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Scene 2

Gonorill and Ragan complain about the impertinence of Cordella – so sober, courteous, demure, modest, precise, so talked about as exceeding the two.  They fear most that she would marry best.  But Skalliger comes in to inform them of Leir’s intentions to marry Ragan to Cambria and Gonorill to Cornwall, and his hope for Cordella […]

Scene 1

Leir discusses with noble advisors his intent to divide his kingdom among his daughters, lamenting the loss of his wife, that he really cannot parent them, and his failure to bear a son before his loins were withered.  He sees Gonorill and Ragan capitalizing on their new power to obtain husbands already in sight, but […]

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This full text version of King Lear is divided into 40 short scenes or scene segments. Each segment includes the corresponding clip from the Ian McKellen film. Any scene or segment may be linked from the table below. Segment Description Notation How this edition of King Lear represents annotations, stage directions, etc. Roles List of […]

Act IV Scene 3

Kent encounters the knight or gentleman to whom he entrusted messages in Act III, who discloses that the King of France has returned to France to cure some imperfection in the state, leaving his army in the hands of the Marshal of France (about whom we never hear again). He also confirms that Cordelia had […]