GP at the Met: Wagner’s Ring Cycle
Video: Interview with Jay Hunter Morris

Soprano Renée Fleming interviews Jay Hunter Morris, who plays Siegfried in Robert Lepage’s new Ring cycle at the Met. Siegfried airs Thursday, September 13 at 9 p.m. on PBS. The entire Ring cycle, as well as a documentary on the making of the production, airs September 10-14 on PBS (check local listings).

  • Juliet Calabrese

    This tenor is a genius- & yet so humble. He can sing, & act, & is good looking, & in the interview he is so self-less. You’d imagine he’d be a terrible ego-manic- ordering people to get him lattes etc- but he does not give the impression at all that he’s better than mere mortals who are not opera tenors. As for Wagner & the opera, it is funny to think Wagner was having hard time making a living (most artists can relate) perhaps until King Ludwig fell in love with his music… For Wagner to write this mythological,Jungian masterpiece at all is a small miracle- but to have an American, and with the cutest southern accent- be able to interpret the Wagner concept perfectly- it is beautiful & flawless & I wish celebrities who have no obvious talent whatsoever could have a spark of this gift. Wagner & King Ludwig must look on from Valhalla approvingly, as do the Valkyries & Odin.

  • Dora Grills

    I found the performance very delightful and entirely believable for such a mere mortal. Would love to see the series live.

  • dave mangan

    I just love Jay and the electricity between him & Debbie Voight was palpable. What a kind and humble dude for a “Star is Born” selection which will make him famous for life. He’s fifty, but a young man at heart and when he said that when the curtain goes up, he could be singing in front of a band in a high school gym because the part was so absorbing, I realized that for once, a leading operatic star could be as humble and thoughtful as a man on the street. I loved Callas’s voice, but her ego was the size of the Atlantic. Jay reminds me of Placido in his simple and straightforward approach to this grueling and ultimately very rewarding part. Pacing yourself, as he said, is more important than letting yourself get carried away too soon. The more so for Brunnhilde, which Debbie played so well. Her wondrous acting and his sturdy athleticism were mutually contagious and they both played off each other’s strengths. Finally, I have a friend who worked in Paris, TX, where Jay is from and she is just amazed that he grew up there and is now an operatic superstar…!

  • Joe Parslow

    An amazing twist of fate which brought Jay to this role, but the entire production – from the behind the scenes production to the four operas – was truly mesmerizing and one of PBS’s finest presentations. Absolutely splendid.


  • night moves fans

    “Reading this post reminds me of my old room mate”

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