Magical Mystery Tour Revisited
Video: Magical Mystery Tour Origins

In this excerpt from the Magical Mystery Tour Revisited documentary, a look at how and why The Beatles decided to make the controversial film.

  • Eggie

    I am the Egg Man

  • Birdman

    I am the Pomarine Jaeger.

    When are you going to show this documentary again. I’ve caught it once a long time back, found it odd, perhaps even bizarre, but willing to give it another look.

    “Older now”, but still willing to lay a few eggs to hatch along the way…


  • jt

    “don’t get historical!”

  • Kevin

    This was supposed to air on Dec 14th.

    Did I miss it, when will it air again?

  • don

    no, tune in Friday at 9 PM

  • Torben

    will they put the whole thing on the web or is it a one time thing? Don’t have a tv.

  • Dean Papadeas

    Wil Magical Mystery be repeated?

  • dennis

    I checked my local listings in Florida… MMT is not scheduled to show on 12/14 on any of the channels it gave me during the zip code search. Il Violo is scheduled during the 9pm-10pm timeframe????? HELP!

  • Dave Manning

    Ahh the ’60s, Nouveau riche pop stars with too much time on their hands.


    I certainly hope so-o-o !!!!! I have been searching the PBS MMT-web-site and cannot find a replay. I just ordered the set and I wrote to PBS requesting another showing.


    No way, Dave. Are you 13 years old?


    Doing some research. So far, checking their schedule i do not see any replays. I just ordered the DVD for $20.00. Check the Great Performances web-site to order. It was AWESOME, out of this world…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Also e-mailed PBS to request another showing


    You mean hysterically funny ??? It was totally awesome and i ordered the DVD. Haight Ashbury Flower Child


    Insightful ! Order the DVD for $20.00


    Coo-coo-ke-toooooo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JL Laurence

    This was a marvelous trip for me because I lived in Liverpool and did take a charabang to Blackpool to see the lights and sang songs on the bus and drank beer …. There was always a mystery tour…. and my friend who was from Coverntry took a mystery tour from Liverpool and it took her back to Coventry…. it was really very funny ….. so in seeng this MMT reminded me of home.. The explanations of why America didnt get where very revealing for me also… cant wait to buy a CD does anyone have the phone number?

  • BrightonBound

    The Magical Mystery Tour indeed! Loved the collage of images, psychedelic colors and character development! Ringo’s aunt delivers a virtuoso performance! The whole film oozes frivolity and spontaneity while inserting moments of tenderness (witness the interplay between John and the little girl). George’s segment singing “Bluejay Way” (a street above the Sunset Strip in my beloved hometown, Los Angeles) is transcendental. Ringo is a born actor as was later revealed in “The Magic Christian.” The whole film is the visual equivalent of smoking a Jamaican spliff and laying back and watching the kaleidoscope of thoughts and sounds whirl by. A masterpiece!!

  • andy42

    I dvr’d the documentary but can’t save it to a dvd. Is it copy protected? If so, does the dvd that’s available include the actual movie, too, or just the documentary?

  • Kris (with a K)

    JT nailed it! “don’t get historical!” Yes! Absolutely. Although, I wonder if anybody else caught that? In other words: I wander if anybody elf cott that?” You have to see that moment in the movie when they say “don’t get historical!” to appreciate this. This is just another fine example of how much fun we had growing up with The Beatles. They had SO many subtle hints at double meaning. They were associated with subversive expression in a non-threatening, artful yet, threatening way. Yep! I meant to type it just like that. For me, that thinking has matured over the years into a phrase which comes close to describing the experience of being turned on to an ever expanding vista: “Thinking outside the box” took root and is very much a part of the global society of today’s world.

    thank you


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