Teachers' Guide with Video: Teachers' Guide

inline-rsclogoTo complement the film, WNET.ORG, in partnership with the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC), is offering a Teachers’ Guide for educators to utilize the PBS broadcast in classrooms around the country. This activity-based analysis of the play is supported by links to various scenes throughout the film.

Download the full PDF of the guide here.

All the media referenced in the guide is posted here on the Great Performances Web site and can be accessed through the menu above.

  • Linda Reinert

    Thank you, PBS, for deciding to make these materials available to teachers. I saw this performance on the stage, but to also see it, a year later and on film, was magnificent. Now I can’t wait to share it with my British Lit students next fall.
    I receive Globe Theatre e-mails & take students to the Chicago Shakespeare Theater, but with the money crunch, not all students can afford to go, so this is a welcome option. The RSC teacher materials are amazing & help me get students fired up while still allowing me time for the other courses I teach.

    Many thanks to RSC & PBS.

  • Linda Reinert

    I should have asked: How long will this material be available to teachers onlline?

    Thanks again,

  • david ernst

    The education materials for Hamlet will be available on our website until February/March 2017. We hope you and your class enjoy it. Remember to stay tuned for more Shakespeare on Great Performances!

  • http://www.teachereducation.co.nz Karon Stenbeck

    Thanks! I have been looking for something like this forever. I really wish that people would write more about this. Greatly appreciated

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  • ENG Teach

    I would like to share this film w/ my class and assign a project to go w/ the film. However, we are unable to view the film on this site “… due to rights restrictions in our area…” Any suggestions? Is the film not available any longer on the website? Thanks!

  • david ernst

    Dear Viewers,

    PBS is working hard on bringing the film back to the website. Once the technical glitch is discovered and taken care of it will be back up and running. Thank you for your patience.

  • http://www.newyorkvideoproduction.co.nr Video Production

    Nice, love it!

  • john

    thanks for sharing&i will back soon…
    Hi everyone, i cant believe everyones generosity over here, absolutely fab!

    I hope every thing goes well with the opening and good luck…

  • Norman Erlichman

    Is there a way to get subtitles or closed caption availability along with the production? I have difficulty following and uderstanding the dialog.

  • Nelly

    ok Thank alot

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