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''The Little Prince'' banner
Teddy Tahu Rhodes and Joseph McManners (photo by Adrian Brooks)
Lesson Plan
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Le Petit Prince
The Little Prince Opera
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (in French)
Sony Classical: Artists: Rachel Portman
Francesca Zambello - Director
Stagework: Nicholas Wright



This television film adaptation, shot at London's 3 Mills Studio, is based on the opera's world-premiere staging at Houston Grand Opera. To see an excerpt from the performance, click on the Watch the Video link below.

Act I

"The Pilot"
The Pilot

"The Stars"

"The Pilot Meets the Prince"
The Pilot

The Little Prince

"The Prince's Planet"
The Pilot, The Little Prince

"The Baobabs"
The Baobabs

"On My Planet"
The Little Prince

"The Rose"
The Rose

"The Cranes Are Flying"

"The King"
The King

"The Vain Man"
The Vain Man

"The Businessman"
The Businessman

"The Lamplighter"
The Lamplighter

"We Light Our Lamps"

Act II

"The Snake"
The Snake

"The Rose Garden"
The Roses

"The Fox"
The Fox

"The Taming"

"Here's My Secret"
The Fox

"If We Don't Find a Well"
The Pilot, The Little Prince

"The Walk to the Well"
The Pilot, The Little Prince, Chorus

"The Well"
The Little Prince, The Pilot, The Water

"The Time Has Come"
The Little Prince, The Pilot

"The Snake Returns"
The Snake, The Little Prince

"It Is the Place"
The Little Prince, Chorus
Watch The Video

"Look at the Stars"
The Pilot, Chorus

Top banner photos: Joseph McManners as The Little Prince and Teddy Tahu Rhodes as The Pilot with The Little Prince (all photos by Adrian Brooks).

Sir Willard White as The King with The Little Prince (photo by Adrian Brooks)

The Little Prince visits the planet of The King, played by Sir Willard White (photo by Adrian Brooks).

Mairead Carlin as The Rose (photo by Adrian Brooks)

Young soprano Mairead Carlin as The Rose (photo by Adrian Brooks).

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This program is available on DVD and as a double CD.
Watch The Video