Paul McCartney’s Live Kisses
"I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter"

Paul McCartney performs the Fred E. Ahlert and Joe Young classic “I’m Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter.” Paul McCartney’s Live Kisses airs Friday, September 7 at 9 p.m. (check local listings).

  • Lisa Johnson

    I cant wait!

  • Lisa Johnson

    Paul McCartney is awesome!

  • Cheryl Johnson

    Is there any where else that we will be able to see this performance??? I live in Oregon & OPB is not showing it.

  • Fred in CT

    Talk about Great Performances. Superb with great musicians and interviews. Watching right now. Amazing programming, bravo to PBS and Channel 13. DTV sound is amazing……

  • Gail Meyers Lavin

    What a treat this is!! I LOVE the way he’s using his voice – and the other musicians – WOW!!

  • Peg Cortright

    Absolutely breathtaking. A different side of our boy Paul. All those talented folk. It was awesome!

  • Virginia Hummell

    I loved this performance. I didn’t get the whole website where I can buy the CD.

  • Virginia Hummell

    I loved this performance. I didn’t get the whole website where I can buy the CD.

  • Elaine

    Just caught the last few minutes of the show and loved it. Also missed the 800 number to call to order. Can you share it again? Every musician was great!

  • Maggie Hagan

    That was great…I liked seeing and hearing the history of Capitol Records. Paul with his talented friends casually singing his creations and misc vintage songs. A classy, casual sound with feeling. An unexpected delight. Black & White worked well for this piece.

  • Mario Renteria

    Was just watching tv when the tivo warned ready to record. OK no problem, what is it? Took a few minutes to figure it out. Kudos to my tivo for making us watch it and recording it. Masterful show, wonderful talents with Sir Paul. History channel could use this for capital records, its that good. sORRY TO ALL THOSE WHO MISSED THIS ONE.

  • Abubakari Abdullah

    Thehoosing songs were very sorting.I enjoyed very much.

  • Linda Lea

    If there were more music like this I would not be so dispairing about the state of music. Thanks!!!

  • rosemary byerlein

    Check Amazon for ” Kisses on the Bottom” has the songs he sang on the show

  • Susan

    I bought my CD at Walmart – like 3 months ago. I love it – and it was great getting to actually SEE him record the songs. I think he has found a new genre – his voice sounds so sweet and good – and not cracking and off key, like when he is straining to sing the old stuff of his lately. I am his biggest fan, but I really think it’s time to make some changes in the songs he sings. He sang these songs beautifully!

  • susan

    So how can one obtain a copy of tonights performance? I meant to tape it, but forgot until it was almost over. Can one purchase it?

  • Steve K

    Loved the tunes, the artistry and the playing, the black and white cinematography, but HATED the typical brain dead ADD (attention deficit disorder) video editing. What in the heck happened to people to think that jump cutting every second is more interesting than holding a shot for a while. Jeeze it is disturbing. This stupidity in video editing may actually be a reason why kids today have ADD.

  • Virginia

    I enjoyed this so very much! What a great compilation of musical talent. Bring on my stillettos and hand me a martini, I’m ready to watch this again!! Thanks for the great entertainment PBS!

  • Claude L

    Wonderful performance!
    All of my favourites – Paul, Diana and John Pizzarelli!
    Beautiful Song, perfect singing.

    Good to see Diana and John play together.
    I was waiting to hear this for a long time.
    This is a good match. I would be glad to hear more …

  • Alejandro

    Great performances require a great team. This show would not have been spectacular had it not been for an amazing editing work. Remember, it was not a live concert.

  • Rachel

    Absolutely loved it! What a fantastic and well put together program! A everything from the music, the videography just splendid, I felt as if I was right there in the Capitol studio with them! What a great feeling and experience. Thanks for sharing it PBS!

  • Linda

    Loved it. Program was fantastic. Of course, the music is so terrific…
    Our boy Paul really pulled it off!

  • Jane

    It was an amazingly wonderful performance. A great way to spend my Friday evening listening and enjoying every moment. Where can I find the CD?

  • Marlene Bremer

    Loved Paul’s “Paul McCartney’s Life Kisses” with Diana Krall. Where can I buy this CD or order it?
    I missed the # 800 telephone #. 9/9/12

  • Jeff

    Will be released on DVD in November

  • spoonytunes

    I agree with Steve , constant jumping around is a trend I’d like to see go away

  • jennifer

    can’t wait to see the re-run!

  • Kay G.

    Didn’t seem as though my comment was accepted. Just wanted to add my thoughts about how amazing the show & Paul McCartney. I was also wondering about who was sitting next to Eric Clapton. Now I know…Joe
    Walsh. Thanks for such wonderful performances on LPB!!!

  • PC Rhodes

    The combination of Paul’s clear soft vocals and lyrics that actually send a message is a rare treat in this era of who can sing the loudest . I enjoyed it very much and hope there wiill be a DVD of the program—I like to watch the musicians perform.

  • Don

    I passed Pauls house last week and also John Lennons I just cant imagine how the gift of talent came from those two very ordinary houses. john was our paper boy as a kid AMAZING

  • Vaughn Owens

    Will someone who actually KNOWS tell me who other than Diana Krall is playing on this track? Thank you.

  • Fred

    I could not envy you more. Lucky You. I keep watching this video with my ROKU box. Wonderful work of art by great musicians all together with Paul.

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