Vivere: Andrea Bocelli Live in Tuscany
Musical Selections

andrea bocelli and sarah brightmanThe evening’s program was recorded live at the Teatro del Silenzio in Lajatico, Italy in July 2007.

Music and lyrics by Pierpaolo Guerrini and Paolo Luciani
Andrea Bocelli

“A Te”
Music and lyrics by Andrea Bocelli
Andrea Bocelli, Kenny G

Music and lyrics by Mauro Malavasi
Andrea Bocelli

“Vivo Per Lei”
Music and lyrics by Mauro Mengali, Luigi Panceri, and Valerio Zelli
Andrea Bocelli, Heather Headley

“Io Ci Sarò”
Music and lyrics by Walter Afanasieff, Andrea Bocelli, Eugenio Finardi, and David Foster
Andrea Bocelli, Lang Lang

“La Voce del Silenzio”
Music and lyrics by Elio Isola and Paolo Limiti
Andrea Bocelli, Elisa

“Bellissime Stelle”
Music and lyrics by Luigi De Drescenzo and Francesco Sartori
Andrea Bocelli, David Foster (piano)

“Bésame Mucho”
Music and lyrics by Consuelo Velazquez
“Somos Novios”
Music and lyrics by Armando Manzanero
“Can’t Help Falling in Love”
Music and lyrics by Luigi Creatore, Hugo Peretti, and George Weiss
Andrea Bocelli, David Foster (piano), Ludovico Vagnone (guitar)

“The Prayer”
Music and lyrics by David Foster, Carol Bayer Sager, Tony Renis, and Alberto Testa
Andrea Bocelli, Heather Headley, David Foster (piano)

“Because We Believe”
Music and lyrics by David Foster, Andrea Bocelli, Amy Foster Gillies, and Amy Skyla
Andrea Bocelli, David Foster (piano)

Music and lyrics by Chris Botti, Lorenzo Cherubini, and David Foster
Andrea Bocelli, Chris Botti, David Foster (piano)

“Canto della Terra”
Music and lyrics by Lucio Quarantotto and Francesco Sartori
Andrea Bocelli, Sarah Brightman

Music and lyrics by Giuseppe Servillo and Giuseppe Vessicchio
Andrea Bocelli

“Il Mare Calmo della Sera”
Music and lyrics by Gianpietro Felisatti, Adelmo Fornaciari, and Gloria Nuti
Andrea Bocelli

“Dare to Live” (”Vivere”)
Music and lyrics by Angelo Anastasio, Eugenio Finardi, Gerardina Trovato, and Celso Valli
Andrea Bocelli, Laura Pausini

“Time to Say Goodbye” (”Con te Partirò”)
Music and lyrics by Franscesco Sartori and Luciano Quarantotto
Andrea Bocelli, Sarah Brightman

  • Carolyn

    When is this performance airing again on pbs

  • Jodi

    I’d like to find the same thing out myself. :-)

  • Kate

    You can buy the CD/DVD set at many stores. I recommend it highly. It is an absolutely beautiful concert set in the Italian countryside.

  • B. Burdman

    When is this performance airing again?

  • Bruce

    When is this program going to be on again?

  • Paul

    On June 12th 2009 Andrea Bocelli is playing at the Allstate Arena. How Can I get tickets?


    are there any more tix available for the june 18th performance @ MSG

  • Richard Carletti

    please let me know how can i get tickets for Andrea Bocelli for the june ‘09 performance @ MSG

  • Fatima G. Suson

    I love the whole music in the album Vivere please provide lyrics and its translation.
    Tim Suson

  • Alyssa Zhang

    When is the 2009 Bocelli concert going to be on air?

  • Luis Mercado

    I saw the performance on KOCE, it just came out last night but I missed the first 30 minutes and don’t know if he performed the song “Por ti Volare” it’s the same song Will Farrell sang at the end of the movie Step Brothers. I even liked it when Will Farrell performed it. He’s also Performing in OC, California on Dec. 13, 2009.

  • Laura

    I am trying to find out the dates on Andera and David Fosters Chruistmas 2009 show on PBS. Anyone have those dates?

  • Barbara

    I’m in Florida, my sister from Canada just emailed me to say that Vivere is being aired tonight on PBS. But I guess that is probably WNED. When will it be aired again. Also ditto about a Christmas show with A.B. & D.F.

  • ron

    Has anyone seen andrea perform his Xmas concert. I’m seeing him and would like to know what songs he’s singing. thanks

  • bettina


  • Kristina

    where can i contribute on line to get tickets for december 2 ?????????????

  • Edwin

    Aww Mannn, we just barely got to hear the last song Saturday night, 6/12/10. When will this be re-aired? We would love to catch it from the beginning.

  • Hugh

    Andrea Bocelli recorded L’Abitudine w/ a young lady and a video was made of the live session. What was the name of the young lady? I understand she went on to make other recordings on her own!

  • Geri

    I have never heard as fine a voice as AI have never heard as fine a voice as Andrea Bocelli’s ever; I’ve been singing and familiar with musicndrea Bocelli’s ever; I’ve been singing and facquainted with music for over 60 years. I love his voice, charisma, and performances.

  • Geri

    Vivere is my favortie album. I play it all the time–in my car and on my computer as I am working. One day I would have mastered the songs in Spanish; and, then maybe the Portuguese and Italian songs.

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