Teachers' Guide with Video: Media for "The Final Scene" Activity

The final scene. How did the choices the actors made differ from the choices of the group? What movements were the most effective and why? What was more significant gesture or looks? You might want to watch it again with the sound off to specifically look at how the actors tell the story with their bodies and their faces.

The above clip is for use in an activity found in the Hamlet Teachers’ Guide. [download the full PDF of the guide]

  • Kathleen Kuhn

    Last episode of Hamlet or any other part would be an involving lesson for students if the technology can display on a monitor or white board in the classroom. Few seem to know how to do it with a computer display to a classroom monitor.

  • ??????

    Aren’t schools teaching students on computers, now-a-days? If yes, they should teach students how to access lessons and videos or movies on computers that are to be watched as part of lessons, I think.

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