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Following a London West End run in December 2007, a sold-out limited engagement at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in March 2008, and a subsequent eight-week run on Broadway, director Rupert Goold’s gripping stage production of Macbeth—starring Patrick Stewart in a triumphant, Tony-nominated performance—will be filmed for television in a co-production agreement between WNET.ORG and Illuminations Television, in association with the BBC.

Originating at England’s innovative Chichester Festival Theatre, director Goold’s exciting interpretation relocates the bloody action to a nameless 20th century nether world. Tony-nominated Kate Fleetwood also returns to reprise her stage role performance as Lady Macbeth.

Shot in High Definition on UK locations, Goold will maintain the atmosphere and tone of the critically acclaimed stage production, heightening the Shakespearean classic with an edgy style reminiscent of Illuminations’ recent film adaptation of the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Hamlet, which will be broadcast on PBS in April 2010 by THIRTEEN’s Great Performances.

For Great Performances, Bill O’Donnell is series producer; David Horn is executive producer. For Illuminations, John Wyver and Sebastian Grant are producers.

  • Helene

    When in 2010 will this production be broadcast in the US? I understand that giving an exact date might not be possible, but can you at least provide a ball-park time; i.e. spring, summer?

  • Claire L.Nedzela

    When in 2010 i will say this well done Patrick Stewart i am so glad to see him and broadcast in the US? in florida i will say this to him Good Luck for your broadcast in the US? i will gave you my votes 5 stars to you.

  • Rebecca

    I’m wondering why similar announcements were not made for the filming of Hamlet with David Tennant and Patrick Stewart which was filmed 6 months earlier and, I assume, will be broadcast quite a lot earlier than this.

    Is there any news on a date for broadcast of Hamlet, which goes out in the UK in 3 days’ time?

  • Helene

    for Rebecca: I understand that Hamlet will be broadcast in the states sometime in April.

  • Kevin

    Hamlet will air om April 28th

  • Ruben

    We saw PAtrick and Company at BAM and I’m so glad that this is being recorded because it is one of the greatest theater experiences anyone can ever had and I was fretting that it would never be captured whole. This play is a must see …

  • Charles Ketron

    Would like to know specific dates for Patrick Stewart in both Macbeth & Hamlet for planning purposes. Channel 11 in Lexington, TN – Charter communications.
    Charles Ketron

  • Jesci

    My husband and I are HUGE Patrick Stewart fans and we are so glad he is being featured on PBS twice this year. We missed him on broadway in Macbeth by one day just before my husband deployed to Iraq. This is an acceptable consolation prize now that he is home. Many thanks PBS!

  • Lisa Finnicum

    I was so happy to hear about the filming of this production.
    Saw this show on Broadway in May 2008. It was a wonderful and chilling performance.
    Mr. Stewart and Ms. Fleetwood were absolute pefection in their parts.
    I am so excited to see this!

    Any word yet on when it will air?

    Thanks to all involved to bringing this brilliant production to a larger audience.

  • Paul

    I cant wait to see this. i had the pleasure of being an extra in oneof the scenes. the cast and crew were tremendously friendly. I couldnt smile wide enough

  • david ernst

    Dear Helene,

    We are happy to announce that Macbeth will air nationally on October 6, 2010 at 9pm. Please check your local listings as there are sometimes variations in airtimes. We hope you stay tuned for more Great Performances!

  • Helene


    I see that the “Video” page of the PBS website has a 10-minute interview with Patrick Stewart, with scenes from the film. Is it possible for you to provide a link to this video directly from on “Macbeth” page in the “Great Performances” site?

  • Helene


    Perhaps a link under the “In This Episode” box in the upper right of the screen will make it easy for viewers to find, much like you did on the “Hamlet” page.

  • Helene

    Will you also provide a link to the “Macbeth” teacher’s guide, which has been referenced in your press releases. Thank you.

  • Devin

    Do you know when the DVD of this performance will be available? I am a high school teacher, and I’m still looking for a good film adaptation with the original language.


  • david ernst

    Dear Devin,

    Information about purchasing the DVD will be available at the end of the broadcast of Macbeth. We hope you enjoy the performance!

  • Jeffrey

    Is the production available on this website?? I’ve read that it will be…but it is not found here. I’d like my students to watch it on their own, but I can’t assign it until I know they can access it online. Any ideas?

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