenure; he was an integral part of this broadcast and deserved more than a passing mention. Second, Ms. Andrews’ interjecting herself into the program was distracting and seemed self promoting.

  • Jerry Hughes

    This was a beautiful broadcast. I was eager to see the credits but they were too small and ran too fast to be of any value. There was one exception. The Executive Producer insured his name was legible.

  • Bill Forrest

    Loved the New Years 2009 Concert directed by Daniel Barenboim and hosted by Julie Andrews. However, I missed the 800 number to allow me to purchase the CD or DVD of this performance. Can you give this to me please. Thanks much.

  • F.H.Poythress

    I have enjoyed this concert for many years via TV and attended in Vienna one year as a birthday (1/1)gift from my son. It is the highlight of my year. Thank you. However, this 2009 concert was not broadcast in Denver, CO this year. What happened? So sad in Colorado.

  • stanley cooper

    Persons, I was on that concert hall on 24 September 2008 for a all Mozart’s music concert. Thing thatI mnever dremt on my life beeing there. On the program was a very updated part of the opera Marriage of Fígaro…poco contante….poco contante…..(not too much money )And as a bomus I got a CD with music composed by Mozart.

    I never miss ptogram like that on the first day of the year.

    Thank you.

  • Margaret Bromberg

    Once again I thrilled to the music of the 2009 annual concert from the Magnificient Musikverin and the Vienna State Orchestra. A wonderful respite from all the negativity that permeates the media today.
    Wonderful. I am an 85 year old who has listened since 1985, and have visited the Opera House in Vienna.

  • Merle Carlson

    My husband and I have listened to the New Year”s Concert from Vienna for many years and missed Walter Cronkite this year but Julie Andrews did a wonderful job. We loved the conductor Daniel Borenboim and the wonderful music of Straus and Hayden. It is my dream to one day see the concert live. It will probably never happen but look forward to every New Year’s day. Wish the concert was longer.

  • Lynn

    Good show. Does anyone remember who composed the very last song that was played?

  • Margaret Bromberg

    Once again I thrilled to the music of the 2009 annual concert from the Magnificient Musikverin and the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. A wonderful respite from all the negativity that permeates the media today.
    Wonderful. I am an 85 year old living in Canada who has listened since 1985, and visited the Opera House in Vienna afew years ago!

  • Magdalena Palencia

    Where did the balllet dancers come from. Do they belong to the Scalla of Milan ballet?
    Is Luana Franco one of the ballerinas. I would apprecciate so much if somebody can answer this.

  • Greg Bahrman

    Musical highlights of From Vienna: The New Year’s Celebration 2009 include Strauss Jr.’s Gypsy Baron Overture, Thunder and Lightning Polka and The Blue Danube Waltz.

    How do I buy this Music ???

  • jeremy becker

    can someone please tell me the name of the first waltz that was performed. Thanks

  • Aura

    Soy Hondurena de vacaciones en Portland Or y fue un concierto maravilloso, grancias por ofrecernos este espectaculo. FELIZ ANO NUEVO.

  • Ronald Schott

    Just finished ringing in 2009 with Daniel Barenboim and immensely enjoyed the new selections as well as the traditional encores. I desperately miss Walter Cronkite, and felt disappointed with the very stiff narration from Miss Julie Andrews, whose cold enunciation was as far removed from the warm commentary of Mr. Cronkite as one can get. Let’s have all of Mr. Cronkite’s family join him watching the 2010 celebration from the warmth of his living room next year! Wishing everyone a healthy and peace filled new year.

  • Liz G Says

    After watching tonite 1/1 I would like to apologize to the American viewers on behalf of WNET.ORG and PBS etc This is not the real concert but a MUCH shorter version (3hrs says Martin)and NOT=NOT the European version which is NOT cut and pasted! There is NO host (Cronkite,Andrews..)The program=the music and the beautiful Musikverein speak for themselves. So are we here in the US being patronized ? Why would WE need all this extra stuff chopping up the program? Are WE not trusted (by the producers, PBS??) to being able to stay focused? This program has been broadcast in Europe without any extra stuff 45-50 years and the Am. version is a very real disappointment-again! Please put the host and all the “talking-points” BEFORE the actual concert starts!! Ms Andrews interrupted 15 – 20 times for 20-25 min total.. really! WIEN oops sorry…Vienna is a great city and also deservs better… the people I watched with were convinced that Ms Andrews was a part of the original concert and how would they know??…from a very, very deeply disappointed viewer…there should be no need to edit this comment for any reason…especially with only 11 other comments Thanks

  • edie coyle

    your new years eve and vienna new year day concerts are wonderful – we look forward to watching them every year – it makes our new year! thank you. can you send me your pbs tv schedule. i live near chico ca po box 325 forest ranch, ca 95942 edie coyle and jim coyle.

  • Klement Hambourg

    A spectacular New Year’s show with Daniel Barenboim and the Vienna Philharmonic. The magnificent surroundings where Haydn actually performed enhanced its appeal. We also loved the dancers and the visual effects. While we missed Walter Cronkit’s suave, jovial personality, we were delighted with host Julie Andrews–her elegance, her warmth, her gift of description and her wonderful English diction. It is to be hoped she will grace this show as host again next New Year.

  • Joanne C

    I can’t believe this is the first time I watched it. It was Divine. I thought Julie Andrews was great. I just purchased it. I will never miss it again. Made me also realize how special Europe is ( I had forgotten!).

  • R. Compton

    I saw the last 10 minutes and enjoyed it very much. t the end they told where to send for a DVD, but I did not get the information. Where can I send for it?

  • Dora Sakayan

    Due to health problems, I have missed the The New Year’s Celebration 2009 transmissions from Vienna. Is there any chance to see it in the near future?
    Thanks, D.S.

  • Margarete Kedl

    Will there be a rerun of this concert and when ? Thank you!


  • Gary Hall

    Why was the New Year’s Day,Concert from Vienna,not broadcast when listed on WEDH or WGBH?

  • kathy ferguson

    How can I purchase the video for the 2009 Vienna philharmonic New yrs concert

  • Claire Fordrung

    Would like to have a CD of this concert for use in my car – but am told none is available.
    I really did miss seeing Walter Cronkite. What happened?

  • David K.

    I really don’t need to know about Julie Andrews, or have stupid “context” stories (like the Olympics on ABC). What I want is to hear the music. Please the announcer is an announcer, and I don’t watch this concert to hear Julie Andrews reading a script. Consider broadcasting the Eurovision program, without the annoying Ammerican commentary.

  • David K.

    I really don’t need to know about Julie Andrews, or have stupid “context” stories (like the Olympics on ABC). What I want is to hear the music. Please the announcer is an announcer, and I don’t watch this concert to hear Julie Andrews reading a script. Consider broadcasting the Eurovision program, without the annoying American commentary.

  • Becky

    How lovely seeing Julie Andrews host this amazing program! Such a gracious, classy woman — a perfect hostess for this treasured annual event. Hope to see her back again next year!

  • Sally

    The concert was fabulous!! I will buy the dvd.

  • isabel miranda

    I enjoyed tremendously this year’s concert from Vienna. I would like to buy the DVD but missed writing the phone number to order it. Anyone knows the number?

  • Dorian Kracht

    My wife and I checked in vain whether it was being broadcast here in the LA, CA area on PBS’ KCET 28 ! How sad! No repeats either…there goes PBS again cutting short another popular program.

  • Eric Rottmeister

    Many of your programs are repeated. Will there be a repeat broadcast of this concert and what are the dates and times on KCTS-Seattle, if there is.

  • Cecilia,PBS follower

    Happy new year to all music listeners from Brasil!I hope there are re-runs when I return to USA.Sorry I missed it this year.

  • John Hammon

    We watched again this year, as we have for many years, and again I had tears in my eyes as I remembered wonderful years I spent in Austria. We missed Walter Cronkite, but Julie Andrews was a delight. Regret to hear Maine PBS did not carry it, but we were able to watch on WGBH Boston.

  • Fran Winczura

    I just caught the last 10 min. of the show and didn’t get the info.about purchasing it. please forward me the required info…Thank you .

  • Len Carter

    When will this be available to order on DVD? I went to the VPO website but it’s all in Euro$ and the shipping charge is almost as much as the DVD. I want to oredr this for my Uncle.

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  • Erik James

    Immensely enjoyed the wonderful concert from glorious Vienna. The music,led by Maestro Barenboim and the Vienna Philarmonic Orchestra were joyous ! Julie Andrews was radiance personified and I hope she will continue to be part of the festivities in the future. Great concert !

  • Susan Simonnet

    This had always been a tradition in our home in France and I am so disappointed I missed the PBS presentations. Is it scheduled to be repeated or is it available on DVD? New Year’s Day was just not the same without it! Thank you>

  • Mairi Bell

    Is the DVD the same as the program broadcasted? I own 2006-2008 DVDs and they feel longer with more music and there is no host. I was disappointed on the program because it felt much shorter and felt like much more talking. Thanks!

  • Marita Fincham

    Thank you for transmitting these great programs. Where may I buy a CVD?

  • MaryAnn Johnston

    The music was magical as was the conductor. Julie Andrews was superb – much better than Cronkite. It’s the best I’ve seen and heard since it became available on PBS.

  • Joan Petrauski

    It is unfortunate that so much of the music was cut.

  • quynh nga pham

    It was a great performance, I missedit half of program, i want to buy a dvd,please tell me where, and how can i order it .Happy New year to PBS,Great prdram.

  • Gusztav Asboth

    It was wonderfull to see happiness and joy in Eisenstadt and Burgenland. My mother, sister and I spent a few days in both places during our flight from invading Soviet forces. Those sad times were the end of our way of life.

  • M M Weber

    70 years ago our parents met at a New Year’s dance in the Chicago area. This year, Mom joined Dad in heaven to continue their dance on New Year’s Day 2009. The beautiful music of the Blue Danube Waltz filtered into her bedroom, as she took her final breath. How beautiful! How romantic! Thank you so much PBS. You helped turn our grief into joyful celebration.
    Sincerely, the family of Helen Toth

  • Raymond G. Gonczy

    I would also like to buy the VHS tape or DVD of New Year’s in Vienna, 2009?

  • Tyler Chen

    Dear Sir,

    Would you please do me a favour to send me the Julie Andrews commentary if possible?

    Wish a happy new year!

  • Vivian I. Eakin

    Please tell me if it possible to get seating tickets for the concert for the year 2010 in Vienna

  • Gayle Land

    Our teenage daughters have been singing with a group of local students “YUMA YOUTH CHOIR” for 5 years. We went to Germany 2006, Paris 2008 and next goal is 2010/2011 Italy. We usually travel in July, but were thinking of going during holiday school break – Winter 2010. Is there a way that a traveling tour of US students could be able to get to see/hear this live in Vienna.

    We did the Mozart celebration 250th b-day and also were able to sing at the Notre Dame Cathedral, so perhaps our tour group or our Choir Director Dr. Elizabeth Tibbs, could find a way for us to at least hear, if not find a way to perform nearby. She makes all the plans, to be the most educational as possible. Our girls are only 14 and 15, so they were young when traveling to Europe from a small town of Yuma, AZ. We had the pleasure of them learning a piece composed by the great Dale Warland (Sed Amore) and then this April 2009, a local college instructor wrote a poem which was composed for our YYC students to debut in April, as we are giving back to our community with a special Thank you for all the local people and businesses that have supported us. Can PBS, tell us how to get somebody like Oprah or even NBC to come and show the Nation, what small community Culture is all about.
    Many thanks – Gayle

  • robert e grossman

    Why have a celebrity be the announcer? Did Ms. Andrews collect more than per diem + travel costs ?

  • Rene A.Rodriguez

    Hi there,please tell me why the regular DVD is not in wideScreen? thank you….

  • Oliver Valu

    Hello,I bought the dvd on amazon but Julie Andrews seems to be missing.Can you give me the source in Burlington,VT where to buy the complete?

  • Diane Wilke

    Where can I buy the DVD of this show? It was wonderful.
    Thanks – Diane

  • Jo Simpson

    What day, time and TV channel of the From Vienna: – New Year Concert 2010?

  • Bogdan
  • hene

    i would like to watch the new years concert in south africa,but cant find it on any channel.please help

  • viv

    Will this tape be repeated?

  • Aliki Degleris

    New Year’s Celebration 2009,from Vienna was an enchanting evening. Please provide the phone number to order either a CD o DVD. The number on the screen disappeared so quickly, that I was unable to write it down. Thank you for a lovely evening

  • Susan Curtis

    I always try to watch the Vienna New Year’s concert. I will miss Walter with his magnificent voice but the show must go on! I was unable to listen or watch this year as I was in Bocas del Toro, Panama. So sad. It may have been on Panamanian television but we have no TV. there are pluses to that too!

  • pat helem

    would like to order DVD of the New Year’s concert. How do I get it?

  • Roger Policar

    I would like to order DVD of the 2009 New Year Celebration. I was smiling all evening appreciating the talent of the people in the show.

  • Annemarie C. Smith

    I enjoyed this and would like to purchase the DVD. How can I do this? Please respond. Thank you.

  • George Miley

    I want a DVD of this program. How do I obtain one?

  • suzanne disbrow

    my mother loves this each year and forgot to watch! Where can i purchase a CD or DVD of this years performance?

  • Stephansdomen

    Vienna is the Capital of Austria and a relaly faboulous place to visit. Just stroll around and visit Sigmund Freud museum or any of the fine parks that are all around Vienna.

  • Zoila Blattel

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  • Ingeborg Mair

    lovely concert , not quite the same ending this year and I am sorry , but Julie Andrews is very distracting . I loved Walter Cronkite ’s warm voice , Maybe cut down on the inbetween commentary .I started watching the concert as a child in germany .

  • Facebook

    Thanks Perambur for setting out all the basic steps for me, it can be pretty daunting when starting out for the first time!

  • Carlie Falley

    I spy three Corvairs the one in the foreground, in the middle lane, one further up in the right lane, and one even further away, in the left oncoming lane.

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