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An American favorite for his award-winning role in the hit TV series House, the versatile British actor Hugh Laurie showcases his musical side in an atmospheric personal odyssey filmed on location in New Orleans. Let Them Talk is Laurie’s personal journey into the heart and soul of the mixture of blues and jazz that grew out of New Orleans at the beginning of the last century. Watch Laurie’s full performance of the blues with guests Allen Toussaint, Irma Thomas, and Tom Jones.

  • Bernard

    A truely woderful experience. I thoughly enjoyed it!! I thank you the for the privilage, As an old club date musician, who left the bussiness because I could’t stand the “music” that was being popularized at the time.

  • Sean

    I love this music. I can’t thank my brother, Brian, enough for sending me the link! It has been a dream of mine and my wife, Sandy, to go to New Orleans. if we ever lucked in to an evening like this we would never go home. And that’s saying a lot because we love Halifax, Nova Scotia in Canada!

  • A.J. Gasser

    Thank you for another great evening of Hugh Laurie and New Orleans music. I saw the program on Sept. 30th, and I just watched it again. Its fantastic! I put it on my Facebook page so others can enjoy it, too. Thanks again.

    A.J. in Calgary, Alberta.

  • Sailingsam

    What a wonderful program….Hugh Laurie injected so much of his soul into his music..what a delight! Love his guests like Tom Jones…His version of St. James’ Infirmary will become a classic. the Big Apple





  • david ernst

    Dear John,

    It’s up to local stations to decide when and if they want to repeat a program. So check the GREAT PERFORMANCES schedule and make your local PBS station your HOME station to see if Let Them Talk is repeating in your local market.

    Hope you found this info helpful.

    GP Team

  • Rorry Davis

    Great show my brother Rob is in chapter 5 playing copper head road @ Luckenbach!!

  • Glenn G

    Great show! Will it be a DVD sometime?

  • Marc Corinth

    Oh my goodness…. last night I had passed out after having spent the day battling a stomach bug. I woke to Irma Thomas’ sweet sweet voice …. and as my eyes slowly opened… I see…. Dr. House?!?!

    What an absolute TREAT. Allen Toussaint, Tom Jones, and Irma Thomas LAYING IT DOWN… with Dr… no, no… cant call him that anymore…. with Hugh Laurie.

    It’s been 3 years since I got to go back to NOLA for Jazz Fest (or my formerly inaugural visits to Blue Nile and of course, Tipitina) ….. I’ve been too broke to go lately (thanks, Economy!!) and my heart’s been longing. Truly longing to return. This program… was a lifeline. Thank you.

    And ps… GREAT JOB HUGH… was a GREAT PERFORMANCE, indeed!

  • patricia

    I could watch this over and over Love it

  • Kevin K

    WIll this be available on DVD?

    Also I see that is offering a special edition of the cd(3 additional songs and a book). WIll PBS be offering that as well?

  • Suzanne White

    Thank you PBS!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you, Hugh Laurie! Please, please, please publish a DVD of this PBS production! If not, please, Hugh, make a DVD of/with “Let Them Talk”

  • Claire Whitaker

    I would love to know where I can get a copy of Hugh Laurie’s Apologetic Love recording, Thanks !

  • Michelle Casey

    UNBELIEVABLE!!!! Came across this show completely by accident…and I’m sooo grateful that I did!!!! I was BLOWN AWAY by how talented Hugh Laurie is! I knew he played the guitar but didn’t know he could play piano and sing!!! AMAZING!!!! GREAT program!!!

  • lorma rohloff

    Loved the music and artists…..will watch it over and over, I’m sure of it!

  • linda

    oh, no!
    i get a message saying that ‘the requested video is not available’.
    will you kindly re-post it, please?

    thank you.

  • Suzanne

    It’s 2:37 and still no video. PBS, are you going to put the video back up?

  • Suzanne

    Thank you for putting the video back up!

  • linda

    mr. toussaint gave him two thumbs-up and who am i to disagree?

    he was reborn into a skinny white brit body, but for sure he wasn’t always that.

    thank you, mr. l..
    and thank you, pbs, for affording him and us this opportunity.

  • Wynne Dimock

    I was in rapture watching every moment and nuance of this video, and want a copy, too!!! will watch over and over…loved them ALL and pleased that Tom Jones was also so spectacular (?sang it more slowly on this version than one I heard later??? slower was better) Will look up Irma Thomas and got more of a feeling for the orchestration of Mr. Touissant, as well. Wonderful human beings to express and share so much joy!!!

  • Pat Browning

    Please tell me this will soon be available as a DVD. It is too beautifully photographed for a CD only.
    The music is sublime but so is the setting.

  • Jill

    Dear Mr. Laurie –

    What a gifted artist you are…I’ve always thought that and during episodes of House, I treasured the brief moments when you shared your musical talents. This, though, is better than the icing on the cake! To discover that blues touches your soul, as it does mine, leaves me speechless with pleasure.

    There is not enough that can be said to express the depth of my gratitude. Not only do you have a gift; you are a gift.

  • Anja

    Oh no! It says “the video is currently not available” :-(
    Can you PLEASE put the video back up?

  • Amanda

    Absolutely brilliant! Love the entire CD. Hugh Laurie brings the past back to life while adding his own twist. Amazing.

  • Ruth

    Hugh Laurie, you are a very talented man. I enjoyed this very much. Love the music.

  • Angela

    Seriously? You quit music bc you didn’t like the other music coming out? That’s the lamest and most selfish excuse in the world. It would make more sense to produce more music to over run all the bad crap that’s out there instead of just giving up. Pretty sad.

  • judy

    I am 68 years old. And I have never enjoyed anything in my lifetime, more than this. I could watch this every day and never get tired of it. Thanks Hugh Laurie!!!

  • Donna Bolian

    As displaced folks from South Louisiana, this made us really homesick. It was incredible. Please, please make it available on DVD!!!! Thank you so much for making it available on line. I suspect we’ll watch it daily.

  • colin fitzpatrick

    Our video server must have been down when you attempted to watch. The program is still available, and you should be able to watch if you try again.

  • david ernst

    Dear Donna (and other Hugh Laurie fans)

    Unfortunately, in most cases it’s not up to us whether a DVD gets made. We’re waiting to hear if a DVD is getting made and we’ll let everyone on the site know as soon as we know.

    Thank you for your interest in Hugh Laurie and GREAT PERFORMANCES.

  • Ab

    Great love letter to New Orleans and its music. Hugh’s tremendous gift was to assemble these superb musicians and let them do what they do best, showing us all how vital and powerful New Orlean’s blues can be. Can’t stop swaying to that St. James Infirmary rhythm and horn section –it’s been swirling round my head for days. Oh, my, lord.

  • Gaetan Blouin

    S’il vous plait, re-diffusez-le !

    à plusieurs reprises…

    Publiez-le en DVD dès que possible.

  • mee

    Beautiful!!!…I´ve loved it!
    Hugh Laurie it`s not only a very great actor but a great musician too!!
    I like every song and this program..specially the song that names the album…”LET THEM TALK”…to me it`s like House and Lisa Cuddy relationship! =) ^-^

  • James Anthony

    I have the same kind of program in

  • Christina Gamboa

    When will Hugh Laurie be on? or Did I miss it? When will it be re-shown?

  • Joyce


  • E

    SO delighted to see Irma Thomas in this production, although she seemed a little more reserved than when I’ve seen her in a club. To me, SHE is the real Queen of Soul.

  • Therese Rasnick

    Want the DVD!!!!!!!!!!!! Wonderful show, GREAT music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jane lien

    I have been enjoying Let Them Talk so much, for some reason it calms my soul. I have watched it over and over, think I would be tired of it by now, but still love it. I hope he keeps doing this. I don’t think he know how good he is.

  • jane lien

    I put it on my dvr and then held my phone up to the tv screen and recorded it , it turned out better then i thought it would.

  • Jerry Jones

    Very fine. It would be nice to know the names of the backup musicians.

  • eleanor rose

    Hi David,
    It is almost 2012.
    Any news now about the Laurie dvd being made?
    All my friends loved the performance, many having bought the CD.

    Let us know ASAP

    Eleanor Rose
    Dec. 26, 2011 ………………………………………………………………………….

  • Edward Haladay

    We NEED a DVD of this…as many of the messages ask…it’s a money-maker!

  • Joe Mc Who

    no more just DR., from this moment fwd it’s Mr Hugh Laurie.,

  • MAggie

    What a talent! What a gift. Please keep this link active until the day a DVD is available. What awonderful show this was. I watched it several times over. Hugh Laurie is simply amazing, as are the Copper Bottom Band.

  • Stephan

    A chance to hear this gifted entertainer play the music that has always touched Americans in a special way AND make a trip I’ve dreamed of. Legendary musicians, a piece of history of one of the most influential (and important) people, cities and culture of our country. I spent the entire time experiencing Love on so many levels.Hugh did a very good job on this, but the original players and singers bring me to my knees with tears of joy. Thank you PBS for this remarkable show. But let this be a reminder that New Orleans has NOT been restored and needs our attention and assistence yet. For all of Americans. Massive aid and restoration was promised and never delivered. Shame on us for not keeping Bushes fingers to the flame on his promise to rebuild and us allowing this to play out like it has.

  • Lynne97060


    Unending kudos due to all involved in this project.

  • kathy

    Simply awesome! What a treasure this performance was, and is.

  • Spider

    This is a terrific film…but I feel compelled to point out that this “full program” takes time at the end to thank several foundations and charities, and to credit every PBS employee and subcontractor involved in the production…..but if any credit is ever given to the MUSICIANS (other than Allen Toussaint, Irma Thomas and Tom Jones), the people who actually MADE THE MUSIC, I missed it. It would be nice to know whose performance we just “treasured”. Just sayin’….

  • Kevin

    Just watched this for the third time last night (thanks to DVR) with friends from New Orleans and they loved it as well. PLEASE, whoever is in charge of making DVDs happen, get this on one! The visuals are just as enjoyable as the music!

  • Shirley

    Who is the backup lady singer on the program with Hugh Laurie on PBS on song St. James Infirmary

  • Anne

    Having a best friend host local folk artists at a cafe, I understand Bernard’s comment completely. Since the changing music industry, my friend can no longer sell enough original music cd’s because there is no market for cd’s any longer at it costs too much for him to contract with his producer. Sad, but this is what technology has brought us to. Mr. Laurie is a Brilliant, talented human being. This music is at risk for dying and is the mother of American music…folk, rock, rockabilly, country western, blues and Motown. It tells America’s Stories.

  • Anne


    I was there for a Medical conference for eight days in 1995. The place is incredibly Spiritual. The people, music, the air, it is everywhere. Haven’t been since the rebuild but it is a very special place.

  • Sharon

    Just love watching this over and over….I wish my PBS offered a DVD to buy..It’s is so moving ..Hugh Laurie is so talented…I hope he makes more music for us and the world to much for “house” He is just amazing.. the heart and soul of what he loves

  • Tonda Yandell

    One of the best Great Performances ever. Would love to buy DVD. Please, please add to your list of shop items

  • Pamela

    One of the best 54 mins and 16 sec I have in a while.
    Great Performance by all!!!!
    I love New Orleans and he music it the reason.
    I give this show a standing ovation!!!

  • Michael Fancher

    Is there a DVD available (for sale) of this PBS broadcast of the Hugh Laurie experience/documentary of his time in New Orleans? I am very impressed with the production of this documentary, it was very well done! And I am now a fan of Hugh Laurie’s music. Thank you!

  • Stan Haye

    Mr.Laurie especially deserves credit for three things. First, using his money and clout to get. a very uncommercial project made. Second,persuading and hiring the very best to work with, not for, him. Third, allowing the musicians to do their thing and not turning into a star turn for himself as so many stars do. This DVD will live long after even Bertie and Dr House.

  • John B

    I cannot agree more, such a treat to the senses

  • Ross Etnoyer

    If this doesn’t inspire one towards music excellence, nothing will.

  • Joseph

    Encore,encore ,I want more, my cd is wearing out.
    I would rate this show and cd a 5 star rating.
    Thank you Hugh Laurie.

  • Mary Adair

    My brother Mark was a featured Blues singer at a famous blues club on Bourbon Street. His stage name was “Dr. Blues”. He spent hours writing his own songs, playing the guitar and the harmonica. He left a lucrative career (yes he left his day job) to pursue his life long dream of performing the blues live on stage. He was one of the few white men who could bellow out the blues like nobody’s business. I recall one night when Tom Jones was in the audience and asked to talk to Mark after one of his great perfomances where he made that harmonica talk. He told Mark he was one of the best blues harmonica players he ever heard and that his performance was remarkable. Mark was so excited, he called me at 3:00am in the morning (he woke me up) to tell me about meeting Tom Jones and how he had complimented him . He finally recorded a DVD. He wrote some of the songs, and recorded others from some of the greatest Blues artists of our time. When I saw Hugh Laurie sing and play, when he closed his eyes and swayed to the music as though he was in an utter state of euphoria, it was like watching Mark, my brother as that body language was exactly the same. It was Mark’s passion…something on he could understand. Mark died at the age of 50…his life was snuffed out way too early. So, watching Hugh Laurie was the first time since my brother’s death, that I was able to listen to the blues again. It always made me too sad. I could not have not stepped foot in the French Quarter because of the overwhelming grief I felt that Mark was not there any longer. Today, somehow after watching Hugh’s performance in New Orleans, I got closure. I think now I can listen to Mark’s great DVD and remember him, not with sadness, but with joy…joy in knowing that he was doing what he loved when he died…He fulfilled a longtime passion. How many of us can say that!!! Hugh Laurie is now living his dream and that means everything to him. I KNOW BECAUSE I HAVE SEEN THAT LOOK ON A MAN’S FACE BEFORE AND IT IS THE LOOK OF SEEING A GLIMPSE OF HEAVEN ON EARTH!! Congrats Hugh…you did it! And you helped me to heal. Keep singing…let em talk. Keep the Blues alive, carry the torch and never stop reaching for your dreams. Love God You and the Blues

    Mary Lyles Adair

  • Fhernanda

    There’s always the postive side, internet has it too. Look in Youtube there’s a lot of independent artists that make videos to sell their songs. I recommend Jack Conte. And try it! If you’re good and try enough people will notice you!

  • Susan Howard

    Hugh Laurie… face indeed shows your absolute adoration of music!! Music to me, is life…..and the pure joy you show with your music is BRILLIANT!!! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the gift you have bestowed on me and everyone else you have and will touch with your brilliance!!!

    Susan Howard

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