Michael Bublé Meets Madison Square Garden

Christina Ha Interviews Michael Bublé

Grammy-winning singing sensation Michael Bublé comes to Great Performances this week (Thursday, 10pm) for an unforgettable Madison Square Garden concert.

Bublé sat down with WNET.ORG’s SundayArts host Christina Ha to discuss his music and the importance of Public Television.

In the first clip, Bublé talks about his recent Grammy win, his long, but solid path to stardom, and the early days of his career — including some of the obstacles he overcame:

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Bublé discusses his album sales success, the mistake of labeling him a “jazz musician,” his latest CD, Crazy Love and the music he loves:

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In the final clip, Bublé gives viewers a look into his songwriting process and the emotion involved and explains why artists such as himself want their concert on Public Television:

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Don’t miss Great Performances: Michael Bublé Visits Madison Square Garden, premiering on THIRTEEN on Thursday, 3/4 at 10pm.