Scene 32

Full victory is theirs.  Leir cedes the kingdom to the Gallian King and his daughter.  Leir recognizes at last the nature of Cordella’s love, Perillus’ loyalty, and Mumford’s valor, which made fugitives of Cornwall, Gonorill, Cambria, and Ragan.   He asks for some time to rest, and then to France.

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Scene 32

Alarums and excursions, then sound victory.
Enter Leir, Perillus, King, Cordella, and Mumford.

KING: Thanks be to God, your foes are overcome,
And you again possessed of your right.

LEIR: First to the heavens, next, thanks to you, my son,
By whose good means I repossess the same:
Which if it please you to accept yourself,
With all my heart I will resign to you:
For it is yours by right, and none of mine.
First, have you raised, at your own charge, a power
Of valiant Soldiers; (this comes all from you)
Next have you ventured your own person’s scathe. … [32.10]
And lastly, (worthy Gallia never stained)
My kingly title I by thee have gained.

KING: Thank heavens, not me, my zeal to you is such.
Command my utmost, I will never grutch.

He that with all kind love entreats his Queen,
Will not be to her father unkind seen.

LEIR: Ah, my Cordella, now I call to mind,
The modest answer, which I took unkind:
But now I see, I am no whit beguiled,
Thou lovedst me dearly, and as ought a child. … [32.20]
And thou (Perillus) partner once in woe,
Thee to requite, the best I can, I’ll do:
Yet all I can, aye, were it ne’re so much,
Were not sufficient, thy true love is such.
Thanks (worthy, Mumford) to thee last of all,
Not greeted last, ’cause thy desert was small;
No, thou hast Lion-like laid on today,
Chasing the Cornwall King and Cambria;
Who with my daughters, daughters did I say?
To save their lives, the fugitives did play. … [32.30]
Come, son and daughter, who did me advance,
Repose with me awhile, and then for France.

Sound drums and Trumpets. Exeunt.