A-Z List of Great Performances Lessons
  • Bob Scrivens

    Surprised you haven’t posted ed materials for your upcoming “Cyrano.” I’ve taught it in high school for about 15 years and am looking foward to Wednesday’s show. My kids have actually preferred Depardeau’s version with subtitles over the RSC with Derek Jacoby. Hope this is as good as the best I’ve seen, Frank Langella’s at WTF’s summer theater.

  • Laura Long

    I first saw Salome at Lycoming College in a Japanese Kibuke(sp)Theatre version put on by A New York State College (SUNY ?). It was awe inspiring, Like being in a alternate universe. So…I was anxious to see this version…magnificent, terrible, gruesome, modern, classic, biblical, awe inspiring.

  • James Miller

    I hope you cana get back to me in time for me to know whether tomorrow’s KQED TV broadcast of “GREAT PERFORMANCES AT THE MET (12 noon on Sunday, April 12, 2009) is the opera DAMNATION OF FAUST or something else.

  • Bill Lynch

    I understand from Dr. Silvia Kargl,of the
    Historisches Archiv der Wiener Philharmoniker, and assistant to Dr. Hellsberg, President of the Vienna Philharmonic, that PBS broadcast the 9-11 Memorial concert originally conducted at St. Patrick’s Cathedral on March 17th 2002, on March 24th. How can I arrange to receive a copy of that broadcast either on DVD, CD, or VHS tape. It will not be used for any commercial purpose, but merely for personally sharing it in the future with those who lost loved ones then, and in Iraq or Afghanistan. Thank you for obliging my request. Kind Regards, Bill Lynch 203-940-3243.

  • khurram

    for education

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