GP at the Met: Wagner’s Ring Cycle
Video: Opening Bars of the Ring

Music Director James Levine, Wagner Without Fear author William Berger and Director Robert Lepage discuss the opening bars of Wagner’s Das Rheingold. Wagner’s Dream, the Susan Froemke documentary that gives a dramatic behind-the-scenes look at the making of The Metropolitan Opera’s new Ring cycle, airs Monday, September 10. The entire Ring cycle follows, airing September 11-14 on PBS (check local listings).

  • Lisa Riley Emig


  • Allan Kaye

    Finally a truly magnificent purpose for “the vast wasteland.”

  • Katalin Pecora

    Finally, a reason to stay home. Can’t wait for tomorrow.

  • Andrew Bulgin

    This is not really a very nice preview as there is too much commentary. I am weary of “the making of” type of things; just give me the magnificent opening bars of das Rheingold with the orchestra.

    As for the set, I think it is a disaster. It looks like a bunch of giant clothespins in varying states of organization and disorder.

    The emperor definitely had no clothes when it came to the set, and in Götterdämmerung, when it came to the music as well. Too bad Maestro Levine could not have conducted that one as well.

    Just my opinions, so who cares?

  • carlshafen

    absolute genius in engineering, design, execution, versatility,….. so much so the singing is almost superfluous!!! Magnificent in every detail. i’m not a big opera fan in general but not missing a night of it! pure entertainment in every detail and facet. thanks Wagner……..

  • Helen A. Tillman

    Just wanted to say “thank you” for this wonderful historical event on PBS. From the making of The Ring to its final installment, this has been a terrific event for me as a viewer. PBS has always been the place to go for wonderful entertainment while covering so many venues i.e. drama, ballet, operas, historical series and the list goes on and on. But to see The Ring in its entirety in a week’s time is such a treat.

  • Terri Sizemore

    missed the whole Ring I guess bu today suddenly saw one of the episodes on Channel 2 got so excited
    will this be other pieces of this series offered on Channel 2 I will make a contribution

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