Harlem in Montmartre
The Story of Louis Mitchell

In conjunction with Black History Month in February, Great  Performances presents a special encore telecast of Harlem in Montmartre: A  Paris Jazz Story on Sunday, February 7th at 10 p.m. (check local  listings).

In connection the upcoming rebroadcast, Great Performances talked to Alice Sparberg Alexiou, scholar and author, to discuss the importance of Louis Mitchell. Mitchell is most famous for recording the first  jazz record (1922) in Paris, the iconic “Ain’t We Got Fun”  re-enacted in the video.

Funding for video provided by ITVS.

  • Ranee Lee

    How wonderfully entertaining,interesting and educating. We would like to see and learn more about this production. Will it ever be presented in Canada?

  • Francois Frédéric Mouflin

    It is soo exiting…. Can wait to see the movie directed by Mr Lloyd T.Williams


    Does the group of musicians with the Hot Club format (plus horns) have recordings that feature the music they played on the program ,like “How High The Moon” and other tunes? What is the name of the group?
    Hope they do!

  • Patrick Hanna

    I stumbled into this program by accident, and loved it. Unfortunately, I don’t see it listed for re-broadcast on my local station. Is the full episode available on-line? Or on DVD?
    Thanks. Patrick

  • Liz Muench

    A fabulous story-Difficult to cover it all but you did a very complete story. A joy to which listen. Wish it had gone on another hour.How can we buy the tape?

  • Senait Asfaw

    Harlem in Montmartre: A Paris Jazz Story was highly educational in the topics of migration, artistic transferance and fusion, world history, racism, business and finance, politics, and the potential of the human spirit to do what is just – in this case the struggle of African-Americans to gain equality and justice, and in the process purge the world of its prejudices.

  • Peter M. Stocks

    This is a wonderful study. When will it be availble for purchasing? One serious discredit to the presentation, though: the producers, editors, whomever, did a great injustice to everyone involved in the making of this piece by running the credits so rapidly as to render them unreadable. At the very least, all of the fine players in the in-studio band should have been clearly introduced and respectably credited. Thanks for the fine show and for allowing me to feel Montmartre in a time other than my own and understand some of its rich cultural heritage.

  • deb marshall

    Accidentally came across the program. I found it very educational and entertaining. I am looking the the name of the author of the book “The Practice of Diaspora”. I am left wondering about current day artists and entertainers. Does the struggle still continue for them in Paris? And what is the jazz scene today in Paris?

  • Richard & Kathleen Clausen

    Is a DVD available? Where can I get it.

  • Jo Dempsey

    A wonderful piece of little know history of jazz. Is it possible to obtain a dvd of this show and if so, what would the cost be. Would really like to own this historical tape at any cost!

  • polly galliker

    Ditto, where can I get the dvd?

  • lowell

    I missed the full broadcast , how can i see it again ? or can a cd be purchased ? thank you Lowell

  • Todd Gambling

    Harlem in Montmartre: The Story of Louis Mitchell

    When/where will a DVD be a available for purchase?

    Todd Gambling


  • Stephanie

    Absolutely loved this documentary. Well done!

  • Gil

    I also stumbled on the last 1/2 of the broadcast. I would love to own a dvd of this program

  • Wolf Duvernoy, M.D.

    I saw “Harlem in Monmartre” on WGTE on Febraury 15 and remember seeing it before a few months ago, possibly with less racial history and more original music videos. Is a previous production of this title still available? At any rate it was again very well done and educational.

  • Senait Asfaw

    To Deb Marshall:

    Brent Hayes Edwards is the author of “The Practice of Diaspora.”

  • Charlie

    Saw this today (late to the party) and I have to ask PBS: this excellent documentary is STILL not available on DVD???


    I’m ready to buy NOW, and can’t!

  • Gil

    Will these program be avalible for purchase in the near future?

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