Gustavo Dudamel and the Los Angeles Philharmonic: The Inaugural Concert
Interview with John Adams

John Adams is one of America’s most admired and respected composers today. He’s also a conductor eagerly sought after by America’s major orchestras, a writer whose work has appeared in the New Yorker, a chamber conductor, and a Pulitzer prize and multi-Grammy-winning composer of enormous range and technical command.

Adams’ work stands out among contemporary classical compositions for their depth of expression, brilliance of sound, and the profoundly humanist nature of their themes. Because of his ability to integrate different styles, including American popular forms, his standing today has been of compared in importance to American musical expression to that of Aaron Copland in the forties and Leonard Bernstein in the fifties.

In a segment that aired on October 18, 2009 for’s weekly arts program, SundayArts, Paula Zahn interviewed John Adams, composer of the new work City Noir performed for Dudamel’s inaugural concert with the Los Angeles Philharmonic. Learn more about this composer’s work in the following video profile:

See more video profiles on the SundayArts Web site.
  • Stanley Fox

    I want to buy the CD for some young musicians but did not catch the phone number. Help! There

  • patricia williams

    I also would like to purchase the CD.

  • patricia williams

    I throughly enjoyed the performance.

  • Mike Roos

    There’s DVD available but I did not see the CD. I hope there will be one. A great work by John Adams and stunning performance.

  • Dave Porter

    What is the phone number to order the DVD??
    Outstanding concert!!!!

  • Frederick Shriver

    Please send phone number for ordering DVD.
    Your web-site did not furnish the info which was broadcast in New York City on Channel 13.

  • John Sanders

    Like many others, what is the phone number for the DVD? A most enjoyable Mahler’s #1 that will give the Solti interpretation competition and a very interesting Adams that needs to be listened to more.

  • Bernice

    The first piece Dudenel played makes me wonder how future generations are going to understand and appreciate the piece when most young people can barely appreciate the classical pieces or even jazz. Too extreme for my taste.

  • Barb Finkelstein

    Please provide order information for the CD and DVD. Thanks.

  • C. Munzer

    City Noir was absolutely wonderful. The composer, the conductor the featured soloists – all terrific. Especially loved and was in awe of the young man playing the saxophone. Unbelievable talent!!!!!!!! Wish I could have attended the performance in person.

  • Zelig Schrager

    Repetively streaming across the screen during the performance of the second movement of Mahler’s Symphony was a most annoying and distracting advertising of Channel 13’s website. This was an inappropriate and out-of-character intrusion into a serious concert, which otherwise was exceptional.

  • Amy Cohen Banker

    I loved it. But what was the last piece?
    I missed it.

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