GP at the Met: Wagner’s Ring Cycle
Video: Jay Hunter Morris in Siegfried

Jay Hunter Morris performs an excerpt from Robert Lepage’s new production of Wagner’s Siegfried at the Met which airs Thursday, September 13 at 9 p.m. on PBS. The entire Ring cycle, as well as a documentary on the making of the production, airs September 10-14 on PBS (check local listings).

  • G. Collins

    There is no video and no sound.

  • david ernst

    Dear G,

    The video appears to be working on our end. Please click the photo above to start the video. If it doesn’t work, please provide the error message you receive and try on a different browser. It’s also important to install the latest version of flash player for your computer.

  • T

    Awesome. HD and 5.1!!!!
    I saw in theater and am so happy PBS is putting this on.


  • Marcia Love Hiett

    Brava!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m currently watching the Ring Cycle operas on PBS and I”m enthralled with the “Machine”….how visionary and the quality of the performances…what a thrill…I live in south Arkansas and I am now disabled..this chance to see Wagner’s amazing operas is like having all the chocolate I could ever eat…

  • gary Tishkoff

    Dear WVIZ,

    “The Ring” is like a book that one cannot put down. It’s great that PBS is doing it again in the new production. The trouble is that starting these operas at 9:00 on week nights is a bit late don’t you think? Even in NY they start early.

    Yours with bags under my eyes,

    Gary Tishkoff

  • Joyce Rios


    The late start of these operas is the only complaint I have about the operas. I feel for anyone, like yourself, who lives in EST; last night’s broadcast had to have ended for you around 1:00 a .m.! Maybe in the future PBS can see a way to start these broadcasts 1-2 hours EARLIER than they are now!!!!!! (And I thought that I was staying up late?!)

    Be prepared for tonight, when the production will continue for 1 1/2 hours LONGER!!

    Yours truly,

    Joyce Rios

  • David

    I agree with Gary, even here in Phoenix, it does not end until half past midnight, a little too late for me.

  • daveinboca

    Ouch, I had to watch Renee Fleming’s interviews with Jay & Debbie afterwards and it lasted here until 1:30 AM. Just wonderful & the music and staging & Jay & Debbie & the incredible bird Monja Erdmann among them all. And I hope Mime doesn’t have a heart attack at the Met singing Siegfried as he did in ‘09. Jay has the stamina and stage presence of a great tenor—-sort of a country-style Pavarotti!

  • tito perdue

    Don’t see how anyone could do Siegfried better than this fellow

  • arthur

    Wonderful production and choice of cast superb but, even at the late hour they find time to put in programme commercials.

  • Josiah

    PBS, as a student, I was unable to watch this production when you showed it. Are you ever going to post it to your website or make available in some other context? Four night is a row was too much time to take off from my school work.

  • Tyra Steinburg

    Thanks a bunch! I truly loved the article.

  • Tracy Irvin

    I caught just enough of the last episode to intrigue me. I wonder if this will be available to purchase in the future.

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