Renée Fleming & Dmitri Hvorostovsky: A Musical Odyssey in St. Petersburg
About the Program

America’s favorite soprano, Renée Fleming, and Russia’s greatest living baritone, Dmitri Hvorostovsky, travel to St. Petersburg—the “Venice of the North”—where they perform great opera scenes in the magnificent palaces of the Czars in the former capital of Imperial Russia. Renée Fleming & Dmitri Hvorostovsky: A Musical Odyssey in St. Petersburg premieres on THIRTEEN’s Great Performances on Wednesday, September 1, 2010 at 8 pm on PBS (check local listings).

Watch a preview:

Great Performances is a production of THIRTEEN in association with WNET.ORG – one of America’s most prolific and respected public media providers. Recorded in high definition television and directed by Brian Large, the film—a thrilling blend of history, art and music—was conceived and produced by American conductor Constantine Orbelian, founder of the “Palaces of St. Petersburg” festival, and the only American in history to become Music Director of a Russian orchestra.

Viewers are treated to exclusive access to the Hermitage, Catherine the Great’s theater at the Winter Palace, the spectacular golden fountains and Golden Ballroom of the lavish Peterhof Palace, and the White Column Ball Room of the splendid Yusupov Palace. Orbelian and the State Hermitage Orchestra accompany Fleming and Hvorostovky in stirring performances of selections from Verdi’s “Simon Boccanegra” and “Il Trovatore,” as well as Tchaikovsky’s “Eugene Onegin,” “Queen of Spades” and “The Oprichnik,” with additional selections by Rachmaninov and Medtner accompanied by pianists Olga Kern (Fleming) and Ivari Ilja (Hvorostovsky). Between performances, viewers accompany the two acclaimed singers for romantic boat trips through St. Petersburg’s extensive canal system, revealing the city’s many scenic wonders.

Great Performances is funded by the Irene Diamond Fund, the National Endowment for the Arts, Vivian Milstein, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, public television viewers, and PBS. Major support for the telecast is also provided by The Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Arts Fund. For Great Performances, John Walker is producer and Bill O’Donnell is series producer; David Horn is executive producer.

  • iris allard

    i love the great performances series. i wish they were available on DVD
    is there any hope of making them available to us who would enjoy
    watching them again and again?

  • Helmut Zitzwitz

    I fully agree. It is so sad that our national news organizations act as though classical music does not exist.
    Compare that to any European tv station. The DVD idea would be great especially in view that we don’t always have time to watch.

  • robert white

    The Fleming Hvorostovsky will be available on DVD shortly. Amazon is taking pre-orders now.

  • david ernst

    Dear Viewers,

    The DVD of this program is also available at, click here for the direct link. Your purchase helps support our ability to put on quality classical music programs such as this one. We hope you are able to watch the show tomorrow night and that you stay tuned for more GREAT PERFORMANCES!

  • Jane Carley

    I’m trying to find local broadcast time for Chicago, but the link doesn’t work. Tried to see a video preview but it doesn’t work.

  • Jane Carley

    Finally found a roundabout way to see the video preview but still don’t know local broadcast time for Chicago. We’ll just have to watch for it tomorrow.

  • david ernst

    Hi Jane,

    WTTW will be airing the program tonight (September 1st) at 8:00pm on both its primary channel and its HD channel. Thanks for watching and we hope you stay tuned for more GREAT PERFORMANCES!

  • Bill Cooney

    Check your TV Guide online for local listings.

  • ellen holmes

    Can this be viewed online? if so, please give instructions.
    Thank you

  • jeep gerhard

    Iris Allard and others:
    this broadcast, recorded in St. Petersburg last year, will be released in autumn on DVD by Decca Classics – the US release date is apparently October (saw an ad in “Listen” magazine)



  • George Lovick

    An outstanding program. Rene Fleming is perfect as a host and, of course, is an outstanding performer. Thank you, Rene for your natural radiance! This was nostaglic for me since I visited St. Petersburg in June 2008 and saw many of the sights beautifully photographed in your program. Although I was able to see the ballet “Swan Lake” in the Hermitage Theatre with the Hermitage Theatre orchestra, I certainly wasn’t able to attend performances in the ornate ballrooms in which your performances were held. Thank you so very much for a sumptuous production. You truly captured the great acoustics and elegance of these wonders of St. Petersburg.

  • Dorothy

    Just watched Renee Fleming and Dmitri Hvorostovsky in St. Petersberg and want to order it. Why, oh why, doesn’t it show up on this site?

  • Clovis McHaley

    I got the reminder for this program too late!! My computer was down for about 5 hours. Drats!!! Will this be replayed or offered here like you do with your other programs. They are simply the opera duo for this century. As with the great Pavoratti these two are carving out athe major stars in opera bothe seperately and together!!

    Please Please Please Let this be shown again!!!! ( yes! I am groveling!!!)

  • david ernst

    Dear Dorothy,

    The DVD of this program is available at, click here for the direct link. Your purchase helps support our ability to put on quality classical music programs such as this one. We are glad that you enjoyed the program and hope you stay tuned for more GREAT PERFORMANCES!

  • joanne poder

    please tell me if a replay date is scheduled

  • david ernst

    Dear Viewers,

    The DVD of this program is available at, click here for the direct link. Your purchase helps support our ability to put on quality classical music programs such as this one. We thank you for your support and hope you you stay tuned for more GREAT PERFORMANCES!

  • C.Diamond

    I watched the program last night and was absolutely blown away by the dramatics–not just the scenery, but the amazing ability of two artists to perform “in concert,” and so convincingly, operatic scenes.
    Up close, too–how many opera stars could match the acting pressure, up-close (real close!) camera work, and still sing so beautifully and look the part, even in formal dress! Give it to Renee–her voice was back to its prime for that program, and Russians should be proud of their baritone–what a hunk, too!

  • S. Mannino

    Why did Dmitri, the Russian, not do the narrative in his own country? It was not good for me to see the American soprano do the tour and the magnificent Russian baritone was no where in sight.

  • Lillian

    Thirteen please give us an answer — is it scheduled to be played again?



  • Jeep Gerhard

    who wrote the interesting script that Ms. Fleming was reading? Why didn’t Mr. Hvorostovsky say anything? Lots of fascinating background about St. Petersberg that i sure didn’t know before. Congratulations!

  • Christy

    The show was wonderful! I sincerely hope someone decides to submit this for consideration for the tv Emmy for music/variety special. It deserves at least a nomination.

  • Clive Mansbridge

    You can buy this particular film on DVD from Amazon. Check out this link:

  • Jason

    I saw this program at approx. 3am Sept. 8. I am an avid fan of heavy metal, but thank God, the Universe, or whatever for Renee Fleming & Dmitri Hvorostovsky! They, and the people who made such a program possible, reminded me of the beauty of love and the magnificance of the world in which we live! Opera rocks!

  • mpbarrett

    Any plans to release this DVD so that it can be played here in the UK – region(2) or worldwide – region(0) ?

    So disappointed the released DVD is only for the US and Canada … after all, Renee and Dima have countless

    fans here in the UK!

    Alternatively, do the BBC have any plans to transmit the programme on TV here anytime soon?

  • Susan

    What is the name of the opening piece by Rimsky-Korsakov?

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