In The Heights - Chasing Broadway Dreams
Musical Numbers, Dance, and Interviews

In these clips, catch video recorded from a live performance of In The Heights as well as interviews with the cast about their roles and how they relate to the characters.

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    [...] Dreams airs on May 31, 2009 at noon for SundayArts. See more clips from this documentary, both performance and behind the scenes footage, on the Great Performances Web site. no comments yet Your [...]

  • richard olivo

    Karen Olivo’s my daughter, Nuff said!

  • Mercy Reyes

    So proud to be a Puerto Rican girl who grew up In The Heights!
    Ya era Tiempo!!!!

  • Sandra

    Every Puerto Rican needs to see this show. It gives you a sense of belonging and thank you lin miranda for telling our story without portraying us like thugs. I’ve seen it 3 times and yes at $115.00 a clip. and enjoyed every single performance.

  • Michael Maldonado Walker

    My mother was born in Puerto Rico, and I never learned to speak spanish. I lived on 188th St for the 1st 2 years of my life. This special awaken a part of me, that I didn’t know was there. I want to take my mother to see this show, but she is longer with us. So I ask my aunts to go with me.

  • William Rodriguez

    After watching I felt compelled to write. My emotions went up down, in out, through the stage out the back door and back to the front agian. Believe it or not I felt like part of the cast. I am soo much in touch with what was evolving on stage. My dream to was the stage. If you ever need somebody that will bloom on stage and captivate an audiance, hit me back. Proud of who I am! Proud to be P.R.

  • Tia De Shazor

    This was truly an inspiration to watch. As a performer, it was so encouraging to hear from actors who were making their broadway debut! This is one of those rare shows that can transform anyone’s life. Thanks for sharing it!

  • Garrett Gibbons

    Very well-produced, well-organized, compelling and entertaining documentary about an amazing musical. I would love to see this documentary on the DVD for the 2010 film release!

  • Marilyn Spilde-Lee

    I smiled all through watching this documentary! It was so enthusiastic and contagious so that I thought even I (at 65) might be able to start a dream or think of this “as the 1st Day of the rest of my life.” Excellent talents, production & content! THANK YOU!

  • Linda C

    What a great show!! An inspiration to any aspiring actor! Lin Manuel so very talented.
    It would be great if PBS would offer a dvd of the complete performance!

  • Edwardo Alvarado

    It is so amazing that this man wrote this as a sophmore in college. It is so well written. Saw the play for my birthday this past year and was not disappointed at all! I will be going back to see it. My favorite scene was SUNRISE. That was hot. Makes me think what else is out there that we have not seen yet since this man wrote this as a sophmore in college. It is truly a work of art!

  • Jimbo

    This was one of the greatest shows aired on PBS, please, please release this on DVD!

  • jess

    As I watched this I started to cry. Karen Olivo’s story is really similar to mine . . . I’m a latina and I barely speak spanish and I haven’t gone to my country. I’m 14 and I’m inspired by Karen because she is doing exactly what I want to do. And props to lin manuel for writting an amazing show . . . And when I’m old enough this is THE show i dream to be in as Vanessa. =]

  • Britney

    man i love this play thanx for reppin the latinos in a good way much love too all ya dominicans all day n all the other races too

  • Debra

    I caught the end part of this documentary this evening. I loved it so much. I couldn’t stop crying. I teach Voice in a high-school arts magnet program for Musical Theater. Every actor talked about how hard they work, how much they always felt they didn’t fit in, and how they’ve all found their home in this cast. This is my dream for my students who are willing to put in the work. Mr. Olivo, your daughter Karen is just fantastic in this show, as well as in West Side Story! Congratulations.

  • Gigi

    I missed this episode but want to know how I can find out if it is airing again so that I can catch it. I can’t seem to find that information anywhere. I live in NY so that would be channel 13 or channel 21.

  • jane adams

    So proud to know the cast of such an awesome show. So proud to be the mother of Chris Jackson!

  • Sherri

    How could this entire documentary leave out OLGA MEREDIZ, who played the Soul of the musical, Abuela Claudia? She does not appear anywhere in the musical numbers or in the interviews. What’s up with that? How could you leave out a Pivotal Character? Shame on PBS and the makers of the Documentary.

  • Pauline

    We saw this last Wednesday night and it was great. So sweet, so honest and funny! We can not wait to see it in Columbus in November

  • Paul & Robin

    We love the documentary and are so very proud of Mandy Gonzalez, our daughter. She has worked so hard and it shows!



  • Tim Howson

    I saw this play about 2 months ago and it was AMAZING. It was the first Broadway play I was ever at and it was just incredible. All of the actors and songs and the set and just all of it was fantastic. It was a great first experience for me. So thank you PBS for posting this stuff, im so happy to see it and remember how awesome everything was. Thanks again.

  • GZ (reluctantly transplanted to Boston from NYC)

    Congratulations to Karen on her Tony last nigh! I would love to see this Great Performances rebroadcast. If anyone knows when, please post it!

  • Sarah

    will this be re-broadcast? I missed it as our local PBS station was having their annual auction. Or will it be available for purchase on DVD?

  • Ellie

    i really hope this will be showing again, hopefully on channel 8. i missed it and im praying to go see it when the show comes to Atlanta this fall!

  • Belle Parmet

    PLease do a rerun of this show!

  • Alejandro

    Asi Mismo, Asi Mismo!
    Why Hasn’t this been rebroadcast yet?

  • Sarah

    I can’t believe that I didn’t get to see this! I’ve loved In The Heights ever since they did the opening song on Macy’s Thanksgiving-day Parade. I can’t count the number of times I’ve listened to the cast recording and I can’t wait to actually see the show. To Paul & Robin, your daughter is absolutely amazing! She would have to be one of my favorite characters in the show. To Richard Olivo, your daughter is amazing as well. To Jane Adams, your son would have to be my favorite male in the whole show. Please re-broadcast this in Indiana! But for now, Paciencia y Fe!

  • Catherie

    please rerun this on pbs on the west coast

  • Gayle

    I am not Latina, but a native New Yorker with tremendous love and respect for the Latino people and culture, Latino sister, neices, and our extended family. But to me, In the Heights is all of our stories, whatever neighborhood we grew up in. Its our love of family and heritage, our goals and dreams and fighting to achieve them. About wanting so much for our children, and hating to disappoint our parents, about reverence for our elders and perservering through stresses to keep it all together. It touched me. I laughed and cried and jumped to my feet to give a standing ovation every performance I attend, along with every single other member in the audience. I’ve seen In the Heights twice this year, will be going a third time this week-end, and plan a fourth in the Fall. I rave to anyone who will listen. I replay this broadcast all the time. The cd’s accompany me in every car trip. There are not enough great things to say about this show, its writer and producers, every one of its cast. Please see it with loved ones. It will blow your mind.

  • Almais Vazquez

    So proud to be Christopher Jackson’s mother-in-law. What an great person,actor, husband, and father to his two children CJ and Jadelyn!

  • Iliana

    I saw the touring company of “In The Heights” in Fort Lauderdale yesterday. I grew up in Queens, NY to a Dominican mother and Cuban father who met one another as “fresh” immigrants to Washington Heights circa early 1960s. My cousins, uncles, aunts, and cousin’s grandma lived there for so many years. I was so moved when I saw the play: laughed, cried, and identified with so many of the characters. Everything about the play was so accurate and truly authentic. I was moved to tears. My husband grew up in Harlem. He said it well when he commented that story could have taken place anywhere in NYC. In my neighborhood in Jamaica, Queens, our Dona was Dona Petra who went with us to church Sundays. My dad was best friends with Rene who owned the Bodega around the corner. Our neighbor Maria took in 6 Puerto Rican foster kids, and my mom would drop off neighborhood kids at school each morning. Within walking distance was a Botanica, across the street a Korean Delicatessen, and a Greek pizzaria next to the Chinese corner store. My memories of growing up in NY are beautiful and nostalgic. God bless Lin-Manuel for telling our story.

  • Richard Green

    How very moving that the lead singer should identify with her heritage even through the internal conflicts of not speaking Spanish fluently.
    As a teacher of Speech Communication in the 5 Boros of NY City, you make my students so proud, no matter how fluent they might be in their own culture and language, thank you for helping us feel empowered and just so very privileged to be a part of NY City where over 200 languages are spoken!
    There are no words of gratitude sufficient,
    I play “In the Heights” over and over again,
    every semester for each of my ELL *English Language Learning Students
    to stand up and enjoy the Vibrancy and Vitality you represent here as
    Richard Green

  • Richard Green

    What an enormous privilege that you should allow us to view so very many excerpts of “In the Heights” over YouTube, for, I learn as I teach, and, thanks to media such as yours here, my Speech Communication students in the 5 Boros of New York City are so very honored to know that they matter!
    THANK You,
    Richard Green

  • Luis Diaz

    I’m a teenager with absolutly no interest on musicals. Ever since i moved from Venezuela I’ve been through a lot of reflexing and just woundering about my future. This does not only raise my self steem but it creates an atmosphere of hope around me which triggers my inner self to come out and be myself and not what other people wants me to be. My family is going throught some economic trouble like most families, so i’ve never seen the show on person. But ever since i heard the song “96,000″ I’ve been making a deep research on the show and everytime I find something new about it just proves to me that is something as if it was made for me. I see myself reflected on the evrysingle character of the show and each of them got a message for me. Evrything i can say is…..thanks.

  • jaheem parrilla

    best play i have ever seen in my life ,,,i wish i could see it in real life ……

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