GP at the Met: Otello
Video: "Ave Maria"

Watch a scene from Verdi’s Otello:

Renée Fleming performs “Ave Maria” from Verdi’s Otello. “GP at the Met: Otello” airs Sunday, February 24 at 12:00pm.

  • Benjamin

    One of the great singers of our generation Brava!

  • david

    May not be the most classic voice, but no lack of american influence and passionate all the time.
    Beautiful and hardworking artistry overflows…

  • Jay H. Kim

    Many thanks.

    But February 22 is not Sunday.

  • david ernst

    Thank you Jay. We apologize for the typo. We’re correcting it now. Sunday is the 24th.

  • Joanne Bodine

    Renee is IT! I sawyer a couple of years ago and the years have treated her well. I was mesmerized JMB

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