Suzie Templeton

Peter & the Wolf


Breakthru Films Peter and the Wolf airs Wednesday December 8th at 8pm (check local listings). Sergei Prokofiev’s fanciful musical tale “Peter and the Wolf” is given new life in this innovative new animated interpretation, which won the 2008 Oscar® for Best Animated Short Film. “Oldies will remember the work from school music lessons,” wrote London’s […]

Peter & the Wolf

Peter with His Friends

Peter and the duck enjoy a frozen pond while the hapless cat stalks the raven in this scene from the film.

Peter & the Wolf

Production Credits

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Interview: Suzie Templeton, Director

Sergei Prokofiev’s “Peter and the Wolf” has inspired an Oscar®-winning short film of extraordinary imagination written and directed by British animator Suzie Templeton. In a masterful use of stop-frame technique and lifelike models, the film offers a fresh take on the classic tale, set to Prokofiev’s colorful score from 1936. Templeton, 40, spoke to GREAT […]

Essay: Prokofiev’s “Peter & the Wolf”

If Sergei Prokofiev had composed nothing except “Peter and the Wolf,” he would have left a sizable mark. The work has helped introduce generations of children to the instruments of the orchestra and the concept of telling a story through music, fulfilling the goal Prokofiev set for himself in 1936. Although this particular narrative, also […]