James Taylor: One Man Band
Video: Something in the Way She Moves
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  • albie


  • Rodney

    JT is and always will be Awesome

  • Paul

    Truly great talent transends time and needs no fancy backup. This is proved here. My $.02

  • luigi

    …….non ho parole !

  • Ron Fisher

    James outta be here in Saint John New Brunswick Canada ,,near the Bay of Fundy. I am feeling that he would actually have a sell out Concert ,,,,,Love ya James , thanks for this song ,,,,,,Ron Fisher Saint John

  • nicky

    If I’m well you can tell I’ve listenin’ to JT. I’ll echo Rodney…….JT is Awesome!

  • heahea

    Being young is not the end of the world. What we have here is a child of America that is yet so irrisponsible to being yet another stupid. And don’t attack me with all your might of saying a big fat WHAT EVER! Ok?

  • LeeF

    Clearly one of the greats, no frills, no bells and whistles just pure artistry that’s timeless. I love you James, just keep it coming.

  • Yaxito

    I have to say that this is possibly my favorite songs of all time. JT is awesome if for no other reason than this single song.

  • Cyndie

    James is the songwriter of the century. We all can count on JT. Cannot wait till Carol King and James get together. Will be something to see.

  • Robert the Long

    James did not write this song. George Harrison did. Yep, no kidding.

  • Robert the wrong

    Sorry, wrong song. James is really awesome.

  • DrJeff

    Like a fine wine, JT only gets better with age. I’ve been fortunate to see him numerous timesin concert over these past 4 decades and every time listening to him sing rejuvenates me as I’m sure it does for everyone else in the audience.

  • Ben Krahne

    James is great a true song smith,

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