Scene Directory and Links

The following scene directory may be used to link to any scene in the play.

Scene 1. Leir decides to divide his kingdom, apply a test of love.

Scene 2. Gonorill and Ragan, advised of the King’s play, plot against Cordella.

Scene 3. They meet, the elder daughters pass the test, Cordella does not, is disowned.

Scene 4. The Gallian King decides to go to England to woo a daughter of Leir.

Scene 5. Cornwall and Cambria meet, speak, regret Cordella’s dismissal.

Scene 6. Lier divides his kingdom between Gonorill and Ragan so they may marry well.

Scene 7. The Gallian King and Mumford, disguised, encounter Cordella, also in different clothing.  Recognitions follow confusions, whence Cordella and the King marry.

Scene 8. Perillus reports Leir’s abuse at the hands of Gonorill.

Scene 9. Gonorill, egged on by Skalliger, decides to cut all of Leir’s allowance.

Scene 10. Leir, depressed, discusses with Perillus the ways of the world.

Scene 11. Ragan gloats over her station of power and freedom from her father.

Scene 12. Lear has left. Cornwall sends a messenger, but Gonorill gives him the task of assassinating Leir.

Scene 13. Cordella, in church, praises God, wishes for her father’s love, forgives all.

Scene 14. Leir meets Ragan and Cambria, are warmly (hypocritically) received.

Scene 15. Ragan hears messenger, also commissions him to kill.

Scene 16. To cheer Cordella up, the Gallian King decides to send for Leir for a visit.

Scene 17.  Ragan adds Perillus to the death list, pays the messenger/assassin, and then declares to the audience that he too will die.

Scene 18. The ambassador from France arrives at Gonorill’s, who hopes to obstruct.

Scene 19. The assassination attempt fails, the assassin leaves, Leir decides he must go to France.

Scene 20. The Gallian ambassador heads to Ragan’s to find Leir.

Scene 21. The group in Gaul decide to come to England disguised as common people.

Scene 22. Cambria worries about the missing Leir.  The Gallian ambassador arrives, refuses to divulge the letter for Leir, is abused, and leaves. Cambria now convinced that the Gallian King means harm.

Scene 23. Leir and Perillus exchange clothes with two mariners to pay for passage.

Scene 24. The trio from Gaul meet the pair from England, all disguised.  Recognitions, pardons, and plans follow.

Scene 25. Ragan wonders why she has not seen the assassin.  She guesses the truth.

Scene 26. The Gallian King rouses his troops, and they sail for England.

Scene 27. Two watchman drink instead of watching, allowing Gallian army to land safely.

Scene 28. The army lands without opposition.

Scene 29. A comical melee follows the English captains’ discovery of his watchmen.

Scene 30. The people turn against Gonorill and Ragan.  All meet, but Ragan’s claims are rebutted by Leir’s possession of the assassin’s letter.  All prepare for war.

Scene 31. The Gallian King and his armies win.

Scene 32. Victory theirs, the Gallian King assumes throne of England.