Vivere: Andrea Bocelli Live in Tuscany

andrea bocelliItalian tenor Andrea Bocelli grew up in Lajatico, a rural village in Tuscany, where his family still farms nearby. On the slopes of this ancient hill town, a special theater was constructed for a one-night-only concert of his greatest popular hits along with new songs performed to honor the occasion. Some famous musical friends dropped by and the magical result is VIVERE: ANDREA BOCELLI LIVE IN TUSCANY. Joining Bocelli for the new songs are “grandissimo sassofonista” Kenny G., trumpeter Chris Botti, piano virtuoso Lang Lang, Italian pop star Eliza, and legendary musician, songwriter, and producer David Foster. Helping with the hits are favorite divas Sarah Brightman, Heather Headley, and Laura Pausini.

Andrea Bocelli’s latest CD, THE BEST OF ANDREA BOCELLI: VIVERE, marks the first time in his career that the singer has released a greatest hits compilation. The recording, which debuted in October 2007, includes “Time to Say Goodbye” (”Con te partirò”), his breakthrough hit with Sarah Brightman from the four-time platinum-selling CD ROMANZA; “The Prayer,” a duet with Celine Dion from his two-time platinum-selling CD SOGNO; “Melodramma” from CIELI DI TOSCANA; the Olympics theme, “Because We Believe,” from his most recent platinum recording, AMORE; plus new tracks “Bellissime Stelle” and “Io Ci Sarò,” with special guest, pianist Lang Lang. Selections from this best of CD are among the highlights of the tenor’s concert from his Tuscan hometown.

Many local PBS stations may be offering the concert DVD and THE BEST OF ANDREA BOCELLI: VIVERE CD as Pledge gifts. To order these items, pledge now.

Visit the Web companions of two previous programs that have featured Andrea Bocelli, ANDREA BOCELLI: AMORE UNDER THE DESERT SKY and ANDREA BOCELLI: TRIBUTE ON ICE.

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  • carl bonomo

    how can i order vivere–andrea bocelli live in tuscany on dvd

  • John

    PBS showed a documentary about Andrea Bocelli that I would like to view once again. I can not remember the name of the show but it was something like “A man meant to perform”. It had interviews and footage of where he grew up etc. Can you provide info on this show?

  • Antonio Onorato

    I saw a special about 5 years ago in which Andrea was in his home with his family at dinner celebrating his birthday. PBS was selling it on tv, but ran out. How can I get a copy?

  • bob bourn

    how do you start the videos or do you have to be a member?

  • Anna

    Brīnišķīgo DVD ANDREA BOCELLI “Vivera” man meita uzdāvināja 08.03.09.. Klausos katru vakaru un jūtu kā plūst dvēseles skaņas. Bočelli dueti ar augstas klases māksliniekiem ir brīnišķīgi, tikai man žēl, ka komentāros nav minēts Lučiāno Pavarotti. DVD “Pavarotti ar draugiem” viņu abu izpildījumā man grūti bija atšķirt katra balss piederību.
    Diemžēl, ar nožēlu jāsaka, ka Mežaparka koncertu nevarēšu apmeklēt.

  • Barbara B

    When is Andrea Bocelli Live at Tuscany being aired again?

  • Madeleine

    When will Vivere repeat?

  • Trina Billups

    I was never to fond of Opra but his voice and music touches me right to the heart, it’s beautiful! He’s truly blessed.

  • Luca
  • susan

    were the two boys who escorted Andrea to the stage related to him?

  • jane Lucille Edquila

    He is truly amazing!!! No words can describe how beautiful his voice is. More power to you!!!


    Andrea, je sais que tu communique avec la terre mere ansi que ton soi racine et ton ame pour nous communiquer ta grandeur et ta joie de vivre en chantant av ec ton coeur et surtout avec ton ame si belle ! MERCI, MERCI

  • patricia

    Love Bocelli! Watching this concert just brought me to tears a great music can do! My husband happened to catch it on PBS where we have gotten tickets to the best concerts with Andrea ever! we watched it together on the weekend of our 28th wedding anniversary. Thank you for the best in music.

  • patricia

    Love Andrea Bocelli! This concert brought me to tears as only great music can do! My husband and I watched it last night on the weekend of our 28th wedding anniversary. Very romantic! Some of the best tickets to his concerts ever we have gotten from PBS. Support them! Thank you for providing such beautiful music.

  • rosemary

    how/where can i buy the American Dream DVD with Andrea Bocelli taken in the year 2000 can anyone help

  • Beatrice Komen

    I watched the concert today @ 5.00pm. as i was working. So amaizing please let me know how i can get all the cd and dvd after the program. could not use my phone at work, thanks. Bea

  • Karl-Erik Rasmussen

    jeg var til Andrea Bocelli concert i Lajatico i 2009
    er der nogen der ved om der kommer cd/dvd fra concerten

  • leen

    fabulous, amazing! I love Andrea and my 2 years old son loved the concenrt of vivere and since he saw andrea on TV he is in love with him, it is the fisrt thing he asks for in the morning and he does not sleep without the music of Andrea…

  • Ronny

    The best setup ever !!!

  • Sean

    I have been trying for years to find information about a Bocelli performance I (think I) saw on PBS… This was back YEARS ago just as Andrea was gaining popularity & notoriety in the US… The setting for the performance was a very simple cafe with a small audience – most at tables sipping wine or finishing their dinners/desserts. I remember him singing “Time to Say Goodbye”, but it might have been the “Con te Partrio” version at that point… Anyway, I’ve looked and looked – I’d love to get that performance on DVD if it exists… Can anyone out there in cyber-space assist me in my search? Much gratitude if you can… Grazie!

  • Color825

    I wish I could sing with andrea bocelli con te partiro together and try my best of singing that aria

  • Color825

    I wish I could be famous like andrea bocelli sso he could he my voice whoever is writing on this message comment can sing excactly like him I know it’s hard to believe that anyone in the word like me can sing like bocelli, If he would once heard my voice then he would believe that I sing excactly like andrea bocelli and that I have a talent

  • Color825

    Je parle un peu de francais mais, je il aprends

  • John and darlene

    I would love to known what that huge round disk or madalain was , and and who got to put it in their back yard.
    We own the dvd and play it a few times a year. and always seems like the first time.

    Thank our Lord, for rasning voices up like these pepole

  • Raphael

    Wat een pracht van een stem ik luisterde nooit naar die muziek maar ik heb Andrea bocelli ontekt
    op you Tube met Sara brighman maar nu ben ik grote fan

  • Michael

  • Fernndo Quesada

    Quien sabe el nombre de la joven que canta descalza en este concierto junto a Andrea en Lajatico en 2009. Gracias

  • James

    It is now on Blu-Ray

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