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See Natalie Cole perform "It's Crazy," a song from her current CD.
Natalie Cole: Ask A Woman Who Knows
Natalie Cole: Ask A Woman Who Knows Intro
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Download Instructions for Windows

To install the NATALIE COLE Screensaver:

1. Download the screensaver.

If your browser is not equipped with an automatic install program:

2. Save the screensaver file to your desktop.

3. Double click the NATALIE.ZIP icon.

4. Once the file has been unzipped, double click the NATALIE.EXE.

5. For options, right click on the desktop and select Properties. Then select the Screensaver tab.

Download for Windows

Download Instructions for Macintosh

To install the NATALIE COLE Screensaver:

1. Download the screensaver. Note: You must have StuffIt Expander.

2. If your version of StuffIt Expander doesn't automatically unstuff the file, you must double click the Natalie_Cole.sit icon.

3. Drag the ScreenTime icon into the Control Panels folder in the Macintosh system folder.

4. Turn off any other screensavers that may be running.

5. Restart your system to activate the screensaver.

6. For options, double click on the ScreenTime icon in the Control Panels folder.

Download for Macintosh

Top banner photos: Natalie Cole.

Screensaver photo
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