Rodgers & Hammerstein's "Oklahoma!"

Still “doin’ fine” after 60 years, Rodgers & Hammerstein’s landmark American musical “Oklahoma!” is reborn in this film version of the Royal National Theatre of Great Britain’s award-winning production. Directed by Trevor Nunn and choreographed by Susan Stroman, it set box office records during its run in London, and again on Broadway, with critics and audiences alike captivated by its fresh new take on a venerable classic. Luckily for television audiences, the magic of the original London cast was captured in a deluxe film adaptation just prior to the show’s move from the RNT to the West End; it includes a sensational, star-making performance by X-Man Hugh Jackman as Curly. Also featured are original cast members Josefina Gabrielle as Laurey, Maureen Lipman (THE PIANIST) as Aunt Eller, and 2002 Best Supporting Actor Tony winner Shuler Hensley as the menacing yet hauntingly sympathetic Jud Fry.

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  • William Davidson

    A fantastic Show. It was a few years I and my wife flew down to london to see this fantastic show.We love it .I often get the dvd of the show out just to relive that glorious night. As we strolled along the strand after the show,I patted my back pocket only to find my wallet had gone. So I quickly ran back to the theater ,It was all shut up so I ran up to the stage door and pushed the door wide open ,And standing there in front of was the one and only ,Hugh Jackman. He was a real gent,he helped me ,via the security people,to find my wallet. I did have good chat to him and he in turn introduce me to his leading lady,Who was beautiful. I will never forget the night I almost knocked Hugh Jackman over.

  • terry

    your gay

  • Jaz

    i might go this year because WESLEY COLLAGE have gave 5 tickets to me

  • blaahhh

    hugh jackmannn :O sickk asss brooo

    he pretty cooolll :P

  • Christine

    When I was little I hated the original movie. But after watching this version with this AMAZING cast plus Hugh Jackman has made me love it!

  • yur mom

    i dont know anything about this gay-ass show. WTF am i supposed to be doing anyway ? does anybody have any advice 4 me??? ugh. screw it.

  • yur dad

    i want some apple sauce lyke REALLY fuckin bad right now. can someone help me wit dis project ? im lost . :(

  • n

    stop cussin!i thought it was a good show!so shut up!

  • yur brother

    i believe this is better then the other version its a great show my theater group is doing a production of this i just hope it goes ok

  • Alejandra Orellana

    Well! in my particular point of view. I thing a was a graet performence. I also I am and Opera singer Soprano.I Ijuse to to performences when I was little around 7 or 8 years old.

  • Vicki Dolce

    We just saw Hugh Jackman’s “Back on Broadway”. What a wonderful showman. He sings, he dances (tap, soft shoe, etc. etc.), he’s such a kind man. He noticed 4 empty seats in the first and second rows and called the standing room only people at the back of the theater to go get those seats. One woman had a huge back pack on her back. He said to her “give me that, you can’t sit there with that in your way”. He took it, gave it to a stagehand and told her she’d get it back at the end of the show. You can bet she did, and got a tour backstage with Mr. Jackman.
    I am writing to you because I also love Mr. Jackman in Oklahoma. He was the quintessential Curly. Is the DVD of the show that you have just the show, or does it also scan into the audience at times? I took a copy from the library and was annoyed at the way it was filmed, with many looks at the audience. I would much rather see the show in it’s entirety without those annoying side shots. I have an opportunity to buy a 2-DVD set of Hugh Jackman’s Oklahoma but I want to be sure it is just the show on the stage.
    Any suggestions? Maybe you can give me the company name and catalog number if it is on the DVD so I can order it from them. Thanks, and a Happy Healthy New Year!

  • HJfan

    The DVD of Oklahoma does indeed include shots of the audience. I think this is to “prove” that they were recording a live stage performance, not re-creating it as a studio production. (Though the filming took place over two days, I think.) The second “bonus” disc is a “making of” documentary. It includes background info and interviews with cast/crew. It’s probably available on Amazon, but PBS has their own store.

    Try this:
    [if the link does not appear, look for "shop" on your PBS website and search "Oklahoma"]

    Hugh may be best known for his movies, but he’s a fabulous stage performer. I did not have the good fortune to see Oklahoma live (this DVD is the next best thing), but I did see him in The Boy From OZ, A Steady Rain and Back on Broadway. I don’t think there’s another performer alive today who can top him. He is a “triple threat” who harkens back to a bygone ere, and an amazingly talented (and very NICE) man. Get the DVD. You’ll love it.

  • Colene Groombridge

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  • Latarsha Kunkel

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