From Vienna: The New Year's Celebration 2010
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Stage, screen and recording legend Julie Andrews rings in the new year as she hosts From Vienna: The New Year’s Celebration 2010 on Friday, January 1 at 2:30 and 9 p.m. (ET) on THIRTEEN’s Great Performances on PBS (check local listings). Joining her for the annual Vienna Philharmonic holiday extravaganza will be celebrated conductor Georges Prêtre, who will lead the orchestra in a sparkling program of Strauss Family waltzes, marches and polkas. The telecast marks the second appearance for Andrews as host and also for Prêtre as conductor of the program, beamed around the world to an estimated 1.2 billion viewers from the Musikverein, the gilded hall that houses the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. Also featured are dance sequences performed live on location at Vienna’s magnificent art history museum by members of the Vienna State Opera and Volksopera ballet, with guest appearances by Paris Opera Ballet principal soloists Nicholas Le Riche and Eleonora Abbagnato, choreographed by Renato Zanella and costumed by world renowned fashion designer Valentino.

Watch a preview:

“It is such a thrill to be back in Vienna’s Musikverein for New Year’s Day,” says Andrews.  “Everything is so beautifully decorated for the occasion, with over 30,000 blooms from San Remo on the Italian Riviera turning the golden Hall into a sea of flowers.” Ms. Andrews carries on for longtime host Walter Cronkite, who passed away this year. The venerable newsman first hosted the PBS broadcast of the concert in 1985.

A Great Performances favorite, Andrews has appeared many times on the series, including her one-woman concert in 1990, a biographical profile on the occasion of her return to Broadway in Victor/Victoria in 1995, two My Favorite Broadway specials, concert tributes to Alan Jay Lerner and Oscar Hammerstein II, and the encore broadcast of Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella in 2004. Andrews also hosted the Emmy-winning series Broadway: The American Musical in 2004. Prêtre was last seen on Great Performances conducting the 2008 New Year’s Day concert.

Musical highlights of From Vienna: The New Year’s Celebration 2010 include Offenbach’s overture to “The Rhine Mermaids,” as well as such Johann Strauss favorites as the overture to “Die Fledermaus,” the “Viennese Bonbons” waltz, the “Champagne Polka,” the “Blue Danube Waltz,” and the traditional concert-closer, his father Johann Sr.’s “Radetzsky March.” The varied location sequences find host Andrews touring Carnuntum—the ancient Roman metropolis built on the banks of the Danube—as well as riding Vienna’s legendary Ferris wheel in the “Prater” amusement park.  The Philharmonic’s performance of the ravishing “Blue Danube” waltz is accompanied by equally lush cinematography tracing the origin of the mighty river in the Black Forest to its destination in the Black Sea.

“Since we first presented this concert more than 25 years ago, we are proud and delighted it’s become a beloved broadcast tradition at holiday time,” says David Horn, Executive Producer of the telecast and Great Performances. “Needless to say, we look forward to the next 25 years of high spirits and irresistible melody.” From Vienna: The New Year’s Celebration 2010 is directed by Brian Large, with John Walker as program producer and writer.

Great Performances is funded by the Irene Diamond Fund, Vivian Milstein, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, public television viewers, and PBS. Exclusive corporate funding for this telecast is provided by Rolex. Major support for the telecast is also provided by The Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Arts Fund and Vera von Kuffner Eberstadt.

For Great Performances, Bill O’Donnell is Series Producer and David Horn is Executive Producer.

  • tammyyy

    If you are driving in from the United States, plan to arrive early to allow time for the long lines at border crossings. The distance from the United States border to Queen Victoria Park is within walking distance and will result in a faster return trip at the end of the night.—Does-Bowtrol-Cleanse-Work?&id=2926555

  • JerrySherman

    Please don’t show the credits during the Radazky March and no talking during the final number. Happy New year

  • Ed Jacobi

    This program is always a highlight for students and families in my music program, especially since we travel to Vienna so often. And I concur about no talking (or showing of credits) over the Radetzky Marsch. I performed in the Musikverein in 1998 which makes this concert even more special.

  • Mike S

    I concur with those who request an undisturbed viewing of this extraordinary performance. Post-production editing allows for voice-over and credits to trail the actual performance, so to do otherwise is a choice. Please choose not to disturb the audio/visual experience for those of us have not been lucky enough to win lottery tickets to attend the concert. Happy New Year and thank you.

  • Liz G

    YES YES this concert is live direct from Austrian tv and without any editing etc like the version for the Am. audience. starts at 02.15am 1/1 pac.stan.time PST (11.15am in Vienna/Wien) ++ a repeat on Wed 1/6at 01.15am PST type in ex. like this : and find it on opening page or 1. klick “live” at top of page or 2. search= suche in the field at the top so search for this German word : neujahrskonzert. You can watch on line from any place in the world!! The un-edited version is seen all over Europe and I watched it there as a child. says Liz G

  • Gracie P

    Thank You Liz G. for this information. We are from Europe living in the States and HATE watching the PBS version with the voice overs and pointless remarks throughout the program. We end up buying the unedited version every year on DVD so that we can experience it as it should be.
    Happy New Year Everyone!

  • Robert L. Potvin

    This traditional concert from Vienna is a most marvelous way of ushering in the New Year! I wouldn’t miss it for the likes of me…. truly a musical wonder. Bravo!

  • Constance Bessada

    But that Vienna concert is restricted to stream only in Austria – copyright laws, something like that. Rats!!

  • Wayne Roberts

    Yes I awoke at 5 a.m. here in Louisville to watch the concert only to find it was limited to viewers in Austria. However I did listen to it on BBC 3. I enjoyed listening to it…finally brought in a conductor who could make Strauss’ music sparkle (it is hard for Strauss music not to sparkle, but some conductors manage it anyway).

  • Wayne Roberts

    Additionally it is available on BBC 3 for the next 7 days at It is in 2 parts, a total of 145 minutes.

  • Thomas Lipscomb

    Old pro Pretre takes us back to a dynamic approach that makes old chestnuts into youthful works of budding genius. Just watch the orchestra’s delighted faces as they were run through the whole dynamic register of tempos and volumes and extraordinary use of retards! The audience was the usual bored collection of dressed up fat cats facing a long afternoon, but this was a musical triumph. Too bad no one ever miked Julie Andrews properly, her voice was a disaster. Even so don’t miss this one….

  • Steve Kraus

    I too wish they would not run credits during Radetzky but I can live with that as one can still listen to the music. Far worse was that here in Chicago for many years WTTW Channel 11 would actually have a voiceover on top of the music! The worst sort of commercial tv practices on a top PBS station! Unbelieveable. I would have to tune in an out of town PBS station to avoid awful WTTW. I do seem to recall that last year they finally got it right so maybe my annual complaints found the right ear. Fingers crossed for this year.

  • Waldemar Lopes

    We couldn’t have started the new year in a better way than watching the great Julie Andrews, with her beauty and elegance, host this wonderful concert. “Where there is music, I will be there”, she once said. And that was a special gift from PBS. Thanks a lot! Waldemar Lopes, Brazil

  • Helena Henry

    I’ve watched New Years from Vienna religiously for the past 30 years and couldn’t begin the new year without it. Sometimes I watch it twice when it’s an exceptional performance. However, I’ve had enough of Julie Andrew Does New Years in Vienna. New Years in Vienna is not about her. Please replace her with someone who exhibits the same dignity and respect for Vienna and love of Strauss music that Walter Cronkite did. How about Alan Alda?? He’s been doing a great job at Lincoln Center during the summer.

  • Mandy

    What a wonderful way to start of the New Year with Julie Andrews as host for the concert. I happen to feel that she did a great job this year. There couldn’t have been a better hostess. Also, beautiful music from the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra!

  • John Sietsema

    I do love Julie Andrews but I agree that Alan Alda would be a fitting replacement for Walter C.

  • Joan W Ketchum

    Please–how can we get the DVD for 2010 New Year’s
    Concert Vienna Philharmonic—-for 2010 and also 2009. Please help…Thank you in advance Mrs JWK

  • Beatrix Houghton

    Is it possible to watch the concert online? I don’t have a TV.

  • A Martin

    This was the best show ever-and I have watched for years. The subjects including the historical aspects of Austria discussed by Julie Andrews were more interesting, the views of the hall more than fantastic. And the music was outstanding, loved the selection.

  • hollywhitehead

    We enjoyed the music of course but were really swept away by the ballet in the museum and beautiful photography of the Danube.

  • James Rogers

    Want to purchase DVD of Vienna concert. Please send me info.

  • joe

    Great Show, pics, scenes and scenery from Austria. Makes me want to take a river boat cruise down the Danube. Want to order the DVD but it ran too fast and did not get the phone #. Can anybody help?

  • Patricia

    This is the best New Years from Vienna ever! PBS posted a phone number to purchase the DVD so briefly, didn’t have time to copy it. How do I purchase it?

  • Beatrix Houghton

    You can order the DVD from the Vienna Phil’s website

  • Manu

    I watch each year this program . It is the best program and best start for new years . It brings me all memories at my student time in Vienna .
    Want to order DVD but need tel # any help ?

  • Jocelyne Côté

    Please how can we get the DVD for 2010 New Year’s
    concert Vienna Philharmonic
    Thank you in advance.

  • Tom Mardian

    from: Vienna, New Year’s Celebration 2010. Nowhere did I find the option to
    purchase this video. Why? Where is the information available to buy This video? Thanks, Tom 1/1/2010

  • Emma Murray

    I watched the 2010 New Year’s Vienna Philharmonic on channel 13. They showed the phone # with which you could buy the CD of this performance, but it was on too briefly for me to copy. I would like to buy the CD. How do I go about it?

  • Terry Collins

    The number for ordering DVD or CD from WNED in Buffalo is 1-800-336-1917.

  • Beatrix

    Is it possible to watch the concert online?

  • Barbara Caldwell

    The 2010 New Year’s Vienna Philharmonic on KACV Channel 3, Amarillo TX was marvelous! The excellent photography caught the orchestra members’ and the conductor’s enjoyment, also. What a great way to start the new year. Where can I buy a DVD of that outstanding musical program?

  • J

    Is there a repeat for SoCal viewers?

  • erika

    Google Wiener The DVD is going on sale on the 6th or 7th (can’t remember now) of this month. Their website intruduces you to the orchestra and their fantasic performances (available on CD and DVD). You may like it so much that you may just have to put Vienna and the Musikverein on your travel list. Enjoy!
    Happy New Year, or as they say in Vienna: “Ein gutes neues Jahr, Prosit 2010″.

  • Gerald

    You can order the New Year’s Concerts online:

  • Elizabeth

    I’ve watch this program every year for many years now and am delighted that Julie Andrews too over as host.
    I thought this year’s conductor looked lost early in the program, but later found him rather comical.
    The music is SUPERB, as are the ballets, costumes and stagings; also nice was the visual of the Danube, tracing it’s path through Europe.
    I too am glad that credits were not run though the final number this year.

  • stanley cooper

    Persons, the musuc directos looks TIRED, WASTED AWAY.
    Billy Boskoski was many times better as conductor.

    The work lasted –on TV–omly 1ated ½ hours, it is ½ hour short. Realy bad.

    Also the Polka was not with fake gun shot.

    Thank you.

  • Barbara Manos

    Superb! Exquisite costumes for the ballerina’s. As a dancer, I loved the way the music was interpreted. I’ve been on that feris wheel and waltzed by the Danube in Vienna. Couldn’t have been a more charming program.

  • Dj

    BRAVO !! on ALL accounts, Ms Andrews was spot on, Mr Pretre was PERFECT (his character, happy and often amusing actions made me light spirited). For the first time I often sat up, giggled and danced around. The ending Radazky March was PERFECT (with no visual or verbal interuptions).
    Get offline and watch it on the big screen.

  • punkygirl07

    The concert was fabulous, as it was last year. Having Julie Andrews, my favorite actress, as hostess of the performance was a bonus. I liked that she paid tribute to Walter Cronkite, the Concert’s long-time host, before the Radetzky March.
    The videos of the dancers, the museums, the Danube and the other scenery were stunning.

    I can easily see why tickets for this concert are sold-out a year ahead of time. I think I’ll give myself a New Year’s Resolution of being in the audience in some future year’s concert.

  • Paul Schueller

    New Year’s Day for me is incomplete without watching the festivities from the Musikverein. I have been doing this for 30 years and continue to look forward to it. I miss Walter Conkite, But Julie Andrews is doing a wonderful job. Having a collection of the works of Johann Strauss, Jr, I cannot not get enough of his waltzes and polkas..nor those of his two brothers.

  • WK Farmer

    How can I order this DVD?

  • Tony

    Please have a repeat broadcast. I missed part of the concert. It is a such wonderful concert.

  • live performance attendee

    Really did not want to Julie Andrews political remarks throughout the program; Julie Andrews remarks detracted from enjoying the performance, which she is quite well aware. Heard Julie Andrews for a long period wanted to be on television to make those remarks; who will be next?

  • Denis

    How can I purchase the DVD of Vienna 2010 (with Julie Andrews moderating)?

  • Lillian Levine

    Please repeat this concert, even if it is pledge. Julie Andrews is a poor replacement for Walter Cronkhite, please try Alan Alda next year.

  • madolyn marker

    How can I purchase a DVD of Vienna, New Year’s Celebration 2010?

  • Roger W. Willey

    How do order a CD of this concert?

  • karen

    I would like to order a copy of either the DVD or cd of this concert,, I want to give it as a gift ..Please advise…I enjoyed it last night on TV. just beautiful, the waltzes at the museum.

  • Helen Pietrinferno

    Please advise as to how to obtain CD and DVD. I need a number or an address acessible in NJ. Thank you.

  • Mary Cacace

    Please advise as to how to obtain CD

  • Ken Harper

    same as #50, I would like the CD

  • Ron Berger

    While I enjoyed the show on my local PBS station, (WETA Washington DC), I am disappointed that after the Vienna State Opera and Philharmonic lifted their ban on women musicians 12 years ago, so little progress has been made in removing this bias. I think this bias reflects poorly on Austria, a developed nation, in the 21st century.

  • Hans Mesch

    would like to purchase a DVD of this concert

  • Larry Olynyk

    I was very disappointed that Prairie Public TV in North Dakota never broadcast the 2010 show at all but instead decided to broadcast Ken Burn’s Series on National Parks instead

  • N.L.Foster

    I really enjoyed the visual elements of the program. The landscape, architecture, the beautiful costumes by Valentino and the CAKES!!!

  • Rick Jones

    We would also like to purchase a DVD of this concert. Can we get more info on how to order one? Our 3 year old violinist REALLY want’s to see the concert again!

  • Marykathryn

    Anyone who wants to buy the DVD of the performance with Julie Andrews hosting and all the lovely footage of ballet and pastries and the Danube :)
    Call PBS via this number 1-800-336-1917 to hear phone ordering and mail ordering instructions. It’s is $29.90 + $5.95 s+h. You can also visit this website to order online.


  • Y.Grosso

    Beauty, talent, culture and more existed in this outstanding programming. Delighted that this calabre programming exits for people of all ages to enjoy especially for our young people to view, if only on a very rare occasion!
    The musicians, dancers,etc. worked diligently to bring this beautiful evening to those who wish to enjoy. We do not all like the same programs but we have a choice and can move on if that be the case.

  • Shing Lin

    This year’s performance is superb, one of the best I have ever seen. I do think Julie Andrews did a good job overall. Two ballet performances are truly artistic & great interpretation of the music.

  • Scott

    I thought it was a very nice show. Julie Andrews was amazing as usual. I must agree with commenter 15 (Mandy). However, I do think Jane Fonda and/or Oprah would have been a great addition to the show.

  • Arnie Kuhn

    PBS and our local station are both frauds. Our local station didn’t carry GP Live from Vienna, and PBS doesn’t even offer the video on line.

    When our local station has a drive they say “O, we need your support to bring you programs like this.” Then when they don’t have a drive, they don’t carry the good musical programs that are offered by PBS, like Julie Andrews from Vienna.

    Well, they have seen my last buck, and I plan to launch a E-Mail drive against PBS an Prairie Public. I’ve had enough!!!

  • Karen Madsen

    This was a fabulous concert–so good, in fact, that I wish to order it, which will be the first time I have desired to order a PBS Special DVD. However, I cannot find a way to order it online. It doesn’t show up on your list of available DVD’s.

  • M. Strasner

    Can anyone share what was said during the visuals of the Danube such as place names for my library customer?

  • J.H.Veitch

    Fabulous, where and when can I obtain the D.V.D.?

  • Sue VonBieberstein

    We missed this performance and forgot to set our DVR. When will it be broadcast in the Dallas area again in 2010?

  • J. Couts

    Same question as #65 except I would like to know if and when it will be rebroadcast in the Fort Lauderdale area again. Thanks.

  • Jaclyn & Steve Zoccoli

    The Vienna presentation was the most amazing and beautiful we have ever seen. We actually were in tears. The chocolate, museums, ballet, scenery, and history were stupendous. The fact that Julie Andrews ushered it in was the cherry on top. Oh, did I mention, the music was beyond amazing, as was the photography. Travel agents need to buy DVDs in quantity. We WILL cruise the Danube some day. Thank you sooo much. It’s definitely a keeper for whenever we need a positive and beautiful moment. Just wish it could be previewed MORE before buying. I’ll tell all my friends!!!!!!

  • Wanda Hargrove

    Same question. How do I purchase the DVD for this performance ? (I’m obviously watching a rerun on KVCR. It’s 01/09/10.)

  • Cheryl

    Would also like to see a rebroadcast or know how I can purchase a DVD. Zip: NY 12529

  • Ginger Miles

    I have not missed this concert for years, but I rushed home on New Year’s Day only to learn that it was not available on Georgia’s Public Broadcasting station in Savannah, channel 9. I searched and searched and found it only on a high-numbered station available only to high-tech, high-income receivers. What a shame! I say ditto to #61.

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  • E. A. Hedlund

    The Vienna New Years Concert is a wonderful way to start the new year. If American’s are not fortune enough to have their local Public Broadcasting Station carry the broadcast and they wish to get the DVD, it can be obtained from shopping page. Happy New Year everyone.

  • Westa Pflege

    My brother suggested I might like this web site. He was once entirely right. This put up actually made my day. You can not believe simply how much time I had spent for this info! Thanks!

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