Passing Strange
"Church Blues Revelation / Freight Train"

Watch the Narrator (Stew) and the ensemble of Passing Strange perform “Church Blues Revelation / Freight Train,” a scene where The Youth (Daniel Breaker) gets his first taste of The Real.

  • Virginia Fitzpatrick

    Their angst – “someday I will be 30″ -made me laugh. That will never happen to me nor my daughter.

  • Vincent

    A mezmorizing, energy-filled performance. Imaginative lyrics and engrossing music that explore and explode cultural and ethnic angst, intergenerational themes and self fulfullment.
    Daniel Breaker and the supporting cast and musicians are phenominal. This is bound to be a theatrical classic in the vein of Hair and Jesus Christ Superstar.

  • John Green

    I just watched Passing Strange, this past Sunday, here in Philadelphia. Really great performances! Kudos to Stew and all the Cast and Musicians!

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