Jackie Evancho: Music of the Movies
About the Show

THIRTEEN’s Great Performances will present 12-year-old classical crossover prodigy Jackie Evancho’s second television special Jackie Evancho: Music of the Movies, in August on PBS (check local listings). (In New York, THIRTEEN will premiere the special on Saturday, August 11 at 7:30 p.m., with an encore telecast Tuesday, August 14 at 8 p.m.)

The new special, a follow-up to her popular debut special Great Performances Dream With Me in Concert, will be recorded in the opulent splendor of the newly restored Orpheum Theatre, one of Los Angeles’ most venerable landmarks, and will feature such evergreens as “Pure Imagination,” “My Heart Will Go On,” “Can You Feel the Love Tonight,” and “Some Enchanted Evening.”

Watch a preview:

THIRTEEN’s Great Performances is a production of THIRTEEN for WNET, one of America’s most prolific and respected public media providers. For nearly 50 years, WNET has been producing and broadcasting national and local arts programming to the New York community.

Jackie Evancho: Music of the Movies is directed by David Horn with conductor Bill Ross, and will feature Jackie singing arrangements of songs from movies (the full set list follows below).

Jackie Evancho got her big break at just 10-years-old as a contestant on America’s Got Talent, where the breakout star finished in second place.  Her first release for Columbia Records, a Christmas EP titled O Holy Night, was certified Platinum and earned  Jackie the distinction of being the top-selling debut artist in 2010 as well as the youngest solo artist ever to go platinum and debut in the Top 10.

In 2011 she released Dream With Me, her debut major label full-length album.  Dream With Me was produced by the legendary David Foster, and debuted at #2 on the Billboard 200 chart and is certified Gold.  She recorded Dream With Me In Concert for PBS’s Great Performances in 2011, and the special rapidly became one of PBS’ most broadcast programs of the year.

The Songs:
Pure Imagination // Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory
Can You Feel The Love Tonight // The Lion King
Some Enchanted Evening // South Pacific
My Heart Will Go On // Titanic
The Summer Knows // Summer of 42
I See The Light // Tangled
(Se) Cinema Paradiso // Cinema Paradiso
The Music Of The Night // The Phantom of the Opera
When I Fall In Love // Sleepless in Seattle
Come What May // Moulin Rouge
Reflection // Mulan

SYCO/Columbia will release the album in October.

The Orpheum opened on February 15, 1926 and has played host to many legendary performers from burlesque queen Sally Rand, the young Judy Garland, and comedian Jack Benny, to jazz luminaries like Ella Fitzgerald, Lena Horne, and Duke Ellington. In later years, performers such as Little Richard, Aretha Franklin and Little Stevie Wonder held the stage there.

Jackie Evancho: Music of the Movies is a co-production of THIRTEEN for WNET and SYCO/Columbia.  For Great Performances, Mitch Owgang is producer; Bill O’Donnell is series producer; and David Horn is executive producer.

Major funding for the Great Performances telecast is provided by the Irene Diamond Fund, the Starr Foundation, and public television viewers.

  • Steven Carter

    This second performance for PBS by Jackie will surely showcase how she has grown as one of the world’s premier vocal talents. Some say there has never been a voice comparable. I’ll leave those arguments to others. One thing is for sure, if you’ve not heard Jackie sing you’re missing an experience of a life time. Its not only her voice, its Jackie herself. Seeing and hearing her are almost beyond words to describe. Let me be among the many who would say that she’s a once in a lifetime experience. Having seen her perform and being fortunate to have met her ever so briefly I have been changed forever. My belief that heaven can be here on earth is affirmed each time I see Jackie. What a magnificent gift she is to us all. Don’y miss this up coming performance on PBS. You’ll be changed too. :-)

  • Sam Ennis

    There are great performers of lyrics in song and then, there is Jackie Evancho, Songbird of the Ages.

  • Patricio Cruzat

    Folks, I wrote elsewhere on a comment on You Tube that the time has arrived to stop calling her ‘Jackie’. I will insist: I can speak only for myself – but she can be Jackie at home, among her relatives. On stage, however, some wonderful magic happens. Adorable, kind, elegant, beautiful, extremely talented – this is what we see. Responsible, intelligent, will power, strenght, determination – this is what she’s made of. On the outside a true Hello Kitty. On the inside, a true samurai. For me she is, and will ever be, with full respect, Miss Jacqueline Marie.

  • Tammy

    God is not the author of magic. Jackie’s voice, talent and genuine humility are courtesy from God alone. I stand in sheer admiration of what she has chosen to do with the gifts that God has given her. God is not concerned or impressed by what man may call her, don’t take “Jackie” away from Jackie. Let her decide. That wouldn’t and shouldn’t change how she is respected and adored.

  • Stephen Runnels

    If you ever have the chance to see Jackie Perform in person you will see women, men, and even children with tears in their eyes when experiencing “The Jackie Effect”. Such surreal talent and emotion emanating from such a young girl has a profound result on her audience. Attending a performance allows you to witness first-hand exactly why Jackie Evancho enraptures so many. Jackie inspires so many to travel hundreds, or even thousands of miles just to experience a Jackie live performance. Some fans made the pilgrimage to St. Petersburg Russia just to experience Jackie in a live performance. Is this exceptional? Not any longer. Her fan-base is growing day by day, and these are fans Jackie will have for the rest of her life. We know just how special this little girl really is. Whatever the future holds for her, we will be there.

  • John Duran

    My brother and I have made a pact to somehow someway go to a live Jackie concert. If she has such an impact when we here her on YouTube or on her recordings, then I can only imagine what the effect will be live.

  • Williamaka

    Miss Evancho definitely has a gift.

  • Joe Merkt

    I saw the taping live on June 13 and cannot recommend this special more highly. Jackie Evancho just gets better. Whether she is doing classical arias or classics from the movies, she will touch your heart!

    Do NOT miss this special!

  • Steve

    I also attended the taping at the beautiful Orpheum in Los Angeles on June 13; what a magnificent venue for one of the most magnificent voices of this or any century.
    The Jackie Evancho Great Performances: “Music of the Movies” special is sure to become a favorite for many years to come on PBS.

  • ben

    Looking forward to the PBS special…. I have never heard a voice more beautiful and astonishing than Miss Evancho’s. I wish her well in all of her endeavors.

  • Garth

    What happened to What A Wonderful World?.

    It isn’t on the list of songs. It was on the original list. Did it get cut out or was it accidentally omitted?

  • Rita

    I have the honor of playing spades on line with Jackie Evancho’s granddad & he has kept us apprised of all her shows & interviews from the time she first appeared on UTube & AGT. We all feel her vocal cords have been blessed by the Angels above. She’s a phenomenon that comes once in a life time & how blessed are we to witness her evolution & growth and to hear those dulcet sounds? In a world of horror & terrorists, Jackie is the bright ray of hope that there is truly goodness and beauty in the world. Hugs, Rita xoxo

  • Bill

    Jackie is what she prefers to be called. Her humility would make her feel uncomfortable with a more formal name. I have even heard her family call her ‘Jack’. But whatever you call her the beautiful music will still be the same.

  • Bill

    What A Wonderful World was cut because the Special had to be fit into a 1 1/2 hour time slot, including pledge breaks. WAWW is still on her CD and the DVD of the Special. Many of us are isappointed it was cut from the show.

  • Bob

    I had the privilege of attending Jackie’s PBS performance in Los Angeles. She received standing ovations with each song. Jackie is the Incomparable One……

  • Jim Vick

    Will Jackie Evancho’s show, Music of the Movies be rebroadcast again soon? I missed it and I’m a big fan.

  • david ernst

    Dear Jim,

    You’re in luck because you did NOT miss Jackie Evancho’s, Music of the Movies because it has not been broadcast yet! It will be airing on PBS stations throughout August, however many will start airing the program on August 11th. We hope you stay tuned for the program!

  • bob bartko

    Dear Jackie , I wish I had a vocabulary to surpass all these wonderful coments , but one thing is certain, you are the most loved child in the world ! ! You will be in our hearts forever . God bless you and keep you safe.

  • Mike

    Im sorry to say that is not Jackie’s grandfather you play with unless his name is Kent or Bill. Neither of whom play any online games. However, we do appreciate your fondness of Jackie.

  • denny

    I would like to thank you and your entire family for sharing Jackie’s talents and time with the world. Jackie lives her dream to perform and we receive the most beautiful voice and a music genius.I would like to thank Jackie for working so hard to become so great. Thank you for all the sacrifices you and your family must make.

  • Gene Weddington

    At 72 years of age I traveled to Boca Raton FL with my Grandaughter to hear little Miss Evancho live.
    After all the terrible things I’ve seen in my life I finally seen a shining STAR!!

  • Tom Hammel

    My wife and I traveled to Pittsburgh last Oct (2011) to see Jackie live. This 62 year old man fell in love with her music when I first saw her on America’s Got Talent. I knew she was incredible after 1 minute. She is a phenomenal singer. Her performance in Pittsburgh was flawless and amazing. That she can do this with full orchestra backing at her age is simply beyond me. What a gift! I wish more young people would embrace her beautiful music.

  • Dan

    There is no one else in this world I would rather listen to, other than dear Jackie, she is the most perfect child anyone could wish for, and I thank her parents for sharing her with us, and thank Jackie for all the work she put’s into her singing.

    Jackie, if you continue singing, I believe all of us will keep listning to you for life time, you are the best of the best…

    We love you Jackie

  • Grant Ferguson

    There Is Absolutely Nobody In The United States Than kind-hearted soprano Jackie Evancho I Have visited her website a few times i think this past year Her Voice is like a charm 2 thumbs up way up! 5 stars

  • Warren

    OK Jackie fans, let’s start a campaign to get her federal recognition so when she performs in another country (she’s performed in Japan, Canada, Great Britain, and Russia), she does so as a representative of the talent of the USA. Yes, I have written letters to Hillary Clinton and President Obama to this effect but have seen no action nor gotten any response from either of them. Perhaps a “push” from her many fan would help. How about an “Ambassador of Music” or “Ambassador of Culture” or sometning along those lines? Ler’s do it!

  • Jim Pickett

    Does anyone know if a Video DVD , not just an audio CD, will be released to the public this fall? I know there is one which will be given by public television for a donation of $100. The beauty of her voice and of her soul is well worth much more and I will make the donation if there is no other way. I might lose track of this site – I found it by accident so if anyone knows for sure if a video DVD will be available to the public. Thanks in advance.

  • don

    To Jackie Evancho fans from Syracuse, NY. I just found that her special Music of the Movies first airing will be on Saturday September 8, 2012 at 9pm. Encore airings will be on Thursday 9/20 at 9pm and wednesday 9/26 at 8pm. I’m counting down the days to see this one.

  • robert jones

    I strongly recomend Jackie get a chance to hear Jane Olivors versions of Some Enchanted Evening, and Vincent. I think Jackie would really enjoy the arangements and Janes unique styling. They are both available on youtube.

  • garry

    where did you find info on when Jackie special will be airing in your area for next month, i live in NC and have not found when it will air here yet? thanks for any info you may have

  • don

    Garry. Just email or call your local pbs station in your local area. They emailed me back right away and gave me the airing dates for my area. I hope this helped you.

  • Melinda Messenger

    I was so fortunate to first see and hear Jackie on America’s Got Talent. I was so taken by this beautiful, tiny little child with the perfect soprano voice and pure and natural stage presentation that I literally sobbed through every one of her performances. That Christmas, I gave her CD to all of my family members and friends for presents. I have never been able to stop asking people if they have ever heard Jackie Evancho sing. In a few weeks I am driving from my home in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho to Seattle to see her in concert at the fair there. I can’t wait! There has never been an entertainer, or anyone for that matter, who has ever affected me the way Jackie has. I truly believe that God gave us Jackie to help us all feel something once again that we somehow lost in an age of violent video games, music and media. I love you, Jackie!

  • Felix Stover

    I have Jackie Evancho’s voice in my heart, I am so thankful to be alive in the same century as Jackie. There is no other time in history or the future that I would rather be then here and now. I am a fan now and till I depart this world and beyond. Jackie Evancho ROCKS!!!

  • dave

    i am very disapointed,my local pbs station is not gonna air jackie,s new concert,i swearpeople at wpsu are tone deaf,,but then penn state has been messed up forever,why in gods name would they not show a beautiful angel singing fromthier home state,,jackie has a beautiful wonderful voice,and she be givein a grammy,,im very disapointed in my local pbs

  • Joan

    I’m with you Melinda. Everytime I hear Jackie sing I cry like a baby. For someone so young to have a voice like that surely comes from heaven. I will forever be a fan of hers. I have every cd of hers and I have already preordered her next cd.

  • LLinLa

    You nailed the description I have always tried to convey after asking “Have you ever Heard Jackie Evancho?” I’ve never been at a live performance, but I can assure you the energy, excitement and expression emanating from that child’s voice travels just as well across the airwaves. I might not survive a live performance! lol. But your point is well taken.

  • Quentin

    Wow Dave, I am totally shocked that they won’t be carrying Jackie’s Concert. Her last PBS performance helped raise huge amounts of money for PBS during their fundraising blitz. They love her to death. Did you talk to your local PBS and ask them why they aren’t carrying her? If it is true that they don’t have her on their schedule at anytime in the next month, people in your area should flood them with request. It is not too late for them to schedule her, and if the public shows interest, they surely will. My area PBS has always been very responsive to my emails, and very helpful. Keep at them.

  • Cathie Novak

    Jackie is a major blessing from God in all of our lives. She brings an element of class, beauty, charm, sensitivity and pure delight to all who experience this lovely child. There aren’t enough adjectives to fully describe her. Jackie’s performances are perfection personified, exquisite in every detail. She fills our hearts to overflowing. There are a lot of beautiful voices out there, but Jackie has it ALL! Her parents are to be commended for the values they have instilled in their precious children and for the sacrifices they have made so that our angel can pursue her career. I, too, love this beautiful little girl as if she were one of my own. It is such a joy to watch her blossom and grow as her career expands the globe, and yet she remains the sweet, giggly little sweetheart that we have all come to love and appreciate. I wish you all the joy of experiencing her in a live performance.

  • Ethmer

    i have wondered for some time who i perceive Jackie to be. Besides being “Jackie” — Indescribably and Adorably Unique! — i think she will be viewed as the 21st Century’s “Shirley Jane Temple” and “Norma Jeane Mortenson” rolled into One Heavenly Creation! — An Angel and Blessing for all mankind, like none before her!

  • Anthony

    I think Jackie would be a perfect fit on Celtic woman concert.

  • rhys

    I find no listing of this showing in central N.Y Syracuse why not

  • Brian Christopher

    To whom it may concern,

    I was wondering what day and time it will air in Saint Louis, Missouri?

    Thank you in advance.

  • don

    to rhys. there airing jackie evancho’s special on september 8th at 9pm. I contacted wcny and thats the date it will be airing. Encores on thursday 9/20 at 9pm and wednesday 9/26 at 8pm. Hope that helps you.



  • Ellie

    I can’t find the local listings for this show–just the listings for August 12th. Does anyone know how to find out when this will be on in Goldendale, Washington?

  • stevan

    can it be viewed online ?

  • AmandaAC

    Dearest Jackie Evancho, you are the sweetest most adorable beautiful talented child entertainer of this century! You are an angel, you are an inspiration, you are a miracle and truly God sent !!! May God Bless you and your family always and keep you safe from harm or accident is my prayer. You are so very special. I cry tears of joy when I hear you sing….what a huge voice you have little one! Stay sweet, you’ll go far! Best wishes to you and your brother in all your future endeavors. I look forward to your future performances.

  • Joseph Dumlao

    The Yakima PBS Station KCTS9 will be broadcasting Jackie’s performances, you can get the guide in PDF format here: http://kcts9.org/sites/default/files/printable_schedules/viewer_guide_0812.pdf. It looks like the next performance there is not until 8/14/12 at 8:00 PM.

  • david ernst

    Hi Ellie,

    You can click our “Schedule” tab above or visit PBS’s website at http://www.pbs.org/tv_schedules/. Just remember to input your local info and please note that the schedule widget can only see 2 weeks in advance. We hope you stay tuned for the show! Thanks for watching GREAT PERFORMANCES!

  • Carabba

    I was unable to donate during the show, but when I finally got to the website, there is nowhere to link me to donate to PBS and ensure I get the CD from this performance. Is it available at the PBS stores?

  • Walt


  • Walt

    I think we would all thoroughly enjoy seeing JEM get a GRAMMY, probably not as much as she would when receiving it. Would she not be the youngest, most talented, cutest, sweetest, heavenly young lady to get one?!!

  • Robert Janke

    Great performance but I would have liked to have had a couple of songs that would showcase her voice such as:


  • Barbara Robinson

    I was fortunate to see Jacke in NY and can assure you the entire auduence was held captive from the first note to the last. She is poised and has beautiful tone. I feel blessed to have been able to witness first hand someone with so much talent and willingness to share her gift with all of us. I pray that she uses her gift wisely and doesn’t get involved with the wrong crowd to in any wat impare her judgement and that she takes care of her voice. She truly has been blessed and seems very grateful. Wish her a world of success now and in the future.

  • James Vick

    Jackie, I hope you have the opportunity to read all these admiring fans’ glowing comments. NEVER have I heard someone sing so beautifully and in a language that I cannot understand a word, yet have it stir such emotion. I have your Dream With Me CD which I have listened to many, many, many times – don’t really listen to the radio anymore. Quite honestly, I can have a bad day at work, climb into my Jeep, put your CD in, crank up the volume and just get “lost” in the music. By the time I arrive home I actually feel better – guess your music is therapeutic as well. Never thought I would be able to say it, but you made me like operatic music. One more thing, you were scheduled to perform in Charlotte, NC this past July, but it was canceled. I was SO disappointed. To see you perform live and hey, even to meet you one day is on my “bucket list”.

  • Daniel

    Mike & Lisa, I cannot thank you enough for bringing us all such a wonderful gift! You must really love each other very much! Your other children are also beautiful and adorable. Jacob blew me away with his performance with Jackie. I have never heard a better duet, really!! I can’t stop listening to it, or any of Jackie’s performances. They are such a joy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!! I love you all.

  • Sunny

    To view Jackie´s recent Performance Online, just go to YouTube and search for the key words like “Jackie Evancho PBS 2012″ or “Jackie Evancho” by filtrating since a week new uploading.

  • Jerry

    Watching the show right now. Amazing! Supporting new artists like Jackie is one of PBSs most important missions. Her generation deserves the inspiration.

  • Charles Wallace

    Jackie’s performance this month on Great Performances shows an evolving voice timbre, that of rich lower octaves which likely shows her naturally maturing voice structures and growing musical mastery. I hope to see her perform at the Talking Stick resort here in Arizona in a few months. James Vick finds Jackie’s music therapeutic and that describes her effect on me and Mary Ellen as well. We have the DWM CD is the car and that’s it for music these days. While listening to ‘Nella Fantasia’ where she hits the high register ‘che volano’, the crystal clarity of her voice makes me take a deep breath for its beauty. When she sings ‘Nessun Dorma’, her ‘Vincero’ where she carries the phrase over to the second lower note and holds it, makes it hard for me to believe what I am hearing. I get breathless for a few seconds. The final ‘Vincero’ ends the aria perfectly and her eye movements on the DVD where she glances slightly to the right, shows that she knows that she ‘nailed it’. She ended it just the way she waned to! There is a posting on-line of her singing in Las Vegas with David Foster. Her singing of ‘Con Te Partiro’ comes over in spite of the limited audio capacity of the camera which captured the event. Especially at the ending of the performance, her visual reality is astounding. Her voice comes through clearly as well, even given the limits of the recording. I can hear her clearly through the echo and distortion! It takes a voice of amazing quality to do this.

  • Carol

    I’m sad to report that you can add St. Louis, Missouri to the SHORT LIST of cities where PBS will not be airing Jackie’s new concert. I spoke with one of their people & they aired it on 8/11/12 while the Olympics were on & didn’t feel that the audience was big enough so have no plans to show it again! I am truly ashamed to admit that I live in this xxxx town. They have been airing Doo Wop almost every evening since 8/12/12. I cannot believe my ears! These are shows that have been on PBS over & over & over again. Who in the world would rather see that than a Jackie Evancho concert? And I certainly will not renew my membership ever again! Can you tell I’m beyond upset?

  • marvin slutzky


  • jerrygwhunt

    Carol I hate to do it but I must add KVPT to your list. Once on the 11th against the Olympics w/no advertising a second airing listed great performances at 9:00pm,they played it at 7:30 1 1/2 hr early, and a third time at 1:00am. No plans to show it again. How sad………. I was at the Orpheum, the show was absolutely incredible. Jackie doesn’t just sing a song she emotes it.Her musical interpretation,her emotion,her pitch perfect voice has NO equal. Jackie received 8 yes 8 spontaneous standing ovations. Supported by the likes of Carolin Campbell, Jumaane Smith and suprise duet with her big brother 14yr old Jacob Evancho. The 12 yr old Jackie Evancho has performed for Presidents,a King,a Premier and an Emperor. Everybody deserves the well advertised opportunity to experience this amazing and talented performer……….Thank you to those PBS stations that DO give this truly GREAT PERFORMANCE the respect it deserves.

  • John

    Carol, add WTVS (PBS Detroit) to the list. Jackie’s show was actually cancelled tonight (8/24/12) in favor of a lessor form of entertainment! I’ll purchase her DVD from another source. It’s unfortunate that the management at this Detroit PBS station so strongly patronizes the plebeians of society.

  • James

    When will Jackie Evancho “Music of the Movies” be showing again in the Pittsburgh PA area? I missed it because I had to work on those days.

  • Richard Quelendrino

    I saw Jackie’s concert, Music of the Movies on August 19th. Beautiful performance. I wonder if it will be re-aired. I hope so. She has a very nice voice which is so relaxing to listen to.

  • Don McKee

    As I read these posts made on Jackie’s behalf, I have to ask myself, “What in the world is going on?” In my 72 years I have never seen such utterly devoted fans nor have I heard singing so thoroughly compelling as Jackie Evancho’s. To hear and witness Jackie performing is an almost purely emotional experience, which lies beyond the scope of our explanatory powers. The other side of this phenomenon is that, much to the frustration of some of her more classically oriented critics, her performances lie beyond the scope of their criticism so hamstrung as they are by the prejudices and expectations of their prior education and training. Perhaps we can say that these classical critics tend more to the ‘letter’ while Jackie and her fans tend more to the ‘spirit.’ Some get it. Some do not.

  • Joe Riplinger

    I, like all of the others, am really looking forward to this PBS Special with Jackie. Sometimes it is hard to see Jackie because of the tears that well up in this 64 year olds eyes. In one of her interviews she mentioned that she would like to sing with Charlotte Church. Wow would that be a show or what? Charlotte is somewhat like Jackie in being very young when she was first discovered. I still have Charlotte’s first albums and all of Jackies of course. Maybe one of these days I will be lucky enough to see Jackie in concert.

  • Alexander Juarez

    Jackie me hace estremecer mi corazón con voz… me pregunto como puede una niña así tener este talento tan inigualable, de verdad que Dios es bueno con nosotros, permita Dios que siempre sea así.
    Sé y pienso que este hermoso don él Señor se lo dio con un gran propósito. ojala alguna vez viniese a mi país Costa Rica¡

  • Venita

    I missed the airing. Will it be repeated or offered on the website? I can only find a preview on the website at this time and not a full episode…..??

  • Edna

    I agree with you all,folks,she sing like an angel,like Pei Jesu,Lord Prayer,Ave Maria, wow breath taken..so beautifully and divine. It takes your breath away. I gather all her songs in my you tube and playlist. One thing amazing with this little kid,is her ability to carry all those song in her own style. Never in the history of music world can dare to performed with Sarah Brightman,Barbara S,Susan Boyle,Tenor,who have high outstanding record in the music industry. That’s extra ordinary talent,and been having solo concert with full known orchestra,with in 2 years in her life,winning 2nd place in AGT. She is blissful with all the accolade from all her fans,from different ages. She so cute,humble and intelligent. We are all mesmerize and crazy about this little kid and wanting to hug her. But most of all were all praise to her parent upbringing,very close family. Now she have movie coming with Redford. We will watch you grow up Jackie and fallow your success in life! God be with you always my child. Just remain as sweet as you are and never change,even you reach the top of the world.

  • GARY T



  • OldGoat34

    Don’t expect those tone and music deaf voters for the Grammy’s to ever acknowledge a true musical wonder.They are so into Rap Crap and Pop singers tha can’t sing they would never recognize great artists like Jackie.

  • gene leforge

    @ Sam E. and Joe M. I thought I would see some familiar names in these posts. And yes we all know Jackie is the best in the world at what she does! Simply bring joy to those that listen to her sing!!!

  • Trining

    I agree with you. Jackie is a gift from God. She is one of a kind. I never heard a classical singer sings like Jackie does. Her voice is heavenly. Whenever she sings, you hear the voice of an angel. She is truly a reminder to the world that God exists. God bless Jackie!

    I saw her live concert in San Francisco and it was truly amazing. The theater was fully packed by audiences from different places. I happened to sit beside a couple that was from Europe. I hope Jackie will visit the Bay Area again this year.

  • Garnett Casilles

    wonderful site!! You should start many more. I love all the info offered. I will stay tuned.

  • Charles Hoff

    Please tell us when “Music Of The Movies” will be released on Blu-ray disc.

    The bare-bones DVD (with zero extras) doesn’t do Jackie, the set and lighting, the overall production, and the Orpheum Theater justice. I was in the audience, and spoke with one of the camera operators, who said that they had been taping segments throughout the day. A blu-ray full of extras in addition to the splendor of the concert itself would be a great addition to the THIRTEEN store. I know that a couple of thousand members of the Jackie Evancho fan club will step right up.

  • http://www.game-walkthroughs.de/ Billy Maciel

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  • David March

    I agree with your sentiment, and in my comments or observations I use the reference “Ms. Evancho” – especially when I’m making some point about her technique or artistic judgment. It is inarguable that in these areas, she is already performing consistently on the same level as other vocalists with decades of experience. For more than fifty years I’ve been a professional musician – orchestra and musical theater performance, studio session musician for classical recordings, film and radio, albums, etc. – just as are maybe several tens of thousands of musicians just in the U.S. Lots better than I, for sure. But at least I can spot a real genius, and to a certain extent explain some of the more esoteric aspects of what makes a person like Ms. Evancho so stunning.
    Seems a little superfluous, though, like talking about howz cum it’s so pleasant to feel the warmth of the sun after a long cold winter… Just for instance, don’t even get me started about the astounding control and judgment she manages JUST with her vibrato!
    So Does anyone know when her next album is coming along????
    (I want to know: HOW do they find audio technicians and camera operators who can maintain their composure and not just short out the electronics with flowing tears during her performances?????)

  • William Bernson

    I missed the show and was wondering if a DVD will be out soon for purchase. If not, will the show be repeated in the near future? She is amazing young singer for her age. God has turly blessed her.

  • Linette Mensah

    I would add Sarah Kerrigan from Starcraft 2 (The Betrayal) right before the zerg take her. Or at the end in “All In” when she is on the ground looking up at him for the first time.

  • Lelit Tomlinson

    Like the other fans who were affected by the beauty of Jackie and her voice, I am thankful also for this experience
    of listening and seeing Jackie perform. My husband John and I have been to two of her concerts and would like
    to go to Baltimore for her May concert. I wish I could afford the meet and greet tickets…maybe before I retire?
    I also listen to her 2 CDs..Dream with Me and Music from the Cinema during my daily 3 hour commute (1.5 hours each way). I gave many copies of her CDs to my family in the Philippines because her CDs are not available there yet. They all love her voice also. May God bless the Evancho family always.

  • robert janke

    I think there is a rather large group of people who have enjoyed both of her concerts, unfortunately for us I see nothing about a third concert for this summer. Might I suggest that those of us who would enjoy a 2013 concert get busy and register our wishes with PBS.

  • Marlene Dementyuk

    I donated $2000 to PBS for a Music of the Movies gift package that included 4 tickets to Jackie Evancho’s concert at Avery Fisher Hall.

    That concert has been canceled today – with no attempt to reschedule and absolutely NO explanation. I don’t understand.

    I’m happy to donate to PBS and have done so many times, but this was a guaranteed gift. Is there any information on this situation? It’s very disturbing. I am not rich but went the extra mile in order to get these tickets for me and my family.

  • david ernst

    Hi Marlene,

    GREAT PERFORMANCES did not arrange this particular pledge concert event, but we did look into your question. For some reason, the concert promoter cancelled the event due to “scheduling conflicts.” The station that arranged the event offer will be contacting you and other ticket holders in the near future to discuss your options.

    Hope this information helps.

  • Marlene

    David -

    I thank you wholeheartedly. I must say your fast response was impressive and heartening. I think next time I will think twice before partaking in a gift package of this sort, but I’m happy PBS still will benefit.

  • Straight Arrow

    I want a DVD for this performance.

  • Steve

    I ordered a combination package of the Great Performance Music of the Movies DVD and the previously released CD over the internet from Target for about $18.00 less shipping. The package looks identical to the CD only product, in fact the paper info within is the same. I am very pleasd with the DVD, though it is limited to the performance, where Jackie also introduces the numbers and guest contributing performers. I already had the CD prior to ordering, but I do not feel cheated In that I now have the visuals of the amazing young artist’s performance.

  • claude Papastock

    I’d like to buy your DVD “MUSIC OF THE MOVIES” from Jackie Evancho of course. What can I do ? I’m in France. Maybe a strong bird… Thanks for your answer. I’m an unconditional fan.

  • Elsie D. Borden

    I watched a recent Evancho concert on TV. I have no idea what channel was that since I started watching in the middle of her concert. I’m heartbroken for this young woman because her voice seemed to have changed a whole lot. Since I’m not an expert in the field, the only thing I can say is that there seemed to be more nasal sound coming out. I think she should rest in a great while. I do feel for this young woman’s future in the field of music, if ever something bad happens to her voice.

  • Brian

    I haven’t heard this change in her voice. She is, what, 12 y.o. so there will be changes to come. May they be positive ones.

  • Kevin

    Wow, I just watched her on television and I am not sure what is meant by being heartbroken for her because her voiced changed. SHE WAS AMAZING, ENCHANTING AND WONDERFUL. I will be buying the album. I didn’t hear any nasal sound at all. She has the voice of an angel.

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