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Great Performances
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Dance in America: Acts of Ardor: Two Dances by Paul Taylor banner
Silvia Nevjinsky in "Black Tuesday" (photo by Paul Dodds)
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Music: Songs from the Great Depression
Choreography by Paul Taylor

"Underneath the Arches"
Performers: Michael Trusnovec, Robert Kleinendorst

"There's No Depression in Love"
Performers: Amy Young, Andy LeBeau

"Slummin' on Park Avenue"
Performers: Kristi Edtvedt, Takehiro Ueyama

"Sittin' on a Rubbish Can"
Performers: Silvia Nevjinsky

"Are You Making Any Money?"
Performers: Orion Duckstein, Annmaria Mazzini, Amy Young, Julie Tice

"The Boulevard of Broken Dreams"
Performers: Annmaria Mazzini

"I Went Hunting and the Big Bad Wolf Was Dead"
Performers: Lisa Viola

"Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?"
Performers: Patrick Corbin

Music by Johann Sebastian Bach, orchestrated by Leopold Stokowski
Choreography by Paul Taylor

"Toccata & Fugue in D Minor"
Performers: The Company

"Prelude in E-flat Minor"
Performers: Patrick Corbin, Lisa Viola

"Chorale Prelude, BWV 680"
Performers: The Company

Top banner photos: The Paul Taylor Dance Company in "Promethean Fire" (photo by Lois Greenfield) and "Black Tuesday" (photo by Paul Dodds).

"Promethean Fire"

"Promethean Fire" was commissioned by the American Dance Festival and first performed in 2002.

"Promethean Fire"

The Paul Taylor Dance Company, currently comprised of 16 members, was formed by the choreographer in 1954.

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This program is not available on VHS or DVD.