Hitman: David Foster & Friends
David Foster

Photo: Karl Simone

“Dear friends,” 15 Grammy Award-winner David Foster calls them, “some of my favorite people in the world.” To you and me, however, they’re better known as Andrea Bocelli, Josh Groban and Michael Bublé. The gilded trio leads a parade of entertainers nurtured by the Canadian-born producer, honoring him in a gala concert this December on PBS (check local listings).

Recorded live in performance at Las Vegas’ Mandalay Bay Events Center, Hitman: David Foster & Friends features Foster himself presiding center stage at the keyboard. The evening is a virtual jukebox worth of songs written by and/or produced by him. Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds and brother Kevon offer “I Swear;” Brian McKnight revisits Earth, Wind and Fire’s “After the Love Has Gone;” former Chicago front man Peter Cetera gets down with “Hard to Say I’m Sorry,” “You’re the Inspiration” and “Glory of Love;” while Boz Scaggs reprises “Look What You’ve Done to Me” from Urban Cowboy.

Neatly arcing Foster’s remarkable 35-year career, other highlights range from early hits like St. Elmo’s Fire Love Theme, recalled here by Kenny G; and “Man in Motion,” performed by American Idol hottie Michael Johns, through foot stompin’ disco with Cheryl Lynn’s “Got to Be Real,” to the neo-jazz swing of Michael Bublé’s “Feeling Good.”

Also look for American Idol’s Katharine McPhee soloing on “Somewhere” then joining Italian tenor Bocelli for “The Prayer”; Bocelli’s silky “Amapola”; Bublé and Country’s Blake Shelton duetting to Bublé’s “Home,” and new Foster discovery William Joseph at the keyboard for “Asturias.” And if Josh Groban brings the house down with signatures “Bridge Over Troubled Water” (in duet with Brian McKnight) and “You Raise Me Up,” Scene Stealer Award would have to go to 16-year-old power-house Charice, from the Philippines. Best known in America for her appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show, she stuns both audience and Foster with the Whitney Houston-by-way-of-Dolly Parton hit “I Will Always Love You.”

“A star is born tonight,” a genuinely startled Foster exclaims – a man who knows whereof he speaks. Over the past 35 years, he has amassed among his 15 Grammys three for producer of the year. He has also been nominated a whopping 44 times. He has produced hits with everyone from Natalie Cole to Celine Dion, from Barbra Streisand to the Corrs, Madonna to Chicago. He has also overseen such blockbuster soundtracks as The Bodyguard, Footloose and Ghostbusters.

More recently, he has created his own label, 143 (I Love You) Records, in partnership with Warner Brothers, where he’s developing the careers of Groban, Bublé and McPhee, to name just a few lustrous protégés.

Featuring pre-recorded segments with Dion and Foster offering “Because You Loved Me” and a special appreciation from Streisand (“David, thanks for spending part of your musical life with me”), Hitman: David Foster & Friends is a co-production of Chartmaker Records, Inc., Thirteen/WNET New York and Align Entertainment Group LLC. Also available on DVD from Warner Brothers Home Video, it is directed by David Horn and co-produced by Horn and Mitch Owgang. David Foster is Executive Producer.

“I’m grateful for my musical past,” says the still-youthful Foster, 58, who began playing the piano at age 5 and enrolled in the University of Washington’s summer music program at 13. “And I have great anticipation about the musical adventures waiting to reveal themselves in the future. I’m one happy, fortunate and lucky guy.”

GREAT PERFORMANCES is funded by the Irene Diamond Fund, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, public television viewers, and PBS.

  • Bev Godleski

    Isa there a chance I might be able to see this show? My friends said it was great.

  • Patti Prado

    Mr. Foster,
    I am an only child so, since the mid to late 50’s (I was born in 1953.)music has been my best friend. I wasn’t in a home telling me I could be or do anything I wanted in life. i was to be a teacher or secretary. I wanted to be a dancer. I always had a knack for it. Or, I would be any of these: Ahmet Ertegun, Tom Dowd, David Foster, Clive Davis but, i’m a woman. I also have always had an ear for excellence even down to picking out the horn player or the bass. Now people think I’m too old–till they hear my musical tastes. I would be the gofer for someone, just to be around the music business. You are a blessed man in so many ways. Thank you for all the joy you have given and continue to give to me.
    Patti Prado
    p.s. Please keep up the good work.

  • Lynn Ferguson

    I would like to purchase the DVD of this performance.

  • Jimmy Grupposo

    Great Great show!!!

  • Pat McCarthy

    I honestly had no idea the degree of David Foster’s impact on the music I love. It was the best television I’ve seen in a long time. Thanks

  • Doug Albers

    I would like to make a donation to KCPT in order to receive the CD/DVD collection of this performance. Is this still possible?

  • Many G

    what a performances , what a night it was amazing the music,the voices and all his achievements

  • Gregory Blackman (Greg)

    David..You are indeed unique/very special…That you are..Thanks so much Greg.

  • Diane Simpson

    I caught part of this performance last night, is it scheduled for another time? It was wonderful

  • Susan Borse

    I really enjoyed this show……
    Is it still possible to get the CD/DVD?

  • David Moline

    I can’t find how to Buy a DVD of the Great Performance of “David Foster, Hit Man”


    David Moline

  • Susanna

    I too would like to make a donation to KCPT to receive the CD/DVD collection. Could you please let me know if it is still possible? My husband thought this was one of the best programs he has seen.

  • martha wicker

    hello, I would like to purchase the cd/dvd collection of this performance. Is this possible?

  • Nancy Anderson

    When will u repeat the dec. 6th , 2008 airing of David Foster?

  • lb

    came by this show by flicking through channels-it is absolutely wonderful! i’ve always loved David Foster, but its amazing to realize what ALL he has really done for our music industry! What a GOD given talent! Love This Show!!

  • Catherine

    As others have asked, is the Hitman available for purchase at this time, and if so how? Thank you.

  • AnnaMarie Milana

    I would like to purchase the CD/DVD package. I was absolutely devastated when I went to Las Vegas and was unable to see him at The Mandalay Bay, because we had previously purchased “Jersey Boys” tickets for the same night.

  • Michael Cirovic

    That was a great show!!!
    Fantastic you want to share these commenys but not the answer!!! So how does one purchase the Dvd???

  • Sandy Wright

    I am interested in purchasing the CD/DVD Collection of this performance.

  • Kirk Glaicar

    This was a supurb performance. I was unable to follow-up during it due to health issues but wish to purchase the DVD/CD package at the $90 range please. I cannot see how to do it yet.
    Thanks for taking the time to answer this request and have a great festive season.

  • Dana Kiehl

    For anyone who wants to buy the CD/DVD without having to make a donation or wants to buy it outside of PBS, you can buy it at Amazon.com for $19.99. You can also get it from Best Buy for $24.99 and probably other retailers as well.
    The DVD on the set contains about another 40 minutes or so that the PBS show doesn’t have (including another song from Bocelli, Groban, Blake Shelton, etc).

  • Ann Hoard

    Do you know which dates this show will be aired again – it was the best thing that’s been on TV in years!!!

  • Farideh Hosseiny

    I simply loved this epidsode. It filled my heart with joy and at times it was sacrate. I l like to buy it.

  • Heather Lukk

    Loved the performance, where can I buy the DVD/CD. It was trulely amazing. Thank you.

  • Bob Birch

    When will the Hit Man special be shown again? It was the best I have ever seen.


  • “Walt” Crozier

    As per #19 I would be interested in purchasing a CD/DVD of this Performance

  • Shelly Miller

    Will you be playing this again in the detroit area? how can i get the dvd?

  • Eleanor H. Monnett

    It was one of the most spectacular concerts I have ever seen. I am very ibterested in purchasing the CD and DVD. Thankyou

  • Rose Pallones

    What a great showwwww! Bless you David Foster for supporting those unrecognized talents and put them in the high pedestal. More kudos to you!

  • Diane Mitchell

    I too am interested in buying the CD/DVD. Thank you for a wonderful show.

  • phet balageo

    i watched the CD/DVD hitman album many times since i bought it. i was though a little bit disappointed because charice’s 2nd song was not included. i hope you include it in the PBS airing. more power mr. david foster…..

  • kevin marcus

    you can find the dvd in the “shop” section of this web site.

  • Jill T. Havey

    How can I purchase the CD/DVD of Great Performances/Hitman: David Foster & Friends? Please advise. Thanks, Jill

  • Belen

    Best show I’ve ever seen.

  • Ed Barley

    Excellent performance. Had no idea how many artists he has been involved with over the years. PBS….this is a great, keep it up.

  • grace

    charice was very fantastic in that show. Great show.

  • June Kefover

    Whencan I see this show on my local pbs channel?

  • Darlene Sorel

    For those of you wanting to purchase the Hitman: David Foster CD/DVD, go to shoppbs.org and just click on the link in the product line-up! Glad I could help!!

  • sheri kaufman

    FANTASTIC! THE TALENT IS SO AMAZING!look forward to watching again…………..thank you!

  • Joan Muhr

    I was only able to see part of the show which was GREAT! Please tell me it will be shown another time.

  • linda smith

    Please show it again! It was amazing.
    Now telling all my friends and would like
    to know if you are going to be airing it again?

  • Paul

    I’m upset with myself for missing a great portion of the David Foster’s Hitman performance..will you show it again soon? What I saw was fantastic!



  • Kathy Torre

    Can you tell me when you will be airing this show again?

  • Jim & Judy Marcum

    Marvelous – wonderful New Years Eve entertainment.
    When will you show it again – or will the DVD be available?

  • Jill Schaber

    WOW!!! What a concert! Looking at these dates on your postings, it looks like you played it through December and I missed seeing a second (and a third) viewing. I was really hoping for a replay, or a DVD to purchase. Any chance of either? By far, one of the top shows you’ve ever shown, and you have shown many, many excellent shows. But this one was awesome! Thanks for a wonderful New Year’s Eve celebration PBS!

  • Russell Bishop

    Wow.. I loved this show. Where can i buy this dvd ? Great music for anyone and everyone to love

  • Christine Murphy

    I saw only the last hour … this performance was absolutely beautiful. It made my night! Thank you so much.

  • Maryann

    I would like to make a donation to WTTW pbt in order to receive the CD/DVD collection of this performance. Is this still possible?

  • Clara Germosen

    I watched this show about 4 times it was great. I will love to see it again!!!

  • Cheryl

    I watched this program every chance I had during the fund drive and again on New Years Eve. What a wonderful way to bring in the new year.Can’t wait to buy it.

  • Linda Stewart

    I also miss the performance, will it show again, if so when.

  • Linda Stewart

    I also missed the performance, will it air again, if so when

  • Mary Morneau

    Can you tell me when you will be airing this show again? I too would really like yo see it.

  • Réjean Cournoyer

    Can you tell me when you will be airing this show again? and
    I would like to purchase the DVD of this performance

  • Ethel Condron

    Today is January 3, 2009. I was wondering if there will be a rebroadcast of Hitman: David Foster anytime soon.

  • Carol Ivy

    I would like to buy this DVD. Please let me know where I can purchase it! The show was fantastic!

  • Char A

    I caught a late-night showing of this special on KOCE the other night. I loved it so much I started doing some searching on the internet for the cd/dvd. For anyone interested, I found it at Target (of all places!). It’s supposed to be in stores this week… Here’s a link with the product details if you need them:


  • bob gast

    Is it possible to get a DVD? How?
    Will the show be rebroadcast? I live in KC, MO
    Bob Gast

  • Lorenzo Allen

    The Best Kept Secret David Foster Hitman WOW Amazing!!! Brian Mcknight and his awesome falsetto along with country music artist and a opera singer. So many genres of music so little time I loved the show I wish it were longer. God Bless The HITMAN!!!

  • Jennifer Grasso

    Can you please let me know when this show will air again? Thank you!

  • Debi M

    I missed the show and would love to see it. Could you tell me when it will air again, or if I can buy the DVD.

  • Serge

    David you are great a memorial alive! You have a long life your songs never die. And GOOD LUCK TO CHARICE STAND in your feet.

  • Robert M. Nelson

    I only got caught part of the show. When will it be aired again?

  • Kathy

    Would like to know when the next time this show will be on—-next timessssssssssssss

  • John Vincent

    Like evryone else I too would like to know how to purchase the dvd!I dont see anywhere here where it says! Is it possible??

  • James Wilson

    I am so happy that I dvr’d this performance; however, I want to buy this and hold on to this as a treasure forever! Please PBS release this on DVD or CD…this show was/is FANTASTIC! Don’t let it slip away..Not only did it showcase David’s legacy in the pop/dance/country world..but it also brought him into this world of pop/dance/country…the duet of Anrea Bocelli and Kahterine McPhee…BRILLIANT!…tears..who didn’t have them?…..The entire show must be shared with the rest of the world…the light shines!

  • Dana Kiehl

    For those folks who want to buy it, as others have said, you can get the DVD/CD from the PBS store online, Amazon, or check other online retailers. Glad you guys enjoyed the show.

  • nor

    you can get it by joining kcet.org. I can’t find it on this site.

  • lm

    you can buy it at http://www.pbs.org

  • Vicky Klauser

    Please tell me when this show will air in the Fort Myers, Florida, area. This was one of the best performances I’ve seen and would love to tell my sister, who lives in Fort Myers, about it.
    Thank you.

  • nanet castillo

    FANTASTIC!Will it show again?when?


    I love the show, and I really enjoyed it. I would love to see the actual concert, that’s why I purchased 4 concert tickets with my relatives this coming May. I think David Foster is a very talented and wonderful individual. More power to you, and God Bless

  • paula

    will this be shown again? if so when? i saw it at christmas time at my mom’s in RI. it is on all the time there. it was great!!

  • Sandra Felski

    Only caught the last hour of the show last night. when will it be on again?

  • Evelyn

    The show was soul stirring and I was in awe watching it. It brought me to tears at times during some of the performances. I’ve watched it at least 3 times already. Thank you for sharing this with me.

    During the interview it was mentioned that David Foster seeks out new talent. For this reason, I would like to get in touch with him via email or regular mail in order to share information with him about my niece Cheryl. She has a voice range that had to be God given because she has had no formal training. If I was to place her in a line of extraordinary talented individuals, the line would consist of Whitney Houston, Patti Label, Yolanda Adams, and Faith Hill to name just a few.

    As stated in the paragraph above, I am looking to get information on how to present new talent to Mr. Foster? If you have any contact information, please let me know. Thank you. –evelyn

  • Luann Steiniger

    On what future dates will Hitman David Foster be shown on pbs channel 6?

  • jacqueline miller

    Fantastic performance. I would like to purchase the DVD or CD.
    When will this air again.

  • Marj Kerstetter

    I regretted that I only saw half of the show. It was fabulous, to say the least. I would love to see it again this time from beginning to end!

  • Theresa

    Will this air again? How do I purchase the DVD? It does not come up by “search”.

  • Marie De Paolo

    Will this be repeated in the near future?

  • Samantha

    If you want to support PBS, you can buy the CD/DVD at –


    If not, you can buy it from any online seller of CD/DVDs. It was released to the general public on November 11.

  • Chris Richards

    Charice’s performance and Andrea Bocelli’s performance of “The Prayer” left me speechless! I will own this DVD.!!! This was a great experience just watching the show. So much brought me back to days of my youth. It gave me chills!!!

  • Jessica

    When will it air again?

  • Larry

    The December performance was spectacular. I called in my pledge for $75.00, received a thank you from UofM, and my visa charge cleared the bank a couple weeks later. However, just 2 months later, I have yet to receive the DVD. Any chance of getting it soon?
    Thank you,

  • Stephanie

    When will this be aired again? Where are the asnwers to the above questions? Thank you…

  • Karen Olszewski

    where can i purchase this performance?

  • Donna

    The show was fabulous! Please, please – air it again. I only saw half of the program. Not sure what I can donate for an encore performance. Trust me, to see the entire show would make me guilty in not giving something to PBS! I may even ante up for the entire kaboodle! Please, just air it again and let those of us so linked to Mr. Foster and friends make up their own minds. Just provide another opportunity to see this wonderful program!

  • Kevin Biegel

    The performance was fantastic….. I ordered a DVD and still haven’t received it. Anybody know how to track my purchase?

  • Laura Bahr

    Will this air again on the MN channels? Which ones and when? Wish your website was more user friendly in this respect. thx

  • Audrey Soejima

    I also would like to purchase the DVD/CD. How do we do this?

  • Fred Nelson

    My wifw saw it and loved it– i was not at home when will it be on again and is there a dvd or cd of it. Thanks

  • Linda P

    A wonderfun show…and Charice absolutely blew me away! I just saw it tonight (Feb.21/09) for the first time. I’d love for my family & friends to see it. Can it be watched online anywhere? Is it going to be aired again? Is it the show that’s on DVD?

  • Cindy G

    I saw the show last nite (2/22)& loved it. How do I buy just the CD & how much?

  • Cheri Darling

    Please air the show again. I purchased the DVD (because I’m a David Foster fan), but I heard that it is missing some of what was shown on the PBS special and I want to see it all (it is AWESOME!!!!)

  • Jack Phillips

    How do I purchase DVD and will show be on again

  • Eunice Lee

    I loved the show and I thought I could buy from online. How do I buy this performance? Thanks

  • carmen early

    I am a fan of Mr. Foster’s. The very first time I heard his name mentioned was from Josh Groban, during one of his very first concerts. A friend made me a copy of it, on CD since I can not attend concerts, due to many responsibilities. However I think Mr. Foster is a very talented artist, and therefore discovers only the best like himself. Please, when will it broadcast on tv ?

  • Gerti Tran

    How can I purchase the DVD and how to get it asap.
    It was the best show ever on TV. Absolutely phenomenal. Love it!!

  • Kanchan

    Dear, Mr. Foster,

    I want you to listen to my music at my website: http://www.kanchanmusic.com

    I have been a great admirer of you for as long as I have known about you. I am blessed with a melodios voice and have a great stage presence. My dream is to sing your soul stirring compositions. I can assure you that once you hear me on my website you will see I have excellent voice range and talent. I would appreciate if you would let me know how to reach you. Waiting eagerly for your reply.

    With regards,


  • David Parry

    Great show that fits or surpasses other great perfomances ie: Helmut Lieb, The Three Tenors, and Andre Rieu. That is what PBS is all about.


    David Foster & Friends. What an excellent musical
    show of Hitman. I’m in California now,but will be ordering the cd & dvd when I get back home from traveling. Thanks for puting on such great shows.

  • Diane Silva

    AWESOME show!!! David Foster is THE best! To have his talent, share his talen and find other talent to work with and share with the rest of us is truly a unique gift. We watched this show tonight as a family; our 5 year old daughter recognized some of the songs and performers from her favorite movies! Her favorite performer is Michael Buble and can sing all his songs! THANK YOU David Foster and KPBS!!! We became members today!

  • jackie gentile

    What a show! I was watching American Idol and inadvertently switched to PBS – quess who didn”t watch the “Idol”. When will it re-air – I want my daughter to see it?

  • Darla

    I have seen this show a couple of times, absolutely love it. Will it be on again and is this on DVD in retail stores?

  • Linda H

    Great tunes..Great voices..Awesome David !! Awesome show. Just odered the DVD..will be enjoying the program and songs…

  • Glenna M

    Great, Great performance. I just saw if last night(3/4/09) I was about to change the TV channel to American Idol and I came across this show and I watched it to the end.I was in awe watching it. Will definitely buy the DVD and CD.

  • Donna S.

    I saw this for the first time on UNCTV this week. I only saw part of it and was totally mesmerized by all of the perfomances that I did see. I want to see the entire program and hope you will air it again.

  • Arlene Vivinetto

    The show was absolutly the best two hours of a wonderful talent I’ve told my friends and family not to miss it ……..The best, all the great performances ……..not to be missed !

  • sunny

    best 2 hours, worth it

    support your local station, Now I’m watching famous TV songs, really great too
    KCSM San Mateo 3/6/09 2pm cable 17 for SF

  • Pattie

    I was a fan, but did not know it of David Foster until tonight when I watched Great Performances on PBS. Thank you for so many great songs that I have come to cherish!

  • edgardo bautista

    I just ordered the cd/dvd of David Foster & friends tonight 3/8/09.I hope to have them soon,I can’t wait seeing it again in its entirety.Fully recommended & worth watching.

  • David Vogel

    Mr. Foster…what a delightful evening you brought to a rather uneventful weekend for television! I would love for you and KERA to possibly consider some local talent that are capable of making it on the national scene. There is a phenominal singer at North Texas named Shilah Phillips that needs some help making it. You will be astonished when you hear her sing. I think this would be a great meeting of talent if you could get together. She is a music major at NTSU. How about it? What a positive position for KERA locally and you as well!

  • Marie Santos

    “Hitman” was the best show I’ve seen on TV in many years. Good music is just what people need in these trying times. The show was filled with incredible music and wonderful talent. Thank you for a great two hours. I wish David Foster much continued success in the years to come. He makes a lot of people very happy.

  • Patricia Peguero

    I Loved the show, I would like to know if Josh Groban is coming for the Nov 1st 2009 David Foster show.

  • Rico

    I’d like to get a copy of David Foster’s CD/DVD for $90.00. My wife just stumbled on the show while surfing channels and from then on we were hooked on watching one of the best shows we’ve ever seen. These kind of show is a gemstone, one that gives you warm feelings of love, hope, friendship, peace and celebration of humanity. Pls. email asap. Thanks.

  • Blanca

    David Foster’s performance on sunday march 8th, 2009 was the best.Would like to know the price of his cd. Could Yo send me a response on my e-mail. If the cd is $35.00 I will more than happy to buy it. Thank You, flipping channels that night I was ready to turn the tv off when found this amazing and wonderful show. Thanks again IPTV.

  • Lia H

    WOW! I came upon this show while channel surfing. What an uplifting experience. I would like to see the entire performance. Will this be airing again? How do I go about purchasing the DVD/CD? David’s music is amazing! Again this music was so uplifting and really raised my spirits. Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift with the world.

  • Lia H

    WOW! I came upon this show while channel surfing. What an uplifting experience. I would like to see the entire performance. Will this be airing again? How do I go about purchasing the DVD/CD? David’s music is amazing! Again this music was so uplifting and really raised my spirits. Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift with the world. WOW!

  • dixiehound

    Boz … a legend! Amen, brother :)

  • Kathy

    WOW! This show stopped me dead in my tracks. I have a new appreciation for Katharine McPhee! She was incredible! They ALL were! Magnificent! Music that touches your soul! I WOULD love to buy the CD/DVD….where can I find it?

  • Andrea Brown

    My husband isn’t a music lover and he is the one that found the show and I couldn’t tear him away. We are both moved by Davids music and the artists that perform it. I would love to have a copy of his book. Please respond to my email so I will know how to purchase it. Excellent entertainment.



  • Raymond A. Williams

    When will the Hitman: David Foster & Friends performance be re-broadcast in 2009?

  • Barb Bremer

    Amazing concert! I didn’t even know who you were but what an influence you have had. I was gluded to the tv even though I usually go to bed by 10:00. What great artists. Thanks for the pleasure.

  • Vicki

    Incredible Show!! I just turned it on and was instantly hooked! I never knew what an amazing, talented, and charming man David Foster is. I’d really be intersted in buying the DVD/CD of this show. Thanks to David for all wonderful people he has brought together and work he has done.

  • Phyllis blazier

    We are watching this now – wow – wow -wow! This is the best of what TV has to offer. Enough can’t be said about it – just wonderful! To have the wonderful David Foster with the likes of Celine, Andrea Boucelli, Kenny G., Michael Bouble, Katherine McPhee, and Josh Groban – well – words can’t describe.

  • Phyllis Blazier

    We are watching this now – this is the best TV has to offer, ever. Wow! To experience the amazing David Foster with the likes of Celine, Kenny G, Andrea Boucelli, Katherine McPhee, Josh Groban, well, there aren’t words to describe it. I will never forget this show.

  • Sandy Hansen

    I was so moved by the incredible talent of David Foster. I had chills up my spine, these artists have made an incredible impact in the music world. I hope everyone will view this episode at some point, it is one not to be missed.

  • deanna

    What a show. SOme of my favorite people were on
    and David Foster is unbelievable. I did not know
    of his great talets. I taped the show and played
    it several times. One of the greates shows I have
    seen in years. Going to buy David’s book. It is
    worth seeing over and over. Greeeeaaaat Music.

  • Belinda Wiginton


  • Alice Rayon

    This was one of the best performances I have seen in a long time. Fantastic! What talent! I am going to buy the CD tomorrow. Can’t wait to play it.

  • Terri Roseborough

    I absolutely loved each and every performance. Even though I missed the first 45 minutes I can only imagine that it was just as phenominal as the part I did see. I can’t wait to acquire my own copy of the CD and DVD so I can watch it again and again and share it with my friends and family.

  • Margarita

    I came to USA 8 years ago, and I didn’t know about David Foster until I saw his amazing and unforgettable show in the TV. Thank you David Foster for sharing your precious gift with all of us and thanks to Public Television that made possible that millions of people enjoy with this amazing concert.

  • Mhorys Pickmans

    just amazing

  • cyrille hyppolite

    hello there my name is cyrille i’m 14 but i want to enjoy ur help because i need more support.
    thank you

  • richard hudson

    The best concert I’ve seen on TV to date. When will it be on again?

  • Thelma Cooke

    This concert was amazing,The best ever in my lifetime.Thank you David Foster for sharing your love of music and friends with us.When will it be on again?

  • Donald Jouandot

    Will this be playing on PBS again?

  • Tiffany Jenks

    I want the DVD and CD!!! How do I get it?

  • Vicki Mingus

    This is an amazing concert. Absolutely wonderful. I have seen the end of it several times, but the beginning only once. When will it be aired again?

  • Katherine Harms

    This is the PBS program I was telling you about.

  • Trisha

    where can i buy the concert tickets to the show in mia?

  • Koya Hats

    Tsaris Fimfinku…you blew me awey!

  • diana ramirez

    I’m only 14 years old and i’m a big fan of this man “David Foster”.I love his music and when it comes down to him writting one of Celine Dion’s music its awesome.I love this man and his music,i’ve seen his show on the T.V and i have to say its wonderful.I would like to make a donation and receive his Cd and Dvd but at this moment i don’t have money.I want to let David Foster know that he’s the best and that I love him!!

  • Charlie

    Purchased DVD/CD/Book; all fantastic. David Foster & Friends scheduled to appear at the Hard Rock Hotel in Hollywood, FL in 11/08 but I can’t seem to find out who will be appearing. Would like to purchase tickets if anyone knows.

  • matthew lim

    The first time I heard of Charice on the DVD was like who is she? But I was completely blown away by her performance. What a incredible voice. Its not easy to sing ‘live’ on these type of song but it look so easy on her. I was in for more surprises after checking her on You tube. The next big thing.

  • Anna Capoziello

    I’ve heard that this was a fantastic show from many people. Will it be rebroadcast?

  • Katie

    I loved this :D……will it air again any time soon?

  • Deb

    Is it still possible to purchase the cd/dvd? I understand that the one purchased through PBS has all 4 hours of the concert on the dvd. Are all the music numbers on the cds? Thanks!



  • Betty

    I was unable to find a television schedule for this performance on your website. Will you rebroadcast in May, and if so, what date/time? Thank you ~

  • Jerry

    Awesome tribute concert to a great Producer/Songwriter. The best get-together of current pop-artist’s in recent memory.

  • Charlie

    Like many others, when will this be shown again. I am in Oklahoma.

  • Leslie

    Saturday night, 5-16-09, stunning showing of David Foster, Hitman and Friends, on WYES out of New Orleans! We were so awed, we immediately ordered the package (CD, DVD, Book). Can hardly wait for it to arrive — eager to watch it again (though the pbs website states it’s on backorder at this time, I wish they’d have been better prepared, knowing they were showing the performance again)!! “Great Performance” is an understatement!!! Fantastic!

  • Stella Josephine, Indonesia

    I have repeated watching and enjoying this DVD many many times. What a wonderful work! Sir David, your music is always inspired me and singing in my head in all the seasons of my life.

  • Fe

    Great show. I liked it very much it was really an amazing show. I would like to get a cd/dvd, where can i get it?

  • felicity


  • Barb

    We just viewed this show on PBS and I have no words to say how much enjoyment this brought to us. We are hoping to get down to the Hard Rock in Hollywood on November 1st to see you in person. What great joy you have brought to our lives and those of our children and now our grandchildren!!!

  • Melissa Martinez

    WHAT A SHOW!!!!! I bought tickets for the show in South Florida. So excited.

  • Eric K. Keawe

    No words can express the impression David Foster has placed on the music industry through out the world. I’m ordering the quadruple set.

  • Missy

    Can I still order the CD from this show which played last night 6/3/09?

  • Barbara Tolbert

    What was the name of the song that McPhee sang as a duet?

  • Linda

    Barbara, I think you are referring to The Prayer. She sang it with Andrea Bocelli (Sorry if spelling is wrong.) I’ve seen the show several times, and never get tired of watching it. Does anyone know when it will be on again?

  • Beth Bloom

    When will this show air again in Louisville, KY?

  • Jude

    I have watched this show several times. I would like to purchase the DVD, CD, and Book. I came to the website hoping to get access, but I could only send this comment. I have recommended it to several friends. It is ageless and all types of people can enjoy. Fantastic show!

  • Miguel

    Great show A++++….I recorded in my tivo and deleted by accident, hope they can re-run again ?

  • Jake

    KQED 9HD
    Sun, Jun 21, 2009 — 2:00 pm

  • Hutch Perales

    It has been over a year now since the first David Foster and friends was held and I’m still moved with the songs playing in my head, the artists, the arrangement, stage set up and the strong presence of the music genius Sir David Foster. I remember how special that event was as it debuted the talented Charice to her first huge concert crowd experience. She shined so brightly that evening, I could only wish I was there. You wouldn’t want to miss a single performance of that event and if it were a roasted chicken it was good to the bones. To my amazement, I bought a DVD+VCD copy of the show and I swear it has become one of my few priced possesions in my lifetime.


  • Cathy

    I love watching david foster andfrieds, will he be pbs anytime in th nearfuture? Thanks, Cathy Gibbs

  • Christine Turpin

    Dera Mr. Foster I have watched your show and fallen in love with it. Music is my passion and that is all I ever want to do is sing. My dreams are to become a Professional. Can you help me? I don’t know where to start? What to do? or where? to go . You have been an inspiration and I really hope you can help. Thank you very much.

  • Ann

    WOW! David Foster you are the best!! Loved the show and fortunately we’ve had it broadcast on PBS in Chicago twice recently. Just made me feel good!!

  • Helene Grill

    I am also turning 60 on Dec. 21st..I would like to come to the Hard Rock Live in Hollywood in November to see your show…can you please tell me who will be there and when I can order tickets.
    Absolutely was mesmorized by the show…Helene

  • Nancy

    I would like to purchase the DVD for this show.
    Do you have one for sale?

  • Christine

    I, too, have been waiting for the tickets to the Hard Rock Hollywood to go on sale- constantly check their website, David’s website, and Ticketmaster but nothing is showing yet. I am determined to go as this was the most amazing show I have seen in some time. Thanks for the great work and for bringing it to us.

  • Corrmarie Gamboa

    Truly Spectacular !!! I enjoyed watching the show very much … thanks PBS!

  • Linda Lee

    Can I rejoin KERA online by credit card and choose Great Performances: “Hitman: David Foster and Friends” dvd/cd and Book for $175?
    Fantastic program!! Thank you.

  • Debby Larsen

    Need to rejoin KVIE and chose Great Performances: HitMan David Foster and Friends, dvd/cd, please?

  • Sharon M

    Please show this again and again. Can’t get enough of it. True genuis. Amazing music and performances. E N C O R E !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sonia Hamilton

    I will be turning 50 in Nov. and would love to see your great concert. My family has seen your show on PBS several times and have beening trying desperately to purchase tickets to Hard Rock and no luck. Please make my sisters and I wish come true. Thank you.

  • TLobrio

    I would like to purchase the cd/dvd and the tickets for the Nov 1 concert at the Hard Rock.Please help.

  • Elia

    My husband and I were also blown away by this concert! Even though it aired late at night, we stayed up, sang along, danced along and just reminisced about the good ole 80s. I eagerly went online and purchased the $90 CD/DVD. That was 6 weeks ago! Can someone tell me where I need to go to track my purchase?

  • Harry Hamilton

    Received my CDs but as of yet NO word on the 4 tickets ($360 each) paid for the Nov 1st concert. PLEASE! What’s going on?

  • Jose

    I loved the concert! Wow! I wanted to get it on your website but there is no way to get it online. Why is this?

  • Cheryl Smith

    I have watched this concert over and over! It bridged the generation gap between me and my 28 year old son. He loved it too.

  • Mark Bertaut

    I saw the show on PBS & loved it. I bought the DVD/tickets for the Hard Rock in Hollywood on 1 Nov. Have yet to receive the DVD & am told the tickets won’t issue until a couple of weeks before. Does anyone know the line-up yet??? I’m getting anxious…

  • Eather Henry

    I have been listening to his music for years and I had no idea who he was. He is an amazing talent.

  • Lisa Esposito

    I watched thison PBS last night-what memories of my childhood it bought back. David foster is such an amazing talent. I watched it w/my 2 older children and told them how i grew up with those song’s. the song “The Prayer” is the most beautiful song I have ever heard. I cannot wait to buy the cd.

  • Evangelina Santos

    My donation is worthwhile, Great performances. I was impress with the young lady from the Philippines and other artists. It brings back great and real music of our times, great memories lingers again. Thanks David. Can’t wait for another episode or concert nearby.



  • mary gugino

    no words to describe fantastic how can I purchase cd and where and cost????

  • Ken Tom

    When will David Foster’s Hit man air again? Thankyou, Ken

  • Btaxey

    PLEASE let me know, when will David Foster’s Hitman air again? Please email me an answer.

  • Tracy

    This was an awesome show. Please air this over and over again. I would like to attend this showing in NYC in October. How can I get tkts? This was phenomenal and I’m glad I caught it!

  • Jean McQuillan

    Dear Thirteen/WNET. Please tell me when Great Performances (David Foster and Friends) will be on Thirteen/WNET again.
    Let me know as soon as you can find the date. I am still looking for the schedule that includes this show (David Foster and Friends).

    Thank you
    Jean McQuillan jenmacfam@austin.rr.com

  • Gary Loman

    I saw for the first time David Foster’s 2008 presentation aired in Tampa last evening on Tampa’s PBS station WUSF. They are offering a package DVD/CD and two concert tickets, including meet/greet with photo opportunity at the St. Pete Times Forum in Tampa on Oct 30th for $350.00 I am going to call WUSF at 800-515-9810 to purchase the package and see him in concert. It is going to be my B-day present… can’t wait!

  • gay ann

    when can we buy the concert on oct here in Wamu madison square garden in ney york?how much?tnx…

  • gay ann

    when can we buy the concert tickets for Oct show here in new york?how much ?

  • Christy Bradley

    Please send me information on the “David Foster and Friends” CD and October concert. Thank you.

  • Gloria Garcia

    How can I donate/purchase tickets for the Hollywood performance. Thank you.

  • Blanca

    I would like to purchase tickets for the Hollywood performance. How can I find out who will be performing that night?

  • Grisell Garcia

    I purchased through PBS tickets for upcoming concernt at the Hard Rock months ago along with DVD’s….havent received anything when will these go out, or if its cancelled when will we know and get a refund???? please advise $360.00

  • Diane Shaheen

    How can I purchase a DVD of David Foister and Friends Conjcert? It was the greatest concert ever!

  • Shanessa Johnson

    I would like to be able to purchase a copy of this performance…I am a big fan..How might I get a copy of this?

  • Jeannie Holbrook

    I purchased 2 tickets for The David Foster and Friends concert at the Hard Rock for Nov 1, 2009, months ago.
    I received my DVD, but have not received a confirmation or anything about my tickets. How do I know they will be at Box Office when I arrive there?
    Will something be sent to me and what kind of seats did I get for $360.00

  • Mr. Cellophane

    Wow! What an amazing career! What a lucky guy! After 35 years of such powerful and lucrative influence on the music scene, I guess its OK to produce a massive tribute to yourself. But, really now, to actually HOST a tribute to yourself on public television? What narcissism! I wonder if even Brando or Chaplin would have done that.

  • Susan Hoffman

    Dear Mr. David Foster,
    My husband and I are looking forward to seeing you in Tampa, FL on my birthday, which is October 30th, the night of your performance. We have you DVD and CD and the tickets. We just got the actual tickets today, in the mail. We are absolutely floored and ever so blessed to see you in person. Please sing happy birthday to me ( would be very memorable) We love you lots, and your friends too.

  • Frank and Susan

    Hi there!
    My wife and I are looking forward to seeing you and your friends in concert, at the St. Pete Times. That particular date is my wife’s birthday, she would love to hear you say happy birthday to her. We are staying right next door, that particular night. See you soon, and your friends too. We really feel excited about attending your concert, through WEDU Public Television. You are terrificly spectacular.

  • Jaclyn

    Id like to know how to purchase the DVD of this,and the cost..thx!

  • susan

    Id like to know how to purchase the dvd/cd of this event

  • Melissa Martinez

    After months of waiting for my DVD and Tickets…they’re finally here. My fiance and I are excited. I’m not super pleased about the seating, but I’m excited. Can’t wait to know who else will be there. I hope my expectations are lived up to. You all enjoy!

  • Bill O’Keefe

    I purchased the $365 package. Did this include both the CD and the DVD?

  • Corrie G

    I am so looking forward to tonight’s concert in San Jose,CA. Bought the DVD and CD …. hope to see most, if not all, of the same artists/musicians I saw on the DVD … then it would be a wish come true specially to see and hear Andrea Bocelli …. cross my fingers!

  • LYNN


  • Mary Ann

    I would love to purchase a DVD of Great Performance of “David Foster, Hit Man”. It is just the Best! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

  • Larry Calemine

    While channel changing on my TV, I stumbled on the show. Marvelous! How can I buy a DVD of Hitman: David Foster & Friends? Please let me know. Any help will be appreciated.

  • Corrie G

    Concert Feedback : I was disappointed with the line-up of “friends” at the San Jose, CA concert …. had I known I would not have bothered to drive 2 hours one way and take the day-off from work. But I was happy and content seeing it on DVD that I bought before the concert. I was hoping to see at least 1 or 2 out of my 6 favorite singers but that didn’t happen. Beware of a concert of “friends” … make sure you get their names before buying the tickets to avoid wasting time and money.

  • Tracy

    Just enjoyed the concert and wanted to purchase the DVD/CD combo but got no answer. Realizing that it is aged, you would think that there would be another means of ordering.

  • Stephanie Mc

    David Foster and friends is absolutely wonderful. I too am interested in purchasing the dvd/cd set. To see all of the artists on one show was truly a treat. This is music is classic and timeless!!!

  • The Hank

    While watching this with my wife I thought it was an infomercial about someone scamming to sell their product. I was stunned to see this was being shilled as a “public broadcasting” special. By the end I was waiting for Jesus to come out and credit his success as Savior to David Foster. I can only say they should include this in a dictionary as an example of narcissism. And of course you can buy the CD/DVD and Book for $29.95 from Ronco. Or 3 monthly payments of $9.99.

  • David Foster Fan

    For anyone interested in purchasing the David Foster Hitman concert you can buy it from the PBS shop at the top of the page.

  • sharon stanaway


  • Steve (WebScribes)

    What an unbelievable show – tons of great talent, TONS!

    How could a 4′11″ 94lb. girl, who just had her 16th birthday less than 2 weeks before be noticed among so many big stars and several mega-stars? Easy, when Charice hurled her 1st note into the vast concert hall, Charice captured the hearts of the audience that night and became the highlight of this show of shows!

    I hope you will re-broadcast this great show in full.

  • Anna

    Please let me know when “Great Performances: Hitman: David Foster and Friends” will be airing again. Please email me an answer.

  • Ron Parel

    This is the best musical special i’ve seen in a long while. I knew of David Foster when I used to see his name on liner notes on jazz albums in the 80s.

    I wish a DVD or Blu-ray Special Edition would be made which includes the whole concert. I’ve seen video clips on Youtube which is not on the DVD like the part with Whitney Houston and Charice where she sang “And I’m telling you, you’re gonna love me”, etc.

    Thank you so much for the fantastic music !

  • jun

    Mr. Foster,

    Thanks for the music youve given me…way back childhood up to present, youre music is tells different stories of our
    lives. My personal favorite is “Love lokk what youve done to me” by Boz Scags…..but my God!…came across to that 16 year old prodigy of yours CHARICE…shakes my spine!…so addicted to that POWERFUL voice…tickles my stomach every time you her her belt thos high notes….She like a Machine!…Ive bought 1 copy of youre album but maybe in the future you could make special edition of your prodigy sing”And I am not telling you”…..


    watched this fantastic show and was amazed on the accomplishments david has made and is making with his life……….what a wonderful person.

  • Mojilene MB

    WOW! CHARICE was so amazing!!!!!!!!!!! When she sang “And I Am Telling You”, she ultimately nailed that song and sang each note so perfectly and with so much life and conviction at such young age. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ton

    amazing dvd

  • Norman Ruddock

    Thank you PBS for Hitman Program honoring David Foster & Friends. In my lifetime of 78 years, this is the finest program that I have had the privelege to see on TV or watch in person. I highly recommend watching the program, especially those of you who are musically inclined and those of you who enjoy a wonderful musical experience. Buying the CD, DVD and his book is also highly recommended. It is a treasure to play and play again and share with your friends.

  • Steve

    When is Andrea Bocelli going to appear on Great Performances in Vegas?

  • Dorothy

    Dear David,

    My husband gave me your Andrea Bocelli CD and DVD for Christmas and I love it. Thank you for the work you do. You heard our daughter, Leah Tysse, sing at Latitudes in Auburn, CA a few weeks ago. She said you were very complimentary and she was so surprised when you introduced yourself. She will be at Latitudes this week Thursday, January 6th. She’d be so pleased to have the opportunity to meet you again.

  • James Villalobos

    It was a great show but I would like to know the names of the singers that when before Dona Summers

  • Vivian

    Goose bumps, tears and utter awe! This performance special just got better and better. Order this performance for your collection of media. I promise…you will thank me.

  • http://www.celinedionconcerttonight.info Lynn Josich

    I bought my tickets to Celine Dion’s concert in Las Vegas on Aug 07, you can find yours too on this webpage. U have see her, she’s wonderful on the stage, this is my second time, I’m so excited!!!

  • Joann Harley

    I love David Foster. How can I buy this DVD or watch the performance? Thanks.

  • Joe Done

    Love it.

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    You made some decent points there. I searched on the internet for the difficulty and found most people will go together with along with your website.

  • Juan Carlos Rios

    Excelente show!

  • Isabelle Volking

    Ok so I am thinking about removing my website from Tumbler and get it to a WordPress site. I think this is a wordpress site right? If it is, may I ask where you got the theme? Thanks a bunch!

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  • Gabriel

    wat A GreaT show. ,
    especially when Michael Boble sanged feeling good. .
    . .

  • Jim Brown

    Dave, thank you for your work. I am filled with joy every time I see one of your shows.
    Charice just blows me away. With her big range voice a emotion coming from within her, she is surely to become one of the greatest.. Good find!!!

  • Suzanne

    The great artistry of the August 16th broadcast of the Great Performances from the New York Central Park was greatly diminished after not so great but rather “gross” words David used to compliment Andreo’s singing when stating “….you are singing you ASS OFF…” English language has many words that would be appropriate to use. Shame on you David.

  • Ladybug

    Mr. Foster: I have someone for you to share a concert with. Alfie Boe. If you do not know of him or have heard him he is British and has the best tenor voice ever. His voice is superior to Andre Bocelli and a tour with him will be a hugh sucess…

    Thank you

  • Jim

    I was brought in a musical family and my father is the main talent. He won 1st place several times on the Morris B. Sachs show and was offered a trip to California in the late 40’s. He declined their offer to be with his girlfriend who became his wife in 1952 and my mother in 1958. He is now 85 years old and still has a beautiful voice that amazes all who hear him. He watches your shows and your guest who perform and tells us how he would love to be able to be on stage one more time with a live band and have that great feeling of performing again. Let me know what you think of his voice. You can hear him sing “Love Me With All of Your Heart” on You Tube by searching Joe Bellavia. What can I do to make him realize his dream to perform even one more time with a talent like you.

  • Gregory

    Great special. It was nice to see the original artists who had performed their hit songs again. Seeing Donna Summer in her final perfomance was a gem. I do want to point out that “Earth Song” by Michael Jackson was written by Jackson himself. David Foster had produced the song.

  • Ger Ric

    Peter Cetera was awesome–my favorite for years! Overall, this is a terrific show!

  • Vivian Wai-yan Wong

    I love the whole concert DVD that David Forster Host, each of the singer sing the song lovely. Particular I love
    the one of “I Swear” and ” You Raise me up”. David after finally can find the DVD concert original in Vancouver, Canada. i was crying and crying because I did go throw a lot but by your music. it could bring me back to live. Although I am still had chronic pain on my neck and left leg after two car crash in Vancouver. I cannot walk norm still since 2010, I had to eat painkiller everyday. I cannot work back to the HSBC Bank. but your music let me know i am not alone. Thank you David!! I also had cancer attack too. i am not old like 30 and more….. I hope one day you can come to Vancouver,B.C. Canada so I can watch live!!. The canadian tenors came for Richmond Hospital foundation for the gala to raising money for this small hospital on last year october 13. I suppose to go but I got sick after i did the telethon/radiothon for Richmond Hospital foundation to take phone call from 8am to midnight. the next week I got very very sick, I am the volunteer for the committee member of this hospital but I am disable. hopefully when I am still alive, you can see what we did for this hospital. we raising over $70,0000 for them but I am get more chronic pain more and more. Thanks David.

  • Igrat

    I’ll appreciate if you continue this in future. I love it.

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