Hitman Returns: David Foster & Friends
Jackie Evancho performs "O Mio Babbino Caro"

In a clip from Hitman Returns: David Foster & Friends, Jackie Evancho, the 10 year old opera singer who first appeared on America’s Got Talent, performs Puccini’s “O Mio Babbino Caro” from the opera Gianni Schicchi. Hitman Returns: David Foster & Friends airs throughout March 2011 on PBS (check local listings).

  • Denny Lee

    Hitman Returns: David Foster & Friends
    Jackie Evancho performs “O Mio Babbino Caro”

  • Sam Ennis

    Jackie’s voice/instrument is a wonderful and beautiful thing to experience. To watch her sing/perform is an ‘out of this world’ experience. The experience is so precious and in a realm of experience so set apart from the everyday norm that it overpowers the emotions of almost all that hear and appreciate her singing.

  • Eddie Poole

    I am a pretty gruff old man, but I am not ashamed to say that Jackie’s performance of “O Mio Babbino Caro” moved me to tears…WONDERFUL!

  • catalina R.

    Tonigth I am so happy that I was done working early. able to watch David Foster & Friends at ” PBS” watching and listening to Jackie Evancho is a real treat. I dont understand a single word of her song but cannot help the tears going down my checks.. What a woderful evening I got.

  • joey b

    can anyone tell me when this show will be repeated, it was great !

  • Sarah Stankiewicz

    Yes, she’s adorable and yes, she can actually hit all the notes, mostly in tune. But she is not an opera singer, sorry. I don’t blame the kid for the way she is performing–clearly someone coached her to sing with terrible musical phrasing, very little breath control (she has to breath every few notes), and her Italian is atrocious. The thing I’m worried about is that in a few years she will probably have no voice left–she’s being told to sing with a heavy, dark tone color in an attempt to sound older than her age. Her voice is lovely and she should be singing music that is appropriate for her as a 10-year old! Leave the heavy Puccini arias to mature, adult voices.
    Also, real opera singers don’t need microphones. :)

  • Brian

    Sarah, green /really/ isn’t your color. :-) Oh, and by the way, she does not and never has called herself an opera singer. She is a classical crossover singer. It’s been a laugh. Thanks for trying to play.

  • polarbytes

    Sarah, I gather from your critique that you are a qualified opera critic and/or teacher, voice coach, etc.? And you must have inside knowledge to be able to offer the analysis about her voice control and breathing, and phrasing?
    And I also assume that you must speak fluent Italian? Gee, it seems like you are wasting your talents trying to educate all of us who are obviously in the unwashed masses that enjoy her music. Now that you have enlightened me I will try to judge her singing with less pleasure and more skepticism. And I will try and not let my ears influence me so much. Thanks so much for sharing.

  • Ken

    Yes Sarah, you really should have done a bit more research. Only “America’s Got talent” called her an “opera singer” for marketing purposes. She is a Classical Crossover singer. And since she is the youngest RIAA certified Platinum Album holder on the planet, it is clear that a lot of people like her singing.

  • Jennifer

    Yee-haw! Jackie fans are just as rabid and over-the-top as the Susan Boyle and Justin Bieber fans. Sarah, check under the bed before you go to sleep.

    Heaven forbid anyone criticize the “angel.” I like her, am trained, and don’t agree with much of what Sarah said, but I certainly wouldn’t associate with these fans! Sarah called Jackie’s voice “lovely” and didn’t insult her personally – unlike those Jackie fans who responded. Hojotoho!

    Great group of people supporting you, Jackie!

  • M. Sims

    I disagree with your opinion of SS’s post that she didnt insult her “personally”.
    You wouldnt take any of these critiques personally?

    This is what she said:
    1. She said she is “mostly in tune”. So many others would disagree.
    2. That she is “not an opera singer”. Btw, she never said she was. PBS’s site said she was.
    Shes a classical crossover singer.
    3. She said she has “terrible musical phrasing”. Others would truly disagree.
    4. She said “her Italian is atrocious”. Italians have actually complimented her on her italian.
    5. She said that she is “worried about is that in a few years she will probably have no voice left”
    Id like to know why she thinks that since Jackie uses correct technique as Ehkzu
    pointed out?
    6. She said “she’s being told to sing with a heavy, dark tone color in an attempt to sound older than her age. ” Id like to know why she thinks that?
    7. She said “she should be singing music that is appropriate for her as a 10-year old!”
    What was SS singing when she was younger? Since its possible she is a soprano herself.
    8. She also said “Leave the heavy Puccini arias to mature, adult voices.”
    Did all sopranos just start singing as adults? Just ridiculous.

  • Ken D

    To follow up on Sarah’s comment, as you are now well aware, Jackie is a classical Crossover singer, not an opera singer. To better understand this genre, there is a wonderful website,

    If you spend some time on this site you will get an appreciation for the genre, its artists, their music, and the incredible impact that Jackie has had on the genre. You will also understand why Jackie was the recipient of these awards:

    -Outstanding newcomer 2010
    -Top female 2010
    -editors Choice 2010
    -1st Place Medal (by fan votes)
    and also why Jackie is over 14,000 votes above her nearest rival in 2011 fan votes. In short , Jackie is UNSTOPPABLE; and as for the fact that Sarah doesn’t like her – WHO CARES !!! ~W W~

  • crr

    Jackie’s phrasing makes her version of this aria a worthwhile listen. So much nicer than almost all mature adult opera stars. Her phrasing is phenomenal,.. that of genius. I pray no one teaches it out of her, Ug!

    Jackie went from nowhere to the top faster than anyone in history, including the Beatles. Youngest in history to platinum… topping Michael Jackson.. but of course he was in an established group.

    If there were microphones 250- 300 years ago,, whenever.. opera singers would have been using them… and they wouldn’t have established such a stiff rigid art form that only a relative handful of people are goofy enough to enjoy.

    Jackie will be worth at least 25 million by the time she is old enough to go to University of indiana. You heard it first!

    BTW, Phil Palermo.. UI….. wonderful person.

  • Sam Ennis

    Hey Jennifer (no last name), Just because you ‘might’ be musically trained, as you so proudly brag, doesn’t give you the right to come here and try to label all of Jackie’s fans as ” rabid and over-the-top” and the equate them with “Susan Boyle and Justin Bieber fans” as if you know the hearts of Jackie’s fan’s, but also, each and every one of Susan’s and Justin’s, as well.
    How wonderfully judgmental you are of everyone else’s fan’s. Could you in your glorious generosity please enlighten all of us fans of Jackie’s, Susan’s and Justin’s, on just how many fans you have and exactly where we might find your wondrous works of music so that we might go examine the comments of your fans so that they might, through their comments to you, teach such “rabid and over the top” fan’s how to behave in our commentaries? Your Facebook page would be and interesting read, I am sure. If you have a Facebook page could you please “share” that link with us as well? Thank you for sharing your “opinion”.

  • Jennifer

    The fact remains that Sarah commented — too harshly, I think, but still – on Jackie’s singing technique, not her personality.

    The over the top responses from Jackie’s fans have attacked Sarah personally, both in tone and substance, suggesting among other things that she’s jealous and will be nothing worthwhile in a few years. For the record, being a teacher is a noble profession (no I’m not a teacher), so “living in obscurity” while teaching others isn’t necessarily a horrible thing to a lot of people. But, it’s apparently intended as an insult to her talent, personality and future. How very rude.

    SS had the audacity to comment on Jackie’s singing, phrasing, language. She was then attacked personally. That’s over the top and , yes, rabid.

    Of course I don’t have fans, Sam. I don’t know what you’re talking about in your rambling post. I’m not a performer. I’m no more judgmental of you than you were of SS. You don’t know her, her talent or her history (no, I don’t know anything about her either). You and others here felt the need to judge her personally. That’s over the top and rabid. These comments are almost identical to others I’ve seen from Boyle and Bieber fans.

    I don’t have a facebook page, but thanks for asking. Were you planning on spamming my page? I wouldn’t be surprised judging solely from the tone of your posts.

    Sam, you need to deal with reality (or so it would seem). Not everyone is going to agree with you.

  • Ehkzu

    Jennifer, you glossed over the fact that Sarah insulted Jackie’s parents. Because if what Sarah said about Jackie being cruelly exploited were true, then Jackie’s parents, who are in charge of her, have to be either the exploiters or the idiot/uncaring pawns of the exploiters.

    It’s hard to imagine insulting a parent more than to state that the parent is abusing her child–and state it not even as a question or speculation but simply as a fact. I take great umbrage at this. Imagine how you would react to someone stating in public that your parents had abused you in some way.

    Of course some parents are abusive. In which case Sarah’s statement would not be an insult but an indictment. But as it happens, Jackie’s family has been living under a media microscope since last August, with everyone who ever knew them interviewed, and the nature of her voice vetted by ENT doctors and music professors.

    And both Jackie and her family have come through this gauntlet with flying colors–as Sarah would have found out if she’d bothered to look into it before making such serious, and seriously false, allegations.

    Moreover, imagine being a 10 year old child reading such a “review”–a 10 year old who is not someone’s puppet, but a 10 year old interpretive genius who is dead serious about her art. Sarah damned her with faint praise, then declared that Jackie’s voice was invented by someone else to her detriment–when in fact she “invented” her own voice based on watching Sarah Brightman in the DVD of “Phantom of the Opera” repeatedly.

    Sarah said “clearly someone has coached her to sing with terrible musical phrasing.” This is false in two ways. One is that she cooked up her phrasing herself. Look at her YouTube vid of her singing “O mio babbino caro” at the age of 8, a capella, without so much as a pitch pipe. You will see exactly the kind of phrasing she used on “Hitman returns.” And music experts in both the industry and academia have deemed her phrasing both extraordinarily good and authentically of her creation.

    That is, Sarah accused Jackie of being a copier instead of an original interpretive artist. It is the equivalent of accusing a writer of plagiarism. If that’s not insulting, what do you imagine is?

    And then Sarah stated that Jackie has “very little breath control (she has to breathe every few notes)”
    Since Sarah was critiquing a TV performance, how could she have failed to notice that the singer is tiny–small even for a 10 year old. Certainly she has to breathe more often than someone with bigger lungs, but “breath control” doesn’t equal “lung size.” It’s a statement of someone’s craft, and in fact Jackie has been praised by the experts I’ve alluded to for having superb breath control given the size of her lungs.

    But don’t take my word for it. I’m not a music expert myself. Just watch her YouTube performance of “Lovers” the theme song from “House of Flying Daggers” from her Feb. 18 Houston concert. And then watch the original done for the movie by well-respected operatic soprano Kathleen Battle.

    Apart from having to breathe more often than Battle, Jackie’s version is ineluctably superior–in tone, in phrasing…in interpretation. I love opera as well as most other musical genres, and IMHO Jackie’s rendition is canonical. Take three minutes out of your life and see if you don’t agree.

    And you’ll also see how obvious it is that she’s an absolutely serious artist.

    Of course Sarah didn’t leave her string of insults at that. She went on to say:
    “in a few years she will probably have no voice left–she’s being told to sing with a heavy, dark tone color in an attempt to sound older than her age.”
    I already rebutted the “damaging her voice” nonsense. Jackie’s instrument is examined by a musically knowledgeable ENT every three months; she is not allowed to sing anything that would damage her voice, nor at a volume that might do so. So don’t expect to see her in “Die Walküre” any time soon–or in “Annie” either (another notorious voice-breaker). She has voice coaches who prime responsibility is protecting her voice. All this Sarah could have learned before she popped off.

    And that “heavy, dark tone” IS her voice. And honestly, no one else that age can do it, with or without being ordered to. I’ve listened to a lot of child sopranos, courtesy of doting moms putting Jackie tags in their YouTube vids so they pop up if you search on Jackie–and not one of them can do anything remotely resembling that.

    As for “she should be singing music that is appropriate to her as a 10 year old! Leave the heavy Puccini stuff to mature, adult voices.”
    –She doesn’t sing what she can’t handle. Her mother has lamented that they’re caught between a rock and a hard place on this one. Because it would be grotesque to have her singing “Polly wolly doodle all the day” while at the same time she’s not interested in singing love songs to boys. When she gets close to that territory she focuses on the agape aspect and, often, does it in another language.

    And as for “real opera singers don’t need microphones” that just shows how doctrinaire Sarah is. Loudness machismo is a holdover from the days when opera singers had to make themselves heard over the orchestra and heard to the back row. For decades this has no longer been necessary, yet the opera world clings to this and other quaint concepts.

    Jackie is showing the music world that many of the pieces the opera world takes for its own can be done more beautifully by Jackie. Everything I’ve said to this point is fact. Now I’m venturing a highly debatable opinion. But once her real debut album comes out in June feel free to discuss this. I think at the very least her album sales and concert ticket sales will show that, right or long, a very large number of people agree with me.

    Personally I can’t wait for her to tackle “Bachianas Brasileiras” for example. This begs for a non-bellowing rendition, and when Jackie does it hers will become the canonic interpretation.

    Lastly, Jennifer, you reponded to a my first missive dismissively–as if my detailed references to music professional and detailed refutation of Sarah’s claims were just so much argy-bargy from someone no different than a Justin Bieber fan vandalizing Esperanza Spalding’s Facebook page because she got the New Artist Grammy. When you accuse someone of being shallow, you’d best not make your own accusation an example of same.

  • M. Sims

    Im trying to understand you.
    You seem disconnected.
    I do not understand your point that because SS wasnt attacking Jackie personally (although anyone criticised like that would take it quite personally) that we her fans have no reason to speak up? Ridiculous. Jennifer its opera snobs like SS who have attacked her since she started on AGT. These are people who should be thanking her and praising her the most rather then criticising her. The fact is Jackie has done more in six months for opera/classical music then any of these snobs in their lifetimes will put together.

  • Jennifer

    Yes, fine. Honestly, I don’t care enough to respond in detail to a tomb.

    I’m glad you enjoy Jackie’s voice. No, I didn’t find anything SS wrote to be insulting Jackie personally. Taking professional criticism personally is not the same as attacking another person’s integrity and personality.

    Like I said, I’m glad you and the rest of Jackie’s fans enjoy her music. But… yes, your most recent post just underscores my contention that at least you are over the top and a rabid fan. Why else write a book defending someone you don’t know, attacking the integrity of another you don’t know?

    I didn’t respond to your notes on Jackie’s voice because I don’t respect the comments of the individual you quoted. But, I see no reason to get into that. SS did actually have some points about technique, but I think they were expressed too harshly and I enjoy Jackie’s tone. I don’t believe she wants to be an opera singer, so I’m less concerned about damage that could be done now. And, since she’s not an opera singer, I also have less concern about the other issues brought up.

    Thanks again.

  • Jennifer

    M. Sims

    Speaking up is different than attacking someone’s integrity and talent.

    You said, “The fact is Jackie has done more in six months for opera/classical music then any of these snobs in their lifetimes will put together.”

    Who are you talking about? I’ve seen one negative post here. Whose lifetimes put together?

    What has Jackie done for opera/classical music? Has she increased attendance at concerts/operas? Has she improved the lives of opera singers? Increased donations to classical institutions? Helped sell opera CDs and DVDs? Performed in benefits for art institutions? What?

    Over the top to the extreme. As I said, hojotoho.

  • Jennifer

    Re: cover – she says that based on the sound. She’s correct.

    Re: puccini as a child. No young sopranos sing Puccini. Mozart and some Handel (not all). Never, never, never Puccini.

  • Sam Ennis

    Jennifer, do you never tire of embarrasing yourself. You accuse me of making remarks to Sarah? You have discreditied yourself by your lie. Show me where I have spoken to Sarah at all. I have only spoken to you and your lies. There are some people who, when they have been discoverd to be a liar, will slink away to hide. You however have decided, unabashedly, to flaunt your dishonesty for the whole world to see. Trying to reason with someone like you is useless for you and those like you can not be reasoned with and are a total waste of time. I rest my case.

  • Jennifer


    Huh? Wow.

    I think the rabid, over the top Jackie fan point has now well and truly been made.

    Goodnight everyone.

  • PG Antioch

    Ms Jennifer,

    Perhaps dictionary.com would tell you the difference between a tome & a tomb. Or MAYBE it was just a typo?

    The answers to many your questions about how Jackie has affected opera & classical music, BTW, are “yes.” If you include classical crossover in “classical” music, look at the classical-crossover.co.uk website & you’ll see how Jackie has already, at the age of 10, had a tremendous effect on interest, CD/DVD sales & attendance. Yes, she has performed at benefits for humanitarian & art institutions, before & after AGT. As far as opera itself, the evidence is more anecdotal, but MANY fans of hers have blogged about how they NEVER listened to it before Jackie, but they have since become listeners, & even fans. Maybe you shouldn’t take her, or her fans, so lightly.

  • sylvester

    Don’s waste your time feeding the nay sayers. That’s their intentions to get your attention. Ignore them and continue on positve comments.

  • Jennifer

    PG -

    Thanks for pointing out the typo. You folks are just those kinds of people who do that sort of thing, obviously.

    Now, you didn’t answer my questions, which were in absolute direct response to M. Sims’ comment:

    “The fact is Jackie has done more in six months for opera/classical music then any of these snobs in their lifetimes will put together.”

    I asked: What has Jackie done for opera/classical music?

    1. Has she increased attendance at concerts/operas?
    Your answer: Yes.
    My response: Which operas and classical concerts? When? Where?

    2. Has she improved the lives of opera singers?
    Your answer: Yes
    My response: How? Which singers?

    3. Increased donations to classical institutions?
    Your answer: Yes
    My response: Which classical institutions? What donations?

    4. Helped sell opera CDs and DVDs?
    Your answer: Yes
    My response: Which opera CDs and DVDs.

    5. Performed in benefits for art institutions?
    Your answer: Yes
    My response: Which art institutions? When? Where?

    Again, these questions were DIRECTLY in response to M. Sims’ claim. You seem to support him. I await your specific responses as to how in six months Jackie Evancho has done more for opera/classical music than others “in their lifetimes.”

    Then, you can explain to me how your responses haven’t been way over the top.

  • Jennifer

    PG -

    I reread my comment and want to apologize for it being snide. I’ve been attacked by so many “fans” here that I responded with a knee jerk reaction to your typo comment.

    I read (some of) your comment to SS and appreciate your kind tone.

    I also want to underscore that when I mentioned “your responses” in the final sentence, I meant Jackie’s fans as a group – but I shouldn’t have grouped you with the others who’ve reacted badly here earlier.

  • Ehkzu

    re: Jennifer asks rhetorically:

    “What has Jackie done for opera/classical music? Has she increased attendance at concerts/operas? Has she improved the lives of opera singers? Increased donations to classical institutions? Helped sell opera CDs and DVDs? Performed in benefits for art institutions? What?”

    I call this a rhetorical question because obviously the writer believes she has accounted for every important way in which Jackie could contribute to opera/classical music.

    And thus she provides us with a splendid example of a framing error–like asking someone “Have you quit beating your wife, yes or no?”

    In fact, if you read the comments on various threads about Jackie in numerous forums, as I have, you’ll find, time after time after time, people saying that they never listened to any kind of classical music before–sometimes, to any kind of music at all. And now they say they will buy any and every CD she publishes.

    And equally obviously she mainly does classical music along with arias from various operas–for example, both “O mio babbino caro” and “Ombra mai fu” from her most recent concert.

    So she brings people to classical music that no other classical music performer has been able to. In this I’m echoing what Antioch PG said so well–that she understands how to connect emotionally with her audience and leave them profoundly moved, spellbound.

    Other classical/opera performers should be studying Jackie to see if they can learn from her. They should be asking her to give master classes. Not because she’s perfect–against, as Antioch PG points out, she is far from technically perfect (at age 10!). But even at her current 10 year old grasp of the technical aspects of her craft, she has achieved an audience connection not one other performer doing the same music has been able to do. And her technical mastery is good enough so that her shortcomings don’t interfere with that connection.

    By the time she’s 12…the mind reels.

    So the first thing she’s done for opera/classical music is increase the audience for it substantially. Now it is up to other classical performers to emulate Jackie if they can. And if they do they’ll also help to increase that audience.

    Let me add that Jackie isn’t using cheap tricks to work her magic. I can’t stand “American Idol” because of the excessive ornamentation. Gospel licks are great, but only when they aren’t used in every single phrase; belting is great–unless it’s all belting. Her vocal style is subtle, relying on expressive phrasing and the phattest tone in the business to draw people into the song. She is never self-referential–a narcissistic trait found in far too many singers with great pipes but who fail to truly move audiences, because they don’t take you anywhere.

    But Jackie isn’t just a popularizer. She isn’t dumbing down the classics for a proletarian audience. She is teaching the classical community–if they’re willing to learn–how, given current amplification technology, one need no longer declaim every song. She actually has a big voice–remarkably big, given her size–but she isnt booming or strident. Her style is affective–and, consequently, effective.

    This results in Jackie’s fan base including people who are quite knowledgeable about music–people like Antioch PG, who know much more about voice mechanics than I do–and people like me, who love classical music from Gregorian chant to György Ligeti, Opera from Monteverdi to John Adams, as well as folk, jazz, pop, Broadway, gospel, gamelan, Kabuki, taiko, Australian aborigine digeridoos, comic, tragic, romantic, sardonic–you name it.

    We as a group are musically sophisticated, yet we worship at the Jackie altar just as do wounded vets who say the only time they aren’t in pain is when she’s singing, as mechanics who normally prefer ’80s hair bands or AC/DC or Led Zepplin or Queen–all great too.

    And for us, what she does for opera/classical is to establish, with every new performance of hers, the canonical version of each song she sings. I’d rather listen to her “Lovers” than Kathleen Battles; to her “The Prayer” than Sarah Brightman’s–even at her prime; to her “Ombra mai fu” than Caruso’s. And every time she has sung in public she’s raised the bar she herself set the last time. I’ve heard a minute of her practising “Sebben crudele” and when she’s ready to do that I guarantee you it will be the canonical performance.

    So her contribution to opera/classical is to advance the art. And other performers will benefit if they prove able to follow her lead.

  • PG Antioch

    Apology accepted. I will take responsibility for my own exaggerations, but don’t wish to take responsibility for those of other Jackie fans, nor do i like others to put words in my mouth. Also, i don’t intend to demean you or any other critic of Jackie’s singing; i just ask that you look harder at what she’s done & keep an open mind. Maybe you’ll become a fan too.
    Notice i included several caveats, including “IF you consider ‘classical crossover’ artists to be ‘classical’ artists.” All you have to do is look at the classical-crossover.co.uk website, you’ll see how Jackie completely dominates the forum. She swept their 2010 awards, winning 3 when nobody else won more than one. She has introduced that music to the US, the “largest music market in the world (as the site says).” She has helped other artists in the genre tremendously, again according to webmasters. I don’t have their actual sales figures, but based on what they say, interest, sales & demand have increased significantly, especially in the US. That is actually an astonishing accomplishment for a 10 year old girl who has barely been on the scene for 6 months.
    As i said before, Jackie’s February 2011 Houston concert was to benefit Brilliant Lectures, whose mission statement says (among other things) they mean “to educate, inspire and increase public awareness within our community by providing a forum for interaction with national and international leaders, role models, philanthropists, artists humanitarians and other prominent members of our society.” Is it a “humanitarian & arts organization”? I would argue “yes”; for starters, more than half their speakers/performers are artists of one kind or another.
    In January 2011 Jackie sang for the Humane Society of the United States. Before AGT, she sang with Tim Janis’ Celebrate America series, a non-profit organization which seeks to create “a musical program that inspires students to give back to the community through the arts.” Jackie has sung numerous times at events hosted by PA State Senator Jane Orie, including a memorial to the families of Our Flight 93 Heroes, Senior Fest, Kids Fest, & Reach Out and Touch a Hero programs. She has sung the National Anthem many times at other charitable events. She has sung at Kean Idol to benefit Barnabas Charities.
    Are these “humanitarian & arts organizations”? Again, i would argue “yes.” Are Jackie’s accomplishments in this arena comparable to those of an adult who has spent YEARS doing these things? Of course not. But Jackie is in the FIFTH GRADE. She’s TEN. Are the things she’s done remarkable, incredible, astonishing? Absolutely YES!
    As i said before, the evidence for how she has helped traditional opera is ANECDOTAL, based on what people have posted on the internet. Many Jackie fans, myself included, NEVER listened to opera before she came along. Now we do. I know of several dedicated opera fans who are also Jackie fans, & they have helped introduce “real” opera to people who never would have gone near it with a ten-foot pole in the past. Have they actually purchased tickets? Some say yes.
    At a remarkably young age, Jackie has already had an unusually significant influence on music, the arts & humanity in general.

  • Richard

    Let’s not also forget, (and you may agree or disagree), but I know from a much Higher source that Jackie’s voice was supernaturally developed. It’s people like Sarah that have to bash someone like Jackie because SHE can’t accept the supernatural. I know there are many who will disagree with me, but I know what I know, THAT’S why Jackie’s voice is what it is. And by the way, she’s getting BETTER!!!!!

  • crr

    Of course Jackie has opened the the doors for many music fans to many OPERA STARS. Since last summer when Jackie appeared on AGT, I’ve read dozens of forums including hundreds of comments on YT, where when you enter Jackie’s name you get a fistful of opera stars singing the same songs a Jackie. Jackie has been a pleasant reward for them. I’ve read over and over again comments by people saying they never heard of several established opera stars until they searched for music or information about Jackie. Through Jackie many of these stars have new fans for themselves. Dozens have said they ran out and purchased several CD’s from the classical genre due Jackie. I for one, took in an evening of Kallen Esperian only because of Jackie.

  • crr

    One thing that I get a kick out of when people from the opera world gripe about Jackie. They whine about someone supposedly teaching, or even forcing Jackie to sing with an “adult” voice, but two seconds latter they are finding shortcomings with complaints that she doesn’t possess some accomplished adult skills. Go figure.

  • Brian

    Sarah, I suggest you listen to this (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CPrVxP1iRg4) which was just posted.

  • PG Antioch

    Well, it seems Jennifer is gone.
    If you do come back, Jennifer, & ask how Jackie has benefitted traditional opera, look no further than last night’s concert in Boca Raton, Florida. Jackie filled the seats, & her fans who weren’t also opera fans heard “real” opera singers from the Met. They paid for their tickets, & no doubt some will become fans, & buy tickets, CDs & DVDs.
    Maybe you’ll believe me now.
    Oh, & she sounds different now:

  • PG Antioch

    Well, it seems Jennifer is gone.
    If you do come back, Jennifer, & ask how Jackie has benefitted traditional opera, look no further than last night’s concert in Boca Raton, Florida. Jackie filled the seats, & her fans heard the young Met opera singers. Some of those who weren’t fans already will become fans, & buy tickets, CDs & DVDs.
    Maybe you’ll believe me now?
    Oh, & her sound is better. Just search YouTube for Jackie Evancho Nessun Dorma (can’t post the link). Cut her some slack for saying “principessa,” though, because of her age. If she continues to sing it, no doubt she’ll have to change the lyrics as she gets older – like Sarah Brightman did.

  • Barbara Danielson

    what a voice in one so young. I truly enjoyed her performance.

  • richard nicoletti

    Jennifer, do us all a favor. Stop!

  • Bob Hart

    Wow!!! There sure is a lot of HOT air being blown around here trying to psycho-analyze a little 10 year old girl’s voice. How about let’s get back to the basics: can we just enjoy Jackie’s incredible voice and leave it at that??? Can we simply accept the fact that for whatever reason, God gave Jackie an awsome voice for a 10 year old and leave it at that??? Why are you people tryiing to compare her voice to grown adults who are on the verge of getting their doctorate or something?? Yes, we can wonder and be amazed but the fact remains that something unexplainable happened to Jackie at 8 yrs. old, something zapped her being and turned on the music machine inside of her little body and is, most likely, is going to turn her into a mega-star.
    Lastly, and yes, it’s a very optimistic statement, if Susan Boyle can sell 7 milliion CDs on her first crack, I say Dream With Me is gonna go over 10 MILLION sold!!! Don’t ask, I just got the feeling. The promos, the ads, the pre-release hype, Jackie’s many TV appearances…..yes, people, this is gonna be one heck of a ride and I’m glad I’m still here to see it happen. And if you’re interested, I bought my ticket for her Ravinia concert today. Can’t wait!!!

  • cpattison

    I am not a professional singer or listen to a lot of classical music or opera, but this little girl sounded beautiful and no matter what the professionals has to say about her it will always be a beautiful performance. Can you image how she will be singing by the time she is a teenager. I bet she will be awesome.

  • Retired Serviceman

    Critics. Why all this discussion ?

    Here’s a beautiful, intelligent young “lady” with an incredible gift who wants nothing more than to bring a bit of joy to peoples lives with her music. Trained, untrained, oprah singer, cross-over singer – does the label really matter that much ? Not to me, nor all those people who just enjoy seeing / hearing Jackie perform these wonderful pieces of music.

  • June

    I am alarmed by the tone of earlier exchanges, however I would like to comment and echo Sarah’s concern that Jackie’s tone is much darker and heavier than that of a 10yr old…even a talented 10yr old. It sounds as if she is imitating an adult instead of allowing her natural voice, which I’m sure is lovely, to come through. The breaks in her voice and the frequent breaths she takes reveal that this music is beyond the scope of what her voice can handle. If she continues like this, her voice might not develop well.

    I’m not saying that Jackie shouldn’t sing. Indeed, I think that she should and there are many excellent classical songs for children of her age and talent-level. Personally, I would love to hear her sing ‘The Mountains Are Dancing’ or ‘Five Eyes’. These aren’t terribly easy songs but they are healthier choices for Jackie’s voice.

    I’m sure that we all remember the child prodigy, Charlotte Church. She sang classical songs much like Jackie but now that she is an adult, her voice is not particularly noteworthy. Perhaps that doesn’t matter because Church earned so much money over her short career that she doesn’t have to depend on her voice now. This begs the question, “Is it better to develop a healthy voice or to have a successful short-run franchise?” If it is the former, then I think that those around Jackie might wish to reconsider her current path.

  • Debra Hernandez

    I have read the multiple comments, and, honestly, I don’t know as much about music as some of you others, but I am hoping that Jackie and those who care for her truly listen to good coaches and advisors so that she is able to enjoy singing while developing her voice in a healthy way. Discussion (and sometimes dissention) is always good and reminds us that we are talking about the human body and how it develops into adulthood. While it is beautiful to watch a prima ballerina, so many of the young girlsend up having back and leg problems from the years of grueling training. I hope Jackie and her voice are nurtured to develop in a healthy way and that she is not exploited by those who would try to earn a “fast buck” off a young prodigy.

  • VoiceCoach

    I have to say as a professional I agree with Sarah. And to be frank, I think it’s horrid when other coaches push children to sing in a way their vocal chords are not designed for. Instead of the American public going, “Oh, how great is this,” you should all put that energy into worrying about whether or not the kid will have a voice when she’s 25.

  • Roland

    I have only one thing to say to both Sara and Jennifer, must be tough to be so small and not truly appreciate true greatness …. Haters

  • Roland

    And also to VoiceCoach….. LOSER!!!!

  • Lacee

    I kinda agree with June. Charlotte Church sang songs at age 11-15 that were way beyond her years & vocally too high for her, & now it seems she no longer has the operatic voice she once had. I don’t think Jackie is trying to imitate an adult, but at age 10 she does not yet have fully developed lungs & vocal chords. I hope that her parents & teachers realize that they & she cannot & should not push her to sing songs that her vocal chords are not ready for yet. Jackie is an awesomely beautiful singer with an awesome amazing beautiful voice(& i do recognize greatness when I see it btw), but you all need to remember that she is only 10 years old. Chances are her voice will most likely change with the onset of puberty. She & the adults in her life should be careful so that she doesn’t ruin her voice like Charlotte did.

  • Mitch

    Guys, I just woke after having watched the Heat being tossed about by the Mavericks, those old operatic music teachers. As you may know, those teachers will never let those Heaters sing their opera this year. But for me, I found heaven in my awakened fog, as I scanned tv channels and saw a darling CHILD singing beautiful music on a PBS/David Foster produced show..In my haze I vote only for us to enjoy the lovely voice and I hope in 20 yrs. she can still sing up a storm. God bless her and her passion and gift.

  • Linda

    I’m looking for professionals who have commented on Jackie’s voice, and most posts here are simply by fans who enjoy her. Their opinions to me are worthless, since they are not based on knowledge but emotion. Having said that, yes, lets enjoy her beautiful voice, operatic or not, perfect or not, and hope that she will have a long career in singing.

  • Emily

    I am an opera goer, and fortunate enough to live in a city with a fine opera company (my favorite, Rene Fleming, is coming this fall, she’ll be singing Lucrezia, and I cannot wait to see and hear her perform).

    I saw the Great Performances announcement on the television listings last Sunday night. I had never heard of Jackie Evancho and as a teacher, I was annoyed to see that a young child was being described as an opera singer. I turned to the show a few minutes into the beginning, frankly more out of mild annoyance and memories of very young children being used by pushy stage mothers.

    When speaking, Jackie is a very unaffected, noticeably pretty, and natural young girl. I appreciated the lack of makeup, the simple dress, the age appropriate appearance of this child. And then, the music started, and she began to sing. I was absolutely astounded. The purity of her high notes is amazing. I am a fan of great voices, and this young girl, has a spectacular voice. It is incredibly beautiful. It is different than that of the mature opera singer, it doesn’t have the many tones, the interesting quality and character of the great stars. But the strength and beauty of Jackie Evancho’s voice is absolutely undeniable. Her voice is one in a hundred million.

    For Sarah Brightman to say on stage, that Jackie should preserve her voice tells me that this is a serious matter that her parents had better take very seriously. But as to the superb quality of Jackie’s voice, it is undeniable.

  • kidsvoiceteach

    The majority of vocal music teachers do not agree with rigorous voice lessons for children. I have been teaching vocal music to children for 39 years and constantly hear children try to imitate adults singing with vibrato.. I have to stop them and teach them the correct way to sing. 100 per cent of the students that I am aware of whose parents ignored teacher’s advice and put their children in voice lessons now have weak, damaged voices. Jackie is one in a million. She has a beautiful voice unlike any I have ever heard in my career…BUT she cannot be understood. Someone is teaching her wrong. She puts no endings on words and I have to put on the closed captions to understand her ENGLISH. I take great pains with my children to make sure their diction/enunciation is understandable. I have heard adults that swallow their words when they sing and cannot be understood. The first time I heard Jackie I was distracted by the fact that she could not be understood. This is not being envious as someone mentioned.This needs to be corrected now. Her voice is so beautiful but forcing the full sound with quivering lips, etc. has resulted in no enunciation.

  • Gary

    It’s hard to record anything without a microphone!

  • Lynndy

    Absolutely Kidsvoiceteach. I read earlier posts written by very strange, angry people. What was THAT all about?? At any rate — I remember Charlotte Church. Her voice was lovely, then it wasn’t. Her (very defensive) mother was roundly criticized for pushing her too early into a career that ruined her voice. Her voice can’t sustain a career now. I saw a video she did with Josh Groban that showed the great extent to which the music was arranged to accommodate her now sadly limited vocal capabilities. It’s heartbreaking. These young girls, properly trained, could have life-long careers taking them who knows where? Instead, they shoot across the sky and disappear. Jackie is such a pretty and seemingly sweet little girl. Her voice, when she was on America’s Got Talent, was lovely. Now it’s sounding terribly strained. I can’t stand to listen to her now and don’t know what in the name of God all of those posting last March were referring to when they insisted her voice is still lovely. What kind of ears do they have??? When she pauses, you can sometimes see her pulling down and swallowing hard — very obviously experiencing discomfort. Sad.

  • Gwytha

    I am not a teacher, nor professor…just a mother and grandmother. I like different forms of music. I never was a fan of opera or classical…until I heard Jackie Evancho sing. She has a voice that is very pleasing to the ears. It is not strained or loud. Simply beautiful and pure. No one has ever been able to bring tears to my eyes when they sang ….until Jackie Evancho came along. She brings tears to my eyes and sooths my soul when she sings. I won’t get technical. When someone sings as beautifully as she does – don’t disect it – just enjoy it. She is sharing her gift with everyone. Accept the gift that she is offering…and enjoy.

    Jackie grows with each performance. And at the same tme – she shows that wonderful child quality, purity that is Jackie. She only asks that you listen and enjoy her performance. She is a child. She may decide to follow another dream – away from music, when she gets older. Enjoy her now. You may never get a chance, in your lifetime… to experience such beauty and purity.

    As a mother..and grandmother…I accept the gift she gives me and anyone who listens to her. Her talent is so much larger than her tiny frame. Accept her gift as she offers it any the many performances that she gives now.
    I am proud of you Jackie. You have accomplished more in a few short months than most people strive their lifetime to do – and few have ever succeeded. Keep dreaming Jackie. You can do anything your little heart desires. What is life without dreams. Follow your dreams Jackie! Follow your dreams wherever they may lead you. You have a good heart and a good family to help keep you grounded. Stay true to yourself, your family and most important – your faith in God.

  • jim silvestri

    To the critics: Let’s put things in some perspective. Jackie is 10 years old. the ‘critics’ are much older and hopefully technically competent. Jackie has demonstrated for this opera lover a pure tonality and pronunciation of italian any tuscan mother-tongue speaker would envy. If you want to critique pronunciation of our most ’singable’ language (full vowels), criticize that of Sarah Brightman when she sings Time To Say Goodbye with either A. Bocelli or Jackie. Sarah’s a professional, but hardly a Tuscan. Jackie sings her vowels (a.e.i. o.u) in the best tradition of Italian bel canto. Compare with Galli-Curci, Tebaldi, Tassinari and the heavenly Callas. Bravo Jackie and her teachers.

  • Ann

    This is an interesting set of videos which highlight Beverly Sills at age 8 and Julie Andrews at age 12 with absolutely stunning voices.

    If what Jackie Evancho is doing is so damaging to her voice, how is it that some people can actually begin a singing career as early as ages 8 and 12 (and Beverly Sills actually started her singing career at 4) and not blow out their voices? Clearly, it’s possible to NOT ruin your voice by age 25 if you begin at an early age. Yes, it’s certainly possible to abuse your instrument and render it useless at some point. I’m not clear on why people assume this is happening to her when they have no clue about her training, actual medical care for her voice, etc.

    But, that’s hardly important. What’s most important, to me, is what an artist evokes in terms of emotion. Can they reach through their medium and speak to people’s hearts, minds and souls? Are they able to create or interpret something that transcends even our own understanding of those parts of ourselves?

    Time and again, person after person claims to have this experience with Jackie Evancho’s singing. My soul doesn’t seem to really care that she’s taking too many breaths to fill up her child-sized lungs or that she rolled an R when she should not have or even that the material is all wrong for her. When an artist connects like she has, all those things fall by the wayside and all your left with is that emotion and connection.

    I’m not really sure what someone gets out of negatively criticizing her. To me, it sounds like they’re actually saying “you’re being fooled, she’s not that good and you just sound like an idiot praising her!!” Well, I’m happy to go another day as one of those idiots then. I’ll still use my unsophisticated listening skills to marvel at her voice and pray she can continue singing for as long as she wants to.

  • Katie Mc

    Why am I reading so much hate here? Jackie has such a beautiful voice! Let’s just enjoy her gift!

  • Carol-Lynn

    One of my favorites and from an almost pitch perfect 10 y.o. Jackie. If she continues with her voice coach she will have a wonderful career. Love her.

  • ramberme

    Interesting posts. I would say that this dark vocal sound seems manufactured. It does not carry up to the top of her range, so I share the concerns that many have expressed. Nor do I find what has been said terribly insulting, and I am surprised by the vehemence of some reactions, as well as some of the hyperbolic descriptions of her singing. She is now a professional singer, and discussion and controversy around her voice goes wtih the territory. That said, if she is getting people who would not be interested in opera to be interested, that is great.

  • peggywim

    Sorry folks – but I enjoy Opera and have attended many. If this girl’s passion is Opera – let her be! n Too much dissection and perhaps she will go on to something else but right now, this is what she enjoys and helps non-opera goers understand the genre. I have never questioned how they were trained. And by the way, when I saw the Four Tenors they were definitely using mikes! Get a grip people; just enjoy – no one can predict the future – live in the Now

  • Elvisfan2k

    Sarah, I don’t know you but I completely agree with you! And I commented in another blog that she is being wrogfully coached and I was criticized too. She is being coached to sing with her mouth closed which is wrong! Not only is forces her vocal chords but it also makes her phrases unclear (ex: “hort” instead of “heart”, “esperonzo” instead of “esperanza”, etc). I don’t like the way she moves her arms either when she sings. I doubt she knows what she is singing about when in another language than English!
    The sad thing is: this girls is being the object of a lot of exploitation by money hungry people! They all want a slice of the cake! Those who do not agree with you are those infatuated by the fact that she is a cute and gracious10 year old girl and because of her age she swept the world

  • Elvisfan2k

    I meant “wrongfully”. sorry for the mispelling. =(

  • doug

    She brings tears to my eyes every time I hear her sing.

  • Isadora

    In the end, all the people who attend concerts and purchase music will decide who is forgotten and who becomes immortal. Gripe, snipe, and argue all you want; it won’t change a thing.

  • Dave

    This young girl is an inspiration to many and those opera/singing snobs that continue to nit pick are only showing their envy and black hearts. Shame on them, this is a beautiful young girl with a talent that uplifts hearts, enjoy the blessing. Greed and envy are the worst sins of all as they lead to all others. Go kid, go!

  • Tom the vocal coach

    As a vocal coach, Jackie has been coached atrociously. She has a manufactured voice, sings the Puccini arias in lower keys and no one seems to notice. At this rate, with a 4 song Christmas CD (whay recording company allows 4 songs on a CD) and a mediocre second album, she will go the way as Charlotte Church and other incredible finds over the years. Too bad the judges on “America’s Got Talent” have no talent in judging this type of singer and prejudiced the audiens to send her as far as she went. I doubt if she auditioned like everyone else and had to perform more times than she did, her repertoire would have been exhausted. Goes to show you that you can fool some of the people all the time!

  • Angie

    I was listening to Jackie’s CD and just searched on line to see if Jackie could speak Italian and ran across this blog. You all make me tired. I think I’ll just go relax and listen to Jackie’s album again.

  • Brynhild Tudor

    I am a voice teacher with advanced degrees in music education, one from among the most prestigious conservatories in the country. The feedback professions are offering of this girl’s voice are not intended to be negative. Rather, they are intended to help her improve in a way that she’ll keep her voice long after childhood. To the people who go strictly on emotion and say “her voice is great, who cares, just enjoy her gift” you must realize that that emotion must be balanced with knowledge. As professionals who attended music school, we *have* to care and critique her precisely so we, and you, can enjoy the emotion her music evokes. We take classes in theory, eartraining, music history and pedagogical studies because there is more to a music career than having a nice voice. We are trained to look and listen for aspects of performance that the general public is unaware of.

    Jackie’s voice has a lovely light quality in the upper register when she floats those high notes seemingly without effort. Her phrasing, diction and emotional connection are beautiful. But there is something not quite right about her lower register. It sounds tight, pushed, as if there is tention in her jaw or neck that is causing it to shake slightly, preventing her from letting the sound flow naturally, as if she is trying to create vibrato yet hold it back at the same time. When she was on AGT, her performances were not vocally consistent from week to week, leading me to believe she was coached to sound older than she is, especially in her lower range.

    People here are saying not to worry, she has a voice coach. First of all, there is a difference between a voice teacher and a voice coach. A voice teacher works exclusively on the technical aspects of singing while a vocal coach is generally a pianist who works with the singer on languages, phrasing, and anything else not related to technique. Second of all, it is not enough to say “she has a voice teacher so it’s all good.” You must look at who that voice teacher is. I do not respect voice coaches (the terms coach and teacher are used interchangeably outside music school) who are on shows like AGT or American Idol because they’re record producers more than anything else. They’re not trained in the technical nuances of singing, nor are they competent in selecting repertoire that would fit a singer’s voice. Just because Jackie can sing opera, even in a lower key, doesn’t mean she should. There’s a reason those heavy arias are left to adults. They’re so technically challenging that you don’t start singing them until your junior year in college, sometimes not even until graduate school.

    There are some excellent music theatre pieces for children her age, and if she enjoys classical music so much, any voice teacher worth their salt would start her off with “24 Italian Songs and Arias.” That’s the standard beginner singer’s bible. Open-minded as I am, I cannot respect classical crossover singers or the genre in general. To me, classical crossover translates to “classically-sounding or classically-trained singers doing pop songs or pop renditions of songs” or else, “classical music for people who don’t know what classical music is.” Jackie may have introduced people to the classical music world precisely because she sticks a couple arias in the middle of a popular program, but in order for her to truly turn you on to opera, you would have to want to learn more about its plots, characters, composers, history, productions and performers. You can’t just listen to a few arias and say you love opera, which is what most people do when they listen to someone like Jackie Evancho or some other crossover star.

    Jackie has talent. I think we can all agree on that. I also think the reason many people advertise or incorrectly term her an “opera singer” is because she sounds the way a lot of opera singers sound when they’re training to become opera singers. “opera singer in training” might be a more correct term, or else “I’m classically trained.” A person can be classically trained in the bel canto style and still be able to sing other genres, most notably musical theater, depending on the piece they are performing.

    If she truly wants a classical music career, her family would contact Juilliard, Curtis, NEC, or any other conservatory with a pre-college music program. The Curtis Institute takes child singers. But if she keeps going the way she’s headed in terms of repertoire, she’ll either burn out or not be challenged enough, because crossover stuff is not difficult to sing. Like I said, it’s not enough that she has a voice teacher. It all depends on who that voice teacher is.

  • innis_mor

    Jeepers. Yet another, “she’s gonna turn out just like Charlotte Church” aficionado. Gimme a break. Thank God for the like of Ehkzu and PG Antioch and yes, even Brynhild Tudor (all their commentary is educational to me, does not ring (overly) of anti-child-phenom bias, helping me form reasoned understanding of JE’s current capability, repertoire and promise).

    More than anything, I look for JE’s personal, and honest-felt commentary and emotion — that she is enjoying herself, and still finding opportunity to be an 11-year old child. I have not seen or heard anything to the contrary to date.

    The first sensed, strongest essence of JE that I grasped, and it remains so, is as Ehkzu so succinctly described: her ““interpretative genius.”

  • Brynhild Tudor

    Jackie has incredible interpretive genius. I’m confident we can all agree on that. But emotional connection and interpretive genius are not what we are discussing here, and they are only part of what makes a successful singing career, should Jackie choose to have one. I am telling you, and this is speaking directly to the people who use only emotion as their guide for what makes someone great. You cannot be a successful singer in any genre on interpretive genius alone. Large a role as it may play in such an endeavor, it is not the only, exclusive thing. I get the feeling that people going on emotion alone are viewing us professionals as critical in a negative sense, as if we are raining on your parade, offending your sensibilities in some way by picking out aspects of performance that you do not feel are necessary. But they *are* necessary. They are necessary because technical prowess is part of a singer’s package, and there are things we notice that go over the heads of the general public. Just because Jackie has a voice teacher does not in any way mean that things are fine. Has anyone ever considered that there are voice teachers who should not be teaching out there, that there is proper progression of repertoire for young singers, that there are good and not-so-good ways of teaching certain vocal techniques to produce a desired sound?

    No, many people in the general public do not consider these factors, because it seems all they want to hear is “she makes me cry when she sings. She’s wonderful!” We are not giving constructive feedback because we are jealous, or to tear Jackie down, or belittle her in any way. All I am saying, on behalf of professionals everywhere, is before anyone in the general public claims someone is excellent simply because they bring tears to eyes, I urge you to look at that statement as jumping to conclusions, and recognize there are so many other variables that go into a singing career besides feel-good moments of nostalgia.

    There are tiny things I can hear and you cannot, and rather than view it as knitpicking, I strongly urge you to say to yourself, “perhaps these professionals from conservatory-trained musical backgrounds know what they are doing and have a point. Perhaps they know ways to increase her technicality so it will strengthen the emotional connection rather than destroy it. I’m from the general public and all I know is it sounds good and I want to buy her recordings, but perhaps I should consider that it shows my ignorance in the matter.”

    People at Juilliard may sing her praises in public, but that does not mean they don’t think she can’t improve majorly. They just aren’t telling you that. The professionals are just being more vocal about it on here, that is all You just don’t want to hear it.

    People cite Jackie’s parents in TV interviews, and AGT’s proclamation that it does not use autotune software, as proof that Jackie does not have traditional stage parents or that the show is legit. I tell you this: Those interviews are what you hear. Just because her parents appear on TV doesn’t mean anything. There’s something called editing, or the producers could be very skilled at portraying them a certain way so as to boost ratings or her parents could truly be genuine. You can’t take the word of a TV show as gospel truth. Even if the TV show does not use autotune, it’s still a TV show. There’s acoustics and sound equipment for amplification. TV shows can say a million things, half of which are probably not honest. Yes, producers and TV shows can lie. It happens all the time.

    I hear a dark, heavy tone in Jackie’s lower register, which was not there a few weeks prior, and this greatly concerns me because that is not natural for an 11-year-old child, plus it truly did sound forced and not normal. Prepubescent children, by and large, have similar qualities in voices of a certain age bracket. The public just chalks it up to natural talent and leaves it at that, but the truth that nobody wants to admit, and we need to, is that while certain children may be extraordinarily talented, that does not mean they automatically should sound unusually older when they are while singing. The public does not want to hear this fact, and there is nothing I can do, sadly, to make them change their minds.

    If you really want to increase your education on why we comment the way we do, I urge you to do a couple of things. Watch singers perform, whether onstage or television, and pay close attention to their jaw, neck, stomach and head. Are they breathing from their stomach or their chest, and can you notice the different sounds that come out when a singer does each? What sound do you like better? You will notice a marked difference in pop and classical styles, and you will also notice what genre tends to sell more records.

    I will tell you that classical crossover and pop genres sell more. You know why? Because if you compare these genres to strict classical, you will notice that the crossover and pop stuff is far easier to sing. Christmas carols, showtunes, patriotic songs and church hymns sell better because they’re more accessible to the public (translation: easier to both sing and listen to. More repetitive. Easier form with verse/chorus/verse. Few chord changes. Singable melodies primarily in English.) Operas generally are 3-5 hours long, with more intridicate vocal parts in various languages, and that is why operas and art songs are shied away from by the public. Classical crossover is like “classical music for the masses.” There are elements, but in order to love classical music, you can be introduced to it by Jackie’s genre, get your foot in the door, but then go listen to some authentic classical composers, not pop arrangements of those composers. That is how you truly get into classical music.

    Children can’t just sing whatever they want. There are certain classical arias that the general public finds impressively difficult but coming from an older singer’s perspective are not. However, they are also not something that we feel prepubescent singers should be singing, for some reason or other.

    Find out who Jackie’s voice teacher is, and study his/her background. What are his/her qualifications and credentials? What technique do they teach? Go read up on it, and listen to children who sing that technique. Watch them. You will see that performances are a reflection of the teacher who is training them. That’s how education begins.

    I do not respect vocal “coaches” of pop TV shows. They don’t teach singing technique. They may scratch the surface a bit, but there’s no way they can go in depth. Any voice teacher worth their salt knows that you can’t do much with singers after only a few weeks. Jackie’s voice did not just all of a sudden blossom and sound older in a few weeks, time. The vocal mechanism doesn’t work like that.

    So there’s a method to our madness, and a reason why we say what we say. If you want to educate yourself on singing, you need to separate yourself from your knee-jerk emotional reaction, positive or negative, and you must pay close attention to performances so you can analyze them enough to determine how exactly that emotional connection is happening technically. Sometimes, you will feel emotionally connected, look at a singer, notice how precisely they are performing, and then begin to pick up on little things that make the performance less pleasing to your ear, and then you will realize that while you may be emotionally connected in some way, other people may not be, and you might see why. Depending on the singer, you may even lose that connection, or gain more of it, or wonder why you had it in the first place, depending on what they are technically doing.

  • Brynhild Tudor

    I believe Beverly Sills took a break from lessons between ages 10-16. That has a lot to do with her success. It’s not how early you start, it’s what you do with your talent and how you pace it that matters.

    People use emotion as their guide say things like ” I don’t care. all this other stuff isn’t important. It just falls by the wayside. Just enjoy it. Don’t question anything.”

    My response: ACaring is essential. ll that other stuff *is* important and cannot fall by the wayside. Emotion must be balanced with knowledge. You can enjoy something to a point, but then you must also be able to question things. Questioning things is a very good skill to have.

    Saying classical crossover is its own genre is like giving an excuse to singers not to pick one. Pick something and stick with it. Say you’re a classically trained singer who sings pop stuff. Or choose pop, or choose classical, and get trained in either. But do not catigorize classical crossover as its own genre. It’s not. It’s a mixture. It’s classically trained who sing pop music, either because they have no interest in opera or art song, or because they’ve tried that route because it’s not selling well, or because their operatic career is over and they’re looking for something else to do, or a million other reasons.

  • Brynhild Tudor

    Here are some age-appropriate music/opera/oratorio roles I’d like to see Jackie perform.

    Mary (The Secret Garden)
    The Boy (Mendelssohn’s Elijah)
    Rapunzel or Little Red Riding Hood (Sondheim’s Into the Woods)
    Amahl (Amahl and the Night Visitors)
    young Cosette (Les Miserables)

    These are children’s roles performed by kids around her age. Some are merely child characters portrayed by adults, but they would be challenging for a child, and as she has a lovely high register, I think she should make good use of it while she still can.

    There are also challenging children’s choir pieces, such as Britten’s Ceremony of Carols, that she would be good for if in an ensemble.

    There’s high-quality repertoire out there. It’s not all Disney and pop stuff.

  • Jackie

    Freedom of speech folks. Stop bashing certain people who making comments. Everyone’s opinion has merit, including Sarah, Jennifer etc . .We all are either fans with our opinions, or have musical training and each of us will have a different point of view regardless if you agree or disagree, its an opinion, period. There is no doubt she is working with lungs that are not fully developed quite yet, but outside of this, she loves singing and gets joy from doing it. We can just hope that the best care is being done to protect her. Sad, but thats how its always been with a child prodigy when it comes to them being seen as a business opportunity $$$$. Its entirely up to the parents and what Jackie wants when it all comes down to her life and her future. Everyone knows how to say “no”. Any of our opinions posted here mean nothing, its just a media to vent to people you don’t even know, as what I’ve done as well. I think we all should just wish her and her family the best and witness another unique human being, as life is short and raw diamonds are rare in this lifetime. Thank you Jackie for sharing your gift with all of us outside of technical comments and non technical comments from this post.

  • Jabbo

    The funny thing is, is that Jennifer wasn’t bashing Jackie at all in this flame thread.

  • DJ

    All this talk about Jackie Evancho. You know what that means. She is damn good. And everyone on this board knows it. The world is full of inspiring singers, spending lots of money and years at fancy music schools. And then comes along this little girl and she is getting all the attention. That must piss lots of people off, huh? Jackie has the gift. Sit back and enjoy and stop measuring the marigolds.

  • Gabriel

    Mr. Tudor

    First Jackie vocal coach is Yvie Burnett,She then trained as an operatic mezzosoprano, and sung professionally with the Welsh National Opera
    Burnett uses Estill Voice Training techniques, (often abbreviated EVT) is a programme for developing vocal skills based on deconstructing the process of vocal production into control of specific structures in the vocal mechanism.[1] By acquiring the ability to consciously move each structure the potential for controlled change of voice quality is increased.[2]

    Jackie’s mother on another forum stated that Jackie was getting locational advice from Julliard teacher Lorraine Nubar is head of the Juilliard School’s Pre-College voice department.

    Rumors of Jackie attending Julliard was debunked by issuing this statement:( minimum age is 14 years old to enroll)

    Gloria Gottschalk, Juilliard media relations manager, stated their position as follows:

    Lorraine Nubar, who is on Juilliard’s Pre-College faculty, had a meeting with Jackie Evancho – and did hear her sing, but Ms. Evancho will not be attending Juilliard’s Pre-College Division in the fall.




  • Gabriel

    Mr. Tom the Vocal Coach

    Pls refer us to you website so we can confirm that you are a accredited Vocal Coach!

    Roger Love (vocal coach) stated on MSNBC Alex Witts show that Jackie performs using her
    upper register or “head voice” and does not “belt”. Thereby virtually puts not strain on the vocal chords!

    Jackie sold more than (Chistmas album)3 million records as reported by Hollywood Reporter:

    The 11-year-old previously debuted her first major EP, titled O Holy Night, in Nov. of 2010. It was a platinum seller in the U.S. and moved more than 3 million copies worldwide.

    How do expect to get new clients by bashing Jackie Evancho


    ANSWER= (NONE)!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Gabriel

    Ms Sarah Stankiewicz

    Well I see you wanted the ATTENTION to get new young child students by bashing Jackie for
    atrocious Italian, improper vocal technique, performing Puccini’s aria’s.

    Instead of offering constructive criticism, you bash Jackie vocal coach (Yvie Burnett) She then trained as an operatic mezzosoprano, and sung professionally with the Welsh National Opera.



    Sarah Stankiewicz is completing her doctorate in Vocal Performance at the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music, where she previously received her Master of Music in Voice in 2006. She earned her Bachelor of Music in Voice from the Oberlin Conservatory of Music in 2003 and has been teaching private voice students since her undergraduate years. She brings a lifelong love of music to her studio, having participated in choir, band, orchestra, jazz-rock, musical theater and opera since childhood. Sarah believes that every singer–regardless of age, ability or preferred style–deserves to know how to sing in the most healthy and efficient way possible.



  • Gabriel

    Re:Vocal Coach Quote:I have to say as a professional I agree with Sarah. And to be frank, I think it’s horrid when other coaches push children to sing in a way their vocal chords are not designed for. Instead of the American public going, “Oh, how great is this,” you should all put that energy into worrying about whether or not the kid will have a voice when she’s 25.

    No One is pushing Jackie to perform, she has been singing Puccini for 3 1/2 years and no
    reported major vocal problems!!!

    If you a vocal coach REFER US TO YOUR WEBSITE!!!




  • Pat Robinson

    Such hatred. Leave the child alone. She will mature and find her own style as time passes. NO ONE is perfect. By the way, did/will you ever sing this well? No wonder so many talented dreams are never fulfilled, you naysayers should be ashamed of yourselves.

  • Janice

    careful Sarah your broom just flew away

  • Janice

    all of this being said and done why is it we all know who Jackie is but have no idea who you are

  • Don Ikeda

    Jackie Evancho has been studying with an Italian diction coach, Danielle Siena. Miss Siena was born in Florence, Italy. Miss Siena’s credits include the Metropolitan Opera, New York City Opera, and the Curtis Institute of Music. She is known as one of the foremost experts in the sung language of Italian. She has worked with many stars of opera including Frederica Von Stade, Carol Vaness, and Vinson Cole. Miss Siena is currently on staff at the Los Angeles Opera as the Italian diction coach for the young artists program.

    Unrelated, but worth mentioning, Jackie Evancho’s estimated net worth has now exceeded 2.5 million dollars and growing rapidly. This is a small measure of what the rest of the world thinks of Jackie Evancho.

  • Allyson

    I have read through these posts, and I feel idiotic for even wasting my time posting on this forum, but YOU sir, should be ashamed of yourself. Not once did you take into account the fact that maybe the classically-trained respondants have a true concern for Ms. Evancho’s voice. She has a beautiful talent, both in tone quality and expression, and it would be a real shame for that to disappear someday.

    While it isn’t becoming of some of the musically educated individuals who attacked Jackie, you have attacked all classically-trained aspiring opera singers, quite possibly the entire operatic realm, in the process of “protecting” the little girl through your pathetic computer screen. Barking at people to “show you the credentials” and then belittling them if the entirity of their musical studies was not completed at Juilliard is a disgrace. Unbeknownst to you, the Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University is a spectacular music school, and hundreds more exist within the United States and throughout the world.

    To call those who are educated within the field “snobs” is highly offensive as well. Many of us are intensively studying opera in an era where not everyone understands or appreciates it, yet we still train tirelessly with the hope that we can bring people the same love that we have for the art form to everyone who experiences it through us.

    In your longwinded and downright disturbing tirades, you denounce those who express their concerned opinions by calling them “jealous snobs.” You assume that we are all jealous of this beautiful, talented child because we are not on the stage, because we are not the singer that you are obsessed with. You are downright rude and frankly, I am quite thankful that I will most likely never come across someone as offensive and closeminded as you are.

    (For the record, I am completing my undergraduate degree in voice and opera performance this year. I will be pursuing my Masters in opera performance next year. I I have attended numerous opera training programs in the United States and abroad in Europe. I am not a snob. I love my art and I want to share my talents and my knowledge of opera with the world. I am gracious and accepting of constructive criticism. I am not jealous. I am happy for my colleagues who have experienced, are experiencing, or will experience the success that Jackie is experiencing right now. If you open your mind, you will find that most opera singers are much like me.)

  • Dick Osine

    I love to hear Jackie sings, very much.
    It is like I don’t care what will happen to her voice later – like lots of you guys. And no one can’t tell what her voice will turn to after puberty. Even if it’s ruined then, let’s enjoy this very moment when it’s REALLY GOOD. I will keep respecting her even when this is become reality, because I think personally she is great.

    It’s just that I am not a pure careless person. I consider that those people around her should take care of her voice and related physical condition, and I do hope so. Bravo Jackie, hope you continue to develop.

  • kirk

    i love the way these so called experts are so PUFFED UP about themselves you only WISH you had a fraction of jackies talent…but you dont so all you can do it sit back and TRY SO VERY HARD and find something wrong



    the opinions of these so called experts ARE NOTHING AND ARE WORTH NOTHING they are to be dismissed
    ALL OF US WHO HAVE HEARD HER KNOW WHAT WE LIKE we dont need idiots like above to try and insult a child who has more talent in her little finger then they will will years of so called voice training
    god bless you jackie

  • Suzette

    No body will remember who Jackie is in about 10 years. She sounds cute to the musically uneducated, but if you realize all that she is doing to – not preserve – but to ruin her voice, you’d be worried too. Anyone who has to shake their jaw to get a vibrato out is just asking for serious trouble. Good singing teachers do not recommend even trying vibrato until first year of college, even if they can do it well, to keep the voice healthy longer. I just hope she gets a better teacher who will work on allowing her to entertain but teach her correctly so she can keep her voice for many years to come. If she loves it, she’ll be wanting to sing into her middle and older years. Personally, I think she is a very nice, adorable gal . . . which is why I want the best for her.

  • Gabriel

    Ms “Opera Snob” Allyson

    Sarah Stankiewicz says:
    March 11, 2011 at 11:19 am

    But she is not an opera singer, sorry. I don’t blame the kid for the way she is performing–clearly someone coached her to sing with terrible musical phrasing, very little breath control (she has to breath every few notes), and her Italian is atrocious. The thing I’m worried about is that in a few years she will probably have no voice left–she’s being told to sing with a heavy, dark tone color in an attempt to sound older than her age. Her voice is lovely and she should be singing music that is appropriate for her as a 10-year old! Leave the heavy Puccini arias to mature, adult voices.Also, real opera singers don’t need microphones

    I find it unbecoming for a Faculty member (Sarah Stankiewicz)of Indiana University Jacobs School of Music,
    criticize a defenseless 11 year child prodigy.
    How would you like if she criticize your daughter pubiclly if she was a vocal performer???




  • negative?

    what happened to encouragement,respect and humility?what happened to recognizing the positive—-the tone we respond with reflects the color of our heart……………….

  • Gabriel

    Suzette “Opera Snob”

    Go crawl back to your obscure hole, no one would remember you anyway!!!

    Jackie Rocks!!

  • Gabriel

    Ms. Lacee

    Charlotte Church still sings Pop, Minor Vocal problems arose from chain smoking, drinking, partying and
    genre change.

    No major vocal surgery and Charlotte Church did not lose her voice.

    Charlotte Church stated that she can still sing Classical music, but wants to pursue Pop music.
    Charlotte’s jaw wobble was much more pronounced than Jackie’s

  • John Tolmay

    If one day this delightful little girl wakes up with a voice like a bullfrog on steroids so what! fame and fortune only shines on a tiny fraction of people and the moment it arrives it is gone in a trice. The moment is now she is the star and we out here are privileged to be living when she arrived and sang for us. However the bullfrog wont happen, clearly this charming little girl is surrounded by a loving family and now she has friends around the globe who will watch over her and wonderful voice and she will simply go on and on. When the nay sayers have shriveled, dried up and blown away she will still be here regaling us with her music and her charm. Go for it Jackie we are loving every minute of it.

  • Marek

    Of course heavy dark timbre is appropriate for Her, without it she is loosing almost everything. Maybe in the future. She has possibilities to be contralto singer, maybe mezzo, but not soprano. Ofcourse it is not defect, but feature, classical coloratura contralto is fantastic voice, but it is subject of future. Ofcourse sometimes this timbre is exaggerated but we should forgive it and it is not problem of her health. Mattia Rossi in similar age and similar vocal range (lower about perfect fourth, before vocal change) was singing male tenor so why girl cant sing female contralto/mezzo. (They should sing together “Time to say gb” :) ) It is talent. Boys despite they are much more better then girls in soprano voices (find young girls singing like Bejun Mehta, Richard Bonsall, Clint van Der Linde, Aled Jones, Alois Muhlbacher, Andrew Johnston and a lot of boys from 12 to 15 yo) dont sing in such way despite their clean, round voices, larger scale and colotatura skills. So we have something absolutely new in child music.

    The problem is that she start to be closed in crossover mode and instead of preparing to be in the future an artist such great like Ewa Podleś or Sara Mingardo, she will be only like Hayley Westenra…

  • Natalie Moreau

    Very interesting discussion here.

    First of all, I’d like to say that Jackie Evancho is a lovely girl with a lovely instrument. I wish her a career full of success.

    Is she an opera singer? At this point, no she isn’t. Opera singers perform in operas. Evancho is a classical crossover artist. Will she become an opera singer later? Very possibly. It’s also possible that she will stay in the realm of crossover. Nothing wrong with that.

    About microphones. Typically opera singers are not miked. Operatic training teaches a singer to use the voice like a laser beam–with enough focus and direction to cut above an orchestra. Is Jackie Evancho any less of a singer because she is microphoned? Of course not. But it is not traditional operatic style.

    On technique: There are technical hurdles that Jackie will still need to work on. For example, Jackie has a lot of jaw tension. This is probably one of the most common difficulties that a singer faces. Again, it doesn’t mean that she is a bad singer. But it’s definitely something that she will want to work on to use her voice in the most efficient manner possible.

    On repertoire: I completely agree that a voice this young should not be singing Puccini, even with the benefit of amplification. “Nessun dorma” is completely inappropriate for a young singer. Beyond its technical difficulties, the text of the aria is far too mature. There is a plethora of repertoire that would be very appropriate for her in the classical genre, that would help her achieve her technical goals far better, and that would be much healthier for her to sing.

    I think it’s very unfortunate that the assumption is made that individuals trained in classical music who offer constructive criticism are “bitter,” “snobbish,” “elititist,” “jealous…” etc. I assure you that I am none of those things. I didn’t want an operatic career. I have no regrets. I am not a naysayer. I am not being spiteful. I think it’s wonderful that this little girl has touched so many people with her voice and my constructive criticism is not meant to take anything away from her or from the people who admire her.

    I’m an avocational classical singer. I frequently perform operatic arias. I am not an opera singer. I would not be offended if someone made the statement that I’m “not an opera singer.” I’m not! I am a classically trained soprano. I don’t understand why Jackie Evancho fans get offended when people merely state what is true.

    So I would ask, very respectfully, that people step back and consider that everyone is entitled to voice an opinion and should not be attacked or discredited for doing so.

    Again, my heartfelt best to Ms. Evancho and to all of her admirers whom she has touched so deeply. It is a tremendous gift to be able to touch the hearts of so many people.


  • Cornelius Clawson

    I left music school early on because my delayed start after military service was much too late and I recognized that my talent as a singer was not competive with others at the school. But, in old age I sometimes look back and wonder “what if” I made the wrong decision.

    The critical comments by others here leave me cold. The positive comments don’t help, because both sides miss the point. Fans and critics alike agonize about whether or not the individual will stay at the top of music for a
    lifetime. What they should be asking is whether it is ethical to demand that a genius concentrate on only one
    part of living to the exclusion of all others.

    Nobody seems to recognize that this absolutely brilliant young lady could become a fantastic performer in any professional field or a savior of all humanity. Her intelligence is “off the charts”.

    For now, her musical interpretation completely outclasses all of the mature singers who have been trotted out to perform with her. There aren’t enough glowing adjectives in my vocabulary to describe her performance.

  • Maynard

    The chance for most of us to become opera aficionados is very limited. Therefore, to learn to appreciate arias from operas is about all we can hope for. Not all operatically trained voices are pleasant to listen to. Not all opera greats were able to maintain their voices for their entire careers, even when they died young. Maria Callas is an example. Why do those who claim to possess operatic skill or training think it’s terrible for a singer to perform crossover before they sing opera, but it’s fine for opera performers to sing popularized music?. Examples of this acceptance include performances of Carreras, Domingo and Pavaroti. When Sarah Brightman sings the most dramatic version of Rusalka I’ve ever heard, she’s “terrible”,”horrendous” etc. according to many opera buffs, partly beause she didn’t sing in the Czech language. How many can and why is it a prerequisite? How many realize or care that “Stranger in Paradise” was from the opera Prince Igor by Alexander Borodin and was originally performed in Russian? I hope Jackie’s marvelously beautiful voice will last her for her lifetime. Even if it doesn’t, technology will enable generations to come to appreciate it. Let’s be grateful for miracles and appreciate their ephemeral yet eternal quality. Kathleen Battle has a marvelous voice and performs splendidly yet she has chin wobble. And Suzette, if people are still around in ten years, they will remember Jackie!!!!!!

  • Emily

    I completely aggree with you. I happen to have 2 recordings of Jackie Evancho, and I think she has great potential. I think that she could work on some things too. I’m visually impaired, but am able to hear different things in the voice and the way she hits notes. I hope that she can learn to open that lower register of hers and lift on her pitches. I like her though, and I hope that she can continue to have a good voice.

  • Emily

    Sarah, I love you. I’m so glad that I’m not the only one that recognizes these things. I completely agree with you. I don’t like her live at all because of 2 things, her breath support and her extremely closed-up low register. With her breath support, she’s trying to take in more air than she’s capable of at her age, and her vowls are not exactly like Sissel’s and some of the purer sopranos. I love singers who can take a breath with out you hearing them do it majorly, and I love well-rounded british vowls.

  • Emily

    Hey Tom I don’t know who you are, but I noticed that she was singing in lower keys. I think your amazing in what you know. I was wondering what you think of her breath support and they way she hits notes? I’m visually impaired but am able to pick out subtle things in the music that other people don’t notice. I hope they can get someone better to coach her or else I think that she will go the same way Charlotte Church went.

  • Emily

    I think that’s so cool that you majored in music. I’m visually impaired and attempting to do the same thing. As for Jackie Evancho, I can hear things too that most people don’t even pay attention to. I was astounded at how quickly she seems to mature voice wise. I thought that was so not cool. I hate the fact that she’s trying to take in more air than she can handle, and how closed up her lower register is. I’m an english soprano and prefer those pure british vowels the cambridge singers use when singing. I’m 19, and have had no voice training, but I naturally open up as I gradually get higher. I hope that Jackie takes some classes on music theory and ear training, because they would be so useful to her. She can sing, but you have a great point, if she doesn’t know anything about theory or other things like sight-reading, or ear-training, she’ll be at a loss in the future. I can tell you that my oral skills in music have been so useful to me where I can’t sight-read it. I haven’t really taken a full course in ear-training yet, but I’m hoping to even though I’ve done it my entire life. Glad to reply to you, and I hope you have a wonderful day.

  • Frank Roberts

    Well said. By the time Jackie is 18-just 18- she will re-write all the record books. Including “most tears shed at
    a performance.”

  • Freddy

    I wonder how many of you people realize that “Gabriel” who posts here is the same person who posts on YouTube as yomamajama777. Compare the writing styles. They’re exactly the same. He writes nasty comments ,uses bad grammar and crude language, writes rude parodies of the usernames of the people who disagree with him, calls someone who disagrees with him a nasty name and then writes a ridiculous definition of that name.

  • Diana

    I still think Jackie should have won on America’s got talent!!!

  • cynthia


  • Emily

    Hey Tom, I agree with you. I’m so amazed that she hasn’t found new repertoire yet. It’s not like I don’t like the songs she’s already doing, but if she wanted to, she could expand it even now. I think that is so crazy that her voice seems to mature with every performance. Does that normally happen?, because I’ve never seen that happen before. I also think that she could open up more. She kind of sounds like a fog horn, because she’s pushing everything to the back of her throat and swallowing those vowels that could be even more pure, just like english sopranos.

  • Not a Hater

    I am furious!!!!!!! “Sarah” may think she is the queen of life, but JACKIE IS MY QUEEN!!! That being said, I have a wonderful voice. Sarah, could you get me into Indiana University? I can send you a tape.

  • ben

    Dear Brynhild Tudor,

    Thank you for your comments concerning Miss Evancho.

    Because I love Miss Evancho’s voice, I appreciate your concerns and analysis. It is true that many of her fans are so overcome with emotion by her voice, that it is difficult if not impossible for many of them to see what you may see and hear, objectively.

    May the harsh replies you may have received from some present here be neutralized by time, wisdom, and confidence in your apparent and genuine goodwill towards Jackie Evancho and her chosen career.

  • Samuel Labouisse

    Picky ! Picky !……Will agree that they should be cautious not to overstretch this voice
    at such a young age. She and parents need to get the very best professional advice. Perhaps they do..

  • richard

    Jackie has a god given talent, and your comments are of one who cannot come to terms with greatness, but has to belittle one who is great, maybe you should accept the fact that you are lacking in worth

  • agrees with Sarah

    Sarah, I agree with you 200 percent.

    I hope everyone knows that we dont care what you think… because the fact of the matter is… none of you know any vocal ped training… so you would think she is a wonderful singer. ( and I DO think that the kid has some MAD pipes! She TRULY does have a talent! God given gift! but its being run into the ground by over excited teachers who are causing her HARM!!!!)

    Most opera companies wouldn’t touch her with a 5 foot pole… She is going to develop vocal nodes, or hem a chord if she is not careful. We are not bashing her… we are trying to help her… if she truly wants an opera career… well then she needs a better vocal coach.. one that would not give her O Mio Babbino Caro! That aria is inappropriate for a 10 year old! its inappropriate for a 20 year old! Puccini should not be attempted until you have mastered easier Italian rep… English art songs… easier Mozart pieces… NOT PUCCINI!

    Go ahead and bash Sarah… honestly it makes her credibility as a prof voice teacher and singer stronger… Any teacher who would be concerned with the well being of a singer.. is an KICK ASS teacher… The problem is teachers who dont care about young singers… and that they might be causing them great hard. AKA What is being done to Jackie.

    You are all going to feel mighty stupid when you find out that Jackie vocal problems when she is 18 yrs. old. Crossover artist or not.

    Go Sarah. You know what your talking about- and everyone else is uneducated and just hears a lil girl singing a big aria.. not knowing it is hurting her….

  • Glenn T

    It’s not so much what Jackie sings as it is how she sings it. I have been to 3 of Jackies concerts now, and have never been so captivated by any performer as I have been by her. Jackie has the ability to connect with her audience like no one I have ever heard before. It is a magical experience to say the least and anyone with a heart will agree with me. When Jackie performs it is as if she is singing directly to you. The tone and clarity of her voice is nothing short of amazing! Also jackie decides what she wants to sing, not her voice coach or her mother. These operatic songs are Jackies choice because she likes them and the emotion that she can put into them when she performs them. I understand how some may want to pick apart the technical aspects of Jackies performances due to their own expertise, and I can appreciate the comments, however, she is after all 12 years old now and one of the biggest artists in the world right now, all due to the way she sings. Right or wrong, whatever she is doing must be good or she would not have achieved the level of success that she has. It all boils down to people will listen to what they like to hear regardless of what others may think about the performer. Jackie is doing what she loves to do and at only 12 years old her “Dream” is coming true! Her dream as she stated on AGT 2 years age was to perform, and guess what!! Everyone is entitled to their opinion, as is Jackie, and hers is that she is going to do what she wants to do as far as singing goes and she is going to do it the way she wants! Jackie is a small miracle on earth that was put here to bring joy and happiness to a world that is sorely missing these things. She is an amazing person as well with morals and humbleness that most adults don’t have and a sense of dedication that very few people have. There are a great many people who can learn a great deal from this child who I, as a 57 year old man, look up to and admire and have the utmost respect for. Nothing Jackie does is scripted and all her interviews are off the cuff and honest and ALL of her performances are live and not lip synced as she will not do this. I will leave you with one question; Where were you when you were ten or eleven or twelve years old?

  • raybow33

    The ones that feel that her voice is being electronicly or digitly enhanced more by bass or echos or whatever..the singers who sang with her needed their mics and voices enhanced also , so they could sound as good as she does. Yes she is young like a Shirley Temple to me who went on after a brilliant singing and acting career to become an ambassador of the United States (Shirley Temple-Black) .
    Which Jackie Evancho shows a talent for already even if she loses her voice her plan B is becoming an actress and with the character she has displayed she could become an ambassagor of the United States,,, I’d be a fan of her acting career also… To even think of second guessing her parents choices is way way out of line..they show nothing but love and concern for their daughter and she couldn’t ask for better parents they seem to have an already wonderful environment without worrying about money or material things and only Jackie’s happiness.
    I personnally didn’t listen to operas or classics but I was converted by JE can’t get enough of Jackies sound…If she started to sound anything like an opera singer I really think she would lose a lot of her fan base and she is one of a kind..I could listen to her version of Dark Waltz over and over and over again..jackie you are the best..follow your dreams..you are our ambassador.
    JE has stated that she is already prepared for any mishaps or tragedies with her singing if you stop and listen to her.Its called plan B acting…we are not the center of the universe..the theory of relativity is just that a theory.Their are better ways of doing things is all I’m saying..even singing for a young girl..our system of teaching is teaching us the way of control not freedom..JE do your thing while you can and have no regrets…you are our ambassador…
    I’ve went to watch other videos of opera singers sing some of the same songs as JE,, they just didn’t stand up or match up to JE and got boring but I still listen to the end,,none had the effect of giving emotions and spiritual awakening that JE’s singing brings out in you..
    There was a preacher named JC who preached to many and had many follow him ,but beleived he could preach and not follow the well established rules and was put down for it…JE follow your dreams and we will listen…you are our ambassador..long live JE..

  • raybow33

    Jackie Evancho just finished an outstanding performance and concert with well established opera and CC artist,,,those artist are Dmitri Hvorostovsky and Sumi Jo who showed professtionalism at its best,They were also very kind and gracious to JE..Banquet of Opera was the concert..performed in St.Petersburg, Russia…got to admit they love her there as much as we do here..So what if she loses her voice in the future,which I think will not happen,,,she deserves the fame and fortune now..and again I will use Shirley Temple-Black as the perfect example..she had a brilliant child carreer but as she got older fans out grew her although her skills were as good as ever..and she went on to serve our country as an ambassador of the United States and many presidents..what will the haters say now…long live Shirley Temple and Jackie Evancho we love you both

  • operamagic

    Sarah, I agree with you completely. She drops her larynx to get that more mature tone, gulps for air every few notes, doesn’t support the tone, strains on the top notes, hunches her neck and clenches her fists which denotes tension in the body. It’s sad that Jackie is being exploited this way, sad that she may very well damage her voice beyond repair. Unfortunately, the majority of her fans have no clue as to how important correct technique is to singers. They also don’t understand that being a classical crossover singer doesn’t somehow magically exclude a singer from the damage resulting from poor tecnique. Jackie’s fans beat up anyone who dares to say that she needs a good teacher. Her unqualified mother is her only regular teacher, but they claim that Yvie Burnett who is the coach for AGT works with her from time to time. Burnett uses a very controversial vocal method called Estil, which doesn’t make much sense to me and I’m a classically trained singer. of course a good teacher would insist that Jackie sing with her natural child’s voice and then the gig would be up because her fans wouldn’t like that voice nearly as much as they like her current manufactured tone. Because her fans have no musical knowledge, they assume that anyone who dares to criticize Jackie’s technique is jealous, a hater, and worse. They have no clue what they’re talking about. They also think that a criticiam of Jackie’s technique is a personal attack on her as a person, when nothing could be farther from the truth. Her fans actually believe that the music promoters and recording company execs who are making loads of money off of this talented child really care what happens to her. How deluded they are. I just hope that this ittle girl who has so much potential gets the training she needs before her voice is damaged beyond repair. A voice isn’t like an oboe or a flute or a trumpet. If those instruments are badly damaged, the instrumentalist can find another one. There are no replacements for ruined vocal cords. There is no store where one can get a vocal cord replacement. Also, her mother needs to stop making comments like “WE don’t like opera.” Jackie should be allowed to choose her own career path.

  • operamagic

    Ah, I see that you have met up with “Gabriel” too. Pay no attention to him. He posts all over YT and other Jackie Evancho videos and calls people “opera snob”, “elitist”, and other derogatory names. He’s so crazy that the other Jackie fans are continually telling him to shut up, that Jackie doesn’t need fans like him.. Many of his crazy comments are so nasty and demented that they are removed from the places where they have been posted.

  • Gabriel

    Sarah and your Cohorts

    RE your quote:
    “Most opera companies wouldn’t touch her with a 5 foot pole… She is going to develop vocal nodes, or hem a chord if she is not careful. We are not bashing her… we are trying to help her… if she truly wants an opera career… well then she needs a better vocal coach.. one that would not give her O Mio Babbino Caro! That aria is inappropriate for a 10 year old! its inappropriate for a 20 year old! Puccini should not be attempted until you have mastered easier Italian rep… English art songs… easier Mozart pieces… NOT PUCCINI!”

    This quote reflects you jealous, snobbish mentality!

    Just because a “12 year old Classical Crossover Singer” can kick you’re a**!


  • Larry “Never” Fail

    Jackie Evancho is a Forever Voice of an Angel. She will take you there to a time and place that is timeless.

  • Al Rostkowski

    Jackie Evancho has already achieved her dream. There is nothing, absolutely nothing, that can change that. The world’s greatest schools of music will try to ignore her because they have discovered how irrelevant they can be when the President of the United States, the Emperor of Japan and fans around the world hear and want more of Jackie. Opera is their last hurrah. If they can’t convince humanity how hard it is to be an “opera” singer (no 10-year-old is qualified), they will fail in promoting themselves. People actually do know the music they like.

  • John Allen

    It’s not quite apples-and-oranges, but that’ll do for the moment. Sarah and others who bemoan this young lady’s training are, of course, spot on. If anyone here wants to see an example of this type of over exploitation, one has only to follow the career(s) of Charlotte Church. Having said that, Jackie’s voice is truly beautiful, albeit INCORRECTLY PREPARED. To the folks who differentiate between Classical and Opera, the former encompasses the latter; they’re not entirely separable. I enjoy her voice, but I, too, worry about Miss Evancho’s future. God bless her.

  • Tunanorth

    It’s more than 2 years down the road since naysayers began proclaiming her voice was in immediate danger, and she would be forgotten overnight.
    Her voice is better and stronger than ever, and her popularity and accomplishments have grown to the point that if she retired tomorrow, she would never be forgotten.
    Breaking Michael Jackson’s record as youngest artist in history to have a Billboard Top 5 and Platinum album alone is a standard unlikely to be topped any time soon.
    The latest CD/DVD release is distinctly non-operatic, and in fact contains several Disney selections along with Willy Wonka, and even Louis Armstrong’s lovely “What a Wonderful World”; yet the naysayers are still unrelenting, which reveals a lot about them.

  • Bludgeoned

    Sarah Stankiewicz, I’m with you. I agree with everything you said and I’ve said so in YouTube comments and elsewhere. I, like you, was bludgeoned and beaten by the Jackie fans…and was stunned by the way they reacted. I finally asked, on one of Jackie’s YouTube videos, why her fans respond with such venom and nastiness to anyone who suggests that this talented little girl sings with poor technique and that she needs a teacher. Someone actually responded to my query and told me the truth. It seems that there are many among Jackie’s fans who think that she’s some sort of religious figure, perhaps a little girl Jesus or an actual angel, sent by God to Earth with a perfect voice that needs no training. They believe that since she’s his emmissary, he will allow no harm to come to her. Thus. when we suggest that she has less than perfect technique and needs a teacher, we are attacking their religion. Personally, this whole Jackie as Religion thing is something that I find quite creepy, to say nothing of a terrible burden to place on the shoulders of a little child. You can’t get the fans who regard her this way to listen to any sort of reason, so I’ve just given up. Scary isn’t it that people who claim to be religious can be so nasty and vulgar in the way they attack people who are simply stating the informed opinion that Jackie is likely to damage her voice through the use of poor technique. There are also among Jackie’s fans those who simply speak out of ignorance becauase they have no musical education. They’re impossible to talk to also. They’re often very selfish, too. They think that because Jackie will have loads of money when if her voice is ruined, she will be happy even though her voice is gone. It’s all very sad.

  • Emily

    By the time she’s 18, she may well have no voice left. And don’t bother calling me a hater or jealous. I’m nauseated by the horrid way that people’s opinions are treated when they don’t agree with the Jackie fans.

  • Raymond

    Don’t be absurd. Those with whom Jackie has sung (Sarah Brightman, Katherine Jenkins, etc) are all pop opera singers too, and can’t sing without microphones and electronic e3nhancement either. They didn’t need amplification and enhancement so that they’d sound as good as Jackie. They needed these things so that they could be heard in the first place. Jackie also needs amplification in order to be heard.

  • Tunanorth

    Sorry Bludgeoned,
    You are dead wrong.
    There are a handful of religious zealots among JE’s fans, as there are in any random sampling of the population, but your suggestions are preposterous.
    Just the fact that you admit you have continually posted criticisms for over 2 years makes you a member of a very curious group; “Anti-Fans”.
    You clearly have NOT “given up”, as here you are again/still.
    She’s not an opera singer, and has stated repeatedly that she does not want to be one.
    What’s hard to figure is why people like you are so dogged in their criticism of a 12-year old who clearly loves to sing.

  • kirk

    jackie is a gift from god only boring uneducated idiots that have an IQ of a worm would say otherwise
    as she still sells out everywhere and sings for presidents, kings, and world leaders to bad you cant say the same of her detractors and has made more money as child than they will in their entire life

  • Saffie M. Lowe

    People, please. PLEASE stop with the “gift from God” stuff. I fully understand why a beautiful voice that brings tears of joy can seem almost transcendent, but I have to ask you to think about what you’re saying. Is God a god that gives voices to little blonde girls, but at the same time denies millions of children a meal, a safe place to sleep, a chance to grow up healthy and educated? All the suffering in the world, but I never hear you people bring God into that. You only praise him for things that make YOU happy. That is SELFISH and you know it. God cares not one bit whether Tim Tebow gets a touchdown, or whether Jackie Evancho can sing. Christianity has become cultish. Seriously. This little girl, Jackie Evancho, is a better example of what Christ taught than you people. She prays that “every sparrow’s counted,” she wants God to hear children’s cries, she wants to end suffering, she wants to save baby seals. She GETS IT, but you people don’t, you worship HER instead.

    Also, you take credit away from her for her hard work, dedication and talent. She sang just like every other girl with a good voice when she was 8-years old. But she practiced and practiced and practiced. She has innate natural abilities that shined as a result of that hard work. That is how it’s done. Instead, you want to give God the credit. Remember Charlotte Church? Everyone called her a precious little gift from God and took ownership of her like you people are doing with Jackie Evancho. It put so much pressure on her that she finally broke. Now she’s left religion behind her and Catholics are turning on her like vicious dogs. Is that what you want? No. One word, folks: Idols. You know the answer to that one.

  • Robert Janke

    All of these critics, and some are rather vicious are being let of lightly in my opinion. Step back and look at what they are doing, out here in Wisconsin we call it bullying . Here in this blog we see adults bullying a 12 year old girl. That is in my opinion despicable behaviour. Even if her parents keep her from your comments I am sure her 6th grade friends are out there surfing the net to follow her travel etc. They read that and have somewhat limited ability to put it into perspective. If you don’t like Jacki just do what my mother told me a long time ago… just turn off the radio (or TV) Nobody is forcing you to watch/listen. You people should be ashamed of your behaviour even if you justify it as being good for her.

  • kirk

    to call someone a gift from god IS NOT WORSHIPING HER it give glory to god for her saffie wake up now and get the foam out of your mouth relax and take a pill ok you will be ok

  • Whytheelitism

    I think Sarah’s comment just about sums up why I (and many others) have come to despise opera singers in the very short time we’ve gotten a window into their culture through Evancho’s “crossover classical” celebrity. Yes, in there are legitimate concerns about this young girl’s long term health. But it’s couched in such snide smirking, that it’s impossible to take the “good points” seriously.

    The “mostly in tune” barb? Come one, she’s just about the most on pitch singer I’ve ever heard. And yes, I have been pointed to clips of “real” opera singers. I have no doubt that by the strict criteria of the opera community, Evancho does not qualify as an opera singer (nor has she ever claimed to be one), but I can say this: She sounds better than most true opera singing clips I’ve heard.

    Opera singers like to brag about how they have better breath control than this 10 year old girl (at least she’s 10 here). What they don’t seem to realize is that (1) she’s ten here, (2), they’re making themselves look like fools by lording over their larger lung capacity over a 10-year-old.

    The one point of pride that it seems all opera singers seem to take is that they can sing and be heard in a theater without the use of a microphone. They train for years and years to be able to be as LOUD as possible, to achieve this, seemingly with the end goal in mind that they can then brag about this one physical ability over and over and over again on the internet. But from seeing some clips posted, it seems this has come at the expense of all else–namely, actually having a singing voice that’s pleasant to listen to. “Yeah, sure, we sound like shrieking cats, but, but we sound LOUD! We’re way louder than this little girl, so that means we’re better than her!”

    Look, I too have concerns about Evancho’s long term health–but it’s hard to take such concerns seriously coming from the “professionals” when they’re almost invariably couched in these ridiculous, “She’s cute, and she can mostly stay in tune” remarks. It’s like the cast of the movie Heathers or Mean Girls all grew up to be pro opera singers and that’s what that community is largely made up of.

  • whytheelitism

    And from “Suzette”

    “No body will remember who Jackie is in about 10 years. She sounds cute to the musically uneducated…”

    Again, this is pathetic and condescending. If you want to post constructive concerns over singing technique, fine. But INVARIABLY the “real” opera singers can’t help but couch such concerns in poison. Maybe it’s time to consider why opera seems to be a dying art. Maybe it’s not 100% because tastes have changed, but because the opera community themselves carry themselves with all the grace of an embittered, middle-aged Lindsay Lohan. I know that in the short time I’ve been an Evancho fan, and seen the way the opera community behaves (both in comments but in articles by people who are “real” singers), I’ve come to the conclusion that I never have any desire to ever go to an opera. The funny thing is, I would’ve been open to liking opera before all this.

  • B.R.Gilbert

    Vocal coach of what?

  • Ross

    It is amazing to me how many singer wannabes become self appointed experts on singing techniques and yet have no success of their own they can point to. Jackie is young and she is maturing physically and musically and with maturity comes all awareness in all other things; for those of you who suggest she is straining horribly I would suggest that you listen to her speaking voice and if she were straining as you suggest she would be severly horse and she is not; her singing style is her own and cannot be taught nor will she allow it to go away; Lastly, I ask you how many other singers today can so effortlessly traverse 3 octaves so beautifully? To my knowledge only Jackie can do it. Do you really believe that an esteemed producer and musical genius as is David Foster would not advise her to change if he felt that her singing technique put her in harms way? It’s absurd to think that he would do so.

  • ross

    Garriel, your remarks are a bit harsh but I get your point; It astounds me how many self styled experts who have as yet to achieve success of thier own in the music business, would believe that an esteemed musical genius, as is David Foster, would allow her to continue singing as she does IF it were true as others here suggest, she were seriously iniuring her voice. It’s absurd to think this;

    I wonder how many of those who critize Jackie’s dropping her larynx know that this is exactly what Seth Riggs advocates, Seth is an esteemed American vocal coach and founder of a technique known as Speech Level Singing. Some of his students have included Ray Charles, Josh Groban, Dusty Springfield, Michael Jackson, Madonna; many of whom credit him for their vocal success. It appears that Jackie seems to grasp what Seth preaches instinctively.

  • gary

    As soon as Jackie became known due to her appearances on AGT, comments regarding her poor technique, breathing, chin wobble, etc began appearing. My reaction to that was “wow …. how good will she sound if she starts doing all those things right?” Now, almost 3 years later, we hear improvement on what we thought was perfection, as Jackie just gets better and better. By the way, the throat specialist who checks her periodically has yet to sound the alarm as far as I know. Everyone, please realize how blessed we are to be able to hear this wonder of the century!

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