Let Me Down Easy
Interview with Anna Deavere Smith

Anna Deavere Smith talks about the process by which her play Let Me Down Easy was created. Called “the most exciting individual in American theater” by Newsweek magazine, Smith turns her theatrical exploration to matters of the human body. Anna Deavere Smith’s latest production, Let Me Down Easy airs on Friday, January 13 at 9 p.m. on PBS (check local listings).

  • ruth blazak RN BSN

    Poignant, Truthful, Honest, Realistic. This dramatic exploration of HEALTH CARE ISSUES is portrayed with accuracy, emotion, sensitivity, and love. Thank you Anna for your BOLD, COURAGEOUS, SOUL SEARCHING PRAYER and Plea FOR HEALING of Health Care Issues in the USA, OUR United States of America which affects all our citizens.
    I have been an RN for over 20 years which included critical care and currently hospital administration/nursing supervision. I cared for my elderly mother for about 18 months in my home until alas respiratory failure claimed her life. Critical Care nursing and Nursing Administration has taught me the ills of health care.
    My Hope is that THE AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF CRITICAL CARE NURSES would invite you to their annual National Teaching Institute Convention which includes an audience of 5800-10000 Critical Care Nurses. You Anna Deavere Smith would Inspire and Motivate Nurses to be BOLD, COURAGEOUS, EXTRAORDINARY AND LIFE CHANGING on a NATIONAL Level.

    Thanks you for provoking this feeling of ” Get up and DO Something , NOW !! “

  • Deborah Cornwall

    Please Please PLEASE run this again, and not in the middle of the night. I saw part of it, and Anna Deveare Smith is unbelievably brilliant. This is a timely topic and a work of art that we should be able to see at a normal time, and not at 3 am! Won’t you consider rerunning it for those of us who aren’t night owls?? Thank you.

  • carole bahou

    I have been a social worker in an emergency department for the past 20 years, and will be retiring soon. Thanks to Channel 13, I was finally able to view your Let Me Down Easy, not to mention the splendid interview afterward.
    I have found my work every day to be both exhilarating and devastating , as I watch those left behind in all sorts of ways. I am constantly struck by the amount of social cruelty that exists, not only in NYC, but in the country at large, and how we continue to justify the funding of that cruelty in so many self serving ways. I am convinced that one of the reasons this cruelty flourishes in a country so bountiful as ours, is due to the arrogance of our expectations of control – in all things great and small. Your play is about the human condition, and the vulnerability that we think we are too good to have to confront. Thank you for using art, to communicate something that our business people and politicians choose to camouflage. Art is the best teacher , after all. May you continue to Occupy Our Healthcare. ..

  • aimee Whalen

    I can’t get this link can you tell me how? I heard it was excellent , I am a hospice nurse

  • bebe

    This was amazing – after being my Mom’s primary caregiver over the last years of her life – and especially in the first few months finding she was overmedicated by a doctor who had wrong things listed in her files! Deveare Smith has so painfully and accurately portrayed some sides of this issue in America. She, as far as I was concerned, pulled a lot of punches on the lack of ethics and greed of some doctors though… I know I sound harsh but it was amazing even to me to see some of the behind the scenes shaninigans that go on – even for a cynic like me I was surprised and dismayed!!!

  • Larry Spears

    I was disappointed that all the characters were passive and silent regarding taking responsibility for their deaths. The title, leaving death to some other authority, reinforced this passivity. Many were poignant, but none took responsibility for the time, place and manner of their deaths, following their (for some) good lives. This leaves an inadequate picture of the American character and feeds a sense of resignation. I was disappointed.

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