Hugh Laurie: Let Them Talk
Download the Track "Police Dog Blues" For Free

inline-lauriealbum“This is by Blind Blake, perhaps the greatest of all the ragtime guitarists. Not a huge amount is known about him and there’s only one surviving photograph – but he was a handsome fellow, that much is for sure. I bought myself a 1935 Martin acoustic guitar for this song and told myself there was a chance Blind Blake might have played it himself once upon a time. He might even have played this beautiful, laconic song on it, although I am prepared to concede that it is unlikely.” - Hugh Laurie

Hugh Laurie: Let Them Talk – A Celebration of New Orleans Blues airs on THIRTEEN’s Great Performances Friday, September 30 at 9 p.m. ET on PBS (check local listings). Download or listen to “Police Dog Blues” below. The download will be available until 10/4/2011.

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Download “Police Dog Blues,” the tenth track on Hugh Laurie’s debut album Let Them Talk.

  • Destiny Porter

    I love the movie House you play in and i love your eyes but i would rather see you in the movies insteed of music because your better acting no offence!

  • cino marlene

    I love the music hugh laurie

  • Preston Peek

    Anyone who helps get this great music out to a wider audience is OK with me. Way to go.

  • Charlie Reyner

    Bravo, Hugh! Got the accent own better than this Yankee could do! And your singing is pretty damn good!!
    Ciao, Bello!,
    Charlie in Harbor Springs

  • lori

    If I wasn’t already married, I would propose to you

  • sofieonecrow

    You can sing me to sleep anytime you want, sugar! Afterwards, that is.

  • Nelson

    Hugh Laurie? Singing the blues? WoW this is by far one of the best songs released in a long time!

  • rosemary collier

    enjoyed the song. i could understand all the words which is not the norm. Laurie’s great theatrical training did that.

  • Regan

    I have watched you Hugh since I first saw you in a BBC (I think) production in which you played a father/Dr.(?) with Crazy kids, of which You were the Craziest! I Totally enJoyed You and Stephen as ‘Aristocrat and Butler’ in London of the 20’s.

    I was Really disappointed that the US network made your character American (and don’t watch House for that reason and more); Although I am Totally ImPressed with your Talent for accents!!

    I Will be Watching this PBS special because I Love your Voice And your Passion! I am So Glad you are Happy!

    Love from Canada! x0x

  • Dawn E. Woltz

    As an aspiring guitarist and a real admirer of Hugh, this just tickled the heck out of me. Awesome!!! I hear a bit of Eric Clapton, if you listen to some of his old songs (ones I love to play).

  • Pat Browning

    I can hardly wait for Friday’s program! I love Hugh Laurie’s blues — voice, piano, guitar — the guy can do it all. I’m upset that PBS Shop doesn’t list a DVD for sale. In a place like New Orleans somebody didn’t make a DVD? Give me a break! Fortunately you can buy the CD almost anywhere.

  • Jerry

    IF you sat me down, turned my eyes away from the CD before showing it….. There is NO WAY I would have known who was singing!

    The music is great and I wouldn’t miss the PBS perfornace for the world! Keep this up. NO OTHER station has th “you-know-whats” to bring this artist and this music to us – and we are better off because of it!

  • Travis Lakin

    Hugh Laurie is a class act and a true entertainer. If you didn’t know of him before House M.D., you owe it to yourself to look closer. We’re luck.. luck.. luk… luck.. LUK.. lucky to have him.

  • Dianefrom Boston

    Watching Hugh Laurie in New Orleans was one of the best things I have ever seen–the music,fabulous–Hugh
    you are So talented! I own all the Jeeves and Wooster series, all your House seasons-including “All or Nothing
    at All” movie–but your Music talent it HUGE! Loved all the great New Orleans musicians, singers, and even Tom Jones was there! Can’t wait to get the DVD someday so I can play it again and again! Hugh, I am a big fan–
    you are remarkable and I just loved your chat as you biked around New Orleans! You Rock!

  • Brenda C

    Ever since I was introduced to the character of House in 2004, I’ve loved watching him for the last 7 years. Now I get to enjoy listening to his voice and wonderful piano skills as well!
    I’m so happy for him! You can tell how passionate he is about this music.
    And those eyes… sigh.

    Looking forward to watching this tonight.

  • fatcheflarry

    Great job! It takes a lot of guts to cover a song that Ry Cooder has covered.

  • mike

    Great show on pbsq..good music.

  • theresa mills

    I love Hugh’a Playing and Singing…Can you buy his Music ? Really Enjoyed the Special on 9/30/2011 on pbs ..Thank You

  • Susan H

    I just lucked into your show tonight. Enjoyed the music and the overall show. Did not know you were into music so much. You are fortunate to be talented in so many areas. Thanks for providing real entertainment.

  • mzzzzzzz

    …and, apparently you know nothing about music.

  • Jess

    Wow! Une heure de pur bonheur (Great Performance on Pbs): Hugues Laurie est décidément mon idole!

  • J D

    That old blues gets me every time. Where did you find a 1935 guitar? In your hands it runs real fine.

    I enjoyed listening to “Police Dog…” so much I listened to it maybe 12 times. Thank you.

  • keatonkat

    Loved it!! Hope to catch it again!!


  • plainjane31

    I also lucked into this PBS program…had my back to the TV and couldn’t believe that it was Hugh Laurie…I’m no connoisseur of music, but I loved it. Will buy the album.

  • Micki

    I loved you in House, but I had no idea what a great musician you are. We share the love of New Orleans. This is the only show that I want to keep forever. Such a great time. Thanks.

  • Pam

    Really enjoyed the broadcast!! Had no idea Hugues was such a Jazz lover. Living in the New Orleans
    area, I really appreciate such great music and he did it justice. Great show. Hope it runs again. Would
    love to see it at least one more time.

  • Vera T. R.

    My husband and I have been fans of Hugh Laurie’s TV show, “House,” for years and have seen him briefly play the piano on the show, which we’ve loved. This show, “Let Them Talk,” was a very special treat, and we look forward to more of Hugh Laurie’s music — truly versatile and amazing! Thank you.

  • Teresa In South Carolina

    You are too HOT!!!!!! your blue eyes would have been enough. But my GOD you can sing ……. Can you cook ? Oh hell that dont matter….. All kidding aside you were great.. Next time your on ellen ,please sing,,,PLEASE. I LOVE YOU, Teresa

  • maureen In Fort Lauderdale Fl.

    DVD PLEASE WHEN AVAILABLE TO BUY. So want to watch and listen again. Thank you Hugh and all for making such a wonderful programme available.

  • Myra

    Love it!!!!!!!!!!!

  • birdie

    She must have slept through music lesson and spelling, too.

  • Steve Turner

    I just watched the Hugh Laurie show in New Orleans—not bad, but there was one totally glaring thing wrong with it. The stand-up bass player was FAKING IT! I’m a bass player and it really amazed me to see that this guy CAN”T PLAY and was just basically standing there PRETENDING. WHY? Surely there are some really great bass players in New Orleans, so why use a guy who can’t play! What a joke!

  • Steve Turner

    PS Had to add this—-Hugh, all these comments from lovestruck women might be okay for you—–but let’s get real. You are NOT a great singer, and just an adequate piano player—–you sing off-key and you have no sense of phrasing, etc., etc. You’re an actor so don’t take yourself too seriously. Nice that you are keeping alive the New Orleans traditions, and turning on people who aren’t aware ot it. But a great musician you are NOT. And I have to ask again—–WHY do you have a bass player who is TOTALLY FAKING IT? Out of all the musicians on stage with you, this guy CAN”T PLAY!!!!!

  • Linda

    I watched the show last evening and really enjoyed it all! Loved the music and the scenery–especially the convertible!!! Tom Jones rocks! I’m a long-time blues lover and this show was great in my book!

  • Dan

    Really impressive!! Loved the music!! Saw Alan with Elvis Costello in Boston, what a treat!!! To play with him and get that buzz must have been awesome!!

  • Betty Tuininga

    I knew that you had extraordinary theatre and musical talent, but this was really a momentous achievement. You really fit the role well! Your style, your voice, your abilities, all made for New Orleans type musicality!

    I think this was one of the most enjoyable PBS Great Performances that I have seen. (I watched twice) New Orleans is one of my favorite cities. It’s history and its music are so much apart of who I am.

    Thank you!

  • Patk

    Irma Thomas singing a rendition of John Henry I never heard before,gave me chills. I wonder if it is available on any recording? A great show all way ’round

  • Lou from South Lyon Michigan

    watching your show reminded me of my youth, hanging out at the jazz clubs in Detroit and Chicago — loved it!

  • Scott Holly from warren, mi

    Did not like House at first, I soon realized we share the same cocky sarcasm ! Thank-you Gregory H

  • marylou

    I totally agree with you Diane from Boston….I was originally from Boston….Hugh Laurie you are such a huge talent, Was amazed when I just happened to turn on PBS last night and saw Hugh performing….WOW and wow again.
    In my younger years I went to club in downtown Boston, can’t think of name at this time, but it was jazz New Orleans style….sooooo great.. Hugh brought all these wonderful memories back.
    Always enjoyed” House” thought there was something special about Hugh….sexy thing !!!! and now I know why I enjoyed House, his musical talent is astounding. Thanks Hugh, oh my grandson loves House and he’s a freshman in college…how about that :)

  • patience

    I love the blues my grandmother and I use to listen to her old records I guess that’s when I fell in love with jazz and blues I think you did a decent job on this classic

  • Ellie

    Lord Have Mercy. To play and sing as you do and still have the proper accent, well Hell it don’t get much better than that Sugar.

  • KM

    …………. and don’t forget the Black Adder!
    (Do your own research on one of the best cutting edge television productions ever made and aired.)

  • Cassandra

    I love the music! I like blues and this just brought me closer! Thanks Hugh. Oh and I loved your performance in ‘Jeeves and Wooster’, also, in ‘House’. Can’t wait to see what this season has in store.

  • Barb

    Hugh, I love to listen to you sing.

  • Audrey J. Gasser

    I happened to turn to PBS on Friday night and saw you, Hugh Laurie playing piano, and singing the Blues. Hugh you were fantastic! I’ve enjoyed you playing” House” now I get to enjoy you singing the blues, jazz, and playing boogie woogie. Love ya. I will buy your CD. So happy for you that you were featured on Great Performances.

    AJ from Calgary, Alberta

  • Sue Halligan

    Watched the program twice – I love that New Orleans music. (Also that Texas music.) I am a huge fan of the Jeeves and Wooster series, and was amused to see that Stephen Fry produced the show on your journey in the Deep South; I guess you’re still friends. Like “House” too.

  • Tony from Texas

    I was completely wowed by the movie. I’ve never had the audio system on my TV blasting quite so loud, it was utterly brilliant. I’ve admired your music for years, it was one of the many things to look forward to in Fry and Laurie, it’s been great (although too briefly presented) on House and now I’ve gotten to see you having the time of your life playing on your way into New Orleans. This was just fantastic.

    I want the whole show on BluRay, where’s the link…

  • Jill

    Only 18 comments? That’s tragic! I saw one woman post that if she wasn’t already married, she would propose. ….But you are already married, aren’t you? Ah! Truly I was born in the wrong place at the wrong time…so much soul you have…..

  • carole

    Just loved the show .. have it recorded and just listened again … What great musicians…. and you are sensational !!! I love the Blues and New Orleans is on my “Bucket List” !!! Had a trip planned and then that darn **** Catrina came along 2 weeks before I was to leave !! But will get there some day … Love your show House .. a wonderful actor and then Music too !!!!!!!!!! Carole

  • Trena

    I think it’s awesome.

  • JOMY

    I am totally in love with HL: his piano playing, his blues, his acting, his accent, his eyes, his sneakers, his fedora
    Hugh…if you read this: WIll you marry me?

  • Michael

    Nice. Clean picking, clear singing, nothing phony in it. True blues.

  • Brenda

    Just love the Blues, and Hugh also. How wonderful to be able to the very thing you love so much. I am happy for you (Hugh) and hope you will brake out many tunes. You sound GREAT.

  • Linda

    Way to go Hugh. Watched your show on PBS this new years eve 2012. Loved everything about it. Looks like the talent in New Orleans is great as well. I will be buying your new CD. Happy New Year!

  • Robert Dial

    I agree completely with Betty Tuininga’s opinion of Hugh Lauria’s truly Great Perfomance.
    It was a fantastic New Year’s Eve show. The film was awesome, the musicianship was amazing, and the music reached all the way to where it counts. Even the room was perfect. What a special, joyful event!
    Thank you, PBS. Thank you, Hugh. Thank you, the band, Thank you, the backup singers,Thank you, the photographers, Thank you, the sound crew. Thank you, the editors. Thank you, ….

  • flo

    What more can I say. After reading all these comments, you have said it all. Great music great Tv show, great
    Musician and actor and, I presume a great guy.

  • Roger

    Great music see you in Portland in June

  • Carl – S. Calif

    Saw His Concert on PBS last nite – Just Posted on my Facebook page. AWESOME

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