The New York Philharmonic Live from North Korea
Video: Watch the Concert
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  • Lewis Gudmundsen

    How can our new Secretary of State (in waiting), Hillary Clinton, top this?

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  • MKaren

    This video is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! I love it!!!!!!!

  • Bill Kreher

    This Video is WONDERFUL!! Thank-You PBS

  • vivian westbrook

    As an 56 y/o Afro Asian, when the New Philharmonic orchestra performed the old korean “folk song”, it brought me to tears. My (deceased )Japanese mom used to sing that song all of the time, yet I never knew the song’s origin is Korean, considering and understanding why the Korean people used to hate the Japanese people (older generation). Selecting the folklore song to perform was a magnificent idea. It so sad to know that Koreans on both sides (north and south) have not seen some of their relatives since the 1950’s.

  • vivian westbrook

    With the current events as is, as I listen to this song I again reflect upon the sadness of the north and south korean people who were separated due to the civil war, most have since passed on never again able to see their loved ones. Such cuelty for no real good reason.

  • valerie durrah

    As one who grew up listening to jazz, blues and gospel music, this concert had me spelledbound. I loved it from start to finish. I even ordered the CDs….thanks for the beautiful music.

  • Kristian Toimil

    If they were performing for Franco’s Spain, there would be far more controversy

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