Jackie Evancho: Music of the Movies
Video: Jackie Evancho performs “Pure Imagination”

Enter a world of “Pure Imagination” as Jackie sings this film favorite from Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.

  • ben

    I like this…..It’s magical!

  • Glenn

    In every respect; production, direction, photography, editing, etc., this is truly a masterpiece! As for Jackie, ENCHANTING. Such beauty cannot be described adequately in words!

  • don

    WOW! WOW! WOW!

  • Joe Riplinger

    After watching this and the other clip I hope my eyes stay dry enough to see it all.

  • Jennifer Fisher

    Jackie is so good for all of us. Her music is amazing but her stage presence at her age is almost even more amazing. Every time, no matter other opinions, I am so grateful her family supports such wonderful gifts in their kids. She makes the world a better place

  • peacemaker

    Every time you listen to her voice you will be enchanted. One in a million gifted talent at a young age. Never in the history of singers, have anybody accomplish ,like Jackie Evancho got. Pure and so beautiful in her performance. Her voice and presence is magical. You’ll be captivated in the essence of her voice and songs. Yet we have a lot of good singers in this world,but few are really really good! Jackie is one of them and the youngest! Pure and divine music are more lasting, to remain in our heart and mind. Thanks Jackie! We all love you and never change,stay sweet and humble.

  • Mike Maxfield

    At nearly 59 years old, I can only remember a few, truly special entities, that when you see or hear them for just a few seconds, that instantly you know they possess abilities that are not learned but are born with that separate them from everyone and everything else. This young girl is one of just a few whose talent that I have observed which cannot be taught or learned, but is something they were born with that is of the extreme. You can only hope that this pure talent will endure as she moves into being a teenage adolescent and onto adulthood. I can say that I have only seen the following persons and animals (yes, animals) that possess a near-magical quality in their talent that makes them different then anyone or anything else – and in case you are wondering – they are the extraordinary natural; gifted, athletic talents of Mickey Mantle, Michael Jordan, the singing and dancing of Michael Jackson, and of course the legendary horse, Secretariat, who did things that even exceptional athletes or entertainers could not do, and that is to hold the rest of us totally captive when they performed wondering just what action or feat they will accomplish at any moment they are at center stage. Mantle and Jackson’s athletic talents, Jackson’s innovation, and Secretariat’s perhaps unbreakable records were singular moments that you just capture when you saw them knowing they probably will never be duplicated. What makes this girl so special is that what she did occurred at time when literally everything can be shown live or captured and instaneously communicated around the globe – things that 50, 40, even 15 years ago could not be done without the technology today. She just separates herself from everyone else with that voice, the innocence of youth, all the while remaining a kid having fun; and I hope she continues enjoying it the rest of her life because I know that I will everytime I hear her sing.

  • slomo berkovic

    I agree with the other writers. Ihave not words to describe the affects of me . my heart is overflowing when i heard and see jackie’s appears in the network. i thank god we’ve got a angel like jackie witha soul voice beauty love and joy . thank you jackie you ar amazing

  • Huy

    It was this song, the first one performed on the night of December 17, 2012, at the Renee & Henry Segerstrom Concert Hall, that brought tears to my eyes for the entire song. Her song, for me, gave such a wonderful sense of hope. Her voice was so beautiful, I kept on thinking to myself, this is live, and not a recording? Her practice on previous songs from her previous album “Dream With Me”, bore witness to how much better she has gotten. What a wonderful privilege it was for me to be able to attend such an amazing concert. Thank you, Jackie, for bringing such beauty, peace, and calm into the world, with your talent and love for what you do.

  • Bruce Macintyre

    One listener said she’s one in a million. Considering that she is absolutely unique, she’s more than one in 7.7 billion – many more if you consider how many people the earth has held in its history. There’s a reason so many refer to her as heavenly and an angel. She makes you believe perfection is possible.

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