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Dance in America: Lar Lubovitch's "Othello" from San Francisco Ballet banner
Multimedia Presentation
The "Othello" Companion
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Modern dance master Lar Lubovitch has created a vibrant new interpretation of Shakespeare's classic tale of passion and jealousy, ambition and betrayal, with his dance in three acts, "Othello." A compelling synthesis of classical and modern movement, Lubovitch's original choreography is complemented by a powerful score by Elliot Goldenthal that heightens the emotional volatility of the central characters as the ballet's tragedy unfolds. Desmond Richardson, one of America's premiere dance talents, performs in San Francisco Ballet's production as Othello, with Yuan Yuan Tan as Desdemona, and Parrish Maynard as the treacherous Iago. Extraordinary sets by George Tsypin, projections by Wendall K. Harrington, and costumes by Ann Hould-Ward complete a production that the SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE hailed as "a major new chapter in American ballet as well as a spectacular addition to the international repertory."

The ballet was adapted by Lar Lubovitch from the 17th-century play "Othello" by William Shakespeare as well as the 16th-century Giraldi Cinthio novella that inspired the play. To learn more about the choreographer, read an in-depth biography from the INTERNATIONAL DICTIONARY OF MODERN DANCE. The Multimedia Presentation: The "Othello" Companion provides an illustrated synopsis of the ballet, with the list of characters and a performance excerpt from each act. In Dialogue, watch extended interviews with choreographer Lar Lubovitch, composer Elliot Goldenthal, and dancers Desmond Richardson, Yuan Yuan Tan, and Parrish Maynard. (The free RealPlayer plug-in is required to view the videos.)

A videocassette or DVD of DANCE IN AMERICA: LAR LUBOVITCH'S OTHELLO FROM SAN FRANCISCO BALLET can be purchased from WNET Video Distribution.

Top banner photos: Desmond Richardson as Othello; the leads Desmond Richardson and Yuan Yuan Tan, who dances the role of Desdemona.

Yuan Yuan Tan, Gonzalo Garcia, Desmond Richardson, and Parrish Maynard

Iago (Parrish Maynard) sows the seed of jealousy in the mind of Othello (Desmond Richardson).

Katita Waldo as Emilia

Katita Waldo as Emilia, Desdemona's lady-in-waiting and Iago's wife.

Additional funding for "Othello from San Francisco Ballet" was provided by:
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The Sarah and William Hambrecht Foundation
The Hellman Family
Charles T. Young
The Jaquelin Hume Foundation
Toni and Arthur Rock
The Irene Diamond Fund
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