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From Vienna: The New Year's Celebration 2004 banner
Multimedia Presentations
Name That Strauss Tune
Scenes from a Viennese New Year's Celebration
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The program was broadcast live from the Musikverein on January 1, 2004.

"Ouvertüre" zu "Das Spitzentuch der Königin"
"Overture" for "The Queen's Lace Handkerchief"
Composed by Johann Strauss, Jr.

"Hofballtänze Walzer," op. 161
"Court Ball Dances Waltz"
Composed by Joseph Lanner

"Zigeunerin Quadrille," op. 24
"The Gypsy Girl" Quadrille"
Composed by Johann Strauss, Jr.

"Accelerationen Walzer," op. 234
"Acceleration Waltz"
Composed by Johann Strauss, Jr.

"Eislauf Polka," op. 261
"Ice Skating Polka"
Composed by Josef Strauss

"Csardas" aus "Die Fledermaus"
"Csardas" from "Die Fledermaus"
Composed by Johann Strauss, Jr.

"Mit Vergnügen," Polka schnell, op. 228
"With Pleasure Polka"
Composed by Eduard Strauss

"Champagner Polka," op. 211
"Champagne Polka"
Composed by Johann Strauss, Jr.

"Sphärenklänge Walzer," op. 235
"Music of the Spheres Waltz"
Composed by Josef Strauss

"Im Sturmschritt," Polka schnell, op. 348
"On the Double! Polka"
Composed by Johann Strauss, Jr.

"Indianer Galopp," op. 111
"Indian Galop"
Composed by Johann Strauss, Sr.

"An der schönen, blauen Donau," op. 314
"By the Beautiful Blue Danube" or "The Blue Danube"
Composed by Johann Strauss, Jr.

"Radetzky March," op. 228
Composed by Johann Strauss, Sr.

Top banner photos: Host Walter Cronkite; Riccardo Muti and the Vienna Philharmonic (photo courtesy of ORF); the caryatids in the Musikverein's main hall (photo: ©2001 Robert Zival, Musikverein).

Horn section

The first piece that the orchestra ever performed by Johann Strauss, Jr. was his waltz "Wiener Blut."

Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra

A musician can apply to become a member of the Philharmonic only after playing with the Vienna State Opera Orchestra for three years.

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