Sting: A Winter’s Night...
Creating the Concert

In this short video, Sting explains his creative process in choosing songs for “A Winter’s Night…,” the process of recording one of his quietest albums with the largest band he’s ever worked with, and the experience of performing live in the Durham Cathedral. In between the conversation with Sting, also see excerpts from the concert including performances of “There Is No Rose of Such Virtue,” “Cherry Treet Carol,” and “Soul Cakes.”

Behind the scenes and interview footage courtesy Deutsche Grammophon.

  • cjblake

    Brilliant collabrator ! This man reminds me of a rock contemporary version of David Foster !! Same league different arena !

  • meg

    i was enchanted by this production. While performed in the bright lights of modern film in a Cathedral, the atmosphere evoked a Great Hall from 500 years ago. I felt like I was a part of a rare winter’s evening’s entertainment with so many wonderful musicians and traditional instruments. The vocal blends were spectacular!

  • Jill

    Couldn’t sleep one night in December to find this amazing performance on the television at 2am. What an amazing concert, totally evokes the imagination on a dark, winter’s night.

  • leetah

    how do I purchase these songs? They were just wonderful!

  • Steve

    i was lucky enough to be invited on the first of the 2 nites in the cathedral. wow wot a nite.

  • brussellrussell


  • brussellrussell

    GOD, give us AMERICA

  • jim bianchi

    always ben a big sting fan beautiful setting and a major treat to see my talented friend Steve Santoro singing backup! bravo Steve thank you pbs……..

  • Elwood

    I felt so fortunate to be able to record Stings ‘A Winters Night’ only to have it lost due to a failing DVD recorder. I would be so appreciative if some one had it to share, for my private enjoyment

  • Doris

    you can buy the cd at target

  • Maryjo

    Wow. I stumbled upon the performance at 5 am before my workout and thought it looked like Sting and sounded like Sting but the beard through me off. What a wonderful concert, such a huge band performing in such a beautiful cathedral. The light show was absolutely incredible. Sting shows us just what can be done when you expand your horizons. Thank you to Doris for the info on the purchase of the CD. I LOVE PBS!

  • Carolyn

    I have the CD & DVD set of The Journey & the Labyrinth-the music of John Dowland. Together these two performance and the settings are truly extraordinary.

  • Jacques

    Where can I purchase this session?

    Thanks, Jacques

  • Jacques

    Please forward cd title…

    Thanks, Jacques

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