Moby-Dick from San Francisco Opera
Talise Trevigne is Pip

Soprano Talise Trevigne talks about the luxury of working with the composer Jake Heggie while creating the role of Pip for “Moby-Dick.” Pip is a male character — the cabin boy — and is Trevigne’s first “pants” role. She also gets to “fly” in this multimedia production.

Talis Trevigne Interview

“I love Pip’s expression with his tambourine. Everything means something, it really is an extension of him,” Trevigne says of the cabin boy and his instrument.

She took the challenge of being hoisted into the air on wires in stride, but did not know about this section when she accepted the part.

“Flying is a challenge I’ve come to love. I was not aware that Pip would be flying when I joined the Pequod. It’s something that probably came up three weeks into the process of rehearsal. My theory is, they they thought I’d run if they told me from the beginning that I’d be flying about 25-26 feet in the air.”

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