Hugh Laurie: Let Them Talk
About the Concert

An American favorite for his award-winning role in the hit TV series House, the versatile British actor Hugh Laurie showcases his musical side in an atmospheric personal odyssey filmed on location in New Orleans. Hugh Laurie: Let Them Talk – A Celebration of New Orleans Blues airs on THIRTEEN’s Great Performances Friday, September 30 at 9 p.m. ET on PBS (check local listings).

Watch a preview:

Defying simple categorization, Laurie finds his greatest satisfaction and inspiration from the mixture of blues and jazz that grew out of New Orleans at the beginning of the last century. He was inspired as a teenager by hearing blues great Professor Longhair’s “Tipitina.” Let Them Talk is Laurie’s very personal journey into the heart and soul of that music: “Here I am in the French Quarter playing with all these amazing musicians. This may be about as good as it gets. In fact, this may be what heaven is like.”

Laurie sings a wide selection of tunes, accompanying himself on piano or guitar, and backed by some of the town’s top-flight musicians. He refuses to pigeonhole his selections. “There are only two categories: good and bad. Those are the only things that matter.”

Throughout the hour, there are intimate performances and rehearsals with blues legends Allen Toussaint and Irma Thomas, known as the “Soul Queen of New Orleans,” as well as another fellow traveler from Great Britain similarly inspired by this uniquely American music, Sir Tom Jones.

Hugh Laurie: Let Them Talk – A Celebration of New Orleans Blues also includes documentary segments showing Laurie’s daytime and nocturnal travels around the city on foot, by bike, or car, including a visit to the legendary Euclid Records shop, where he reverently inspects the classic LPs there.

Laurie dubs the city “the most romantic place on earth” and observes that this is “a city that doesn’t fear death. It’s looked death in the eye.” This aspect is reflected in its music, he notes. “Death is the minor key. Life is the major key.”

He freely admits he’s following “in the footsteps of Martin Scorsese, Ken Burns, and Spike Lee,” all of whom memorably trod similar cinematic musical paths.

Of Laurie’s piano prowess, Jones observes admiringly, “He must have listened to a lot of blues players, a lot of boogie-woogie players,” and notes that Laurie’s playing resembles that of Jerry Lee Lewis. Thomas marvels that when she saw him on the keyboards on House, she “could tell he was actually playing.”

With concert sequences filmed at the historic Latrobe’s building in the French Quarter, the musical selections include New Orleans blues standards along with forgotten and neglected gems.

Song Listing

“Swanee River” (Foster/Charles)
Hugh Laurie

“Baby What Do You Want Me to Do”/“You Got Me Running” (Jimmy Read)
Miss Lovell White & The Austin Blues Society Band

“You Don’t Know My Mind” (Williams/Gray/Liston)
Hugh Laurie

“You Don’t Know Me” (Walker/Arnold)
Lady on Guitar

“Copperhead Road” (Steve Earle)
Group Singing and Playing Guitars

“Luckenbach Texas (Back to the Basics of Love)” (Moman/Emmons)
Group Singing and Playing Banjos/Guitars

“John Henry” (Traditional Arrangement – Chatman)
Hugh Laurie/Irma Thomas

“St. James Infirmary” (Traditional Arrangement – Primrose)
Hugh Laurie

“Buddy Bolden’s Blues” (Traditional Arrangement – Morton)
Hugh Laurie

“Baby Please Make A Change” (Mississippi Sheiks)
Hugh Laurie/Tom Jones/Irma Thomas

“Let Them Talk”
Hugh Laurie

“Tipitina” (Professor Longhair)
Hugh Laurie

No stranger to public television, Laurie’s “Jeeves and Wooster” (with comedy partner Stephen Fry) was a popular Masterpiece Theatre presentation in the early 1990s.

Great Performances is a production of THIRTEEN for WNET New York Public Media, one of America’s most prolific and respected public media providers. For nearly 50 years, WNET has been producing and broadcasting national and local arts programming to the New York community.

Hugh Laurie: Let Them Talk – A Celebration of New Orleans Blues was directed for television by JP Davidson. For Great Performances, Bill O’Donnell is series producer, and David Horn is executive producer.

Major funding for the Great Performances telecast is provided by Vivian Milstein, LuEsther T. Mertz, the Philip and Janice Levin Foundation, and the Filomen M. D’Agostino Foundation.

  • Elaine

    Finally, this generation has the opportunity to hear why so many of us have loved the blues for so long and are thrilled to hear it again, but this time with a blend of the old and new, in the person of the very talented Hugh Laurie on piano, guitar and vocals, supported by the wonderful horn arrangements of Allen Toussaint and the vocals of Irma Thomas, Dr. John, and Sir Tom Jones, along with all the wonderful backup artists who enrich the selections.. This music is like no other. It’s infectious and addictive (sorry, House), but always it lifts the spirit and penetrates deep into the soul– if not the very marrow. I’ve almost worn out the first version of the CD and am now playing the Special Edition at home, in the car, at friends’ homes and anywhere I can. Now I’m looking forward to hearing some of those other 100 tunes that Laurie has not yet had the chance to record. . Counting the days to the Sept. 30th program.. Thank you PBS and those funders whose support of this music has inspired this much anticipated presentation. Your generosity is our great good fortune. .

  • Kimberley Oliver

    I for one support Hugh Laurie’s musical interests; people who put him down just because they may know him as an actor and because some have written that he’s ” too White” to know the Blues; have they ever heard of Blue Eyed Soul? Besides, I am Black and I believe that music is for every one; there is no colour when it comes to music! I have bipolar type two ( the milder type) which is more about depression…I find that music lifts my mood and takes me to a place where nothing bad can hurt me. You go Boy! Don’t listen to the negative types, just play on and on…but don’t stop acting because you are very good! I first heard of you through “House” but I have watch your earlier stuff, too, including the kid’s stuff! Now I want to watch the work you did when you first started out!

  • Martee Capilli

    This man is a genius and very “classy” in all he does. He has so much wisdom and class of any actor I have have ever known. I have watched every episode of HOUSE and I have all the DVDs of the show, I have watched most of his televised interviews……I am a true and faithful fan.

  • Ravenna55

    I don’t have the words to express how much I love ‘let them talk’. You can hear the love he has for these songs and I never tire of hearing St James infirmary or Tipitina. All those songs are easily the most treasured CD I have in my music collection. It just makes me happy,

  • Michael Thompson

    I frankly loved the CD. Anything that brings light to the great city of New Orleans and it’s authentic culture deserves a listen. And I don’t care if it’s sung by a bluesman, an upper middleclass Brit or a Yodilor from Switzerland. (excuse the spelling of one who Yodles). Hugh Laurie did a great job dispite it was recorded in Oceanside City! Only joking Hugh!! You have fundlemental tastes for all kinds of music, but especially the blues! I’ve heard the blues on House, Massive Attack for the introduction, classical music in you’re psyche ward episode and one of John Lennon’s favorite tunes “A Whiter Shade of Pale”. Covered by Annie Lennox, (we won’t forget you’re appearance on the “Walking on Broken Glass” video) But I liked the title track the best. “Let them Talk, seems to sum up the blues, the very sad demise of “House” and whatever may be going on with you at any given moment. Keep up the good work Mr. Laurie, and let you’re passions lead you! Sincerely, Michael Thompson

  • Nancy

    Love the man.
    Love his music.
    Will be watching Friday night.
    Will be watching [H]OUSE on Monday night.

  • Rob

    WNED in Buffalo seems to not be broadcasting this – why?

  • Regan

    Go MAN Go!!!

  • Julien

    Finally, someone is doing some Stephen Foster. I thought it might be gone forever, and Swanee River is one of my favorites. I am looking forward to seeing this.

  • Julien

    Maybe I spoke too soon… I cannot find it on any local TV schedule. I sent an email to WPBA in Atlanta. Why would they not boradcast something so good?



  • Lynne Sampson

    Just watched “Let them Talk”—as much as I liked Hugh Laurie as Dr. House, thought him doing a show about New Orleans music might be a bit over the top—but if that is what it takes to keep “THE MUSIC” on prime time, then go, Hugh, go—

  • Dolores

    I have practically everything Hugh has done (ie early British stuff, TV, movies, book narrations, all the kid stuff, his novel [wish he would finish the Paper Soldier], music, calendars, you name it I probably have it). Couldn’t wait for the CD to come out so ordered the Limited Edition with book from Amazon UK and the 15 song CD and then finally the Vinyl. He is a true Renaissance man. He can do anything and as close to perfection as possible. Can’t get enough of him. I have already seen this several months ago on the internet, but am definitely going to watch again and TIVo. Besides playing piano and guitar he also plays the saxophone, drums and harmonica (all self-taught).

  • Rob


    The episode might be available on-line eventually.

    I wish WNED was airing it tonight though!

  • Dianefrom Boston

    Hugh Laurie is fabulous. Like many of the writers, I have everything I can get my hands on that he has done.
    Been waiting for more music from Hugh since the Jeeves and Wooster days –some great songs on those DVDs!
    Loved, loved the Great Performances show–Hugh is such a musical talent! Can’t wait to watch again and hope to
    own the DVD someday! Hugh, you totally Rock! Love your passion and your willingness to share it with us all–
    Thank you, Sir!

  • Denise

    Love Hugh Laurie that’s why I got the CD. Love the CD. He stays true to the music. My favorite is Swanee River-it is a GREAT arrangement of the song!! Love this kind of music ,you’ll like this!

  • Denise

    You will like this version!! It is so cool!

  • Denise

    I love your comments. He does stay true to the genre! I love him as an actor but he does a great job on the CD :). I keep you prayer for your depression you seem like a very nice person :)

  • Denise

    me too.

  • Alex H

    It is always nice to see a man growing into himself, and watching Hugh Laurie be happy is wonderful. It takes a while to disinhibit a Brit, but the effort is often worth it. Look forward to tonight’s show!

  • Nathan

    I just noticed that as well. I hate that we aren’t getting this.

  • Larry H.

    I saw a piece about Hugh’s record on CBS Sunday morning , and being a New Orleanian , I was intrigued . He hasn’t quite mastered the Professor Longhair piano techniqe (not many have) , but he is a pretty good musician. I look forward to seeing him perform with those other great artists.
    For some reason , Brits really seem to connect with New Orleans music.. Eric Burdon lived here in the 80’s until his asthma could no longer take the himidity. Ray Davies also lived here until he was shot in the butt chasing after a thug who had snatched his girl-friend’s purse. Elvis Costello collaborated with Allen Toussaint on the first albumrecorded in the city after Hurricane Katrina. Tom Jones is also a frequent visitor and has been known to sit in with local bands on Frenchmen Street until the wee hours. Led Zeppelin always made N.O. their U.S. base for their American tours.
    One of my favorite local musicians is Jon Cleary , a native of Kent, England who has lived here for more than twenty years and HAS mastered the Professor Longhair piano technique. He has a few of Fess’s songs in his repertoire. If you’ve never heard him, check him out on Youtube. He fronts a killer funk band called the Absolute Monster Gentlemen.

  • Susan B.


  • Lorena

    Truly a blessed with many talents. Have the priviledge of starting with Blackadder, and currently this masterpiece. And the honor of introducing my children to his work. Just like a bottle of rum, whiskey or wine….it is great but with time it gets better and better.

  • debra sweetpeace Johnson

    Terrific… Its good to know that the rest of the world appreciates our original music style!!! He should should try nashville one of my fav music cities too!!… one one music lover to another… its all good!!!

  • Sandy

    What a wonderful performance! It gave me a whole other perspective of Hugh! I loved him anyhow as an actor and now as a muscian..especially blues! Would love to have an album done by him! So talented!

  • Deb B

    What a terrific time..for all…a really great performance.

  • theresa mills

    I have enjoyed the special with hugh ! great muscian and I would love to have a video of it..can you buy his music ? Great Performance Hugh!

  • Laurie

    Great show!!! Watching it now and I am liking the blues!!!

  • Andy

    What hall/club was the show recorded in?

  • Jen

    Excellent show-Hugh is amazing!

  • Linda

    Thank you, thank you so much. The show made me really happy!

  • charlesa mayer

    AMAZING,,,thas all i can say,,,,just watched the show

  • Lyla Hay Owen

    Wonderful show, full of surprises. Hugh Laurie is quite a fine musician, and I believe he is a reincarnation of one of the old New Orleans Blues Men. Want to see this again. Thanks, WYES!

  • Kitty Norton

    How can I find a cd or dvd of this music! PLEASE – post where I can find it.
    Positively LOVE the blue and This is the BEST.

  • Pat Browning

    Best show I’ve seen in years. The arrangement of “Saint James Infirmary” just blew me away. Our local PBS station runs programs over and over and over — but not this one. Single show. Bummer!

  • Ken MacCormac

    How can I receive a DVD of tonight’s( 9/30/11) Hugh Laurie Jazz show?
    I loved this program and would like to buy a copy of it..
    Thank you,
    Ken MacCormac
    W. Hartford, Ct

  • Pam

    BRAVO!! I haven’t enjoyed a show that much in a long time. Hope we can have a repeat soon!!! PLEASE!!

  • Mary Lee

    Can I buy a copy of this program? We were just blown away by the music, the photography and the subject. Is it out on DVD? mlc

  • Tipitina

    What a terrific love letter to the city and its music! Beautifully produced, magnificent musicians, and marvelous narrative by Hugh. St. James Infirmary absolutely stole the show. Thanks to Hugh for spreading the word abroad and at home.

  • Richard

    I love it! I’ve got to get a copy some how!!!!!! Let me know how!! I love it!!

  • Joe Schmoe

    Great show. I love the blues have over 1500 blues albums. Laurie is pretty darn good. Did I say I love the blues?

  • Melinda Johnson

    An artist seeks to make a masterpiece. With “St. James Infirmary,” Hugh Laurie can be satisfied!

  • Paige Ewing

    I was channel surfing and came upon this concert. I regret that I had not seen all of it.
    I must find a way to purchase this CD, if one is available. I had heard that Hugh Laurie was a
    great musician; however, I did not know how great he is. This was a wonderful hour of
    Awesome music and musicians.
    PBS thank you, thank you, thank you. I want the Video and the CD. This man is
    Paige Ewing
    San Francisco, CA

  • Paige Ewing

    I was channel surfing and came upon this concert. I regret that I had not seen all of it.
    I must find a way to purchase this CD, if one is available. I had heard that Hugh Laurie was a
    great musician; however, I did not know how great he is. This was a wonderful hour of
    Awesome music and musicians. What I saw and heard was Delicious!
    PBS thank you, thank you, thank you. I want the Video and the CD. This man is
    Paige Ewing
    San Francisco, CA

  • Jimmy V

    Hi Larry H. Of all the posters on this topic I quite enjoyed yours the most. Which might lead me to think that you could possibly be a good source of information. Do you know any of the musicians in Hugh’s band at Latrobe’s? The PBS show credits did not list the players. I recognize Toussaint’s horn section, but who played drums, bass, mandolin/slide guitar, keyboards? And who was that lovely backup singer with the great sound? She was awesome. Anyone? Fabulous show. Mr. Laurie is here in the SF Bay Area this weekend playing at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass during the Saturday show.

  • Evelyn Sisk

    I have lived in America for over 50 years but I was born in England. My family are still there. I just turned on the pbs station and was absolutely blown away by Hugh Laurie’s simplistic depth of spiritual blues. I am now a fan of his. No one could sing like that without a deep spiritual connection. I love the blues and deeply enjoyed- the program. Thanks, Hugh. You’re one of the good guys.

  • Kris

    Wow! Happened upon it late after work…did not know Laurie was a musician and I am floored! Made me get up and check online to be sure I was seeing what I was seeing (and hearing!). Fabulous.

  • Eleanor Lisker

    Will this be coming out on DVD or VHS?

  • Jolie

    Latrobes on Royal Street.

  • Linda Allen

    I was channel surfing when I saw Hugh Laurie on Great Performances. I watched the whole thing. Had no idea he is such a talented musician. You could tell he really loved the music, Jazz & Blues. I’ve heard better voices but was very impressed with his piano playing . Definately has his own style. Puts his soul into the music.

    Love it ‘HOUSE’

  • Denise Liana

    The whole road trip vibe was brilliant. I felt like I was riding shotgun and experienced every soulful musical encounter with awe and delight. Hugh graciously presented us with one superb gig after another. it felt as if one could drop by the clubs and see such legends on any ole Friday night. Hugh fit right in and brilliantly showcased his talents as well. Bravo Hugh, let me know when the next road trip is!

  • Andy B

    Ok, so I have little no experience with this style of music, but after watching this I am inspired. I am going to try to get a hold of the CD, but can anybody suggest other CD’s of this style. Perhaps a compilation of the great songs as a primer for me

  • Beatriz Sauer

    I agree with You!!
    I love Hugh Laurie ,he is the best actor of all times!!

  • drnogo

    Can you believe the first Pbs station in the country – Houston, texas is not running it. We have 1000’s of people from New Orleans who live here now -post Katrina-. Is it any wonder they don’t support PBS?

    They have idiots running that place. Lawrence Welk gets a ton of KUHT air time and he has been dead for centuries.



  • George Nielsen

    Ken ; If you find out how to order a DVD please e-mail me the info as I , also , would love to have a copy for myself and some friends . Thanks !

  • George Nielsen

    A P.S. : My e-mail address is

  • Laura Archer

    First, we are a very unusual family who never watches TV. But when I saw advertising about this special (in the newspaper!), we made a point to come home at the right time and turn on the TV to the only channel we get with the digital converter (PBS). (That is, the last time we watched TV, we got PBS with the digital converter, but that was a couple of years ago, and for some reason all we got last night was a “weak signal” warning).
    We tried all sorts of online trouble shooting tips and never got the thing to work, and I’m very disappoiinted. Will this episode be viewable online at some point? Or even on DVD to buy? All I can find on the website is a CD of the music, and I really want to see the interview/show, too.

  • M L Staats

    I can not begin to express how much I enjoyed this program. Hugh Laurie is a wonderfully talented man in so many ways and now I have another way of enjoying him. Their version of St. James Infirmary was off the hook! All of the musicians were so rich, divirse and exciting and Mr. Laurie’s passion for the city and the music is infectious and joyful. I will be buying this CD and encouraging everyone I know to get it and catch this show.

    Thank you so much, PBS, for airing this and making my entire weekend.

  • Cathy

    I was able to purchase a CD on itunes called Lets Talk by Hugh Laurie. I obviously enjoyed the Great Performances show. Enough to search iTunues. :)

  • Laurin

    THANK YOU WNET!!! :)

    I usually run the TV in the background while on the computer. But last night when Great Performances was on, I had to shut down the puter so I could devote my Whole attention to your program :)

    The musicianship was excellent, & I enjoyed Hugh’s “journey” to get to New Orleans. Hugh’s piano was simply… (heh, I cannot put it “simply”) … Just BLEW me away!!

    Thanks again for Great Performances :)

    West Texas

  • tam

    You can view the episode in its entirety following that link.

    I think you just need to reposition the antenna of your digital converter to get a better signal and that could be like playing a hide and seek game all night.

  • Monty B.

    I fast-forwarded to the end of the show to see who the musicians were (besides the obvious names), and I didn’t see them listed in the credits. Every last assistant hair and makeup person was named, but not the sidemen and woman who brought the songs to life.
    I recognized David Piltch on bass and Jay Bellerose on drums. Does anybody know who the others were?
    If the credits were there, I apologize for missing them. But if they weren’t, shame on PBS for slighting the players.

  • phyllis dilts

    I really enjoyed the music and was blown away by Hugh Lauries’ talent. Please let me know if I can buy a copy of the broadcast? Hugh, REJOICE in your God given talent and share more of it with others, you will be surprised how it will come back to you threefold. PJDILTS

  • Ellie

    Ummmm, makes so many things come to mind. Excellent performance. Please tell me there is a recorded version of this for download or purchase. Kudos to all associated with this endeavor. Ya’all done real good. And I thank you for that.

  • Crystal d

    I enjoyed the whole( the part o seen) lol but nevertheless really enjoy hugh on this special and on house I really want a copy of this dvd so if anyone finds out please post so we all can get a copy

  • Wanda

    Why would this be “over the top”? Long before Hugh Laurie was an actor he was a classically trained musician. And if you listened to the narrative in this special, or any interview he has down you would know that even though his training is classical, he has always loved and was drawn to the Jazz and Blues. Hello? if you ever watched “House”, the character he always listens to blues/jazz music. This is who the man is before,during and after being an actor. I live just outside of New Orleans and I am sorry I didn’t know this was being filmed when it was or I would have moved heaven and earth to be sitting in on live or even standing outside listening because the experience would have been phenomenal!
    Please PBS schedule more airings of this performance!

  • Wanda

    Will there be a DVD available for purchase of this Great performance from PBS?

  • Lamont

    Who are all the amazing musicians on this concert?

  • Lucinda Owen

    Yes! Hugh Laurie is incredible. He alsohas published a very good (and funny) novel.And, of course, he is majorly HOT!

  • Sue Halligan

    Me too! Where’s the DVD? And who is that amazingly HAPPY red-haired black woman who sang “You Don’t Know My Mind” with you? Couldn’t find her name in the credits.

  • Shirley Tyler-Bowman

    I love Hugh Laurie in House and always loved it when he’d sit on the piano stool and stroke those keys. He’s one talented musician!

    Love his sense of humor too!


  • Susan

    When will this concert be aired again??? I missed it on the 30th! Arrrgghhhh! I do LOVE the CD!

  • Aaron Poscovsky

    Hugh Laurie has many talents, and I am glad that I sat and watched the TV show House. I feel in love with the show and his acting, so I purchased all 7 season and watch them over and over again.

    I have also watch some of other shows and purchased the fortysomething show he did in England. If you watch the House, M.D. shows you can see he can pull you into his feelings at that moment. That is talent.

    I pre-ordered the CD and got it once it came out. I listened to it on my drive to and from work.

  • Scott A. Thompson

    I hope you were able to catch the program tonight – it was truly a memorable performance.
    I first heard about this album (OK, THAT dates me.) on KPFT, our local Pacifica station in Houston;
    what a break that I stumbled on this GREAT performance.
    Luckily I was surfing the channels and only missed the first song.
    As I have heard before, PBS schedules are different in all cities.
    As THEY say, “Check local listings for the time in your city,”
    or something like that.

    I am DEFINITELY buying this CD tomorrow.

    Oh, and by the way, Tom Jones still has “it”.

    - Scott

  • Aimee Leigh

    I’m from Baton Rouge and the first time that I knew Hugh Laurie had fully grasped the spirit of Southern music was in an episode of House where he played a hymn on the piano and it sounded EXACTLY like how Momma would play it. I thought, “How in the WORLD does this guy know THAT?!”
    A few nights ago, late, Momma hollered out from her bedroom in the back of the house, “TURN IT ON 12!”
    I turned it on 12 and about had a fit. I hollered back, “OH MY GOD! COME IN HERE!” So we watched it together, again and again, and again….and again. We paused, rewinded….paused… re-played…discussing each little nuance of brilliance, and then played through uninterrupted.
    I don’t know how, but Hugh Laurie has truly mastered this genre of music. Personally, I’d love to see him do a gospel album of old hymns.

  • Rick

    You hate to overdue the praise because someone has to live with the guy, ( and have his head fit through the door), but having said that: WHAT CAN’T HUGH LAURIE DO EXTREMELY WELL? What a talent!!!

  • Don

    Anyone who with a passion for the blues should find something to enjoy in this album.

    I liked the selections, the arrangements, and to mix a metaphor, it was an eye opener to hear Laurie’s piano work so matched in breadth by his guitar work and vocal style. Nice mob to work with, too.

    Memorable stuff. I’ll play this one often.

    Thanks, Hugh Laurie. It takes a bit of guts to put your chops out there for the snipers to have a whine about. Let ‘em Talk.

  • Jan Curless

    Great place to eat! All of the food that I have tried is wonderful and love the staff. The Sunday brunch is to die for. Cold beers and a great staff(what a combo)

  • S Friedlander

    I have searched all over, but I cannot find the names of the backing band on the PBS special anywhere. Can you post that information? A great band, really dug the background singer, especially.

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  • Jo

    I LITERALLY stumbled across this while “surfing”. OMG!!! Any one who says a white man can’t sing the blues, ain’t heard this!!!! He’s the “blackest white man” I’ve ever heard. Awesome…that’s all I can say!


    OMG. Hugh larrie is just so talented and just loved his performance and hope there will be more in 2012. Am definitely going to get a CD. My son also thinks he is awesome as an actor and muscisan.

  • Terri

    Kim, I, too, suffer from depression (for 40 years), and I have heard Hugh speak of his depression. I think I must have some of that Blue-Eyed soul in my heart, too, because this music touches me in all the sad places and helps soothe them. Maybe it’s the same for him. I don’t think color has anything to do with sorrow and music. Everyone’s soul is colorless and music can be a balm for the wounds. It’s funny but his acting the House character with all of HIS sorrows also soothes me much like the music as I can so identify with that character. God bless you and heal you! Terri

  • ed salmon

    happened upon this jewel last night, however only got to see half of it. trying to find broadcast times in my (philadelphia) area. only can find 2/14/2012@ 3:00 a.m. hope ther will be another airing

  • Anna

    The depression group seems to multiply exponentially. I also am ‘taken away’ by music. Best antidepressant in existence. A year ago I had no idea who Hugh Laurie was. Then I saw an episode of House. And he played. And I was absolutely riveted. Soul wrenching Art with a capital A..

  • jack wright

    Who is the great mandolin and fiddle player in the lineup? Great player.

  • DrScotch

    The beauty of music is we all get to have our own opinion. I would agree that he is a good at his instraments, however…..It looks a little self serving when he attempts to sing. If he wasnt famous he wouldnt make it as a vocalist. I appreciate him as a musician, but would have enjoyed this much more if I only heard Irma’s voice and Hugh’s piano, his need to duet kind of took something out of it for me. Again, respect and appreciation for his respect and appreciation for the genre….but when I close my eyes my ears just dont agree with what they hear when he sings.

  • Alla Bozarth

    “Let Them Talk” is full of grace. One thing is missing: the names of the backup musicians and female backup singer in addition to Hugh Laurie, Allen Toussaint and Irma Thomas. I especially want to know the name of the wonderful female backup singer. Please do write to tell me. It would be good to post the names of all the performers on the website and on the album cover as well, if not for the first printing, for all future printings. Thank you so much! Dr. Alla Bozarth

  • Beka

    Who sign song when he entered into Euclid Records, i remember some words..”No matter what to say, no matter what to do…”
    PLZ tell me who sign this song?

  • Camelia

    Love you album Let them talk ! Swanee river especially …….. I love it !!

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