Rod Stewart: Merry Christmas, Baby
Video: Cee Lo Green and Rod Stewart Perform "Merry Christmas, Baby"

In this clip from Rod Stewart: Merry Christmas, Baby, Rod Stewart and Cee Lo Green perform Lou Baxter and Johnny Moore’s R&B Christmas standard “Merry Christmas, Baby.”

  • Pam

    Will Rod Stewart – Merry Christmas, Baby be available for purchase?

  • david ernst

    Hi Pam,

    Rod Stewart: Merry Christmas, Baby is being offered by local PBS stations around the country. Check your local listings to find out when it’s airing in your local market or call your local station about availability of the DVD.

  • peter rose /vancouver canada

    kcts9 seattle

    rod stewart xmas special to be shown?

  • Debra Posey

    I have PBS thru Direct TV and they are evidently not airing this special. I’ve been waiting all month!!

  • BrendaJ

    This is one of my all time favorites from PBS! I’m writing about it in my weekly deovtional and hoping everyone will support PBS – put a little in the PBS stocking this year for all the great performances we have all year long! Thank you Rod Stewart, and what a blessing his music has been, in addition to the joy of seeing Rod sing about the Baby Jesus with such heartfelt sincerity. It is truly the spirit of Christmas to hear wonderful arrangments by masters such as David Foster and Rod Stewart. Merry Christnas to all and as Rod sings, “Santa bring some love to us all, we ain’t asking much, just bring a little peace to us all”

  • Josie

    I was just wondering if you know when will the Rod Stewart Christmas special will air in Ontario Canada? or can we purchase DVD

  • Harry

    When will Rod Stewart Merry Christmas Baby special air on WGBH in Massachusetts area.

  • Rich

    Great show. The tall blonde was incredible! Does she have her own album?


  • Michael GreenGold

    12.26.2012 / Weds. > Rod Stewart & Friends > Great Performances > “Merry Christmas Baby” for 60 Minutes on WTTW / Chicago was & is ,in a word, GREAT…Also, I would like to know when it / The DVD / will be available for purchase & the amount of our PBS Love Gift…Rod Stewart & Friends Nailed it / “Merry Christmas Baby!”…I will get one for myself & gift it to others…>>…In addition, All PBS offerings are GREAT & PBS must have our on-going PBS Financial Support & Love Gifts from all of US without Question…Now / Today! > Thank You, PBS…Michael.

  • Ms Anderson

    I loved this performance! I was blessed to be able to view it seven times, the last time being early this morning, December 26, 2012, at 3:00 AM, on WJCT Channel 7, in Jacksonville, Florida. Superb! Magnificent performance by EVERYONE that was included in the “Great Performance” video. I will be purchasing the DVD when it becomes available. I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed anything so tremendously, and I do mean, ANYTHING! I doubt that it will be shown again on TV, but I search everyday, hoping to see it again, but, because it was a Christmas special and it’s now past December 25th, that it will not be shown on PBS again this year.

  • cathy r

    I am very interested in a dvd of the christmas special, Merry Chrisrmas Baby of Rod Stewart.Could you please inform me if there is one available.
    Thank you very much

  • david ernst

    Hi Cathy,

    Rod Stewart: Merry Christmas, Baby is available as a pledge premium. We suggest contacting your local station to see if they still carry that special and what pledge level is needed to receive the special as a “thank you” for your gift.

    Thanks for your question.

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