Jackie Evancho: Dream with Me in Concert
About the Program

Jackie Evancho: Dream with Me in Concert, marks the solo concert debut of the 10-year-old girl with the extraordinary soprano voice. The Great Performances special will be telecast in June on PBS stations.

Great Performances is a production of THIRTEEN for WNET, one of America’s most prolific and respected public media partners.

Already familiar to national audiences from her debut appearances on America’s Got Talent, Jackie is the youngest star in Great Performances’ recent Hitman Returns: David Foster & Friends concert for March pledge, performing virtuoso interpretations of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Pie Jesu” and Puccini’s “O Mio Babbino Caro.”  Foster will co-host the special, and serve as music director.

Jackie Evancho’s concert will celebrate the release of her first full-length SYCO/Columbia CD Dream with Me, which covers classical crossover material, and will be taped at the spectacular grounds of the magnificent The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art in Sarasota, Florida.

Watch a preview:

Jackie’s musical selection on the program is scheduled to include “When You Wish Upon A Star,” “Nella Fantasia,” “A Mother’s Prayer,” “Nessun Dorma,” “Angel,” “O Mio Babbino Caro,” “Somewhere,” “All I Ask Of You,” “Ombra Mai Fu,” “Lovers,” “Imaginer,” “The Lord’s Prayer,” “To Believe,” and “Dream With Me.”

Although her appearance on America’s Got Talent introduced the world to Jackie Evancho and her astonishing vocal talent, her musical story begins before her life-changing appearance on the talent contest.  At her first talent competition, she came in second place to a 20-year old opera singer.  As Jackie’s talents blossomed, she sought out more opportunities to perform for audiences.

Eventually, she caught the attention of Grammy-winning producer David Foster when she won a regional competition that allowed her to sing as Foster accompanied her on piano.

Jackie’s first on-air America’s Got Talent performance of “O Mio Babbino Caro” was transcendent, delighting and amazing the surprised audience.

The judges were instantly smitten. “I can’t believe that from this tiny body, this huge mature voice you have,” said Sharon Osbourne.  Piers Morgan exclaimed, “This is one of the most extraordinary performances that I’ve ever seen on America’s Got Talent.”  Howie Mandel simply stated, “You’re an angel. You’re a superstar.”

She further wowed everyone with her subsequent performances of “Time to Say Goodbye,” made famous by her idols, Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman; “Pie Jesu,” also introduced by Brightman when Great Performances premiered Lloyd Webber’s Requiem in 1985, and, in the finale, the classic “Ave Maria.”  Evancho’s sterling appearances sent sales of her self-made independent release, “Prelude to a Dream,” soaring up Billboard’s Top Classical Crossover Albums Chart, where it peaked at No. 2.

Now, in support of the release of Dream with Me, Great Performances presents Jackie Evancho in a solo concert that will fully reveal the complete range and depth of this spectacular young talent. SYCO/Columbia Records will release the album, produced by 16-time Grammy Award winner David Foster, on Tuesday, June 14.

Jackie Evancho: Dream with Me in Concert is a co-production of THIRTEEN for WNET and SYCO/Columbia.  For Great Performances, Mitch Owgang is producer; Bill O’Donnell is series producer; and David Horn is executive producer.

Major funding for the Great Performances telecast is provided by the Starr Foundation, the Philip and Janice Levin Foundation, Joseph A. Wilson, and public television viewers.

  • Jerry Katchmer

    Jackie, Congradulations!! I hope that you always keep that young lady “innocence” forever in your heart and always let your little girl play. This is the mystique that draws people to you, the “innocence” that sees only good. Enjoy the ride and journey not the destination that never exists. I find great joy in watching and hearing you perform. To have the finesse and charisma that you have is simply breathtaking. God Bless, and I know, we all pray for you and yours and continued best wishes and success

  • OldGoat34

    Can’t wait till this is on TV Jackoe is suc h a joy to hear and see she sings with emotion and sound far byond her young life.

  • renee dancingrl

    There are not enough words in the dictionary to let people know how special you are – you have wond the hearts of millions

  • kenneth hanson

    The photos are beautiful…I can’t wait to hear you in concert…..love you Jackie…keep it up

  • barb Naas

    Dear Jackie, we can’t wait to hear your lovely voice on tv again. Your voice is amazing, even more so since it comes out of such a petite young adorable girl. Stay grounded and you’ll certainly have a beautful life! Peace, Barb

  • Murray Vale

    Jackie: I cried every time I heard you sing. Your voice combined with the emotion you create is overwhelming. I am a 67 year old married man who never buys a CD but I am finishing this post and looking for your new album and will be definitely recording your performance on PBS to listen to over and over again.

  • Shawn Gudde

    You changed the world Jackie. blessed child. Always and Forever.

  • Sempi Ternam

    Very excited about Jackie’s PBS special, and her new CD “Dream With Me” to be released on June 14. I’ve been fortunate to attend two of Jackie’s concert performances this year. The only thing that can compare to the joy of hearing her voice is that of watching her as she performs – totally captivating and deeply moving! Jackie is a delight in every way. I hope that her PBS concert will be made available on DVD!

  • Glenn Thomas

    I am a huge fan of this wonderful, amazing and beautiful child! One big question: I know this is being taped for PBS and all, but will there be an audience, a live audience, for this concert. Concert, to me, implies audience. Anyone answer this question, like for sure?

  • edinathens

    I want the DVD. I want the DVD.

  • Jennifer

    Yes, there will be a live audience for this concert… and I’ve got tickets!!! :)

  • Harry

    Hi Jennifer, I want tickets too! Where did you get it please??

  • David C.

    The next Charlotte Church? Probably, but let’s hope she doesn’t go through that wild rebellious stage Charlotte went through.

  • Bella Gello

    Jackie is a once in a life time prodigy. Listening to her sing is a joy. Watching her perform in person is an exquisite experience. Keep following your star Jackie, and always stay the way you are. God Bless you and your family.

  • Ross Kunkler

    To me, Jackie represents that pure joy in all of life, where others would be frustrated with pain. No ammount of sadness, no striffe ever exists in that tiny body. It is unnatural, yet very real. How often we overlook the simple joys, for something deeper. A walk in the automn breeze, cool ocean between our toes, and the giggles of a child. In this adult world of ours, along comes a simple child and all the emotion we were told should never exist. Things such as love, joy, peace and faithfulness floods through. Life changing experience for sure.

  • cynthia fesler

    They say there is one great voice every 100 hundred years and I believe Jackie is it! There are diamonds in the rough that have to be made by years of pressure over lots of time, then chiseled to perfection. Jackie is the diamond right out in the open. Already perfect in form and just getting shined and polished with her own hard work. She has burst forth from her own desire and without any pressure from anyone. From her own will and the gift of God, she has chosen to share with us the beauty within.

  • Ian Lawton

    Jackie’s vocal talent is beyond-belief….but in addition to that, her personality is equally amazing. This child is so poised, charming, intelligent, kind and compassionate….that simply to know her is to love her. She is the definition of beauty, as she manifests it in so many ways.

  • Faith Blais

    Thank you, Jackie, for the most wonderful experience of seeing you last night here in Sarasota. Good luck with your new Album “Dream with Me”. Looking forward to seeing you on PBS. Stay commited and God Bless.

  • joan mckniff

    yes, I was in second row; great!

  • Ahmed Alhout

    Just I want to say : You look amazing in this picture :)

  • Daniel Star

    My darling Jackie, you cease to amaze! My name is Star but you ARE a star. I’m so happy that you’re partnered
    with the legendary David Foster. God bless you and your family and many years of continuing success! -G.G.DD.

  • Steve D.

    Jackie is Amazing! When you think about a little girl who just turned 11 singing like this it just blows your mind. People who didn,t believe in miracles …now believe!

  • Steve D.

    David, Jackie will outshine Charlotte Chuch, and yes thats saying a lot, because Charlotte is wonderful. Because of Jackies upbringing by her wonderful parents, I don,t think we have to worry about any wildness. Think positive please,not negative. thank you.

  • Steve D.

    oops! I forgot to add that Jackie looks so beautiful in this picture,and I love her boots!

  • Bob Hart

    Jackie, you may not have won AGT and the $1 million prize, but you won the hearts of A BILLION fans across this globe. And since ANGEL was released , please, please, please, make it your signature song. Even though Sarah McLachlan wrote it (and I believe even earned a Grammy), I believe she had you in mind when she did. I simply can hear the heart and soul you put into it.. God bless, sweetie…..XOXO

  • Bob Hart

    Thanks, Cindy!!! As a diamond in the rough needs to cleaned, cut and polished, this is what Jackie is going through now. And I simply can’t believe now much she has improved over the last 7 months. WOW!!!

  • Stephen G.

    I hope a DVD comes out very soon.

  • carol p

    WMFE has sold their TV station and neither of the two PBS stations in Central Florida are airing special events broadcasts. The only other alternative at this point is National PBS but where do we find it? I have been waiting and watching and this is the only information I can glean from any of these stations. Way to go Jackie! I am truly blessed to have two ears to hear you.

  • John Paul

    Jackie is the star in my life I can never get enough of your sweetness your singing your pictures you I love everything about you I hope to live long enough to see what great things you will do your my angel you make my life worthwhile god bless Jackie Evancho

  • Fred Brown

    Dear Jackie, Someone has said, “unless you become as innocent as a little child, you will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven”. So He prepared YOU , and worked out a plan to stand YOU before the world as an example. And just to get OUR attention,- – He provided YOU with the voice of an Angel.

  • Michael S. Terrell

    I will certainly be looking forward in seeing this program when it comes to PBS in June.When I first saw Miss Evancho on AGT she definitely made me tear up as I was in awe of this beautiful little angels voice and performance.God Bless her in all her future endeavors.

  • Morales

    Je vis en France et me sera impossible d’aller à son concert le 14 juin prochain.
    j’aimerai y assister à un de ses concerts de cet été.
    J’aime bien cette petite fille, elle est adorable;
    Peut-être nous allons avoir l’occasion de voir Jackie en concert ici à Paris soit à l’Olympia près de l’Opéra Garnier soit au Palais de Congrès de Paris pourquoi pas?.
    Autres artistes américains ont été présentés à l’Olympia, c’est le cas de Michael Jackson à l’âge de 11 ans il a est venu et donné un mini concert que les françaises sont bien apprécié. et se rappellent encore aujourd’hui.
    J’aimerais voir “ce petit ange” à Paris.
    Chao Jackie, à bientôt !

    J. Morales.

  • Oscar Hernandez

    “She has burst forth from her own desire” those words you said/wrote almost made me tear up. Because that is SOOO true. That’s what I’ve seen since the beginning. Allow me to expand on those words. Her LOVE for singing is the wind beneath Her. It’s allowing Jackie to soar as high as she’s going. Nothing and nobody is going to take that love away from Jackie. Even her brother Jake once said: “She really is singing ALL the time.” Now I don’t go as far as calling her an “Angel” but I will call her a GENIUS. Just ask any opera instructor how many years/decades it’s taken some adults to sing at the level Jackie is in now…. It took her less than 3yrs!!! &% $ # * % # … Simply a GENIUS!!!

  • Paul Foster

    You are right Jerry. It’s the journey, not the destination that is important here. She has just started her journey and we get front row seats to watch and listen to it all. Not everybody can apreciate her yet but we know, as we see her progress, that she is about to unleash her full impact on the world. I can’t wait! :) This is going to be great!

  • Paul D

    Jackie, you bring to us the true essence of innocence that we all long to preserve in this world. In your rendition of ‘Oh Holy Night’, you sing the words, “The thrill of hope,” with such sincerity that one can’t help but feel good about the future, now that your voice is part of it. You bring a new and fresh interpretation of each song you sing and you make every song enjoyable to the ear and lasting in the mind. Thank you for bringing so much joy into the world. We all needed it.

  • Deb deLlano

    Paul, I totally agree I hear her sing I just cry like a baby I am close to 50 years old and I too can’t wait to buy her CD. Jackie, I will keep you in my prayers that your journey will always reflect your true heart and that you will never compromise your values ever. I am so impressed with the gift God has given the voice of an Angel.

    Thank you Paul for being so honest about how you are moved by her. I am sure most come to tears, her voice is just breathtaking

  • Deb deLlano

    Sorry I meant Murray !!! (When I hit reply it showed a message from Paul )

    I also agree with Paul and many others on this String.

    Thanks Murray!!!

  • G. David Ballentine

    With the news of the sale of Channel 24 TV Orlando looming, will we get to see Jackie Evancho’s performance at all here in Orlando, and has a date and time been even set yet ? Will it be seen on Channel 15, the only other PBS TV station in the Central Florida viewing area we get ? I’d really like a direct response to these questions.

    Please, anyone who is able to answer: ballentineg@ bellsouth.net

  • Daniel Lopez

    Dear Jackie, I thought I had seen and heard it all…. until you came along! You have filled my heart with pure joy, which I can only attribute to our Heavenly Father, the One you sing to in your new album. They say that laughter is the best medicine, but I say it’s more like #3. Knowing God is #1 and hearing and seeing you is #2. I say this in all honesty and sincerity, and for no other reasons than to encourage you and to let you know how much you are appreciated by so many people. Every one of my friends and relatives who have heard you sing thinks you are wonderful. I have already pre-ordered “Dream With Me” and have taken the liberty of downloading many of the YouTube videos with you in them. Whenever I can take a moment to relax in my daily life, part of that time out is listening to you sing. I have heard you say that you have no words to describe how you feel when you get an applause; well I feel the same way whenever they applaud and cheer for you. It makes my heart leap and my eyes water. No kidding!! God has certainly blessed you, and has blessed us through your sweet voice and personality. Go, Jackie, GO!!!

  • Steve Lambert

    Never in a lifetime did I think I would find me, this child of rock and roll, searching the internet for the English translations to opera lyrics. Nor did I ever dream that I would have fight back tears as I witnessed such depth of passion and beauty of voice over and over again. What great fortune it is to be alive and to be able to hear and see and feel now as Jackie’s star is rising. She has charged my life with such profound enrichment, and I am certain that I speak for millions. I look forward to her next performance with great anticipation. Even more, I look forward to her continued growth over many years to come.

    Thank You Jackie Evancho and Godspeed!


  • Alice Lyons

    I couldn’t have said it better,Daniel has said it all. God bless you and your family,and your future.

  • Stephen

    I worry that they’re pushing this beautiful little girl to do too much too soon… she’s just a child and her vocal chords are not fully developed. She’s an amazing singer for her age with extraordinary poise but I fear that she is still very vulnerable. She has said repeatedly in interviews that she does not feel like an adult and does not want to grow up. Someone ought to listen to her.

  • Tunanorth

    She has also repeatedly said that this is HER dream, and that this is what SHE wants.
    “Singing is what I do”.
    Perhaps you should listen to her.

  • J. Fuqua

    To Stephen:
    You need to stay on top of Jackie’s personal interviews more.
    Just this past weekend she bluntly stated to the fact that her parents DO NOT push her in any way. In fact they try to hold her back from doing so much. Her father has stated MANY times that Jackie is involved 100 percent in what she does and what she does not do. She also stated that she loves her parents very much and she feels lucky that they have allowed her so much freedom to let her follow her dream. She loves performing in front of any size crowd, and, and she gets her happiness from the claps and applause, knowing that they enjoyed her singing.
    This summer she will be very busy with her tour and all the traveling to Europe and South America. But this is what she wants in order to fulfill her dream, and help her career.
    The nice thing is that in all of her travels she most always has one or more of her brother’s or sister along too, so her whole family rides her train of fame. She has a multitude of security that travels with her, but mostly out of site, except when the crouds are too close, so she does not feel boxed in.
    I think I have said enough. so Stephen back off a couple of yards……

  • J. Fuqua

    Just one more thing to add.
    In regards to her voice being damaged. She has one of the best vocal coaches in the world that trains her.. Her vocal coach is from Britain, and travels back and forth all over the world for her clients.
    When ever Jackie does a major concert or is making a CD her coach is always close by.

  • Clarita Crabtree

    Jackie Evancho is undoubtedly the best I have ever heard. Her stage presence, her perfect pitch, her ability to give her all, with such emotion, to each song she sings, are but icing on such a sweet, gentle “cake”. Should you, dear Reader, not be familiar with Jackie’s music, please take the word of all these fans who do know and love her. You will NEVER regret buying one of her CDs or DVDs. She will enter your life and change it for the better. There are not words strong enough for me to recommend her to you. I am one of the fortunate ones who actually have heard her perform live in concert, and even more fortunately was able to meet her. Everything good you have heard about her is true.

  • F. Santos

    has anyone found when Jackie’s concert is on PBS in Orlando, Florida

  • DLHom

    Wonderfully, succinctly, and accurately put! I often do the same. I find myself amazed at my own behavior… that is, finding so much quiet and solace in listening to this remarkable young voice. Even if her voice changes and she is no longer as transcendent as she is now, her voice, at this time, in this place, is a gift from God and we all should appreciate it for the potentially rare jewel that it is, instead of criticizing the fact that so much adulation is being bestowed upon her before reaching her full potential. She is great now and perhaps this is her full potential. It does not negate the fact that, right now, she is a conduit to the voices of heaven. Love it now. Like those who “died too soon,” we may not have it forever.

  • Jim

    Now who was it that won first place in America’s Got Talent? I disremember.

  • Shirley Taylor

    It was a great performance and we would like to see it on Tv.

  • steve

    When will this concert be air in St.louis MO ?

  • Don Nozawa

    It seems obvious that KETC is not interested in up to date programming and re-runnung Eric Clapton specials. I guess our only alternative is to support Chicago WTTW for new programming. They provide a method on-line in which we can support their programming. Good Luck you all.

  • Larry

    Well Don, It also seems that KETA is of the same mind. Re-running all of Eric Claptons GP’s instead of airing Jackie Evancho. They need to get with the program and start listening to their viwers and supporters.

  • John Weddig

    I like to call it ‘a voice under construction,’ and what a palace it will be when completed.

  • Sam Ennis

    WOW!!! I have got to get this PBS DVD! Jackie’s voice/instrument is a wonderful and beautiful thing to experience. To watch her sing/perform is an ‘out of this world’ experience. The experience is so precious and in a realm of experience so set apart from the everyday norm that it overpowers the emotions of almost all that hear and appreciate her singing.
    Thank you Jackie and Jackie’s parents for sharing your wonderful gifts and talents with your fans.

  • Yolanda Lazo

    WOW! WOW! WOW! Words can not describe what I feel every time I hear Jackie singing! May God continue to bless her unique and exquisite voice! GREAT…! I cant wait to see her I NY!

  • Umesh Holland


    Blessings to You

  • Bob Hart

    WOW!!! All the nice and teary-eyed comments are gonna make me teary-eyed again. Must be the “Jackie Effect” again. Thanks be to God for sending us his angel to the right place and the right time.

  • Warren Paulins

    Can anyone tell me if and when Jackie’s mind-boggling Sarasota PBS special could air on WOSU-TV in Columbus, Ohio? I am a huge fan (since AGT) and admirer and see this marvelous special receiving rave reviews while airing everywhere else in the U.S. but not here in Columbus. It’s extremely frustrating because I know I would purchase the DVD (I have already ordered her CD) if I had the opportunity.

  • clane

    I have 3 words…. ENCORE! ENCORE! ENCORE!

  • Lori Tedford

    Jackie is just truly Awesome!! I am a Barbra Streisand fan and Jackie singing with Barbra is just Beautiful!!! I can’t stop listening to Somewhere!! It gives me chills!! Go Jackie!!!! And she lives near me!! Way to go!!!! I can’t wait for the CD!!! Jackie – YOU WILL GO FAR!!!

  • Gary

    I don’t think Jackie’s beautiful voice and all the rest of her wonderful talent has anything to do with religion, Daniel. But I share your enthusiasm for this wonderful young lady’s talent. She brings out such emotion, and it is pure pleasure to hear and watch her perform.

  • Lisa D

    This concert was breath taking. The orchestra’s as well as her song with Barbara gave me chills as well as tears of joy. Jackie is a special person and was given to us as a gift from higher powers. Her voice melts my heart. She has such a great future ahead of her and I am sitting back ready to watch her grow into a strong musician. Great Performance Jackie.

  • Carlton

    I just saw the teaser for Great Performances and immediately recognized the grounds of the Ringling Museum near my home in Sarasota, which is the perfect setting for Jackie’s singing. I remember when intimate classical concerts in the courtyard at dusk were a regular occurrence and I could not miss this show. I immediately called my daughter (14- who also runs around singing from Phantom of the Opera as Jackie did early on) and we watched this debut together. She begged for the DVD and I suppose it makes sense because seeing is believing that a child could possess such a talent and express the songs with such visual grace. Please support PBS and Great Performances for creating such a beautiful production by ordering the CD and DVD from your local public broadcasting station.

  • rosemarie

    Amazing, Jackie has been bestowed a great blessing. Heavenly voice. A gift to us all.

  • Michael Mullen

    We are all potential gifts from God to each other; we must choose to live that way. You are a wonderful gift from Him to the world…….and you may touch countless many, showing His love to the world with your beauty and goodness, should you decide to do so. Please stay as precious as you are as you grow and mature, and remember Him in all that you do.

  • Jim Cooper

    My wish for you is that you live to be a hundred and that you are able to sing every day of your life. God blessed the world by giving you to us and you honored us with your voice. God bless and keep you all the days of your life.

  • Zarra

    The first time I heard Jackie I thought, “she is different.” What a voice! I do like Charlotte Church as well, both are amazing talents, each with their own distinct sound. Many thanks for your hard work to come to this point so all of your listeners can hear great singing and classical music. Tres manifique!

  • Bob

    I have been teaching music for 32 years. Jackie has the greatest pure voice I have ever heard. Ever. She said that she feels an angelic presence when she sings. I believe. She is a blessing to the world, and I hope she will be sharing her amazing gift for many years.

  • John

    KEDT has really messed up not repeating Dream With Me. How much junk will they air.Learning to play piano..Totally out of touch.

  • Anna Gargano

    I am 84 years old and my son and I happened to click on PBS tonight and were both mesmerized. Your voice and your presence are outstanding for a person of such a tender age. May you retain your humility and sweetness. You and your family will be in my prayers. I didn’t want the program to end! God Bless You.

  • Maureen DeLucia

    I had the privilege of being in the audience at the Ringling Museum the night of the taping…It was one of the most magical evenings of my life! It has stayed in my heart in a way that is difficult to put into words…I am so grateful for the honor…

  • Carol

    I am sorry Gary you must not be a religious man otherwise you would not have that is. God has given this young girl a special gift and she is sharing it with others. That is her calling.

  • Mari Leon

    Oh My God!!! There are no words to describe the talent this girl has! If God would send an angel from heaven, it’s her!! I called my sister in NY (I’m in Florida) so she wouldwatch her and we could not find when will this be aired in NY! I tried calling her satellite service (Direct TV) and they just said to check her guide. Does anyone knows when will this be showed again and what channel in NY? Please, can someone tell me?

  • Jeff

    Sorry, David Foster, this time I think you’ve gone a little overboard. I give you credit for being one of the most talented music producers around today, however, I think you are exploiting a child. She has a beautiful voice but where is the emotion? Where is the lyric interpretation? And calling her performance of “Somewhere” a duet with Barbra Streisand is a ripoff and very deceitful. I have a feeling Ms. Streisand really didn’t want her 1985 recording and video used. You somehow convinced her in your producer/promoter/salemanship ways. Maybe when Jackie is older, I’ll be able to appreciate her talent more. But at age 10, it’s just a little creepy to watch her sing. Just not the real thing.

  • Bob


    We would be privileged if you found time to perform somewhere in the Washington, D.C. area. I would love to take my daughter to your concert. Of course, I’m sure thousands of others from around the world are making similar requests. Above all else, do what is best for your own personal development; you are entitled to a healthy and happy childhood, and I’m sure that touring around the world can compete with other priorities in your life. For the time that you spend performing for us your fans, thank you very much. God has given you a priceless gift, and it is wonderful that you are sharing it with the world. I might add that in addition to your singing talent, you speak extremely well for yourself in interviews and have a wonderful personality. Please preserve that personality, and try not to let fame or fortune compromise it as you move forward in your career. God bless you, and thank you for sharing your gifts with us all.


  • randy

    i just watch her show, it is amazing. i order her CD dream with me , but I have to wait for 8 weeks to get this CD,

    why is so long?

  • Ray

    Jackie – All I can say is WOW WOW WOW. Your voice is so angelic and your innocense is so very pure. Your singing simply takes my breath away and my emotions well up withing myself beyond compare. You bring such joy and happiness to the world the moment you begin to sing. May God Bless You Always and your family.

  • Bob Noell

    If an angel was to appear on earth, in the form of a beautiful child, and sing, this is Jackie Evancho.

    To hear Jackie sing, is the closet to heaven that one can be, while still on earth.

    Jackie is truly a gift from Heaven.

  • Marina Albers

    Is Jackie’s DVD available in music stores in Redding, CA? I want to buy one.

  • Frederick

    Well, you (Jeff) seem to be quite alone in your opinion on this artist and those who nurture her. Suspect your credentials are lacking or non-existent. Jackie Evancho’s voice is quite simply the best and most emotionally involving singing voice I have ever heard in my 64 years of living on this planet. I haven’t been a fan of opera until now. I asked a good friend, a serious opera fan, to give his opinion on her talent. Can’t wait to hear his response.

  • Chris62

    Hi Marina,
    I don’t know about music stores, but you can get the CD online at amazon.com or barnesand noble.com.
    I just ordered one!

  • RAy Geffel

    Ask any knowledgeable person in the entertainment biz.. Barbra Streisand. David Foster. Jay Leno. Anyone!
    Jackie Evancho as an individual AND Jackie’s voice are both, quite frankly, gifts from God. For someone of
    Streisand’s stature and musical brilliance to do a duet with Jackie, and a world renowned music producer
    like David Foster to take her under his wing and develop her into an international talent says it all. Good luck
    Jackie. You are not only among the best. YOU ARE THE BEST! Stay as you are. And may God Bless you
    wherever you go, which I know will be straight to the top. You are the best, and we love you!!!!

  • Patrick Montague

    In an era where we get up in the morning yearning for a reason to smile, the Heavens send this precious “small package” to us. I am 56 and my hope is we have the humility and appreciation to embrace Jackie as she embraces us! Thank you Mike and Lisa Evancho for sharing Jackie with the world while keeping her grounded and balancing life with your other children! God Bless this family! Thank you David Foster for being in the right place at the right time, recognizing Jackie’s gift and helping to keep Jackie balanced. Sing Jackie! Sing you “Littlest Angel”!! I smile every morning because of you and your voice!!! :)

  • Barb

    I was only able to get the tail end of Jackie’s concert on PBS. Please let us know when the concert will air again. Hopefully, it will come again soon. Thank You Jackie.

  • Jeff

    In truth, even though that Grimm guy won, Jackie won more than he ever will in a lifetime. So it doesn’t matter does it? Is David Foster taking Gimm under his tutelage? No! Has Mike Grimm already produced 2 “million selling CDs”? No! Has Mike Grimm performed multiple times (outside of AGT) on broadcast television ? No! Does Mike Grimm have a huge and growing fan base that is exponetially exploding? No!

    And all this is not to takeaway from Mr. Grimm. He certainly is a great performer and sounds so much like many other great performers I have heard in the past raspy voice and all. (OK, maybe that was meant to take a little away from Mike.)

    So, don’t bother yourself with pointing out to us who love Jackie to death that she didn’t win America’s Got Talent. She won “The Universe Has Got Talent” and now has been sent to Earth to share something very, very, very special with those who have ears and eyes, (”…let them hear and see”).

    No more batteling with the ridiculous naysayers. I like believing in what I said I believe. I like Jackie and would walk on coals to see her live in concert.

    Thank You GOD for this additional wonderful gift you have given the world. Most of us will appreciate it to the etheral extent you have given it to us.

  • Jeff

    Can I get an AMEN?!

  • Bob

    i am an old man 89 years old. I listen to you every day, and every day I find tears rolling down my cheeks. Put all of the wonderful comments above together and it will express just how I feel.

  • Rudy Cornejo

    Dearest Jackie!
    I’m listening to your latest CD as I write, and like all those blogs above, I cry. Your voice exudes purity, sincerity, discipline and compassion which is my reward from which you so lovingly and unselfishly give to the world. Thank you for all your hard work. It really shows, BIG TIME! I complement adults like that, but you’re the exception in terms of TRUE hard work with RESULTS! I play the piano and if I had had the discipline you have now when I was your age, I would’ve been one of the great virtuosos. But I got caught up in the world which is full of the lust (temporal want) of the eyes, the lust of the flesh, and the pride of life, so says the Bible. Please don’t let the world dictate to you what it thinks you should do or feel. Especially when it comes to your musical preferences. I HATE the word and term, “Crossover” because it implies you’re not doing what you would normally prefer to do. I do not like nasal Barbara Streisand in your album because it’s a distraction and NOT your style or voice. She’s had her time and now it’s YOUR turn. That was obviously a way to get Streisand fans to listen to you thus sell more CD’s. YOU DON”T NEED HER OR ANYONE else to help sell more CD’s! I want to hear JACKIE EVANCHO exclusively on your next CD/DVD. Please. If you produce a CD/DVD combo, please make it available in BLURAY as well because I know I’ll never get a chance to see you in concert because I have to take care of my 92 yr-old mother who recently broke her hip. So the next best thing is to see you on my 56″ widescreen HDTV in High-Definition which I’ve invested in heavily. I even hope your Bluray DVD would also be made available in 3D format since I just purchased a 3D Bluray player! Please push David Foster and your record company for this format as I KNOW it will be a big seller. It’s a given. I watch your DVD from “O Holy Night” all the time just so I can SEE you perform, not just ‘hear’ you. When I retire, then I play your CD which I listen to until I fall asleep with my headphones on. You are my ‘dream’ daughter, or more accurately, my ‘dream grand-daughter’ which I would’ve wanted had I did things God’s way through obedience. I love you dearly Jackie. Thank you for inspiring me to make music again and practice, practice, practice on the piano. Yikes! My old hands hurt! Here’s hoping I don’t croak before your next DVD. LOL!

  • Claire La Belle

    Hallo my dear Jackie,
    we all like you so much, every day I listen to you at least two hours after my patients have gone. Your music is healing, comforting, and what is most: It wakes up people’s own talents again! People start singing again, playing instruments, the love for music and faith comes back. And automatically we fold our hands to pray with you “Our Father who art in Heaven..”

    Jackie, you have now been to London. What would you think of singing “Feed the birds” and “Don’t fall asleep” from the musical of Mary Poppins? Do you know this musical? I think, these songs would also fit to your voice fantastically, and they also healing songs (…until the wind will turn into the other direction…).

    I would like so much to be your angel and say some nice things in between your songs when you are on stage, so that you can have a little rest in between the songs of your concerts. If you can give me an email address where I can reach you I would like to send you what I would say before every song: This is my dream: To accompany you to all the cities of the world and speak about the angelic purpose of your songs (,,to reach the unreachable star”). I have been dreaming of being with you in Sydney Opera. I will also send you a short overview of my life so that you can see in what heavenly mission we are (“to run where the brave dare not go” was my mission up to now).
    Waiting for your answer
    Karin (clairelabelle@gmx.de)
    P.S. As soon s the weather is good again we will prepare some you tube-movies showing you what I think. Can you show them to David Foster and ask him what he thinks of it?

  • Jeff Swinderman

    This performance changed my life. I was flipping throught the channels when I stumbled upon this absolute treasure. At first… I couldn’t fathom what I was seeing, so I kept watching. All I can say is that because of this PBS program, Jackie is now my favorite performer. I am 36 yrs. old & have played guitar since I was 14. I never suspected that Classical music could have such an impact on me. Jackie changed all that with her astounding voice. The proof is in what you hear, her age matters not… impeccable delivery, beautiful song selection, and a personality that reminds us all of the intrinsic “goodness” of humanity. Thank you Jackie Evancho and PBS.

  • Jeff Swinderman

    Steve… I can certainly relate to every word you said. As a result of seeing her performance, I too have combed the web for translations, other performances, & histories of these songs. Nothing I have found is as compelling & personally satisfying as Jackie’s renditions.

  • Joe Merkt


  • Anna

    I think the reason people keep saying quasi-religious things about her is because once you get bitten by the Jackie bug it is literally a life changing experience. A well defined before-Jackie and after-Jackie event.
    I know some people are immune but if you’re not, it doesn’t matter how young or old you are, a big change occurs in your life. You never feel quite the same again and it can be a shock for those who never expected it.
    Many people who didn’t like this kind of music, some who maybe didn’t like music full stop and some that didn’t even like their life, particularly, have found a new meaning via her voice and a reason to look forward to the future.
    You are doing a real public service in this respect.

  • Elizabet

    I have been blown away by Jackie since her first performance on AGT. I play her spectacular performances over and over and my spirit just soars to a new height every time I listen to and watch her. There was a tragic suicide this winter of a young person I loved. I am a senior and alone with my grief but when I watch Jackie singing “Angel” so beautifully and with so much emotion on Great Performances I know – for that moment while i weep – that this young man is in the “arms of an angel.” I take such comfort – the only comfort I have found – in hearing her sing this song. Even though I am always sort of on the fence about a God her performance convinces me each time that my boy is in the “arms of an angel” and at peace. She is unbelievably gifted and wonderful. I look forward to following her career for as long as I live. She is an inspiration, a blessing to us all and a miracle whether we believe her gift comes from God or not. Thank you PBS for taping her on Great Performances and giving me the opportunity to watch her fabulous performance over and over to find “some comfort there.”

  • Irene Adams

    Jackie, we love you for your heavenly talent and your wonderful purity. Please never change.

  • vicki w.

    I’ve been lucky to catch the PBS Great Performance with Jackie twice by accident & cannot describe the rapture & elation, the goosebumps I get listening to her exquisite renditions of my favorite songs. She is such a lovely girl with the voice of a diva. When I watch this performance I am too mesmerized to record it. I cannot move except to turn the volume up high & surrender to the ecstasy of her captivating voice, & her beautiful, young face. Thank you PBS, thank you Mr & Mrs. Evancho, thank you Jackie! May you always stay safe. May you always sing.

  • Ralph P.

    There is not much more that I can add, but I am 78 year old man and the first time I heard Jackie some tears came out of my eyes and the second time a flood of tears came out. I hope that you will keep on singing forever.

  • Kristen

    Oh, be careful, Jackie. The public life is not kind; it ruins people regularly. Listen as the spirit whispers to you. The purity of your tone is so precious. Remember that God does not give us gifts so that we’ll be famous, but so that we can heal souls. Take care. Take very good care.

  • Laura

    Simply put, Jackie Evancho is a gift from God Himself for such a time as this. God bless you and keep His Hand upon you and your family, Jackie.

  • Spats

    I have the CD “Dream with Me.”
    How and/or where can the DVD of her PBS special performance be purchased?

  • Marna Bradbury

    bad at the voice but wonderful personal habits.

  • David

    I feel sorry for you Jeff. You are going to miss all the beauty in life with such a narrow-minded attitude. If you would bother to watch or read interviews with Jackie, she simply loves what she does. Her parents are doing an excellent job keeping her grounded. And seeing that she is not overworked. Exploited? Not in a million years.

  • David
  • David

    I see that it is now listed at Barnes & Noble for September release. Just type “dream with me in concert dvd” in the search box on their site.

  • David

    Bad at the voice?? I think that the comments above tell the real story.

  • Thomas Ashley

    Who was the young oriental pianist that substituted for David Foster in one performance?

  • david bradford

    Like many others, I first saw Jackie O. on agt. And like many others, when I heard her sing “O Mio Babbino Caro”
    I was totally amazed and mesmerized by her voice. I am not an opera fan at all, but I am now! Like some of you I have been googleing for lyrics to some of the songs that Jackie sings. And one day I was watching TV, just channel surfing, and I came upon her “Great Performances” concert with David Foster at Sarasota. What a treat that was! But I know that Jackie is not an “opera” singer as she has been mistakenly labeled by some. I have learned that she is a classical crossover singer. And I have been reading many of the comments posted and most feel the same I do. She is receiving some critical comments about her young age and possibly damaging her voice. But I hope her coaches keep Jackies best interests in mind by not pushing her too hard. And some will say, that’s what Jackie wants to do. But an eleven year old girl does not understand the enormous pressure of being catapulted into the realm of superstardom at such a tender age. I pray and hope that Jackies parents make the right decisions about her future and not become blinded with all the fame and fortune.

  • Richard

    Conrad Tao

  • Marina Perez

    She is amazed, wow, I never saw nothing similar,.i hope that she will have a wonderful future!!!

  • catmando

    One doesn’t need to be religious to love and appreciate Jackie’s rare and wonderful talent. I am an Atheist and I play her music every day but I don’t think of a mythical skygod when I hear her sing. Jackie is a prodigy like Mozart, Beethoven, Van Cliburn, Rachmaninov and so many others. Nothing supernatural about her talent at all.

    I have a 59 year music history and the only singer to affect me like Jackie does is Sarah Brightman in her prime.

  • sierra

    when i heard jackie sing for the first time i knew i wanted to be just like her. now im trying to be almost as good as her.And i said im TRYING.And im only 10 years old.She is so amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ann

    that’s one word, 3 times

  • Ann

    What was your first hint Gary wasn’t religious?
    Using religion as the explanation of the events in one’s life is essentially using a socially created crutch in which some feel the necessity to lean against and then obsessively impose on others.
    Why not just talk about the individual’s talent and leave religion out of it?

  • Cathy Trione

    However prodigious her voice, an eleven year old girl in performance singing romantic songs is not very appealing.

  • Rob G.

    Not many things bring a tear to my eye, but this little girl does. It reminds me that virtue and beauty still exist in this world and are worth fighting to save and protect from veil evil men who kill and destroy such beauty. All little children are precious but Jackie Evanco is the closest thing I have ever seen to an angel, along with Shirley Temple too. Some good things are still made in America.

  • Ehkzu

    re: where can the DVD be purchased?

    Amazon.com for one. Also from many public TV stations.

  • Ehkzu

    First, have you looked at the dozens and dozens of other comments here? Did any strike you as reacting to her romantically? Second, have you actually looked at her performing? Was she dressed like a pop tart? No–her mom’s normal store of choice is Kohl’s, not Victoria’s Secret. And was she behaving suggestively? Again, obviously not. One interviewer asked her when she planned to start dating. Her mother started saying age 16 but Jackie interrupted her, saying “in about a hundred years!”

    She sings songs about undying love in the sense of agape; in the sense of being the storyteller, not the subject of the story; in the sense of the wise child looking out unblinkingly at the wild world. Children don’t inhabit a separate universe, you know. It’s this one.

    Consequently I put it to you that your it’s your implied accusation of her and her parents that’s unseemly, not her choice of songs.

    Not to mention the fact that Jackie Evancho is a lyric soprano fueled by a mind that adult music professors have categorized as that of an interpretive genius. She’s a serious person where music is concerned, and she seeks the intensity of emotion in her song choices that she feels inside her. Intensity, not “romance,” since the hormonal aspects of romance are literally invisible to her, as they are to anyone who’s pre-menarchal.

    The crime would be having such a person singing the likes of “Mary had a little lamb.”

    Your disapproval takes none of these things into account.

  • Debra Nguyen

    Does everyone know! Jackie is coming to SF.
    Monday, March 26, 2012 7:30pm
    Davies Symphony Hall

    Tickets went on SALE this morning and I just got mine. YEH!

  • Marie

    Kristen, you have made the most sense with the few words you have just spoken. I am a huge fan of Jackie’s as well and I feel the exact same way you do. Thanks for typing for me. Lol

  • Marie

    Obviously you listen to Britney Spears too much!!!! Jackie has the vocals of the universe and there will NEVER be another like her. U should not be listening to all the brainless acts out there and respect REAL talent!!!!!!

  • Marie

    What is the difference hearing a 50 yo singer singing about cotton candy? Jackie has not overstepped her boundaries and sang about anything inappropriate. I would much prefer listening to Jackie rather than about what has ruined this world. Jackie is a role model and we definitely need her in today’s society.

  • Marie

    Debra, I’m jealous!!!!!!! Lol. I live in Biloxi Mississippi and I hope and pray that she comes to the south soon!!!!! Please email me @ mhp39532@yahoo.com if u hear of any dates close to me.

  • Mark

    If someone believes her voice came from God they should be able to express that unhindered. If you don’t believe in God than that’s your loss I guess. She is a living miracle, what she does flies in the face of science that someone who hasn’t reached puberty yet can deliver a voice like her’s. I you don’t believe in a Higher Power after listening to her you never will.

  • Glenn

    Bllessed Mary has blessed you. Keep up the great work GS

    Matthew 18:1-5

  • Masa

    Helga Meyer was a German soprano that sang for a short time with the opera in Saltzburg, Austria. Many say her voice was like Maria Callas. Helga married an American and spent most of her life as a voice coach at Martha Washington College. She died of cancer in Arlington, Virginia. God has returned her spirit to perform for us again. Her spirit is the angel that we know today as Jackie Evancho.

  • Masa

    Look for Dream With Me in Concert to buy the Great Performance version.
    I bought the version that has both a DVD and CD. 15 songs each.

    Also, there are several different versions of Dream With Me out there.
    Target has two versions. I like the Deluxe version. It’s more expensive, but worth it.
    This version is only available at Target. It contains four extra songs. 18 songs in all.

  • Joe Dumlao

    Debra, some of Jackie’s fans from Facebook and Jackie Evancho Fan Site (JEFS) are planning a get together before the concert. If you go to Jackie’s website: http://forums.myjackieevanchofanclub.com/index.php?/topic/701-san-francisco-march-26th/page__st__20 this topic is about the get together.

  • Pepet

    I saw Jackie singing for the first time on a video some three months ago. I live in Barcelona (Spain) and english is a foreign language for me, so I find it difficult to express what I would like to say every time I hear and watch Jackie singing. She is absolutely amazing and as many other people I can´t avoid some tears .
    If she ever comes to perform in Barcelona I will do my best to try to get tickets….

  • Diana

    We love to hear this little girl sing, wish we could hear more of her, she I do believe is God’s gift to all of us all over the world, and if people will just listen to some of her songs, really listen, then this world could be a much better place. God put her and gave her this voice for a reason. God Bless You and your family Jackie.

  • Deacon Larry

    Marie, you may know this by now, but Jackie has a concert scheduled in the Atlanta area on Sunday evening, June 3rd, 2012. We are from Jacksonville, FL (six hour drive) and we have already ordered tickets to see her. We realize Atlanta is not any closer to Biloxi, but I think you already realize that she and her incredible voice and her performance will be worth the long drive to see her in concert. It will be breath-taking, and we can’t wait.

  • Savanna Halling

    Lose yourself in the music :)

  • Robert Mohr

    Dear Jackie,

    Thank you for sharing your extraordinary talent with us. Your parents must be very proud of you and appear to be providing you with an environment that enables you to grow as a young person with high values as well as carefully guiding ;your exposure to the world of entertainment, Looking forward to hearing more from you in the near future.

    Thank you David Foster for your careful guidance for Jackie so far. I can only wish that all young talented people had such caring producers.

  • Eddy Jean Coates

    Jackie, you were absolutely sensational last weekend at the Maverick Center. Please thank your parents for me, for their allowing you to share your talent with the rest of the world. You are really a sweet and very talented young lady.

  • Emily Borrowman

    Hey Jeff, I can give you a little light on what Jackie’s doing with her voice. I first heard her on America’s got talent, and I worry about her quite a bit. Children don’t usually have a vibrato, and their voice is usually light, and clear. In order for her to accomplish the tone she is now using, she pushes down on her larynx, and foorces all of that sound that could be open to the back of her throat. The thing that concerns me is that as soon as she’s through with puberty, her voice may not allow her to create that tone the way she currently does now. I’m hoping she can have a long career, but the thing that’s sad is that the majority of the people that like her, don’t even care about what her voice will sound like after puberty. They just care about the now, but it will soon become a reality, and they’ll have to face it when it’s here. I’ve responded to some comments on simular threads like this, and all of her fans basically say, “oh she’ll be just fine, your just jealous.”. others say, “your just another opera snob, you don’t know what your talking about. She has an angelic voice, and she’ll be just fine.” I’ve decided to track her progress, and as soon as she turns 13, I’m going to procure every recording she ever makes during those crucial years when her voice is undergoing changes, all though I hope that they won’t make her sing during that time. I hope she will take a brake during those years of change like Beverlie Seals did. It was because of that brake, that Beverlie Seals, had a successful career, and she started singing at I believe age 5 so yes, it can be done if guided properly.

  • R K Ripp

    I live in metro Chicago – And MISSED THIS!! I hope it will be replayed on WTTW – even with the infernal sales breaks. I’ll be looking for a DVD in the meantime.
    A CD or through iTunes isn’t the same thing: just listening to her voice doesn’t have the same impact as seeing it emanating from this angelic, pre-pubescent child!

  • Steve D.

    I will make my comment short and sweet. I have watched and listened to hundreds of singers from many different genres. Only one has touched my soul enough to make me cry. Her name: Jackie Evancho.

  • Otto Sundar

    For me it all started on December 19, 2011 while on Christmas vacation in Iceland. I live and work in Norway. I went to a record store in Reykjavík looking for some Christmas music, and bought “Heavenly Christmas” which I noticed was brand new. I couldn’t believe my ears listening to the most beautiful, angelic, and heavenly voice I had ever heard in my entire life, so mature for her age. The title of the album is very fitting. I found myself going for long walks on Iceland’s snow-covered lava fields listening to this stunningly beautiful album, making it one of my most intense and unforgettable Christmases ever. I ordered Jackie’s other albums when I got back to Norway, and I treasure all of them. I greatly enjoy watching the Blu-ray version of her PBS Special from Sarasota, Florida. I have given albums by Jackie to my 86-year-old mom who adores her, as well as to my 12-year-old niece who’s only 11 days younger than Jackie. I now greatly look forward to Jackie’s new album and PBS Special. I’m also a big fan of Icelandic singer Björk Guðmundsdóttir and British-Australian singer Olivia Newton-John, but Jackie Evancho has the most beautiful voice and has moved me the most.

  • ashley

    stumbled across Jackie EvanCo by accident on PBS.truly, truly amazing

  • Robert Janke

    It seems to me if enough people expressed an interest for a 2013 Great Performances Concert with Jacki Evancho PBS might have to seriously consider producing one.

  • B.R.Gilbert

    While I found your comments of some interest and also pray that Jackie Evancho retains that God given voice, I have to ask about your qualifications as an expert on voice reproduction and how that sound coming from Jackie is produced. You make it sound so matter of fact and yet I have never heard any sound like that from any ten or eleven year old. And if you knew of Beverly Seals you would know that it is Beverly Sills you speak of which makes your comment even less creditable.

  • Pepet

    My previous post was about a year ago. I have been following Jackie,s career and I think she is getting better and better. Is not only her voice, is also her uncomparable passion when singing and performing….

  • Eric Hamel

    YES! I agree with you Robert; Everone should express their desire for her new … whatever. From what I’ve seen (& heard) virtually everything little Jackie has done was a “Great Performance”, so I’m looking forward to a 2013 viewing on KERA, for sure. She’s phenomenal!

  • Susan Adelson

    Will Jackie’s 6/14/13 release album be available on iTunes?

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