Passing Strange
"Come Down Now"

Watch a video of the ballad from Act 2 of Passing Strange, “Come Down Now,” sung by Heidi Rodewald and the character Desi (Rebecca Naomi Jones), The Youth’s lover during his time in Berlin.

  • M.

    Powerful emotion that struck my unknowing heart. how is it that I did not know about this amazing stage before it closed? On my way to another I came across this wonderful piece and stayed to watch to the end. Thanks.

  • Lorenz Pehling

    Beyond beleif,so moving, so entertaining and so real. I started watching and could not stop untill it ended. It touched me personally. I would never be able to afford to see the live performance and thank PBS for such a slice of life.

  • Michelle

    Dang! I only caught the last moments of the last song and am moved. I have shiver-bumps. I too cannot believe I missed the live performance. Please play it again, PBS!

  • Alfonso H.

    I feel sorry for those who missed the live performance. What a night it was at the theater. I will order the DVD, so that I may look at it at will.

  • suzanne dwillies

    I love the music so much!Rebecca is such a talent and gorgeous voice!


    aloha my name is santy and i was so moved by the music and performance from the church blues revelation freight see im going though alot right now and this kind of gave me awake up …i wish someone could call me because i would like to buy the dvds from the show so that i could show it to my twin sisters and just may be they will see how easy they have it in life and just have bble study at on and wtch the video …..1-808-383-7149 aloha and mahalo santy llaneza

  • Onei

    Please play this again.. everyday for a month. Everyone.. everyone should see this. I feel so bad for not seeing it when it was on Broadway now. Incredibly beautiful and moving piece of art.

  • Whitney Rawls

    It is touching. This show “is” absolutely amazing. I would really love to see it in person – it’d be nice if they travelled. I’m am going to purchase the DVD to share with friends. Great job to all involved. Wonderful!

  • Gary

    Powerful and entertaining. The talented players didn’t miss a beat. A must see on the screen, but the live performance must have been stunning. Thanks PBS

  • Carolyn

    Absolutely outstanding….I too enjoyed watching and was glued to the television throughout it’s entirety. PBS please air it again. Great performers.

  • David

    Right up there with “Lonesome Dove” as the best thing I’ve seen on TV. The music, the acting, and the story were just great. Incredible energy!

  • Santiago

    This particular song dramatizes the absolute genius of the collaboration of Stew and Heidi to articulate the void. Gracias por el regalo.

  • laura

    the song come down now is beauitful it should be on a single the way Stew Heidi Rebecca sings it just sends me I love it I love it I would like a recording of this song… hit me back

  • Patricia Draves

    Like others who have sent comments, I was bowled over by the passionate performances of the artists. I came across it already in progress. Hope you show it again. This far surpasses any other rock opera I’ve ever seen.

  • Allen

    When oh when will it be shown again? It needs it’s own time slot for at least a month!!!

  • glenda arsola

    I get up at 2 am to go to work and always end up late if i turn on pbs. you show the most amazing programs in the middle of the night! This is such a fantastic performance by everyone! REAL!

  • Janice

    This was awesome!! please reprise it’s glorious choruses again and again

  • James

    I was unprepared for the affect this musical would have on me when I casually tuned in last week. Not knowing anything previously about this work but hearing it was a Spike Lee production I thought it would be a good viewing… Well now I am 100% hooked on this musical and it’s performers! So captivating is the story, music, and performances that it’s become addicting… Rebecca you steal my heart everytime I play this clip. Thank you all for such a wonderful feeling you have brought to me.

  • Elle

    I came across a link by David Seah on Twitter. I am so glad that I did. The clips are glimpses of beautiful, moving performances. Please, air the program again; so that I might watch it in its entirety. Thank you.

  • josh

    best thing i have ever seen

  • Henry Mullins

    Bravo! I was just surfing channels and was instantly drawn in. What power and substance. My favorite “Daniel Breaker” you rock.

  • Scott

    So I went to New York, and saw 5 shows over my last 2 visits the last 2 summers. I saw the Tonies when this was nominated and I’ll be honest it didn’t do anything for me. Boy was that a very wrong and quick judgment on my part. I happen to catch this on Sunday the 17th during the overnight hours (I came in late). Wow is all I could say. I am waiting till my next payday to order this Show – the DVD and CD from amazon. This is amazing, I was so hoping that you would play it again as I was hoping to watch it before I can place an order and get it. I also really wanted to share with friends and family. For 20 yrs, shows like this have been awesome on PBS.

  • Mark

    Hey i would like to use this show as a school project but can not find it anywhere. i seen it on pbs once but want to watch it again where can i order it or download it?

  • Kimberly

    AWESOME!!!! I happened upon this accidentally tonight and this is truly amazing. Where can you order this? I wish I saw it live. Amazing. Truly amazing is all I can say. Thank you PBS! You Rock!

  • lillian

    One of the best pieces I have ever seen. I cried deep tears at the end. Thank-you PBS and thank-you Spike.

  • Mory

    I have never witnessed such a moving performance in my 47 years. Incredible!! I let my 10 and 11 year old daughters watch and they too enjoyed every minute. Bravo, bravo, bravo!!!

  • david ernst

    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for watching Great Performances. You can purchase Passing Strange: The Movie at ShopPBS here:

  • andy

    Perfection. I wanted to ask if anyone has seen the dvd yet. I tried to watch it on a stream from netflix and the sound quality is terrible. Is this just how the dvd is or do you think there is a problem with the stream? I hope the dvd has the same quality as the showing on pbs did.

  • Katrina

    I saw the entire production on the pbs station a few months ago. I love the culture, the artistry, and the innovation and exploration of such a wide range of themes within the musical that don’t appear obvious at first. It makes me want to fight for the arts with a passion even stronger than it is now. All of you actors and writers out there struggle, but the effect is brilliance. Keep pouring your souls out please. We do appreciate you.

  • Jacob

    well its now 2011, just watched the performance on pbs’s “Great Performances” and the impact still resonates as it obviously had by reading through the reactions above. Amazing work of art, thank you mr. and mrs rodewald for what you have created and shared with us. Absolutely loved the performance.

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