A Conversation with Sir Patrick Stewart

In an interview with award-winning journalist Paula Zahn, Sir Patrick Stewart discusses what attracted him to the role of Macbeth, the innovative creative process of working with director Rupert Goold, his co-star Kate Fleetwood as Lady Macbeth, his character’s descent into darkness, and some performance advice he received from another famous Macbeth, Sir Ian McKellan.

  • bonnie

    Thank you most sincerely, for your perseverance in your craft. I understand it ti highly mis-under-estimated. b )Political content or appropriated phrases denied( thx.b

  • robin

    When will macbeth be on line like your ads have claimed? thank you

  • Carl Zimmerman
  • Carl Zimmerman

    The Patrick Stewart version of Macbeth is a course in the creative process for drama. For example, in addition to the settings resembling Soviet Russia in the 1930’s-1950’s, there are portrayals of  Macbeth and his wife as similar to Joseph Stalin and Eva Peron, respectively, with smile & knife in the back Genghis Khan ruthlessness. I suggest that Patrick Stewart conduct an interactive course in drama online, and I’ll gladly join it. Thank you.

  • Carl Zimmerman

    To watch this TV show online, login or sign up at hulu:
    Then search for Macbeth.

  • chrisD

    I am speechless. This was an excellent adaptation, presented in a very creative way. Everyone involved should feel proud of what they’ve masterfully accomplished. Could I be part of a standing ovation via this medium I would. I imagined myself doing so several times.

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