Print Editions

As with most of Shakespeare’s famous plays, King Lear may be found each year in many individual print editions.  At least twenty such editions were in print for King Lear as of Spring of 2009.  Each attempts to realize some distinction relative to the others.  However, it seems useful to separate them into three broad […]

Films and Print Editions

The King Lear section of the Great Performances site owes its existence to the PBS broadcast of the film directed by Trevor Nunn and starring Ian McKellen.  For the better part of 2007 the two produced and performed King Lear on stage, first at Stratford-on-Avon as the last in the Royal Shakespeare Company’s staging of […]

King Lear Films

We are blessed with eleven film versions of King Lear (including the announced release of the McKellen film).  While we might say that some are better than others, each has value and interest.  Indeed, a more useful distinction might be between those taking a conventional approach to the play compared to those veering into experimental […]