Paul McCartney’s Live Kisses
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Paul McCartney’s Live Kisses captures the magical night of February 9 in the City of Angels – coincidentally, the 48th anniversary of The Beatles’ U.S. TV debut on The Ed Sullivan Show no less –when Paul McCartney decided to bring Kisses On The Bottom, his newly released collection of pop standards and two originals, to life at the very same Capitol Studios where much of the album was created.

The very special event will air on Great Performances, Friday, September 7 at 9 p.m. on PBS. (Check local listings.)

Watch a preview:

A few hours after the long awaited addition of McCartney’s star to the Hollywood Walk of Fame drew a traffic-stopping throng to pack the stretch of Vine Street in front of the famed Capitol Records building, McCartney took his place behind the same microphone that had captured so many of the most magical voices of the past several decades, while the core team that backed McCartney on his debut turn on Kisses, prepared to reprise their roles in this one-time-only concert event. McCartney and the assembled musicians had never performed this material live adding to the evening’s electricity.

The reunited all-star entourage included Grammy-winning producer Tommy LiPuma and Al Schmitt in the control room, musical director Diana Krall at the piano, and Kisses players John Clayton, Karriem Riggins, John Pizzarelli, Anthony Wilson, Mike Mainieri and conductor Alan Broadbent.

McCartney eschewed his usual tools of bass, guitar and piano to focus solely on his vocal interpretations of this material. In exclusive interview segments with Paul and Kisses On The Bottom collaborators Eric Clapton, Stevie Wonder, Krall and LiPuma, among others, Live Kisses offers new insight into the conception and creation of the Kisses… album, the McCartney family gatherings that introduced a young Paul to much of the material, the Fats Waller line from Live Kisses opener “I’m Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter” that gave Kisses On The Bottom its title, and more.

Live Kisses’ highlights include ”Home,” “More I Cannot Wish You,” “Always,” “Bye Bye Blackbird” and McCartney harmonizing with his longtime live drummer Abe Laboriel Jr. on “I’m Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter,” “The Glory of Love” and “Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive.” There are spontaneous moments such as a flubbed first take on “My Very Good Friend the Milkman.”   Paul’s rendition of his new composition “My Valentine” receives acoustic guitar punctuation courtesy of Joe Walsh (who contributes another outstanding turn in a completely different mood on “Get Yourself Another Fool”).

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Paul McCartney’s Live Kisses is directed by Jonas Åkerlund, and Paul McCartney is executive producer. For Great Performances, Bill O’Donnell is series producer, and David Horn is executive producer.

Major funding for the Great Performances telecast is provided by the Irene Diamond Fund, Vivian Milstein, the LuEsther T. Mertz Charitable Trust, The Agnes Varis Trust, the Starr Foundation, the Philip and Janice Levin Foundation, and public television viewers. Visit Great Performances Online at for additional information about this and other programs.

  • Mary Ellen Springsteen

    I heard about Paul’s show too late and missed most of it. Please tell me if you will air this again and when. Will it be made available for sale? Thank you.

  • Carol Murgatroyd

    Ditto the above!!!!!! The last 15 minutes were wonderful…so disappointed to have missed most of it.

  • Dave Saslaw

    Absolutely Radical. Who knew?

  • Frank MacDad

    What a wonderful show.

  • Dave Scott

    Absolutely the best experience I’ve had in a very long time. Paul’s sense of timing was impeccable. Bass, drummer, and guitar were fascinating. The piano was fantastic and the lady playing caused me to google what I thought I heard was her name: Linda, but reading the program notes I see she is Diana Krall. Now knowing she’s a singer too, it would have been an interesting addition to have her sing on this show, but her piano work was just incredible. Hope she’s released recordings of her piano work as well as her singing. Many thanks to Paul for including Diana in the group – the overall sound was perfect!!

  • Doris Cochran

    Great show! Terrific musicianship. So enjoyable!!!!

  • Michael

    Sunday September 9 at 12:30pm

  • Amy Kargauer

    LOVED this show! Have loved Paul McCartney since 1963, and his music keeps getting better. But WHO was the guitarist with the long gray hair and the twinkle in his eye? I googled Anthony Wilson, but I think that was someone else (or they haven’t updated the pics on his website!?).

  • Amy K.

    just figured it out – Joe Walsh

  • Robin Jones

    Loved this Great Performance! Beautiful songs and wonderful blend of interviews and music, thank you to all involved!

  • susan o

    Loved the show but was disappointed that they showed interview clips with Eric Clapton but not his actual performance

  • M Reder

    please make the telephone number that handles the sale of the CD available on this web sight. Thanks

  • John G Smith

    Superlative but credits ran much too fast. Particularly so since the program itself was only about 50 minutes.

  • Lou

    Joe walsh

  • John V

    A heartfelt and incredible combination of music!

  • Lib S.

    Will this be rebroadcast at a later date as I also missed it! :-(

  • Peter Thomsen

    Will this be rebroadcast at another time. I had to miss it! Is there a DVD I could purchase? Thanks

  • Doug O

    A DVD of the McCartney’s performance from Kisses on the Bottom that was featured on Great Performances this evening is available for Pre-order on in a DVD and a Blu Ray format to be issued in November.

  • Nick Basile

    Magnificent…..and that’s not saying enough. I cried with joy.

  • Peter Thomsen

    Thanks for the info about the DVD Doug.

  • Sharee Sifferath

    Kisses for you as well PAUL.
    THANKYOU for sharing thease beautiful sounds,so filled with memories
    For many of us.

  • Gustavo A. Castillo

    Can you please tell me how or where can a buy the Paul MacCartney Kisses On The Bottom DVD concert.

    Thank you very much.

  • Julie luna

    WOW what a great show. Amazon here I come.

  • Gene, Richland

    A very sweet show, such solid long-lasting music. But there’s also proof that A.D.H.D. has been with us for decades — the director obviously suffers under a compelling need to switch the scene every 0.8 seconds. What a headache, what a waste. It’s distracting and a cheap attempt at making something look interesting, maybe even like art. I’m ignoring the images and listening to the soundtrack.

  • Terri

    Paul’s voice is an amazing match for these songs. Blows me away. SO pleasant to listen to him in this venue.

  • darren heaps

    Wow!! Couldn’t take my eyes off the t.v…….Diana Krall is awesome….Clapton is…well,Clapton and Paul…….:)….I’m happy you did this recording…I’ll have it on my i-Pod right after I type this….Thank-you Paul.

  • Barry

    Joe Walsh! He has played with groups ‘The James Gang’. and ‘The Eagles!’, and ’sessioned for many others!

  • Henry Marpaung

    I really and thoroughly enjoyed Paul McCartney’s Live Kisses which was televised on GP on Saturday, September 7. I thought Sir Paul and his distinguished musicians did a heck of a job. Salute!

  • Terri Koopai

    I”M JUST SICK!!!!!! I was there in Hollywood and spent hours waiting for Paul and the Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in front of the Capitol Bldg on Vine. I wrote on my calendar and forgot it the show!!! So sad. Please replay, or sell DVD….. I’ll keep checking the web site or you can email me……

  • Janice

    WOW!!!!! What a joy to watch and listen to “Kisses On The Bottom”! I grew up on these timeless classics. It was a delight to hear them so thoughtfully and lovingly performed by Sir Paul, Diana Krall and everyone else involved. I had stopped by my Mom’s this eve and we got to enjoy this wonderful performance together. Many thanks to everyone who made this happen and to PBS for the Great Performances program!

  • Carol

    Thank you for bringing Paul,and all the great stars into our homes. The sounds were out standing! Where can we buy the cd? And, thank you agIn.

  • Joe Ruggiero

    Saw the show! Yes, fantastic! Diana Krall is one of my favorites. Yes, she has released albums. One of my favorites is a song entitled “peel me a grape” I think you would enjoy it.

  • Jeffrey

    Without a degree of doubt, this concert clearly blew myself away as though you were being treated to an intimate evening in a small jazz lounge sertting. What we were witnessing was a collaboration of the finest pop & Jazz musicians of our time, with Sir Paul as the main driving force behind a tightly conceived & controled peformance of the highest calibre. Nothing comes close.

  • Evelyn Tolentino

    a real treat !!! thank you,I’d love to have a DVD of it.please let me know where to get/order from…PBS you are just wonderful to share this great performances

  • Dario

    Is it possible to watch from Brazil as well? Please!!!!!

  • Irene Hercules

    Absolutely the best hour of Paul’s talents, and those who helped to make the oldies I grew up with as a new way of enjoying “I’m Gonna Sit Right Down…etc” MORE!!.

  • Tom

    Could not find the pre-order opporuntiy on Amazon. Did anyone else find it?

  • Janae

    on what channel

  • JHC

    As with others here, I too very much enjoyed the program. But was anyone else amazed by the quality of Sir Paul’s vocal control? I mean, he IS Paul McCartney, Beatle/Wings extraordinaire, who I’ve listened to, like you, for 50 years. So I know the man could sing. But in this setting, his vocal control ability just seemed so much more acute. (To say nothing of his whistling!)

    Bravo to all. (BTW, Diana Krall is wonderful, though she looked somewhat stunned throughout to have been there at all! Then again, hard to blame her… she was born about eight months after the Beatles first appeared on Ed Sullivan….)

    Much fun.

  • Awlhattin O’Kaddle

    Well, I loved the show, but I missed the credits.

    I couldn’t place the guy with the gray hair playing guitar. I know the face, but it’s driving me nuts cuz the name won’t come.

  • Conni

    Thank you, Michael. That is why I was here to see when it would be on again. Missed it Friday!

  • Lori Kohl

    This was the absolute BEST show I’ve seen in a very long time! You can order the CD at 800-336-1917. I would LOVE to get a DVD of the actual show. Someone said it was available on Amacon, but I don’t see it. When I find it, guess what everyone I know is getting for Christmas! I can’t wat to share this experience with the people I love.

  • Audrey & Tom

    Well, we missed the show twice! Watching the British groups today for fund raising and went on line to see the schedule and saw Sir Paul’s. Will it be on again?

  • david ernst

    Dear Peter and Doug,

    In case you can’t wait for the DVD/blu-ray release, we have the entire program available for streaming on our website. Click the link below to watch the concert.

    Thanks for watching GREAT PERFORMANCES.

  • CheekyCat

    Joe Walsh of The Eagles.

  • Pattie Walters

    I missed two of my favorite people – Diana and Paul! Will this performance be repeated? Thanks.

  • Kay

    This show was absolutely amazing. This is the 3rd time I’ve seen it this week. I was only 13 when I saw the Beatles in Houston in 1965. Paul has only gotten better & better & better! The phone number that was shown at the end of the program; was that for the album (excuse me, CD) or the DVD? If either one, I was enjoying the show too much to write it down. If someone has it & knows what I can get, please let me know. Hopefully, we’ll be hearing from Sir Paul for many more years!!! His voice is amazing & I agree with the fellow above about his whistling! It was all so fantastic!!!

  • Peg

    At the end of this wonderful program, a telephone number was announced plus $14.95 for the CD, but it was so quick, I couldn’t write it down! Please tell me the number to call and order this! Thank you.

  • Joseph Laginestra

    I’m listening to “Thrillington” right now the old old rendition of the “RAM” LP Paul released back in 1977 and it’s wonderful. Sad that people didn’t catch on right off to it when it was released but when they found out it was Paul involved with the masterpiece well then the price skyrocketed. Glad to say I been a
    Paul Fan since day one in 1963 and have been absorbing every piece of work this genius has made,pop or classical, jazz you name it I buy it. The man is simply the most gifted man in music this century has every seen or for that matter of all time. Paul please don’t ever stop making music you’re a big reason I have something to look foward to each day and your music is inspiring me to see the world as a better place and love my fellow man. Thank you Paul, John, George and Ringo for the world of LOVE and Peace. The Beatles are forever !

  • Ardith Malarkey

    So far I’m pretty happy with the way the team has looked.

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